A Flower Lady part 1

A Flower Lady   part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Ms Byrd moves to Danbury CT and buys a old house


Ms Byrd moves to Danbury CT and buys a old house


Submitted: September 08, 2015

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Submitted: September 08, 2015



Flower ladypart 1


I bought an old farm style house in Danbury CT. last December that needs a lot of work.  I wanted to start my life over since my husband died last year. The house is in terrible need of painting and had a lot of overgrown and dead plants around the 4 acres of property.  I also planned on putting in flowerbeds all around the house.


Since it is spring and weather was nice I located a yardman James through friends in town to help cut down the overgrown vegetation that was against the house, in preparation of getting the house painted later. One day he arrived to start work and I was already cutting down things myself. Needless to say, I was hot and sweaty, had dead dried leaves in my hair. Not only that I looked like I was trying out for a wet t-shirt contest. James came behind me and said Good Morning and I nearly fell off the ladder. I was not expecting him until after lunch and it was only 11am. I thought I would have plenty of time to shower and get cleaned up before he arrived to work.


When I got down from the ladder he reached up and removed some of the leaves from my hair and told me I was much to pretty to be doing that work and that I might hurt myself. Then he looked down at my very hard nipples that were under my wet t-shirt and grinned. I got nervous and said I would get him something to drink while he worked. I ran into the house and took a quick shower and came back with lemonade for him. I was surprised at how much faster he was at cutting the plants away from the house than I was. I stayed in the house most of the day cleaning because I was embarrassed about earlier and didn’t want to give him any ideas since he knew I was alone. 


By dark he had cut most of the plants down on 3 sides of the house and bundled them up. He asked me if there was any more lemonade and I went back in the house to make it.  A few minutes later he was standing in my kitchen when I turned around. He was hot and sweaty, but nice looking and muscular, dark hair and gorgeous green eyes peeking out from long eyelashes. I put the lemonade on the table and told him to drink as much as he wanted, then I backed up and left the room.


I thought I would go outside to check his work and when I came to the door he was standing there smiling.  I didn’t know what to do for a second. I asked him if he wanted me to pay him for the work he did today or pay him when he finished. He told me to only pay him when finished and only if I liked the work he did, and that he would be back at sunrise to finish the job.


The next morning I had barely finished washing the breakfast dishes when I heard him working outside. He already had a huge pile of branches cut. He said that since he was working on the west side of the house he wanted to finish it before it got too hot and then he could work on the rest of the yard around the trees in the shade. That made sense to me and I fixed him some more lemonade. 


By lunchtime I had fixed him a sandwich and brought it out to the table under the big pecan tree for him.  He stopped working a few minutes later and sat down to eat.  He asked me a lot of questions about why I had moved to Danbury and got such a big place.  Then he asked what I did for money since I did not work and why I wasn’t married. I felt that all that was personal and asked him questions instead to change to subject.


“I do have laundry to hang, if you don’t mind.” I smiled and left going toward the house.


About that time I saw someone driving up the dirt road to my home.  It was the painter coming to look over the house and give me an estimate.  I was surprised that James knew him when Robert got out of his truck they seemed to be old friends as they greeted each other.


“Good morning Ms. Byrd. I am Robert Lovett, you called about a painting job.” He said as he extended his hand to shake mine. “I didn’t know my brother was working for you.

I will walk around the house and be able to tell you what my estimate is and about half and hour, if that is ok.” I would never have guessed they were brothers although they didn’t look at all like each other.


About 45 minutes later Robert knocked on the door and asked me to come outside with him, we walked completely around the house so he could show me as he talked. 


“I guess you know that this place hasn’t been lived in for a couple of decades. There is a lot of rotten wood that was exposed when the plantings were cut down. And there are a lot of loose boards on the decking and porch areas that need to be nailed back or replaced as well.  I can do them or I can call someone for you. It is your call Ms. Byrd, but they really do need to be replaced before I can paint. It will take me about a week to paint the entire house on the outside. Did you want me to check the inside while I am here?” I led him into the house.


“Yes, you might as well while you are here Mr. Lovett.” 


“Please call me Robert.” I gave him a tour around the house and he made some more notes and pointed out things I had not noticed before that needed repairs too.


“You have some settling on some of the walls and some flooring that is sagging in the bath area around the toilet. I don’t suppose you want it to fall through the floor one night.” Robert laughed and so did I.

“The painting should take about 10 days if I do it by myself.” I thought it would be better to get the handyman to come and make the repairs next week. Robert said that would also give him time to finish working on the county courthouse job.  We went out on the back porch and Robert walked to his truck.


“I guess I probably should check on James and see how he is doing and take some lemonade to him. It is so warm today.”  James had finished about half of the area in back and was tying the brush in bundles. “Hi, James, How are you doing?  Would you like some lemonade?”


“Did Robert tell you that we were twins too?”  I thought they don’t look at all like twins.

“Twins? I had no idea you two were twins. You look so different.” I said.


“Yeah, that is what everyone says. We are completely different in everyway too.” James laughed.


“Oh. Do you think you will be finished today?” 


“I will be around the house. Do you want me to start on the flowerbeds when I finish here? He implored.


“Oh, that would be wonderful.”



The next day James was almost finished working the dirt in the new flowerbeds and I was so excited to start planting flowers that I was almost beside myself.  The house looked great even if it was not painted. I thought as soon as it was painted I could go to work. Right now I needed to draw a plan for where I would plant everything.



A couple of weeks later I was laying on the lounge chair getting some sun and fell asleep when James dropped by. I was totally surprised when he came to the backyard and was standing over me.


“You sure look awfully pretty lying there.”

He said and had a big grin on his face. I almost jumped off the chair. I tried to grab my towel but I could not find it, so I was completely exposed to his eyes, since I was not wearing a top. I tried to cover my breasts when he handed me the towel that had blown on the ground next to his feet.

“Good thing you didn’t burn, that would have been too bad.”


“James I wasn’t supposed to be expecting you, was I?” I could feel my face blushing and my sex jumped.


“No ma’am, but I wish you had.” At the remark, my sex jumped again when she saw the front of his pants tented. He wasn’t wearing his normal overalls, but a nice pair of slacks and short sleeved shirt that showed his muscular arms and chest. 

“I was down the road a piece, noticed your car out front and thought I would check to see if you had started painting yet. It looks like ole Willy did a good job on the repairs for you though.”


“Yes, he did and no, your brother will be here to start painting tomorrow. He said it should take about 10 days.”


“I know I shouldn’t ask, but Ms. Byrd, would you like to go to dinner in town tomorrow night?”

I was totally shocked at the request. I was half naked and he wanted to take me to dinner. What was I going to say?










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