A Cougars Soldier Boy Toy

A Cougars Soldier Boy Toy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A rich older widow, boutique owner and former socialite, Lolita is lonely for the company of a man when she checks out an online affair website that one of her customers mentioned. After searching for a nice man, she discovers Richard, a younger soldier that has just returned from a tour of duty. She finds that he is a younger version of Brandon Brando, a bad boy with a motorcycle. They became friends as they work together repairing her home that is in disrepair from 10 years of neglect and sexual sparks fly. Richard is a battle hardened soldier home from his 3rd tour to IRAQ. He is looking for companionship in a woman and in Lolita he has found his match in more ways than one. She is more than he could have asked for in a sex partner, willing to do whatever he asks and surpassing him. He is amazed at how responsive she is to his touch like no other woman he has known. Will Lolita accept his offer?


A rich older widow, boutique owner and former socialite, Lolita is lonely for the company of a man when she checks out an online affair website that one of her customers mentioned. After searching for a nice man, she discovers Richard, a younger soldier that has just returned from a tour of duty. She finds that he is a younger version of Brandon Brando, a bad boy with a motorcycle. They became friends as they work together repairing her home that is in disrepair from 10 years of neglect and sexual sparks fly.

Richard is a battle hardened soldier home from his 3rd tour to IRAQ. He is looking for companionship in a woman and in Lolita he has found his match in more ways than one. She is more than he could have asked for in a sex partner, willing to do whatever he asks and surpassing him. He is amazed at how responsive she is to his touch like no other woman he has known.

Will Lolita accept his offer?

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Cougars Soldier Boy Toy

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A rich older widow, boutique owner and former socialite, Lolita is lonely for the company of a man when she checks out an online affair website that one of her customers mentioned. After searching for a nice man, she discovers Richard, a younger soldier that has just returned from a tour of duty. She finds that he is a younger version of Brandon Brando, a bad boy with a motorcycle. They became friends as they work together repairing her home that is in disrepair from 10 years of neglect and sexual sparks fly.<br /> <br /> Richard is a battle hardened soldier home from his 3rd tour to IRAQ. He is looking for companionship in a woman and in Lolita he has found his match in more ways than one. She is more than he could have asked for in a sex partner, willing to do whatever he asks and surpassing him. He is amazed at how responsive she is to his touch like no other woman he has known.<br /> <br /> <br /> Will Lolita accept his offer?<br /> <br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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A Cougar’s Soldier Boy Toy

By Laila Lola


I am Lolita Lane, owner of COOL Boutique in Preston Center, Dallas. I and my girls deliver services of lash and brow tinting, body and facial waxing, airbrush tanning and cosmetics. I have been a widow for almost 10 years. My husband was an insurance executive and had his own company. Me, I was a socialite born to a wealthy family that had an old house on several acres on White Rock lake. I went to Hockaday in Dallas and am a Yale graduate. I was the girl everyone thought was stuck up, but I was really very insecure. It took years to change that attitude.

One day one of my girls said one of her customers was talking to a friend on the phone about an affair she had with no strings attached. And something about a website called, “’Prissy Miller, have an affair, keep it Private!’”  I thought to myself that I really missed having a man in my life, but I didn’t want one permanently. I had men I knew but...none I would be interested in sexually.  After I checked the website out I thought to myself, Okay, it can’t hurt to give it a try.  Ok, I have finished my profile. Let’s see what sort of men are in here. Wow, some of these guys are really hot. Oh, he is local. No too close to home. What kind of man would I like?  Someone younger than me, that could keep up with me would be good.  I set up a phony email address and phony name ‘Janice.’ Set up my profile, generic to say the least, I only put that I worked at the boutique, not owned it.

The next day I checked my emails.  WOW 120 emails.  Let’s check this one out….Oh my, cock pictures. Oh, I didn’t expect that. OMG!!  DELETE. Forget this one too, he sent a picture of him fucking another woman. DELETE. Oh this is terrible, what do they think of me?

Oh, what do we have here? A Career soldier, huh, a very nice looking picture. Says he is Non-judgmental. College educated. Recently home from his 3rd tour of duty. Wow, bet he is horny.  Lives in Lewisville.  Not too far to come or go.  Think I will send him a WINK, see what he says. 

