Lover's Knot

Lover's Knot Lover's Knot

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Her beloved Oisin. His smile, his ease with all that he did. His intelligence and radiance that he brought to her when they collaborated late through the nights. They had called it a meeting of the minds. Tonight would be different, Siruthavur longed for Oisin. She would make him enjoy this night and they would not end with conversation as they sometimes did after making love with one another.


Her beloved Oisin. His smile, his ease with all that he did. His intelligence and radiance that he brought to her when they collaborated late through the nights. They had called it a meeting of the minds. Tonight would be different, Siruthavur longed for Oisin. She would make him enjoy this night and they would not end with conversation as they sometimes did after making love with one another.


Submitted: July 06, 2012

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Submitted: July 06, 2012




Author: Lady Valinor

Story: Lover’s Knot

Rating: X - Adult Subject Material

Time Frame: Written 2007.

Characters: Original Characters Siruthavur (Female) and Oisin (Male)

Setting: At a home

Warnings: This is not for children or for people who are not interested in Erotica. This is Male+Female Pairing. 

Summary: Her beloved Oisin. His smile, his ease with all that he did. His intelligence and radiance that he brought to her when they collaborated late through the nights. They had called it a meeting of the minds. Tonight would be different, Siruthavur longed for Oisin. She would make him enjoy this night and they would not end with conversation as they sometimes did after making love with one another. 

Copyright: This story belongs to me including all concepts, characters, ideas and themes. It is NOT to be distributed, copied, reposted or misrepresented! Copyright 2012!


Lover’s Knot


By Lady Valinor





It had always been the same and she wished for nothing to change that which had made them so happy when they had married. Love was the glue that held her together at the seems. Without him, Siruthavur would have never seen the sunsets and sunrises as beautiful as they were now.


Her beloved Oisin. His smile, his ease with all that he did. His intelligence and radiance that he brought to her when they collaborated late through the nights. They had called it a meeting of the minds. There was nothing like the amazing talks they had on late evenings and nights. It brought music to her life and made wonder how she had not found someone like him sooner. He was a man who had never betrayed her and though he was just a human prone to mistakes and wrong choices she accepted him for who he was. 


Tonight Siruthavur’s body ached for that which only a husband can satisfy for his wife. Her very body hummed in anticipation of his touch and the feel of him inside her. The nights they came together to talk sometimes began or ended with lovemaking. Tonight would be different for once she wished to languish in him and let all the world fall away from them. 


It was always a whirlwind of many different things. Which is what kept it interesting. It was never the same thing every night. Her cravings and his own were matched in that they each loved to give each other pleasure and were understanding of each other’s limits.


She had set aside the usual books they read over or wrote in or discussed about and dressed simply in a thin pale violet robe that was see through. She wanted him to observe and delight in her body. Her arms were wrapped in small silk ribbons. She wanted to test his patience by making him remove the ribbons criss crossing her arms. She lay down on the king sized bed, prepared and ready for him.


When Oisin came in he had only long silk pants on and his chest was free from any form of clothing. She let her eyes wander over his surprised eyebrows and then she watched him closely, enjoying his excitement as he gazed at her. 


She felt naked when he lingered on her breasts and how she could see him spring forward, his erection pressing against the black silk pants he was wearing. 


“Oisin,” said Siruthavur before him, her legs spread open, enticing him onward. “I’m horny.”  As soon as the words had left her mouth, he leapt upon her, like a lion upon a carcass, his lips attacking hers. Her lips were like two silken rose petals pressed together, as his mouth kneaded them. 


“Siruthavur,” Oisin breathed, huskily to her, his brown eyes catching hers. As he darted them over her face, a smile erupted at the corner of her mouth, the kind that made him melt every time she did it. 


Soon he pried apart her lips with his slick tongue. Their tips met, like two dancers, they swooped and swirled against each other, passion beckoning onward. Sliding his hand downward, as he tongued his lover, he tenderly caressed her belly. His expert fingers, trailing the length of her, warm, silky frame. As she gasped loudly, he silenced her with one finger against her mouth. 


