A Soldier's Passionate Nights

A Soldier's Passionate Nights

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



A chance meeting with the soldier of her dreams



A chance meeting with the soldier of her dreams


Submitted: June 22, 2015

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Submitted: June 22, 2015



A Soldier’s Passionate Nights

by Laila Lola


It was Monday morning and I had an appointment at 10am with my boss to go over last months sales of my fashion website, Laylaslook.biz.  This was the first time for us to go over sales reports in 9 months so I was worried it wasn’t doing as well as he wanted.  I decided I needed a strong cup of coffee and rushed into the local coffee house on the way to the office.  The line had been long and the sales girl was way too chatty with the men. 

When I got back to my car I saw I had a flat rear tire.  

“Oh, No!” I said, “I am going to be late!”Just then another car pulled in the space next to me. This beautiful uniformed soldier got out of his utility vehicle, ‘Omg’, I thought.to myself.  He walked over to me and smiled and said,

“Looks like you have a problem lady” as he took his jacket and hat off and handed them to me.  Without another word, he popped my truck latch and reached in to get my tire before I could even get a word out of my mouth.

When I could finally speak I said,

“Oh, no, please, I can call AAA and they can do that.” 

“Why? I am already here and it won’t take but a few minutes and you can be on your way.”

He said matter a factly. His green uniform was no match for the gorgeous green eyes that twinkled behind those long dark eyelashes when he smiled at me. I know my face must have flushed because all of a sudden I got really hot. As he bent down to get the lug nuts off, I noticed a scar on the back of his head.  Must be a war wound I guessed.

“But, but…”  My phone ran and it was my boss.  “Hello, this is Lola”

“Good morning Lola, Jeff here, I am tied up in traffic at the tunnel and wont be in by 10.  What is on your schedule tomorrow, about 2pm after lunch?  Will that work?”

“That will work fine, see you then.” I disconnected the call.

I turned around and my tire had already been changed and the soldier was putting down the trunk. Then he took his jacket put it back on and was holding his hat in his hand. 

“Well you have a new tire, so you are back in business and you won’t be late for your appointment now…Lola?” he said, as he flashed that big smile again.

“Thank you so much, I…..could I pay you, or ……buy you a cup of coffee?  It looks like you were going to get one anyway.” Words won’t come out and I was stumbling to speak. “I’m sorry… I don’t even know your name.”

“SSgt. Daniel Ventnor, and you are Lola….?

“Lola Black.” I said as he extended his hand to shake,

“Very nice meeting you. And thank you again for your help.”  His hand was so big and strong and warm, I almost melted.

“Actually my boss just cancelled our appointment this morning. How about that cup of coffee, I think you deserve that much.” I bravely spoke up as I tried to get myself composed.

He put his hat on and said,

“Yes, the coffee would be nice.  Do you have time to join me?” 

I raised my hands up and opened them,

“Sure, I’d love to.”  I really would like to know more about this man. Damn, why are women such suckers for a uniform?  I thought to myself.

After we ordered coffee and sat down, we talked about my job at Layla’sLook and his long career with the Army 1st Cavalry division. I asked him what he did and he joked that he was a sniper/assassin and that he could shoot a dime held between two fingers. He had just gotten back the month before from his 3rd tour of duty and he was very glad to be home.  It turned out he was on his way home from his unit at Ft Hood and was going to go to a job interview in a couple of hours. He told me that the day he arrived in Iraq on his last deployment he had received a letter from his employer of 7 years, stating that he had been terminated from his job.

I didn’t think that could be done. Aren’t the military protected when called up for duty? At the time he wasn’t too worried and thought he would be alright.