‘Hi, saw your pictures and read your profile. When you get a chance please check me out! Janice’

The next day he answered,

‘Hi this is Richard. You sound very nice, great pictures.  Would you like to talk, meet for lunch or coffee sometime?’

‘Sure that would be great. How about meeting at Starbucks in Grapevine, do you know were that is? Would 11am on Wednesday be okay? I have an exercise class at 1pm so I will be dressed for that.’ Actually I had a stock holders meeting a 230 and need to change clothes and get to Highland Park by then.

‘Yes, sounds great, I can make that. I will be riding my motorcycle. See you then.’ A Bad Boy with a motorcycle; I had visions of James Dean or Brandon Brando, leather jacket, etc.

When I got to Starbucks his Classic Harley with sidecar was there. Cool I thought to myself. Richard was inside sitting at a booth. Since we recognized each other, he stood up immediately as I walked in and gave me a hug. He was almost 6 foot, military haircut, hazel eyes, wearing a tight soft green Henley sweater, sleeves pushed up to below his elbows, chaps over his well fitted, faded blue jeans and boots. Needless to say, I was nervous and so was he.  After a few minutes, I asked if he minded showing me some ID. I was afraid he might be a cop and wanted to arrest me.  When he opened his wallet to see his military ID he also had a badge.  Ugh oh.  What is that; a badge.  Oh NO! Okay, he was an MP in the army. He smiled and showed it to me. He said,

“I have nothing to hide from you.”  DAMN he is so nice looking, and so polite.  OK.Then he asked,

“Would you like a cup of coffee? I’m getting one” 

“Thank you Richard. I would like a tall, White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream, please.”

We got our coffees and noticed the booth was taken, so we sat on the couch. We talked about him and that he had just gotten back from his 3rd tour of duty, that he lived in Lewisville and had 2 crazy cats. He joked about it finally dawned on him that the enemy really did want to kill him, he had lost a lot of his friends fighting and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go back for a 4th tour. He had bought the motorcycle as a reward to himself for coming back from IRAQ alive and in one piece although he did get a Purple Heart. He didn’t think he deserved it. He told me he had gotten married at 25 and was divorced by 32.  He had not had any girlfriends or remarried because he didn’t want to put them through what his friends wives went through every time they went on a tour of duty. He missed the softness of a woman’s skin, their gentleness, their smell etc. And the way their bodies react when in the throngs of an orgasm.  He truly missed that more than anything.

Then I figured out that at age 43 he was 15 years my junior. Richard told me that I would pass for a much younger woman and didn’t believe I was 58.

“You don’t have any wrinkles, you are very sexy and you have the body of a much younger woman.” He said.

“Thank you very much. I do try to take care of myself.” I said, embarrassed. I guess the old saying that gorgeous is as gorgeous does applies. I looked at my watch it was suddenly 12:45 and I had to leave. He was so interesting I couldn’t stop asking questions. He walked me out to my car, which was parked next to his bike. 

“Richard, I think your bike is really cool. It was so nice meeting you.”

“I have had a lot of fun restoring it since I got back.  Maybe one day you can go for a ride with me. I really am a safe rider.” He said. He opened my car door.

“I’d love to but I haven’t ridden on one since I was 16 when a boy gave me a ride home.” Then Richard leaned forward and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek I got in the car and he closed my door.

“Janice, I hope I get to see you again, soon.”  He said and gave me a big smile and a wink.

“Yes, we will Richard, very soon.” I said. I gave him a wink and smiled back. I watched him go over to his bike and put his helmet on and he got on. I started my car and drive to the exit, he was behind me my pussy was leaking big time now. He looked enough sexier on that bike, if that was possible.

We must have talked and texted for weeks because my business was so busy it was hard to do anything but work. Finally I emailed him and asked if he would like to meet me and walk around the downtown area of Grapevine.  I found out we both love antiques and he had a few. He had a very simple life and liked it that way.  He said his ideal house would be in the woods in a small cabin, where he could fish for his diner and hike during the day.

