How Do You Stay - In this Madness?

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**Love yourself and love others!** God made man in his image.. Remember??

~~Philosophy ~ Journal of Truths (My truths).

**I know why - though for just this small moment in time - I am questioning how?**

I keep coming back to this earthly plane over and over by choice. I live among you humans by choice. I choose different hardships each time I reincarnate to teach others to grow more accepting. The separateness that our human body's let's us feel - is unreal, because we are spirit. I am spirit. We ALL are. - spirit


** I don't get mad or crazy when someone does something I don't like - because if I don't like whatever "it is" - it's because - I used to do it, too! We call attention to the things we don't like in others - because they are reflections of us. At somewhere along the line, during another life-time I did the same things to someone else or it was done to me.  We are reflections of ourselves. **


*Love others - as you love yourself - The Golden Rule.. !** God made man in his image.. Remember??


I come to this earthly plane to help people learn to get along.  To fit in - to play well together - To learn to love and be loved.


I think my problem is, I am too tired. I'm too much spirit - because I forget I'm playing a human. I forget the rules. As a spirit I can fly and soar.  Ever so often I try to fly as a human, but Gravity sucks!


I forget societies norms and expectations for "Human behavior."  Just like little kids, I have trouble staying in the moment - being focused. I forget where I live, I forget I've made plans, I fall in love all the time...& not with the same person.. I'm bad. I'm like a kid in the candy shop...only now as you age the candy you want changes. Now I look like a beautiful older woman, my candy of choice is other older humans...Here too, there are restricts spirits don't deal with. Energy is shared freely with all..  I forget about the biological boundaries and human created - restrictions. Hmmmm decisions, decisions...


Then I remember... I'm here.. Here to help the ones who don't remember they, too are spirits. Human's were born out of spirit and will return to spirit.


My human body had a stroke and I died. Well, almost. I was on my way home to the heavens when my daughter brought me back. After returning, I have had to learn to do things differently, I couldn't sift energy. I was too sensitive. Everyone else's energy was so intense.. I stayed linked to the heavens & slowly learned to tie into Earths core. When I could walk, touch, and feel. Then I started to rebuild my human.


I am bad - I play at being human. I am not grounded in the here & now. I'm not. look at this essay. I'm still spirit.
I'm only half trying to stay - too. I want to go home and be loved by our Father, the universe. I'm tired of the madness...


But I stay - for my little one. The one who bade me stay - she is wasn't ready to lose her Mom..I stay for the little one, my child - who shook me back into awareness. Ohhh! I was so mad at her. I was.  I was half way gone.. I didn't feel any pain - any more pain, I felt only the love. Heaven's Love....The Love of the universe.


Now I'm back - fighting to stay here.. Stay for my little one. She's supposed to wake up on her own. To recognize she's spirit, too.. but on her timeline..


But she's not. **("I don't care what Jesus or Father says, in my opinion - "Free Will "Sucks!") **My baby still thinks she's human, even though she hears spirits talk all the time. I used to hear them, too, when I was her human age. Waking up takes time. In time you realize, you are different... Not everyone hears spirit. As her mother, I didn't want her to. That gift was a curse in our society. And when the younger souls called her a freak, for hearing spirit when she was only 6 years old, I stepped in, and let her know it was okay that she heard spirits. Older Immature non spiritual souls are rude.


Right now - my baby is "grown" at 22 yrs old - She's into drugs. Trying to numb away her bad interactions with life, other immature souls & the living. Numb away the memories of her misguided life choices.  She should have zigged instead of zagged.  Her drug of choice was meth - then she found heroin. No needles - only pipes. but the haze of the drug is crippling, to her perceived earth body & her mind.


She is teaching me - how to not sift energy, which I had always done in the past.


I had sifted energy for a long, long time. Like wearing an invisible cloak, I would try on the energy of others, to experience life. Spirit's can't taste, feel, or smell life on our own. I mistakenly thought wearing another person's energy would helped me stay more grounded, but it doesn't. Well grounded in the Madness, maybe.



Submitted: November 22, 2014

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You are taking the spiritual plane and the spiritual knowledge you have to a dangerous place. The spirits you are hearing and speaking to are fallen angels. They should be ignored. God himself is spirit. He made mans first image after his own and then formed a body from the dust to contain it. For a purposes. It needs a container. The previous spirits he made also referred to as angels didn't have this container but also cannot experience what suffering and joys we know because of it. These are also known as angels. The messengers of God. Some of these angels rebelled against the original maker and designer. They hate mankind and have dedicated their existence to trying to defeat their maker and all his designs. Don't fall for it. You aren't chained to your physical form waiting to be released you are chained to it by design so that you can experience things spirit cannot. And from these experiences, learn. Anything that indicates you can be unchained is an experience designed to trick you. Not bless you. Make you insane not sane. This physical form is an updpgrade not a downgrade. Look at it from the designers perspective, combining spirit and flesh. Angels and dinasoars. An upgrade. For what purpose? Well first to limit the damage we can do to ourselves since we own free will. Not just now but for eternity. Be grateful for the container. It holds so many wonderful benefits and necessary limitations.

Wed, January 14th, 2015 7:51pm


Thank you very much for taking the time to write and outline part of your path in this life. **** We (you & I) have 2 different understandings, and to be fair - mine is still developing as I continue my journey. *** What I have learned so far = There are many paths, not just Western Ideologies and/or Eastern. There are many religions and spiritual paths. And equally important are the 1000s of spiritual understandings available to help mankind survive and thrive. One path is not better than another, they are all paths.
****All of my experiences come from near death understandings. My body is a shell. This Earthly plane is 1 realm. There are others. We, humans come into this form from Spirit and when our shell dies, we pass on as Spirit. ****I question the madness from time to time, because my ego gets tired of something. But with rest and meditation - I restore and forage further. I am free to question and learn - as you are. We are blessed. So very blessed.

Wed, January 14th, 2015 11:33pm

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