I told him that I had been married to a soldier that had been killed in Iraq 10 years ago by a roadside bomb.  And that we were only married two weeks before he was deployed. He was killed the day of our 1st anniversary. When I had to move off of the base and find a place to live, I stayed with friends for a few days then got an apartment and started looking for a job. My sister Lena had a girlfriend that started a website business and needed some help.I hadn’t worked in 10 years and was worried I wouldn’t find one soon.  It seemed that the Laylaslook.biz marketing job just fell in my lap one day. I think I am very good at my job and am very happy since I can set my own hours as well as work from home. I had not even dated in the last 10 years. I had buried myself in my business.

“Well, it was very nice meeting you, Lola. Glad I could help with your tire.  Be sure and get the flat one taken care of soon, you don’t want to be without a spare. I need to be on my way for my appointment now.” he said, “I’ll walk you to your car.”

He opened my car door and shook my hand and gave me a wink then he got in his car and left.

A few days later I got an email on my website.


How did your sales meeting go with your boss the other day?  I didn’t get your phone number but I did remember your website Laylaslook.biz.  It is a pretty interesting fashion and jewelry website to say the least.  I even bought some things for my sister’s birthday.  I told her about it and she bought some shoes too. Would you like to meet for coffee Saturday? 

signed Daniel. 

PS, my phone number is 287-480-0000 or you can email me at ssgtdanieleventnor@usmil.gov if you feel safer.

What, who is Daniel?  OMG, it is that soldier from the coffee shop. I had almost forgotten. I have been so busy updating links on the website.  Well, tomorrow is Saturday. I guess I could meet him for coffee. Laundry can always wait til later.



I could meet you about 11am Saturday.I have errands before that and an exercise class after lunch. So I will be in exercise clothes, hope you don’t mind. You can tell me how your interview went.


Good that will limit the time to see him. Hopefully I won’t make a fool of myself again.


It is Saturday morning and I am running late. Danny was already at the coffee shop sitting on the couch outside.  He wasn’t in his uniform, but was wearing a grey t-shirt that really showed off his muscular chest and arms.  His jeans fit him like they were painted on, with his muscles straining to burst out. And there were motorcycle chaps draped over the arm of the couch. WOW!  I guess the red motorcycle in the parking lot is his then. I would never have expected him to be a bad boy biker!!! He was way to clean cut to be that I thought. But then doesn’t everyone have an opposite side burning to get out?

“Hi, sorry I’m late. My boss wanted me to do some last minute changes on the Laylaslook.biz website.”

“No, you aren’t late. I just got here too.” There was that sexy smile again. Oh my! “I ordered you a White Chocolate Mocha, I hope that is ok? Isn’t that what you had last time?” He remembered what I ordered last time?  Incredible.

“You said you went to a job interview when you left the other day. How did that go?” I asked.

“HA! Funny thing is, It didn’t.  Old man Willis had been running the place for several years, but was a terrible manager, and so he wanted some help.  He grandson started the business before he joined the Special Forces. He said Robert died later in a helicopter crash over Bagdad.  Have you ever seen the Classic Bike Shop on 4th St? It is a small, eclectic, old style store with vintage motorcycles. I love old bikes. I always dreamed of owning an old INDIAN, but they were always out of my price range. I left buying the business instead.” 

“Oh, my goodness, I knew Robert from high school. His older brother used to date a friend of my  sister Lena.  Congratulations! I hope you do well in your venture.”

“Me, too. I wasn’t expecting to buy the business, but I just made sense at the time. I thought, what the heck and I am going to give it a try.  I love to repair bikes and  I am great at management too.” He laughed, then smiled that big grin of his and gave me a wink.




The next few months I would run into Danny every once in awhile around town, at restaurants or the coffee shop A lot of times he would join me when he saw I was alone or  working on the website at the table. Then one day he called me at home and asked me if I would like to meet him at the mall. He said he had to pick up some things from a camping store and was closing shop up early that day.  I told him sure and met him later after I had finished a report on the website. 