“Sure what time and where?” he replied. We met a couple of days later. I had decided to spend the evening with Richard to get to know him in a different environment than the coffee shop.  You always felt that someone was listening to you and was being judgmental.  We parked at the end of downtown in a lot across from the biker’s bar.  When I got out of my car, we walked around and browsed the stores. We even stopped and had an ice cream cone. He had really missed that in Iraq.  We held hands and at one point he slipped his hand into my back pocket of my blue jeans.  I immediate felt wetness spread between my legs and a twinge inside because I was getting turned on by just that simple touch. Had it been so long since I felt that way? I was so comfortable around him.





A few days later I emailed him and asked him how he would feel about getting a room and being together for the night? 

“Really Lolita? Are you serious? Of course I would love to be with you.”

He was all for it and picked a Marriot Hotel in Lewisville. I told him I would meet him at 2:30 on Friday afternoon.  I really don’t think he thought I was serious because when I got to the hotel he was surprised I called him. He was there in 5 minutes. I had brought wine, cheese and fruit for us.  He had gotten a room with a king bed, fireplace and Jacuzzi tub.  Richard checked in and then he came and helped me take things to our room. I was very impressed that the room was so nice.  We kissed and talked for a while. The kissing was heavenly, oh my god, he told me that my lips sucked forth all of his soul. He said that my lips greeted his so gently it was like a tender hello kiss from an angel.  I would slightly touch his tongue with mine to tease him. He said our tongues tangoed with the point delicately circling his lips.  He loved the erotic sounds when I nibbled, sucked and bite his lips so very lightly. The moans and groans that came for me were very sincere, as myr pussy was totally drenched I discovered that an erotic fully oral kiss can be extremely intimate as well as arouse passions in her that were untamable. Finally we went into the bedroom and he took his clothes off first.

“Omg, you are beautiful…”  I said and I am sure I blushed at him like a school girl and clucked a little to myself. Damn he was just as sexy out of clothes as he was in them. I took my clothes off and he walked over and lay down on the bed.

“Janice, are you sure you are 58, because you sure could have fooled me?  You really have taken very good care of yourself too. Your breasts are awesome.  Whoever said more than a mouthful was a waste never saw yours.”I blushed again and my pussy got really wet and the thought that I was going to fuck with this awesome sexy looking guy. I came around to him and straddled him with my panties still on. He was so huge and hard, I wondered if it was going to hurt a lot. I told him I was very tight naturally and didn’t knew if I would be tighter since it had been more than 10 years since my husband’s death.

“Hey I will go as slow as you want, the last thing I want to do is to hurt you.” He said.

“I brought some lubrication just in case.” I said. “Grape seed oil.”

Richard was so patient with me and didn’t rush me into anything. I may have been married before, but he sure showed and put me into more positions I had never been in before. My husband and I only did the missionary position with absolutely no foreplay. And Cuming for me was almost an accident, since I had had so few.

He slowly rubbed my clit until it was really standing out, maybe an inch and we French kissed for a long time.

“Come here, I want to make a feast of that beautiful wet pussy.” He said and he turned me around and stuck his head between my legs and gently played and sucked my clit with his tongue. 

“Oh god that feels so good, please don’t stop.”  All I heard was “hmm” from Richard, he was enjoying every lick.  .

“Richard, if you keep that up much longer, I am going to cum all over your face.” 

“Janice, I don’t plan on stopping. You taste like strawberries. I can keep this up all night if you want me to but I would love for you to cum all over my face. Can you do that for me?” Richard smiled up at me when he popped up his head. He was using his thumb going round and round my clit, it was throbbing and he had one finger wiggling it around inside my wet pussy.

“I’m not sure but I’ll try.”  I said. 

“Just relax and it will happen.”

Relax?? RELAX?? I am in a hotel room with a sexy, hot younger man and he tells me to relax????

“Oh, yes, right there. Yes, oh that is wonderful, oh yes, Yes, YES. I’m going to cum Richard.  OH YES!!!! I’m Cumming I’M Cumming!!  Don’t stop!!!” and I screamed when the orgasm hit me. It was so beautiful, I saw flashing colors and lights.

It took me a couple of minutes to slow my breathing down to normal. Oh, I felt so good right then.  I had not had an orgasm in 10 plus years. It was wonderful. Why had I not done this sooner?  Why had I waited so long to find a lover/sex toy/ boy toy? I wonder if I can keep him for ever. Then he changed me into a new position, he put my legs up and around his neck, with me lying on my back, now he was lifting my but up and he slowly pushed his huge cock inside my very wet pussy again, entering me from behind.