Letting his lips touch the base of her neck, he sucked at it, leaving a purple mark for later reference. It was his way of claiming her, letting all who dare take this lovely lady with whom he could never let go, know she was his and he was hers. Dancing his lips up and down her neck, another shudder from the flesh beneath, sent his hard, cock throbbing, straining against his pants. Rubbing it against her, he could feel the heat stirring in her, even with her jeans on. 


How he longed to remove the robe, and part her lips. Grinding harder against her, he moaned into her neck, his hands traveling under her robe. 


With every fiber of his being, he knew this woman, was his forever. In a raspy voice, he growled out to her, nipping at the shoulder flesh he had revealed. His cold hands danced up her spine, and made her yelp. Trapping her beneath his frame, he was faintly reminded of a trembling butterfly caught in a spider’s web. Throwing off that poetically insight, he slid off the material that separated him from his prize.


Struggling profusely, she shuffled under him, yearning for his touch against her bare skin. Yanking, he heard the silk pool beside the bed, as he moved his hands to clasp the warm, tender, pale breasts beneath. 


In several agonizing minutes of pulling and yanking her silk ribbons and it’s companion, he finally wisped them off of her. Throwing the offending things onto the nearby table, his moist lips transversed her torso, unto he captured her nipple in his mouth. 


Sucking harshly, another moan rippled out from his lover, encouraging his harsh treatment of her flesh.  Feeling the erected knob with his tongue, he clamped his teeth fiercely around it. When a stunted cry resulted, he carefully released it, kissing the bouncy breast and nipple. 


If there was one thing he wanted for this evening, it was to treasure this jewel, to bathe her in his skills of lovemaking, so that later when she dreamed it would be of only him and her. 


Panting into her ear he whispered, “ Siruthavur.”


Replying, she groaned, “Now fuck me!”


The desperation in her voice silenced his gentle, torturous foreplay, as he thrust his hips against hers. “All in good time, but first I want to make you sing for me.”


“I think you already did.” 


As he once again lapped at the right breast, his left hand darted down to her torso. His hand gliding across her sensitive skin till he met her belly button. He swirled his finger around it gently. In one motion his hand had passed her belly button to greet the glistening, swollen lips. With his forefinger and thumb, he massaged her. As she rubbed herself against it, he stopped, growling at her. 


“No,” was his only response, as he waited for her breathing to slow.


As soon as she had ceased her insistent rubbing, he returned to his laborious tonguing of her right breast, his fingers roaming over her clitoris and lips. Again she shoved her hips back and forth, urgently, desperately. His foreplay was angering her, she wanted him to be rough and he was teasing her with his caresses and wicked tongue. 


“No, Siruthavur,” growled Oisin, his eyes staring into hers. “That is not a request.” 


Her pleading coffee brown eyes, teared up, as she pleaded, “Please…stop torturing me, I need you inside of me, Oisin.” 


It was almost too much to bear, the wet tears swirling in her desperate eyes, but he wanted her like this. Every time she moaned, or begged it increased his own yearning. He wanted this lovemaking to be pleasant, lasting and make their orgasms fulfilling. He wanted her to orgasm, so that she would collapse upon him, too tired to move. 


Still, her begging touched his heart and he soon found his hands prying off the leftover ribbons on her arms. There were several agonizing minutes, when the material of his pants were keeping him from what he craved, it made him almost growl in frustration. Finally, after some assistance from his lover, his pants and underwear were soon aquatinting themselves with the floor, his straining cock greeted the cold, chilly air. 


He had to be inside her, hearing her moan his name. Parting her legs he shook his head at her, grinning silently. 


“No. You on top.” 