We walked casually around the entire mall holding hands and just talking. When we saw that the mall stores were closing, he walked me to my car. He leaned with his back against my car and pulled me close to him.  Then he kissed me open mouthed. I was so embarrassed I blushed and giggled like a school girl on her first date. Then he kissed me again. Omg, somehow it felt so right to be in his arms with him kissing me. I could feel the enormous bulge between us and I instantly felt my panties getting wet. He took the clip out of my hair and ran his fingers through it.

“I always wanted my hair loose and flowing when you are with me. I love your hair it is so beautiful, just like you.”  

 It was late and the C.O.P. passed us. 

I said,

“I really have to get home I have an early morning appointment with some out of town buyers.  I had fun being with you tonight.  Good Night.” 

Then I got in my car. I backed up and drove to what I thought was the exit and nearly ran in to a curb. I slammed on my brakes and stopped.  The exit was 20 feet to my left. I was so embarrassed when Danny called me a minute later.  He was standing next to his car and saw the whole thing.

My cell phone rang. It was Danny.

“Hey, are you ok?  

“Yes I thought… well, yes, I’m ok. Good Night again.”




Two years later, Danny and I have been dating for 6 months and he is a lot of fun to be with but sometimes he has a dark side from his war experiences, he has nightmares, extreme moodiness, can’t sleep, wakes up in the middle of the night and has sudden bursts of …I don’t know what, PTSD maybe, he won’t tell me. He said he has lost so many friends in his units, both while serving and to suicides after their return.  He was in  Desert Storm with the 1st Cavalry, and later he was in Bagdad and later he was in the Valley of Death, as the soldiers called it, and then he was in a tank that was blown up.  He still has back pains and headaches from that injury.He said that one day he woke up in Iraq and it finally dawned on him, they really want to kill me!!! He was so glad to be home again, he got down on the tarmac and kissed the ground when he landed.

We are going on a date later tonight and Danny said he was running late and he asked me to meet him at his apartment. He said he would leave the door unlocked and to make myself at home when I got there.  I didn’t realize it was an old-time efficiency apartment, with everything in one room. I didn’t know where to sit because there was only a bed in the room.  No chairs or table.  I could hear the shower running when I arrived and I tried not to look but the door was cracked open a little.I could see him from the mirror that was beginning to steam up…thank god. I was getting wetter just looking. He had a beautiful trim muscular body.  He had a couple of tattoos I had not seen before, one of his upper arm and a small dragon on the left side of his chest. My body was aching for him, I was getting so wet. I bite my lip. I thought to myself I have to look away and turned around.  What I really wanted to do was strip my clothes off and walk into the shower with him. But I didn’t dare. I felt so wanton just watching him in the shower.

Danny was such a gentleman and had never tried anything with me more than a kiss and to hold my hand. Danny is 15 years older than me. He had joined the army straight out of college then got married at 25 but divorced after 7 years. He never remarried because he didn’t want to do that to a wife again.  Even though Danny and I were only friends, I secretly wanted so much more.  Right now I wanted Danny to come out of that shower and fuck to life from me. I had been so long since I had been with anyone.  I seemed to be turned on all the time around him.

When I got to Danny’s apartment he hadn’t heard me come in and he just walked out of the bath with the towel thrown over his shoulder.  My mouth dropped open, he was totally naked and his huge cock was as hard as a rock.  Not only that, he was completely Shaven!!!

Oh, no, had I said out loud what I was thinking?  Did he hear me?  My entire body flushed and I felt my pussy soak my panties.

He grabbed the towel from his shoulder and threw it around his waist as he walked to me and gently took me by the shoulders and kissed me, full open mouth and my body sagged into his. I could feel his heavy cock pressing into my stomach.  I was a goner.

As he continued to kiss me, he kissed my neck, my shoulders and every other part of my body as he slowly and lovingly undressed me, leaving only my little lace panties on. Then he gently picked me up and laid me on his bed.  He kissed and stroked every inch of me, my breasts, my stomach, my sides, even my legs.  I thought I would scream when he touched the insides of my thighs, they were hyper sensitive. He wrapped his fingers in my long brown hair after he took it out of my ponytail.