“You are so sloppy wet Janice.” He said.

Oh my god, he felt like he was so much deeper inside me. Oh wow, he was rubbing my g spot with his huge cock this way. I am bouncing my butt up and down and he is banging me so hard. He balls are slapping against my asshole and it even feels good.

“Oh god, that is so good, oh yes, Yes, YES, I think I’m going to cum again…YES, I’m ...I’m Cumming.”  I am screaming and shaking. I just had another orgasm. I am about to pull the sheets off the bed I am twisting them so much. OMG, that was fast!!!

Then Richard said,

“Please I want to lick every drop of cum from that wet pussy.” He laid me down and spread my legs with them wrapped around his neck and all of a sudden,

“Oh my god Richard, I’m Cumming…again.”  I screamed and grabbed a pillow and stuffed my face to muffle my screams.  I was squirming and wiggling all over the bed.

“Oh yeah! Cum baby! Cum all over my face. I love it.” He said.

He turned me over on my front and pulled my ass up in the air and said to get on my hands and knees, then he laid down beside me, put one of my arms cross him and started sucking my breasts, and reached down between my legs and started playing with my clit and pussy with his fingers. He knew just what to do to get me to cum by now.

“I want to see your face when you cum this time. And don’t close your eyes Lolita, I want to see them. You look so awesome when you are Cumming.” He worked his miracles with his fingers and had my ass pumping in the air.

“OH, god, yes! Yes, YES YES!!!. OH YES please don’t stop oh yeah right there. I’m Cuming.”  I am pounding the pillows, shaking my head side to side and screaming into the pillows.  My butt is doing double time I want to cum again so bad.  I felt so good to cum so much. I can’t seem to get enough.

Just then he said, “No, No, I want to be deaf in my ears. Don’t scream into the pillows. I love it. Scream, Scream louder!!!!!! It is beautiful to know you are enjoying it so much.”

We got up and had a glass or two of water, we were both so dry. He put a towel down and sat me down on the table edge. Then he stood in front of the table with his legs bent so he's in the best "entering" position. He slowly penetrated me with that big hot sexy cock of his.  He had me brace myself by putting my arms around his neck, and then he pulled my right, then my left leg up onto his shoulders. He had me lean back and he started thrusting by holding on to her butt!! WOW how cool is this?  It didn’t take low for me to start screaming that I was Cumming again and again!!

We both looked at the clock and laughed; he had been almost three hours of fucking with this sexy man. I never knew a man could go this long. And I know I have never gone this long either.

I asked Richard if he wanted to take a break and eat the fruit I had brought. He was still hard as a rock when he came out of me. I was totally amazed. He had the body of Adonis. He had three simple tattoos, a thorny branch around one bicep and a panther on the other and a dragon on the left side of his chest.

After we rest a few minutes, his cock was still so rock hard, so I got down on my knees are put his beautiful hard and sexy cock in my mouth. It filled my mouth completely. I gently sucked on the head and swirled my tongue around it. I slowly sucked it completely down my throat then worked it up and down.  Then I sucked it to the end and kissed his balls, then took one and gently sucked it into my mouth and released it, then did the same with the other ball.  He really liked that.

“Oh, you are killing me Janice, that is so good. Your mouth is wonderful. You are incredible; you are like a woman half your age.”

We had more incredible sex and more new positions. We fucked in the Jacuzzi, on the couch and on the floor.  Me on top, him on top, upside down, twisted and intertwined at time. When finally came and I let him cum all over my breasts. I even swirled it around my breasts and licked some of it. He told me he thought that was very hot and sexy. A few minutes later he got up and got a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned off my chest. 

“It is running down your neck get your hair out of the way.” He said and smiled at me. Then we took a shower together he kissed me deeply with his exploring tongue again, I  almost melted, then he kissed my neck and sucked on my earlobe, told me how great I had been and that he loved watching my body when I came. He loved watching it come alive with his touch. Then he turned me around facing the shower wall then leaned me up against the wall. His cock was hard again so soon. He put his hard cock against my ass and started gently rubbing my ass with it.  Then he reached around in front of me and played with my clit and pussy with his magically fingers. Soon he had me screaming when I came for him again. Then he stroked himself until he came all over my ass.  If he had not have been holding me up I am sure I would have fallen to me knees I was so weak.  I knew every inch of him because I kissed his entire body from head to toe. He washed all of me and I washed all of him, then we dried each other off. 

