Daddy - Momma Misses you.

Daddy - Momma Misses you. Daddy - Momma Misses you.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Daddy - You are never far from my heart – we are never really a-part.


Daddy - You are never far from my heart – we are never really a-part.


Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



Daddy - Momma Misses You

I know you are working hard and hate being away from me as much as I hate being away from you. Every day I wake-up and/or come home from work - like a kid, I race to my computer with one hope -To find an email from you.

Each time that there is nothing - my heart aches. Thank you for the phone messages.

To keep my sanity - I replay your phone messages - over and over.

I find solace when I hear the love for me in your voice. My love for you, keeps me strong.


At night, I turn the AC up and curl up in the covers. I surround myself with my pillows.

Even if it is only to pretend - I want to feel your body next to mine regardless which way I turn.

My rest is fitful - until my mind finds you and your embrace.

I thank God we are bonded so close that even at a distance I can feel you.


Since the first day we connected - our love has blossomed and grown.

Though I hate your business trips – they serve to remind us how deep our love is.

You are never far from my heart – we are never really apart.


Our night dreams are full of love and have always been fevered and lustful.

They are so real. When I close my eyes - I can feel you beside me.

I can feel your ardent kisses on my flesh.

I love the way you kiss the back of my neck and across my shoulders.

When you pull me in close to you, I can smell your scent.

I love feeling you so close to me. I love licking and kissing your skin.

I love listening to you moan with arousal.

I can hear your whispers; your words of love stoke my inner fires. 


I can feel your lips on my nipples - Oh my love - I love it how you make me feel.

I moan in answer to the fire you’re building in my loins. 

My Gooseflesh rises to meet your finger tips - as your hand caresses my body. 

I arch my body in answer to all the feelings you make me feel.

My fingers play near my clit.

Your fingers dance inside me. Our bodies soon intertwine.

You stroke into me. I grind against you.

Your breathing excites me. Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Yes, baby - I beg you.

My clit stands up - your fingers brush against her.

I can't hold back - the waves of pleasure wash over me.

My juices flow, my body quivers, again and again. Fffffucckkk me baby!

I call out for more and you deliver more love, more fire.

The waves of even more pleasure - wash through me – so intense.

Yyyyeeesssssssssss! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I'm breathless. We moan in our releases.

The fan blows cool air -We feel it because our bodies glisten.

Lost in my afterglow - I hear your whispers of love as I drift off to sleep.

Daddy – Come home soon - Momma misses you so much.


Always beside you - Always inside me

Loving you more today, than the day before.

Love, Momma 

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