“You forgot, and put your hair up.  I want it down and long.” He whispered in my ear. He ran his fingers through my hair and played with it and kissed it. All the while he murmured how beautiful I was and that he had wanted to do this for two long years and could not fight it any longer.

“I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” He said.  The he told me he dreamed about long nights of passion, making love to me, with me screaming his name when he would make me cum for him and then not being about to hear out of his ear for a couple of days afterwards because of those screams of passion.

He traced a finger along the top of my breasts making my nipples peak and them along the bottom of my swimsuit lines. I melted to his touch and his fingers dipped lower until his entire hand covered my pussy. He slid one finger inside the leg opening of my panties, then further down to my wetness. I thought I would die. Should I stop him?  Oh god, it had been so long since I felt this way, so long since a man had touched me there.  Oh, it felt so good.  He was looking straight into my eyes, watching me. His eyes were almost pleading.

“Lola, you are dripping wet” he said, and shot me his beautiful smile. “Are you this way around me all the time, or just now?”

I hated to admit it but I was this way ALL the time around him. I didn’t say a word.  I just shook my head no. No. No, just now? No, all the time! I can’t say that. What would he think of me?

“Lola, I want to hold you in my arms. I want to make you cum. I want to feel your body react to my touch. I want to hear you scream my name when you Cum.” he said. “And I will stop, if and when you want. But you have to tell me.”

He kissed me full mouth again, our tongues exploring until I thought I would drown in them.  I was almost breathless. He reached again between my legs and slowly circled my clit with his fingers; just as slowly I yielded to his caress until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I moaned and squirmed fighting myself. But I could feel the heat building inside me as he slowly stroked me and my breathing became heavier and I was moving along with his fingers until I was screaming “Oh, Danny, ….don’t, oh please please…” I was shaking me head side to side and pulling on the sheets.

“What? don’t what?  Do you want me to stop?’ he questioned, but still his fingers didn’t stop. I thought, No I don’t want you to stop. Never Stop. And I shock my head, No!! I was so close, I wanted some release of my tortured body.

“Oh God, Danny, yes, yes, please, please don’t stop.  I‘m going to….oh, yes, I’m going…. I’m Cuming.”  Then I screamed and my entire body was trembling. I was floating in the stars, lights flashing all around me.

“Lola, Lola, I know you are, baby, just let it happen. Your face is so beautiful. You look like an angel, my angel.”  He said reassuringly.

“I want this for you, not me. Just embrace it.”  I had soaked his fingers and then he put 1, 2, 3 fingers inside me and said, “God, Lola, you are so tight even now, and your face is so beautiful when you are Cuming."

Danny didn’t stop as he continued to work me with his fingers both inside and out.  He made me cum several more times.  I was so wiped out, I was breathing so hard to thought I would pass out.

When he stopped, he whispered in my ear,

“Lola, rest for awhile. You need it.  I want you to beg me to be inside you, I don’t want to hurt you when I make love to you. I promise, I will never hurt you.”  He pulled the covers over us and then took me in his arms and held me until I fell asleep. 

When I woke he was still holding me, and I could feel his long, hard cock against my leg.  Damn, he is still hard???

“Hi, sleepyhead, I have some strawberries in the frig. Would you like some?”  He said.

“Oh, that would be wonderful. I am a little hungry.” I shyly said.

He slid out of bed, naked, sexy as hell with his beautiful hard cock bouncing against his stomach. I thought I would cum again just at the sight of him. In a few minutes he was back with a small bowl of strawberries and a small chocolate bar to share.  Fortunately he had a towel around himself this time, but it was tented in front.  I sat up in the bed and pulled the covers up high. It was a little late for that I thought, he has just undressed me, kissed my entire body, made me cum several times and I had even screamed his name.