It was almost 4 in the morning when I left to go home.  I hated to leave but I needed to get some sleep. I had to open the store in the morning at 8 am. It was a long drive for me from Lewisville to White Rock Lake.  I texted him to let him know I made it safely home. He texted me back that he was ‘glad I had made it safely home’.




The next morning I got an email from Richard. ‘Good morning sunshine. You are an incredible and sexy woman. Thank you for a wonderful night. I hope you slept well.’

I got to work and I think I daydreamed the rest of the morning replaying in my mind every minute of the incredible sexy night we had had. Tracy came in my office and said’

“Ms Lane it is after 1215 and the caterers are not here yet. Do you want me to call them?”

I had forgotten to call in our lunch orders.  Then I realized my pussy was so wet and that I was turned on!

“No Tracy, I will call Thanks for letting me know.” I immediately ordered lunch for everyone and it was there in 20 minutes. Lolita, get your mind out of that fucking bed and Richard. You have a business to run.

Just then my cell phone binged with a text. It was Richard. 

“Thank you again for a sexy wonderful night. You are the most awesome woman I have ever met. I will call you later today, if okay.” And there was a smiley face of a devil winking.

I texted back, “I will be home about 7, you can call then. It would be best if you didn’t call while I am working at the shop.”  Now I was dripping wet. I had visions of his sexy hard body and that very hard cock that had fucked me all night.

“Would you like to go to dinner tonight; or could I fix dinner for you?” he replied back.

“I need to get some sleep tonight. Last night did me in maybe some other time.” I hope he doesn’t think I am blowing him off or something.




After a couple of good nights sleep I was feeling better and more energized than I had in years. A week went by and I was getting lonely and texted Richard.

“Sorry it has been so busy. It is prom time and the girls and I have been very booked in our appointments. You asked about dinner sometime. Is that still open? “

Richard relied almost immediately,” I was just thinking about you and was going to call you tonight. What do you like to eat?  Would you like me to fix dinner and bring it to you or meet in the lake park and have an evening picnic, with you as dessert?” I thought ‘Oh my god, his texts are turning me on. I really need to be careful girl. You could get in trouble with this man.’

“Dinner out would be fine. Henry’s at 8 if that is not too late.” I replied.

“I will make the reservations for 8.”




Dinner was wonderful. We went to a little secluded Italian restaurant not far from Preston Center. Later he even paid for a cab driver to take us around the park afterwards. We kissed to the point I thought his tongue was tickling the bottoms of my feet.  We hugged in the back seat like teenagers on a date.  If this was necking, I never did this in high school with the boys.  I was so turned on by the time we got to our cars that if he asked me to go to a motel or fuck in the back seat of my car, I would have beaten him to the door. When he held me I could tell his cock was hard when he kissed me and it went straight to my pussy.  I got the nerve to put my hand on his cock and started stroking it.  I heard a moan of delight from him.  I was so wet I though it was going to run down my legs. What do I say, what do I do?  Do I tell him I want him to fuck my brains out again? I don’t want to be pushy. No, I better not push it, I might seem desperate. I will wait for him to bring it up. I was so disappointed when the cab brought us back to the restaurant.  The cab ride ended much too fast. He could have fucked my in the back seat and I would not have stopped him. I wanted him to fuck me so bad but didn’t say a word. He paid the driver and walked me to my car and opened the door.  He turned me around to face him when I started to get in and kissed me exploring every inch of my mouth and said,

“I don’t understand, but I can’t get enough of you. This week has been hell for me. I get rock hard every minute that I think about you and that has been most of the time. I want to have you again. I want nothing more than to hold you in my arms make you cum again and hear you scream my name. SOON even Now!!!”

Why did he have to say that? I thought. I could right now too. Do we find a hotel right now and act like a couple of horny kids. Or what? This is not me, what am I thinking? Get a hold of yourself, Lolita.  Lolita!! Richard doesn’t know my real name, does he?  Should I be honest and tell him or not? He will find out sooner or later.

