A Submissive - Yields

A Submissive - Yields A Submissive - Yields

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I am enslaved by my desire to please my Master.


I am enslaved by my desire to please my Master.


Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012



A Submissive - Yields


You asked me to call Master?  Oh yes Master, I would love to sleep with you tonight. Okay, I’ll be there at 9pm.


I am Master’s woman – I walk proud and confident. I have been taught to respect, Respect. Though I am not a ‘slave,’ I am enslaved by my desire to please my Master.  Our relationship is mostly modern, but with a twist, we live separate lives.


Though, we live separate lives – I am monogamous. For me, there is only my Master. My Master can sleep in my bed anytime he wants to. However, sleeping in Master’s bed is by invitation only.  When Master calls, sometimes we just sleep and sometimes we just fuck. And sometimes – we love. This time, Master will let me love him and he’ll make me yield. 


I came at 9pm in my p-j’s and wearing no underwear. Master let me in and sent me to his bed. This wench presumed nothing and crawled into the pallet on the floor. Master joined me about 20 minutes later. “Master - am I in trouble?” I inquire meekly. “No – but go to sleep wench.”  This wench doesn’t ask unnecessary questions – even if she feels uncertain, she follows directions. My whole body was sexually charged, but I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep.  It felt wonderful and torturous to know I was so close.


I dreaded trying to sleep with him so close to me. So, I was so excited and thankful to discover my Master was horny. Master leaned over and ordered me to strip and join him on his bed. I scrambled to comply. Master opened the covers and I crawled in next to him. I moaned in sheer pleasure as he pulled me close to his body. I felt him reach around me and cup my breasts and then squeeze my nipples hard. I moaned even louder, when I felt his fingers roughly part my thighs, demanding entrance. I was already wet with anticipation and now his fingers drummed up even more juices. I giggled at the slurping noises he made playing in that extra wetness.


I half-heartedly begged him to stop, so I could catch my breath- and he stopped. My breath caught in my throat. Master? Master rolled away from me. Now, I was lying on the bed and he was standing off to the side. Wearing a mischievous grin - he held his cock just inches from my face.


He inched closer to my mouth and stopped. In a firm voice, he told me what he wanted, “Lick, suck, but no hands!” I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue – He teased - slapping my tongue.  Next, he pulled back and teased us both by just stroking his hard cock. Finally, he leaned forward and in a husky voice – he ordered me to suck his balls. I eagerly did that as I looked up into his eyes. Maintaining eye contact, I used just my tongue and lips – I feverishly sucked and licked his balls and shaft. We both moaned deeply – Ummmm! After about 3 minutes, he relented, leaned forward and ordered me suck his cock. Ummmmmm!!


He was still leaning over the bed. As much as he likes it when I lick and suck on the sensitive head; he loves it when I deep-throat him. So I wasn’t surprised when he pulled away from me for a moment to climb on top of me. We both knew – with him on top, he could virtually hump my tonsils.  Once settled, I resume my licking and sucking. By his moans – I could tell I did a good job. With him on top, in reverse -I was able to swallow him to his balls! Ummmmm!


As a Master teacher – I was thankful he chose not to choke me.  He withdrew - I breathed. "Take it deep again!" He commanded. Then he withdrew and changed positions. He moved so that he had one hand in my hair and the other was elongating my neck. My eyes questioned his move, but I soon realized – in this new position I had air and that I could hold him longer and deeper down my throat. We both moaned as new depths were reached. We did that a couple more times. Then he lay down and demanded I finish.


Eager to please - I giggled in delight and attacked my prize. I love the feelings I get when I suck his cock. When he reached down and pinched my tits. OMG – I came so hard! That orgasm was intense - and it felt so damn good! I was so focused on what I was doing - I didn't even realize he was fucking my mouth, until I was rewarded with his nectar. I smiled proudly when he told me, “That my Dear, was worth, 3 “At-a-Girl’s!”



When he left to go get a drink, I rolled over on my side thinking we were done. My pussy was swamped with my juices. I laid there and reflected on the blowjob. Before long, my hand was stroking my clit. I wanted more – I needed more.