He picked up a strawberry and put it in my mouth, and then he ate the other half. Then he did the same with the chocolate. He was standing, leaning over me, then he whispered in my ear and kissed me,

“One day I will put one of these inside your pussy and eat it out while I make you cum.”  Just then his towel slipped down off his hips and dropped to the floor when he stood up and his enormous cock bounced of my shoulder. Up close and personal.

“Sorry about that, I will go get dressed in the bathroom.”

What??? I wanted to grab his cock and put him in my mouth, was he serious? Should I say something or do something?

I took his hand and pulled him to me.

“No. Please don’t leave me.” I pleaded. And he got back in bed with me. And he held me.

Not only that, I finally had the nerve to ask why he was shaven.  He told me he had “gotten in the habit due to hygiene while in the service. He said when you go for 6 weeks without a shower in the desert it is pretty smelly.’” And he just kept it up.





I have been researching the laws regarding employment of soldiers by private companies and the protection against losing their job if called to active duty. I kept telling him, they broke the law and his job should have been protected.  Danny was scared to death. He said he was less scared on the battle fields. At least he knew the odds fighting. Danny had lost all of his saving just trying to survive and your credit was at rock bottom. Danny said the company he worked for had more money than god and he won’t have a chance because it could be tied up in court for years. I suggested he contact the television stations and newspapers since I felt he had a case, but he decided to not go through with it.



Five months later.


Danny and I were going on a date tonight. I was so excited; he said it was a surprise and wouldn’t tell me where we are going.  He said he would meet me at my apartment at 7pm so I started getting ready at 6 and got in the shower and washed my hair. 

When I reached for my towel, Danny is standing in my bathroom, naked and his huge cock was as usual, beautiful and hard as a rock.  He said

“Get back in the shower; you aren’t clean enough for me.”  He reached around me and turned the shower back on and got into the shower pulling me with him. Then he grabbed me so I was facing him and kissed me hard on the mouth and showered me with kisses all over my body. He got down on his knees, spread my legs, he grabbed the bar of soap and my razor. 

“I want to see your pussy bloom when I am licking you.”  The next thing I know he is lathering my pubic hair and shaving it all off.  Omg, talk about sexy, this was a turn on in itself.  My sexy soldier was shaving my pussy. I was so swollen and wet when he rinsed me off it was unreal. I was swollen from my clit to asshole.  Then he leaned forward and started licking my bare pussy until I was shaking from an orgasm. I literally had to fall against the wall to keep from falling to my knees. Then he stood up and turned me around and nestled his hard cock against my butt, then he reached in front of me and played with my clit with his right hand. He had me screaming from another orgasm in just a few minutes.  Omg, I want him inside me!  When we finally got out of the shower he was still rock hard and he got down on his knees and eat all of my cum juices off of my soaked and swollen pussy.

“Now you are clean.” He says and winks at me. “I plan to make you cum again later tonight. You better dry your hair and get dressed so we can go out. Be sure and wear your jeans and bring a jacket. Unless you want more now, instead of later.”




We went to a local crab shack that was around the corner from my apartment and shared a crab and shrimp special.  There was so much food we could not finish it all.  During dinner he asked,

“Hey, would you like to go for a ride on my motorcycle later, I added a bunny seat for you.”

“Danny, I have not been on one since high school.  I am not sure.”  He looked almost disappointed and I said,

“Well, sure I would love to ride with you.”

“I promise you I am a good rider and don’t do stupid things on bikes.” He reassured me.

I was so scared, I had not been on a bike since I was 16 and had worked as a candy striper at the hospital and saw a 26 yr old young man that had lost 1 arm and 1 leg in a motorcycle accident.  I never wanted to be on one again.

He had an apple red Honda cruiser. It was a very nice one and he was so proud of it. Danny had bought it when he came home from his last tour of duty. After dinner we drove over to his apartment later and got out of the car, he went upstairs to get his bike keys and helmet.  When he got back he put the helmet on me and then put me on the back of the bike.