“Richard, my name is not Janice, it is Lolita Lane. I don’t work at the boutique, I own it. I am sorry I lied to you, but I felt I needed to protect myself.”

“I knew, I looked it up on the internet. I knew you didn’t trust me so soon but I hoped you would enough someday and tell me on your own. Being an MP I can check out things that most people can’t.” He smiled and winked again. I had thought he would be upset with me. But he wasn’t.

“I still want to hold you and make you cum and scream, again. I want you to say my name when you are Cumming.” he said.




The next Friday we had booked another room at a Marriott in Lewisville. I texted me the room number and was in the shower when I got there.  The bathroom door was ajar and I could see him. I was getting so wet watching him, I felt almost naughty. I thought what would he think if I joined him in the shower?  I undressed and went into the shower. He was surprised since he didn’t know I was there yet. I caressed his hard cock and stroked it then got down on my knees and took all of him in my mouth. I sucked and played with his balls until he was moaning again. I knew what he liked and what pressure he preferred. He pulled me up and held me by my shoulders and explored my mouth with his tongue. I almost came from the sensation. He lathered my body, rinsed me off and got down on his knees; put one of my legs over his broad shoulders and started sucking and licking my clit, then putting a couple of fingers inside my wet pussy and exploring me there too.  Oh it felt so good. I didn’t realize how much I had missed him until now.  Suddenly I was feeling the fires inside my pussy and I was rocking in the shower, about to explode. I thought to myself, God, I hope I don’t fall. It would be embarrassing to have to call 911.

“Richard, oh god, Richard, I’m….I’m going to Cum. Yes, Yes, YES just like that, please don’t stop. I’m CUMMING Richard.” I screamed and was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm; thank god he was holding me up. After all, here I am standing on one leg and the other was wrapped around his neck, like a flamingo or something.

“Yes, I love it when you scream my name. I know you know it is me that is pleasuring you. That is all I desire.”

A little later we dried off and he picked me up and carried to the bed, gently laying me down and he asked,

“Are you ready to try something new?  I remained on my back and he got on top over me then he got on his hands and knees and he had me lift my hips toward his hard beautiful cock and then he positioned himself to enter me. Once he was deep inside my pussy he had me start rocking back and forth.” Oh this is unusual I thought, and then it happened I started feeling my interior fires start again and then I saw all the beautiful lights again.

“I’m CUMMING, Omg Richard, OMG, please please, help me, don’t stop, you move too. OH, geez! Richard, please I’m Cumming!!”  There was no pillow to grab a hold of except the one under my head; I am twisting and pulling on the bed sheets.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yes, I just need a minute or two to stop breathing so hard.” Before I finished my sentence he had rolled over and laid face up on the bed, then he turned me around and so I am straddling him with my back toward him, then he had me lower myself onto him. He extended my legs back toward his shoulders and had me relax my torso onto the bed between his feet. With both of my legs and his forming an X-shape, then he has me start to slide up and down.  He said I could use his feet for added thrusting leverage. Oh my goodness, another interesting position to be in. I felt like a pretzel. Strange as it was, it worked and Richard worked even more intense orgasms out of me and I was squirming and twisting and screaming in no time, again and again. How many different ways can he make me cum? I never imagined there were this many positions.

Suddenly his phone rang. It was his Lieutenant Mondoon. One of the soldiers in his platoon was drunk and in jail. Since he was the MP he had to find him, bail him out of jail then get him back to Fort Hood and put him in the brig. Unfortunately He had to leave and didn’t know how long it would take.

“I hate doing this to you, but I have to leave, now. I will take a shower and go. I have to track down a soldier and get him back to Fort Hood. I will call you in the morning.” His entire persona had changed, he was in military character. He took a quick shower, dressed, gave me a kiss and left. It was 930pm.  I took a shower, dressed and left. I stopped to get a little something to eat before going home. I felt totally deflated. You could tell by his actions he was not happy about having to leave either.




It was a few weeks before he called again. He had his weekend duty one weekend and a trip he had planned several months ago that he went on to Florida. Then Haiti had an earthquake in he was on the way with hundreds of other soldiers to help in the search, rescue and recovery of bodies. He was there two weeks and then they sent in others soldiers to replace them. He was so depressed when I talked to him.

He said, “Those people had nothing to begin with and now they have even less.”  After he got back from Haiti, he had another weekend duty to do.

