I am a King Maker - My Body is a Gift of Sensitivity

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I am a King Maker because I responds to a man so very well.


I am a King Maker - I am. I am a Woman and therefore, a Gift from God.


God has seen fit to gift my body with more sensation and the awareness to feel it. And more importantly, God has gifted me the freedom, to feel those deep sensations.


The Ligress in me is hungry for the love of a man. It is a craving many women deal with. But society restricts us with learned moral codes that tell us we need to be in a relationship to let lose that innate primal hunger we feel.  And my allergies to body fluids add further restrictions to my world - I can't have sex with just any man - though I want to sometimes.


Relationships take time to nurture and I just stepped away from my last lover. 


My Queen is my clit. WE are horny. When My Queen is rock hard and pulsing, Sleep is impossible.


And GOD has seen fit to gift me with a beautiful body that's so very sensitive and from which orgasms flow so freely - I'm a miracle. I am a King Maker..


I am a King Maker - because my body responds to a Man's touch so very well. Any man will feel like a King with me. I love loving a man's body. Every touch he makes produces a wealth of feeling and I'm all moans.


But there's NO Man to love in sight - I stopped pacing my house and laid down on my bed and set about making my Queen happier.

I recalled memories of past Kingly romps and just stroked and played with my Queen.

It was delicious to feel all the orgasms flow up and down my body. My supersensitive body feels every sensation, acutely.

I left my gown on - I value the restriction of movement, the binding cloth helps my body feel more sensations. I am aware of the soft sheets - it's a caress. The rough textured towel under my ass - another stronger caress.

The soft blanket caressing my body - my nipples are hard. The gown I wear is caressing my nipples. F U C K!

I am comforted and excited by all these caresses I feel. Memories of past loving's flood my awareness - My body contorts and flexes to the yummy feelings my fingers strumming my pussy produce.

Over and Over and Over - I Cum. OH MY GOD _ FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!!!!!!! Orgasm after Orgasm after Orgasm

I saturated the towel.. I rolled off of it and shoved the wet towel off the bed.

Exhausted, my Queen engorged - I slept..

I am a King Maker..  I am a Woman and a gift from God. 

Submitted: February 20, 2015

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And your Queen silently, efficiently excels in pleasing my king, & I'm sure those of many other "Kings" in different lands... Welcome to & thanks for cumming to enhance & improve the kingdom...

Sun, April 5th, 2015 12:35pm


I love you Lord Guy.

Sun, April 26th, 2015 8:50pm

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