THWACK! “Stop that!” Master had slapped my ass and ordered me to stop. Ouch! I cried and jerked away. My ass stung! Why was I in trouble? Wordlessly I thought, “I bet you could clearly see his hand-print on my white ass if you’d look in a mirror.”  Master demanded, “Roll over and show me!”  I quickly moved to show him his handy work. THWACK! I yelped as he spanked my ass a 2nd time. Thank-you Master! Thank-you for the matching hand prints. Yes Master, your kijira will remember to ask for permission to play with her Master’s toys.



I groaned when I felt Master pat my ass as he climbed on the bed.  I gingerly rolled over towards him – my ass still tender.  “So you wanted more, my Dear?” Master asked in a taunting manner. With fearful eyes – I nodded.  I smiled, in relief as Master told me my talented tongue and lips – earned me an extra treat.


In the past, Master put me through my paces and learned all my sensitive areas. Last time, fucked me silly and I couldn’t walk for 2 days. Now, it was late and I knew he was tired. So, Master must know of  another way to prove he was Master in his Queen sized bed. It would be quicker – but just as powerful. 



My pussy was already swamped and my skin was on fire. Every sex cell in my body was awake and excited. My clit - was standing up and begging for attention. Master patted the bed and I moved into the position he indicated. Breathlessly, I watched as one hand moved deftly between my nipples – pinching them, making them hard and ripe. Next, I watched him part my thighs. I felt him insert his fingers, one, then two, and finally three into my soupy hole.



Every woman is different, but my Master knows the tricks that work for me. I felt him hold his fingers still for a moment or two – letting me adjust to the feelings.  He watched me – reading my body’s signals. When the time was right, he pushed his fingers under the base of my clit – from inside. I moan loudly – Master woul my g-spot to force my clitoris to rise out of her protective hood.



When he had everyone’s attention – he started his hand motions. I moaned in pleasure at all the delicious sensations. I felt my orgasm build – it was a big one. I’m captivated by all the pleasurable feelings Master was giving me.



Soon I'm panting - I'm so close. He pushed a little deeper with his fingers.

I held a death grip on the covers. I’m almost there - Just a few more movements...

Ahhhhh! I scream and thrust my pussy against his hand! I held my breath as the orgasms swarm– wave after wave of sheer ecstasy. My body goes crazy – trembling, bucking and Cumming.



Master catches my eye and locks eyes with me. I gasped for air as my body trembles violently.  “Do you yield, wench? My Master demands.”  I hesitated. Master leaned forward and moved his fingers just a little bit more, and another wave of powerful orgasms rips through my body. Yes Master – I yield!  I yield, I yield, I cried happily. My tears flow – I’m over whelmed by all the sensations Master has made me feel.



Though, Master withdrew his hand from my pussy, my body continued to tremble and cum.

Soon I realize – I’m helpless. I can’t calm myself, by myself. My body shuddered as yet another orgasm rolled through it. “Please help me – Master?” I whimper and plead.


Master sat off to the side and smiled smugly – as my body trembled through yet another orgasm. The silk sheets caressed my skin, the raw flesh hand-prints on my ass, and the smell of his cologne, his smile – all of the sensations invoked more orgasms! “PLEASE MASTER!” I cried my eyes full of terror.



Thankfully, Master gave in and took pity on his kijira, his submissive and helped her calm down.

He whispered nice words and put his fingers back in her pussy – just to squeeze.

He redirected her attention by giving her his cock to suck.



Gratefully calm now - my mouth full of Master’s hard cock – I listened as Master spoke to me.

Among other treasured truths, Master reminded me – of our roles. “I am your Master. You are my woman, my wench and my kijira. Your Master will make his all his Kajirae YIELD!”  On that final word – with his cock buried deep in my throat – Master sighed happily and flooded my tonsils with cum. 


By Lady Jewells (2012)

Footnote:  Kajira is the term for female slave or "slave-girl" in John Norman's Gor novels.

© Copyright 2018 Lady Jewells. All rights reserved.

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