When he a free minute, he called and wanted to know if I wanted to try going to a hotel again for the night, this time all night.  I said I would check my schedule to see what was on my books and said I might be able to work that out if nothing was too pressing.  I didn’t want to sound too anxious or needy. I wanted to jump at the opportunity and then I noticed my panties were completely soaked and my pussy was twitching. I had really missed this man. 

Richard had been trying to find a job since his return from IRAQ, but nothing looked promising, so he was living on his savings.  He was worried because his savings was getting depleted so fast with his rent and car and motorcycle payments and other usual bills.  I told him I had an old house and that I could use a handyman to do some things for me. Like caulking around windows and doors, replacing torn screening, touch up painting, cleaning out gutters and trimming or replacing all the hundreds of plants around the acreage. He jumped at the offer to do the work.  One day he came while I was trimming limbs from the trees. I was hot, dirty and sweaty. You could almost see through my skin tight t shirt. I felt terrible when he saw me. He said I was the sexiest handyperson he had ever seen. Then he wiped my face gently with his handkerchief and kissed me.  

“I love it when your nipples are hard like that. Why don’t you go clean yourself up and make me some lemonade while I finish doing all this. You shouldn’t be doing this?”

He worked at my house for about 10 days and had done more than my handyman had done in a month. He never complained about the work. He took my list of what I needed done around the property and did it. He even showed me things I had missed or didn’t know I needed to be done. He cleaned and put everything back in the shed and even organized it for me. Then he cleaned out my garage, which hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned in 10 years. He washed all of my windows inside and out. He said,

“I can do anything you need except electrical or plumbing. So if you can think of anything else let me know and it will be done.” I had no idea how much things had been put off and forgotten about. He still helped me do some handyman work since I also had a couple of rent properties in North Dallas from time to time.





When November arrived I asked him what he might want for Christmas. He laughed and said,

“I would like a good paying job that I like. I also want you under my Christmas tree, with you wearing a black bra, black garter, stockings and high heels. Then I want to make love to every single inch of your body until you scream my name so loud that the neighbors can hear you.” I was so totally speechless that I didn’t know what to say for several minutes.  Richard was afraid he had overstepped his boundaries until I smiled and kissed him. We got a room couple of days before Christmas he got there early and was showering. So I took my wrap dress off and laid down on the bed, wearing my black bra, garter, stockings and high heels. He was all smiles when he saw me lying on the bed. He took the towel off from around you waist and his rock hard cock was standing at attention. I said,

“Merry Christmas! Are you ready to open your gift?” I asked. He came over to the bed, leaned down and pulled me to the end of bed, and the first thing he did was grab my garter by the waist and pulled it down bringing my stockings off in one swift movement. Literally lifting me off the bed then he reached around me and unhooked my lace bra. Richard said,

“I love opening my Christmas presents.”  He smiled, winked and wiggled his eyebrows at me. And said,

”You look so beautiful right now that I could eat you up, but I would rather have my dessert first.” Then he used those magical fingers of his and played with my clit and my pussy until I was squirming and screaming his name.  Then he had his dessert,

“Yes baby yes, I love it when you lick my pussy like this. Don’t stop Rich, please I’m going to cum. Please, Oh, yes, Yes, YES! I’m Cumming Richard, I’m Cumming.”  A few minutes later he said,

“Are you ready for more?”  he asked.

He had me lie on my back, stretched my legs out and had me hold onto the bedposts above my head. Then he had me keep my legs together as he entered me with his thighs outside mine. He slowly slipped inside me. As we moved together, the pressure of my thighs intensified the penetration of his hard cock and the resulting effect provided for a natural stimulation of my clitoris. I was Cumming in a matter of a few minutes. I was so wet it was making sloppy sounds.  Once my breathing was back to normal he and I just laid there and kissed and he explored my mouth and then my breasts with his tongue and made them ache with pleasure. It was having an effect on my pussy and he knew it, I thought it was going to make me Cum again. 