We took some back roads where there was not much traffic and I had my arms around his chest and was holding on for dear life.  I’m sure he had bruises from my arms holding him so tight.  We went to the top of a hill that was several miles from town and all you could see were the stars in the sky and lights from the town below.  We got off the bike and he pulled a blanket out of his saddlebags and spread it out.  We sat down and looked out over the valley and looked up at the stars.

“I love coming out here; it is my special place that I come to think about things when I want to be alone. Sometimes I even fall asleep when I am here at night. It is so peaceful and no one else is around for miles. I wanted to share it with you tonight, the way it has always been for me.”

Then he pulled me down on the blanket and held me for a long time and then kissed me. He took his shirt off and unbuttoned my blouse and took my bra off.

“I love your breasts; they are so perfect, like you.” He took one nipple in his mouth and sucked it and then the other. My body seemed to be responding to his touch more than usual.

”All of your body is so perfect. I can get so lost in you when I try. I want to make love to you here, tonight, now.” He rolled over on his side, got to his knees, pulled my shoes and jeans off and I was lying there on the blanket with only my panties on. I wanted to protest, but couldn’t.  I was so turned on it was unbearable. He stood up, undressed himself and was naked and hard before me. The full moon shone down on us. Oh, how I wanted him. How I loved him. But….He said,

“You have an out. I won’t unless it is what you want too.  That is why I didn’t take your panties off too. I will not force myself on you as long as I live.  But I want to make you cum for me again.  Will you at least do that for me? You are so beautiful; I love to see your body when you are Cuming for me. I want to see you that way forever if you will have me.”

How could I say no? I loved it when he made me cum… never any pressure for more than I was willing to give. And right now I realized just how much I truly did love this wonderful man but I was to afraid to tell him. And tonight, I wanted to give to him as much as he gave to me.  My body ached for him to be inside of me, to finally be filled to the bream with his hardness.  I wanted to know all of his hard beautiful body. I wanted to do all the things I had dreamed of doing with this wonderful man, yet he never pushed me to do anything, except to pleasure me and expected nothing in return.  Then I started to pull my panties off and then he helped me. He laid down on his stomach in front of me between my legs, resting my legs on his shoulders and across his back. He told me that he loved eating my pussy and making me squirm til I exploded in his face with orgasm after orgasm. But that he needed me really, really wet for him. He lifted my hips up and pressed his face into me, he licked and sucked and penetrated me with his tongue and swirled my clit, until my insides churned and burst forth with blinding orgasm after blinding orgasm. I trembled for several minutes afterwards.  Oh how I wanted to beg him to fuck me, I needed him inside me. 

“Yes Danny Please, I can’t stand it anymore, Please, Please I want you now.”

He took out a condom from his shirt and put it on his cock.  Then he laid down on his back and pulled me on top of him. “Put my cock inside you and go slow so I wont hurt you.” He was so huge and he knew how tight I was.

“Oh god, Lola, you are so fucking tight, even now.”

I watched his face straining as I slowly lowered myself on his hard, massive cock, my pussy stretching a little at a time going up and down until I had his length completely inside me. He put his hands on my butt and slowly worked me up almost to his cockhead at times and then down again. I was so over come with emotion that I partly rested on my elbows and my breasts were rubbing on his chest.  .. I chucked a little when he told me he liked the feel of my breasts rubbing on his chest too. It felt so good I have his cock inside me.  He had me boucing up and down harder and harder and faster and faster.  I could feel the heat building inside me again and then I saw flashing lights in my head, I screamed,

“Yes, yes, oh yes, please, Danny, please, don’t stop, not now, I going to cum, Oh Danny! Oh yes! I’m Cuming… I’m Cuming, Danny!”  He didn’t stop bouncing me up and down.  I didn’t want it to stop and neither did he.