Something in the way he had said it, made her frown but soon she jumped him, capturing his lips in hers. Her tongue dared entry to his mouth, jabbing at his tongue. Then with her right leg, she hooked her body around his left side, and made him tumble onto the bed. His expression, was devious as he pulled on her shoulders, just enough to show his yearning. 


Before he could penetrate, she bit down on his own neck, making him bite his lower lip in pain. Copper greeted his tongue, and her hungry lips devoured his, tasting the blood, coalescing there. 


“You should be more careful, Oisin.” Said Siruthavur, her wet sensitive parts pressing against his burning cock. 


Positioning himself comfortably on the pillow and bed, he retorted back, “And you should learn that I’m not edible.” 


With that, she propped him up, and slowly lowered herself down upon it. When his cock touched her, he nearly swallowed his tongue. She had opened herself to him, and she was already coating his belly, cock and balls.


When was the last time, she had been this wet? He thought as he put his hands on either side of her waist, lowering her body down. So easily he slid in, her walls enclosing around him. Once they had joined, he felt movement, making him moan again. She was torturing him back. He supposed it was only fair, after all he had nearly made her desperate with his teasing. 


Her grinding on his cock, sent waves of heated pleasure up and down his spine. Rubbing the palms of his hands on her breasts, he moved up, until his chest pressed against her. 


Once his bare chest met hers, his hands wrapped around her back, gripping her tightly, as he rocked himself inside of her. Finding her g-spot, he jabbed at it. Her nails dug into his back, as she jerked her hips on him. 


“Siruthavur, not so hard. I’m not a pin cushion,” explained Oisin, as he licked her cheek. 


Then she knocked his arms off from around her, and shoved his torso down to the bed. He felt betrayed as if she didn’t want him, but then her teeth nibbled on his lower lip, aggravating the wound still painfully, stinging. 


“Not so hard. Siruthavur I…” 


Her fingers clamped over his mouth as his back pressed against the bed. She was sitting upright and she began to clench herself around him. 


“Don’t worry, I’ll be softer. But you’ve had your fun teasing me, now it’s my turn to make you sing.” 


He licked his lips as she moved back and forth on him, feeling her moan after every forth thrust he supplied in return. Soon the paced quickened, making their bodies sweat, while their eyes locked for an instant. 


So this was what she had meant by seduction. Thought Oisin, as he suppressed the urge to beg for the one thing she denied him. 


When the buildup began, he hadn’t even known but soon her panting, and cries of fuck me, reached their height. Her legs pressed against his hips and thighs, as her eyes shut tight, body shuddering to release. The final string was the feel of her own fluids siding down him. 


With little energy he thrusted back and forth inside of her, each time going deeper, harder. Until at last, his own buildup reached it’s height and he moaned loudly, his heart hammering in his chest. Ringing in his ears, and explosions of light and sound blasted him, as he felt himself shoot out. 


She moved quickly on him, trying to prolong his orgasm. After bated breaths, he opened his eyes, and smiled at the woman who had turned his seduction of her, to himself. 


Siruthavur sighed contently as she rested on his chest, hear breathing ragged. He gasped as the minor tingling sensation slowly began to leave him and he could begin to feel his body again. “Siruth...” He breathed in a daze.


She smirked slightly as she sat up and stared down at him. He watched her as she climbed off of him and stood next to the bed.


“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” pointed Siruthavur, as she grabbed lazily at his hands to pull him to his feet. 


Clumsily in a hazy fog, his mind reeling still from the after effects of the explosive orgasm he allowed himself to be lead to the shower. Once the warm water touched his hand, he stepped into the stream of water, letting it hit his sweat soaked skin and face. As she backed away, she laid a towel on the lid of the toilet, and sat down.  Her curious eyes traveled up and down his body. 


Oisin, stared back at her, feeling slightly embarrassed at the critical judgement those eyes seemed to carry. 


“What?” he asked, feeling the anxiety wash over him. What if she said she hadn’t liked his lovemaking or wasn’t relieved?