He carried me to the dresser, put a towel down and pulled me down to the edge and he had me support myself with my arms behind me. He stood in front of me and wrapped my legs firmly around his hips as he leaned in to penetrate me with his hard cock.
In this position we could look into each other eyes as he gripped my bottom to control the momentum. Oh it felt so good and he could really be in very deep like this. The only problem was he kept banging the dresser with his thighs.  I am sure the neighbors could hear that and wondered what was going on.  I tried to be quiet because the dresser backed up to the room next door.  But it didn’t help when I screamed when hit by the intense orgasm again.

We went back to the bed and he laid me down, still inside me.  He said he wasn’t going to give up his favorite place to be.  Then he rolled us over, still inside me. He had me lay on top with my legs together. Then I began to rub up and down his body stimulating my clit until I was Cumming again. He didn’t want to stop so he started moving me up and down on his body so I would come again and I was screaming his name.  It was far stronger with him moving than me. Then he lay down on his back and pulled his knees up to his chest. I sat down backwards and slide his cock inside while propping myself up on his feet. The more I shifted my weight on the legs, the easier it was for Richard the deep penetration, provided for especially sensual moments. And then I reached down and grabbed his wrists to make movement simpler.  This was awkward to say the least, but it really gave him deep penetration, which I truly enjoyed. Then he asked,

“Would you play with yourself while I watch?” We both laid on our side him in back and me in front, then I wrapped my legs around the outside of his. He concentrated on my boobs while I pleased myself playing with my clit until I came. I love the feel of him behind me. Plus I can play with his balls if I want.  I bucked so hard while Cuming I gave him bruises on his hip bones, but he said it was worth it to see me make myself cum for him. He held me for along time, kissing my neck and shoulders. And telling how much he loved seeing me do that for him.

Then he got me on my knees and then leans back - ankles under her butt, arms above my head. He knelt over me, leaning over me to penetrate my wet pussy with his still rock hard cock so that his legs are straight out behind him and his weight supported on his forearms. Then he used circular motions or thrusts to pleasure me.  This felt divine and wasn’t long before I was gushing from another mind-blowing orgasm and scream for Richard to not stop. He looked down on my dripping pussy and said,

“It looks like it is Dessert time again! Did I tell you I was really a lesbian and that is why I love pussy so much?”  I really laughed so hard from that I thought I would pee. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed and made me cum again and again with all of his sloppy licks and his magical fingers.  I sat up after he finished and he went to the sink and rinsed he face and head off. When he got back I told him that I had been way too long without my just dessert. I grabbed his hard cock and slowly put it in my mouth, sucking him from the tip down to his balls for several minutes. Then I took each ball and gently sucked each in my mouth and he said,

“Lolita, you are killing me. Your mouth is so fucking wonderful! But I’m not ready to cum all over you yet! So you need to stop! I want you to ride me so I can see your face when you cum.”

So he lay down and got on top straddling him in cowgirl style, and gently put him and wet, swollen pussy. His hard cock felt so huge. I started to ride him when he put his thumb against my clit and gently rubbed it. This made lights go out in my brain again and my pussy started squeezing his stiff cock. I was almost there,

“Oh yes Richard I think I’m going to cum now,  OH, OH, YES, YES I’m CUMMING Rich!!!!” and I started to cry, tears running down my cheeks. He sat up still inside me and held me a few minutes until my breathing was normal again.  He rolled me over, with him on top. He straddled me and asked me to stroke him and make him cum. At first I was too firm and had to go slower and softer. He busted forth and came out all over my breasts. I smeared it all over my breasts because I knew he thought it was HOT! And then licked what was on my fingers, even HOTTER, he said later! He went to the sink and brought back a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned all of his cum off of my chest. Then he lay down behind me, holding me close and fell asleep for a few minutes.  When we awoke we showered and went back to bed.

In the middle of the night I woke to a very hard cock nudging my ass wanting in. I brought my knees up so he could bury his hard cock deep inside me. He was content with that and so was I. He just wanted to be a part of me again. We fell asleep with him like that until dawn.  When I woke at dawn he was still inside me and STILL hard. He was unbelievable.

When we were fully awake, he said,

”I wish we could do this for ever, if you will let me.”  Then he pulled a small red box out from under his pillow and opened it. He wanted to marry me.

“I have waited three years to ask you to marry me. I can’t wait any longer.”

I was so surprised that he would want me, when he could have someone else that was younger. But he wanted me. Would I be a fool to marry him at my age? Then I started crying again and he held me close.



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