“Cum again for me Lola. You are so beautiful when you cum, I can’t get enough.” He said.

”Cum again, Lola, cum again!” and suddenly another more intense orgasm overtook me!  I was breathing so hard and couldn’t catch my breath. He let me rest a few minutes and then he lifted me off of him and laid me on my back and he was back inside me again. He slowly moved his cock in and out faster, and then slowed again.  I was instantly overtaken by a massive orgasm that lifted by body off the ground.  He lifted me up and sits me on his legs so I was straddling him, he was still inside of me so we are facing each other.  He kissed my face, my neck, my breasts and took my mouth whole heartedly. He worked his cock inside of me and played with my clit with his hand between us.  My head fell back as I was consumed by another and another mind blowing orgasm of flashing lights..

“Danny…I’m going to cum…again” and I let out another loud scream and came again and again.

Then he turned me around and had me get on my hands and knees.  He enters me easily since I was sopping wet. I was even brave enough to shake my butt at him invitingly. He laughed at the gesture.  He brought his hand around the front of me and played with my clit and he worked his fingers magically on me while pounding me with all he had.  I started to feel the heat building up inside again, but I don’t want to cum yet, I want more. I couldn’t stop it from happening, another orgasm crashes into me,

“I’m Cuming, Danny I’m Cuming, please don’t stop please!!!” 

“No, I won’t stop, ever! He said. And he doesn’t stop for several more minutes, and I cum again and again then finally he came inside me. He was shaking from his release. He gently laid me down and then he laid down beside me. He held me tight and we fell asleep in each others arms.

He told me later that the first time lasted almost 2 hours and I came dozens of times.  We slept awhile and he made love to me again and again.  He told me he could make love to me every day and it would never be enough.  He loved seeing me over come with orgasms.  He loved watching my body shake and tremble with them. And that it was the most beautiful sight to behold.

Is he feeling what I am? Is he reading me mind? Yes, we made love all night under the stars. He showed me things and taught me how to pleasure both of us. Why had I waited so long for tonight?  I had a lot of catching up to do.

When we woke it was dawn and we watched the sun rise, there were majestic trees and wild flowers blooming everywhere, and then I saw a FOR SALE sign on the property with a SOLD sign plastered across it. I said sadly,

”Oh, Look, the property was for sale and was sold.”

He looked down and said,

“I know, it was sold last month.”

“Oh! I guess we won’t be able to come back here much longer. It is so beautiful and peaceful here.”

“Do you really like it?” Danny inquired.

“You are right. It is very peaceful here and it has a beautiful view of the valley below. I hope whoever bought it will build a beautiful home here and can enjoy the view too.”

“There will be a beautiful home here and we made love all night where the master bedroom will be.” And he smiled that big smile and gave me a wink.

“I bought the property yesterday morning, for the woman that I love and cherish. Will you marry me Lola?”

How could I refuse this wonderful man?

“Oh, yes, YES! Danny.”

By the time we got back to my apartment I was very relaxed riding with Danny.  He really was a safe rider.

“That was not so bad, was it?” he laughed as he helped me get off the bike, took the helmet off my head and tucked it under his arm.

“No, I really did enjoy it. Thanks.” 

“I told you I would never hurt you. I only want you to be happy and spend the rest of our lives together.  I knew I would marry you the moment I met you. You were the woman I saw in my dreams.” he said. We kissed and held each other for what felt like hours.




Three months later they got married on the freshly poured foundation of the house of the hill. Two years later Lola gave birth to twins,.a girl Danielle and a boy Lloyd. The next week they moved into their new home together as a family.






I always felt safe around Danny. I would even trust my life with him.  Funny thing is I did before I even met him! He is the man I love. And HE is a soldier! What was I thinking?


Thank you for reading my short story. Please leave a comment to let me know what you like or do not like about the story. It will help with future writing.

Laila Lola




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