Fire in the Heart part 2

Fire in the Heart    part 2 Fire in the Heart part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Fireman rescues a lady from accident


Fireman rescues a lady from accident


Submitted: July 30, 2015

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Submitted: July 30, 2015



Fire in my Heartpart 2


When it was time for Gail to leave the hospital I made sure I was there to see her home. Her sister had come to help take care of her too, so we knew she was in good hands.


That weekend I dropped by to see how see was doing. Her twin sister opened the door and took me to the living room. Gail was on the couch with her legs up on pillows.  She reached up and gave me a big smile and then pulled me down to her face and kissed and hugged me.  I had not expected that.  She wanted to talk to me and find out more about me than she already knew, and that I was her savior. We found out that we had gone to the same high school 3 years apart and that we even attended the same college. Then I discovered that I had actually dated her older sister in high school.  Her husband had died in a drunken driving accident while they had been on vacation a few years ago, and I was divorced.


Later that evening, I asked if I could check on her again next month, and that I was going out of town for a few days.


“I would love that. Maybe my leg casts will be off my then and I can fix dinner for you.”


“That is a date then. I will call you when I get back in town.  Is it okay if we text?”

She loved up at him and coyly smiled and looked away, avoiding his eyes.

Oh that was sexy he thought.




After he left Gail sister sat down on the couch and they talked about him for awhile. 

“This is so stupid; I still don’t know his first name. Am I some sort of idiot?”


“No, but I have an idea. You call the fire department and ask. You do know his last name at least.”

She did call, his name was John.



A couple of days later John texted her and she replied. 

“Thank you for your visit the other day. It was so good to see you again John.”

He texted back, “Just about to leave on the plane, wanted to check in. I will be in conferences all day and will not be able to text back until late in the evening.”


Later that evening another text,

“Hi, I am finished for the evening. May I call?”



Then the phone rang.


“Hello John. How was the conference?”


“Long. Learned some new fire fighting techniques and learned about some new equipment we are getting in a few months. How are you feeling?” he asked

“I am much better today. I have been exercising my legs and it is painful. But I have to do the therapy.”

“Any word from the rig driver’s insurance company?

“Oh, yes, they have called several times. He is still saying I pulled in front of him.”


“Well that isn’t what happened and the video proves he ran the red light and we were all witnesses, too.”


“I know, the Sledge lawyer is handling it and my insurance company already replaced my car.”


“I don’t think you should drive until all of your muscles and bones have healed.”


“I won’t, my sister won’t let me anywhere near the car keys. She hides them.”


“I will be back the end of next week, would you like to go to dinner or is that too soon?”


“No, I can make it, if you don’t mind that I am a little slow.”


“I am pretty tired. I will call you when I land next week. We have a lot of training to do here this week.”


“Ok, I will talk to you when you get back then. Good Night John.”




John picked her up on Friday after she got home from work and they went to the new Italian restaurant in the valley.


Gail was wearing a simple, fitted, high neck, sleeve-less, yellow tank dress with a white racer back tee underneath, a turquoise stretch belt, matching shoes and a turquoise and yellow necklace. She thought that would work wherever they went to dinner, since he had not said where they would eat.


The dinner and the company were wonderful and she found out so much more about John.  She smiled and blushed when he gave her a wink as they left the restaurant. Then he took her hand as they walked to the car.  Her pussy suddenly throbbed and got very wet.


At the end of the evening he said,

“By the way, you look outstanding tonight. I especially like the sheer lace panties.”

Shock came over her face and she said,

“What?” she covered her face and knew she was turning bright red.  A minute later she said,

“I am so embarrassed.” She could felt her panties getting wetter.  Then John kissed her.


“It is ok. I only saw them when you got in the car.” He said quietly.


When they got to her house John said, as they walked to her front door,

“I really would like to see you again. My day off is Tuesday. Is that ok?”


“I am not sure. I have a lot of meetings next week and we have out of town customers coming in from Chicago. I have to make sure it all goes smoothly. But I think that will be ok.”


“I will call you Monday night when you have a better chance to check on work.”

John kissed her again, this time he held her close and kissed her open mouthed. She could feel his hard cock pushing into her stomach. It was twitching too. She got butterflies and she almost swooned, it had been so long since she had felt this way. Her panties were completely soaked and she could feel the dampness beginning to run down the inside of her thigh.


“Good night again, I will call Monday night. Ok?”

I went into the house and he drove away.

Gail leaned back against the door and thought, ‘Oh my goodness. What a wonderful kisser. And that was ONLY a kiss!!!’



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