His fear was that all his seducing would amount to the same orgasm, she usually got.  He hadn’t planned on himself getting the orgasm of a lifetime. It was suppose to have been the other way around, but as he removed the towel hanging over the edge of the sink, he saw only a satisfied smile on her face. He gulped as he dared to ask the question anyway.


“So you liked it?” he quizzed, as he used the nearby soap to wash away anything still clinging to him, avoiding her eyes. 


“Yes…now hurry up, I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay awake much longer.” 


Relief washed over him. That was what he had been hoping for. His greatest pleasure aside was not just for himself but to see her happy and satiated. He reached up to turn on the shower and stepped in. As the water pooled off his slightly sweaty skin, he turned to look at her. 


He saw only the woman he loved staring back at him. Briefly he remembered when they had dated and he’d thought to himself, if only I’m lucky to marry her one day.


Finally satisfied, he stepped out of the stream of water, allowing her access to the fast cooling water. Her initial reaction to the water had been to protest, but soon her mind returned to washing off the layer of fluids hardening on her skin. Washing with soap, her fingers ventured around her tender, sensitive lips. 


His eyes strayed to the movement and watched, fascinated as she cleaned away the new liquid coating her with her soapy hand. Once she appeared done, he watched as she bent over to turn the water off. Quickly darting to her, he held her hips, letting her curvaceous cheeks cushion his flaccidness. 


“Don’t move,” he begged as he made thrusting movements against her butt cheeks. 


“Oisin,” giggled Siruthavur, as she swiped her hand at his own around her waist. 


Leaning over her back, he whispered longingly into her ear, “You know, what I want.”


Responding, to which there would be no debate, “All in good time, but first I have a date with the pillow and a warm body around me.”


Moaning his frustration out, but seeing that he himself was too tired to be able to any more, were he given the chance, he reluctantly agreed. 


“Still, I love these little butt cheeks. Your cheeks will be mine, Siruthavur. You promised.”


She groaned, and gritted her teeth. How she hated it. It was by far, one of the more disgusting things she despised, on her list of never to do it again. Still, she had promised him one more chance, and she never broke her promises. 


“Oisin…I know, just not today okay. And don’t push it,” she retorted, adamantly. 


Releasing his firm grip around her waist, he backed off. Once she had turned to face him, he gently wrapped his arms around her petite frame. “Okay.” Then lifting her chin he kissed her lips, sweetly and looked into her eyes.


“Siruthavur, I promise to be gentle okay.”


Her initial reaction was to snap at him, that no matter how gentle he was, he would never get what he wanted, but she too desired to try it once more.


“Okay…I know. Come on to bed.” 


Before she could react, he swept her up into his arms, carrying her back to his bed. His prize. His crown jewel of the Nile. His lioness. He thought, as he laid her tired body on the bed, and climbed into it, to lay next to her. Reaching for his boxers, he pulled them on and then searched for hers. Stretching, he grabbed the cute panties she’d discarded earlier before he’d come home. 


Snuggling his body against her back, he whispered into her ear, “Siruthavur, face me, I need you.”


Dreamily, she turned her body over, to face his, nestling her forehead against his and staring into his eyes. 


“I’m always yours, Oisin.”  


His smile made her heart flutter, and she pressed as close as she could to him, while feeling sleep tug at her. Soon she felt his warm hands slid around her back, and his lips press on her cheek. 


“Siruthavur, I’m here. Rest your tired eyes.” 


He felt complete. Spent and satisfied. His lover, his wife, he held close. He wouldn’t let anything hurt her, he cared for her like no other. She made him whole. He listened to her chest rise and fall, as she reached sleep. He whispered, “I’m yours” into her ear as he felt his eyes close and sleep pull him under. 


In the silent, chilling air, the two lovers slept beneath the blankets, their bodies entwined in a comfortable knot. That night, both dreamt of their own versions of that evening.


© Copyright 2019 Lady Valinor. All rights reserved.

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