BENEFITS    part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It was supposed to be sex only…they were going to be friends with benefits, but over the past 7 years it had changed. Everything had.


It was supposed to be sex only…they were going to be friends with benefits, but over the past 7 years it had changed. Everything had.


Submitted: September 28, 2015

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Submitted: September 28, 2015



Benefitspart 1


It was supposed to be sex only…they were going to be friends with benefits, but over the past 7 years it had changed. Everything had.


Jake joined the army at 21 after 9-11 and was part of Desert Storm and several other campaigns for almost 26 years. He had been divorced since he was 34.


Brenda had married a doctor, moved to NY and had a family. Then her family was killed in an automobile accident while on vacation.  She spent months in the hospital recovering from her injuries.


One day she was at Starbucks and a soldier walked in after her. She offered to buy him his coffee, but the manager said that his coffee was free since he was military.  She offered to share her table with him. They must have talked for an hour before they realized it had been that long.  She was also 16 years older than Jake.  But they decided that at this point in their lives age was not a factor. So a friendship was formed.


Jake noticed she didn’t have a wedding ring on and asked if she would like to go to dinner.  He liked the way she wore her long brown hair and thought he could get lost in her dark brown eyes and long lashes. She was a few inches shorter than he, probably 5’ 3” and maybe 120 pounds dripping wet, with most of that in her tight sweater.


“Well, I always was a sucker for a uniform.”  She said.  She smiled and laughed. “I would love too.”  She wondered about the fact that she was so much older and if it bothered him.  Then thought, it probably doesn’t, after all, He did ask me out.


“Unfortunately I only have a motorcycle, so we will have to meet somewhere. Is that ok?” Jake said. “I haven’t bought a car yet.”


“My goodness a bad boy soldier, I didn’t know there were any of those around.” She had been admiring his muscles, chiseled abs, his tousled hair and those gorgeous hazel eyes.


“No, ma’am I’m not.” He said. But he winked at her.


They decided on going out to an Italian Winery and eatery in Grapevine on Main Street even though it was Grapefest weekend and it would be very busy, the next night and Jake made reservations. They had decided to meet at the restaurant. He had asked her to dress casual, so she wore new jeans and a short sleeved sweater. Jake parked his bike in the lot across from Wilhote’s, which was crowded with bikes out front. One of the bikers, asked why he parked across the street, then noticed his military haircut, grinned and walked away when Brenda walked up to Jake.


“Oh, do you know him Jake?” 

“No, he said he liked my bike.”


When they sat down they ordered wine and dinner. Since it was the weekend there was a man singing ballads and playing a guitar.  


A few minutes after they sat down, Jake said,

“It isn’t that I don’t like your hair up, but I like your hair better down, do you mind?” Jake gently reached up, lightly touching her cheek and ear to remove the clip holding her hair up and her hair tumbled down below her shoulders.  She shook it a little as it came down.

“There, that’s better.” He said. He played with her hair wrapping it around his fingers. “I hope you don’t mind. Long hair is just so feminine and I have not been around it in so long because of the military.”

She realized she was suddenly wet between her legs.  It had been years since a man had appreciated her or touched her.

“I will wear my hair down more often then.” She smiled back at him.

The waitress brought their dinners and they sat there enjoying their drinks and talking over dinner.

They talked about her job, where she lived, what her plans were for the future and about her family she had lost. Then she wanted to know more about his military career and his life. 

They both were from the east coast, she from Connecticut he from Pennsylvania. She had lived here since her father retired from the military when she was a little girl. 

He had moved to Texas and joined the 1st Cavalry at Ft Hood. Now he was a Staff Sgt. and had been on 4 tours of duty.  He was trying to decide if he should retire, He was a manager at a self storage facility in North Dallas. He was a proven success in helping owners to turn a profit with his management expertise. But currently he was trying to start a business of unique fire systems for private homes, since hundreds of homes were just going up in flames in California due to all the wild fires. If he could prove it would save a few, his business would explode. He and a couple of military friends thought his idea was awesome and were helping him to find backer investors to invest in the company so he could start it.


Toward the end of dinner Jake asked,

“Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle.” 

Brenda laughed and said,

“Sure, when I was 15, for about 20 minutes. A friend brought me home, because I missed the school bus and had to walk home. Since I had on a tight skirt I had to ride sidesaddle and hold my books too.”

“Would you like to try again after dinner?” he asked.  “It may be a while before I get a car.”


They walked past a few of the stores on Main St. window shopping before they got to the parking lot and his bike.  “I promise I am not a crazy driver. We can put you purse in the saddlebag.”

“Sure, I would love too. Besides it will give me an opportunity to find out if those muscles are real.”  She smiled and laughed as he helped her on the bike behind him. He put his helmet on her head and tightened the strap. Telling her he was sorry if it messed up her hair but she had to wear it.  A minute later they were riding down NW Hwy, going to Southlake Town Center. It took her a few minutes not to have her arms around him in a death grip. But she did by the time they got off the bike.  He could feel her hot breasts burning into his back, and her hard nipples poking him. He loved it.

They parked, he got off and helped Brenda off, then unfastened the helmet and ran his fingers through her hair.  Instantly she felt her panties get soaked, and she sucked in her breathe, she let out a little cry and swallowed hard. She thought to herself, ’OMG. What am I letting myself into? But somehow I don’t want him to stop. PLEASE.’ We walked around the square holding hands and then his arm was around my waist.  He asked if I wanted to go into Starbucks and have a glass of wine. I am thinking isn’t Starbucks a coffeehouse, when did they start serving wine? But right now I needed that glass of wine.


After we sat down we talked more about absolutely nothing and everything. The next thing I remember was saying yes to going on a weekend trip on his bike to Fredericksburg.  Have I lost my mind?  I barely know the man. But damn he was so good looking, and I melt every time he touches me. What is he doing to me? Has it really been that long? Am I that gullible?  Am I really that turned on?  I know my clit is in overtime right now and I am trying not to let him know it. I feel as though I am going to cum in a minute or two if he touches me again. Every time he touches my arm or runs his fingers in my hair, I am going in to hyper mode.




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