Tempered Sin

Tempered Sin

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Jaxson and Luca both have troubled pasts. Which is why they live by the same rules; Don't let anyone in. Don't be vulnerable. Don't show emotion. But rules are meant to be broken. Aren't they?


Jaxson and Luca both have troubled pasts. Which is why they live by the same rules; Don't let anyone in. Don't be vulnerable. Don't show emotion. But rules are meant to be broken. Aren't they?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Jaxson Sato

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Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 07, 2018





“This is absolute torture.” I groaned loudly as I took a long gulp of cool water emptying the bottle I was slowly crushing between my palms.

“Watching you stomp in circles for the last forty minutes is whats torture.” Brent smirked, chastising my current choice of what I considered to be a calming exercise. “I’m actually surprised you haven’t worn a hole in those ridiculously tight jeans of yours from all this excessive pacing.”

I chucked the emptied bottle at my band mates head. “At least I’m not going to be the one gaining fifty pound on this tour from eating so much shit food.” I guestered to the spread of donuts, chips, and a multitude of different sodas that filled the table that was stationed against the wall under the television.

Brent shrugged and raised the donut he was currently eating in a mock salut in my direction. “Ain’t nothin wrong with having more to love Sato.” I scoffed at his comment and continued to pace around the large leather couch that occupied the middle of the room.

All of us were sitting backstage in the green room, watching the opening band finish up their set on the flat screen. Hearing bands hype up the fans filled me with a desire to run onto the stage and join them. Patience wasn’t a virtue that anyone would use to describe me, and right now I was having a hard time controlling myself. Hence the “excessive pacing”.

I’d be lying if I said my pre-show jitters stemmed solely from excitement, there was a large part of me that was nervous. My nerves mainly came from my deep fear of disappointing people, and every time I stepped foot on that stage there was always a chance I could fuck up. I hid my stress well. So well in fact that I was constantly perceived as confident, to the point the media had accused me of being arrogant. To be truthful I preferred that over people knowing the truth.  My face may be plastered to millions of tabloid magazines, and constantly pop up on news feeds of every social media site that exists, but that didn’t mean the world had to know each little detail about me. There was a very select group of people I let into the parts of my life that caused my anxiety, most of whom were psychologist so I wasn’t even sure that counted.

A steady tapping noise broke me from my thoughts. I glanced over to my right and saw drumsticks rapidly hitting the black coffee table Brent was resting his feet on. “Save some of that shit for your snare.” I teased Nick.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m always ready to bang it.” Nick raised his eyebrows suggestively, not stopping his mesmerizing beat.  

I rolled my eyes and smirked. “Fucking pig. Do you ever have thoughts that aren't related to sex?” I playfully shoved his shoulder from behind. The jostle didn’t even cause him to miss a beat of the rhythm he was perfecting. Nick was one of the most talented drummers I had ever heard, and simple moments like this made me appreciate his skills even more.  

“Wow watch yourself,” Brent muffled through a mouth full of donut. “the hypocrite police will have you arrested for judging Nick about his sex life.”

I flipped Brent my middle finger just as the door banged open. A tall figure stepped through, his eyes squinting in a glare at the device that rested in his hand. “This job is going to give me a fucking brain aneurysm.” Andrew muttered still glued to his phone.

Andrew Muhlbeierwas the band manager of Tempered Sin. He was a thirty four year old full blooded Philly man, who commanded respect every time he entered a room. His job title didn’t do justice to everything that he did for all of us. A large part of our bands world wide success was due to his ingenuity and business smarts. He was our glue. Andrew was also the closest thing I had to a father figure.

“You do what you gotta do man, but could you wait to have your aneurysm until after this tour wraps up? That would be most ideal for me.” Andrew looked up from his phone briefly to shoot me a shut the fuck up glare. I smiled and raised my hands in surrender.

“The team is pushing for a second show in LA at the end of the tour.” Andrew had gone back to typing something on his phone. “What do you fellas want to do? I’ve been trying to work through the logistic here, if we to the show it’s going to extend the tour by at least a week. But it’s ultimately your choice.”

This was only the first night of our ten month world tour, and close to every venue we were playing had sold out. This was by far the largest tour we had done, and the response we had already gotten from our fans overwhelming. Which had only increased my stress level by a couple million. Touring was what each of us lived for, but I also knew that ten months on the road with only small breaks in between was asking a lot out of everyone. But I strongly believed that I owed my fans this.

All sets of eyes landed on me. Waiting for my response. I considered us to be one team. I was the one who started this band but,I wouldn't be here without my band mates. I didn’t consider myself to have more authority than any of these guys. Their opinions mattered just as much as mine.

I surveyed my band before speaking. “I say we do it.” LA was now home for most of us, and I owed a lot to the place that helped me achieve the success I have today.

Nods of agreement followed my response, everyone seemed to be on board, everyone except for one person. Luca was sitting in the corner seat snapping his gum, clearly detached from the conversation.

His attitude pissed me off. I wasn’t asking for him to reveal all his hopes and dreams. All I wanted was to know where he stood on one fucking topic. I felt my fist start to clench in anger.

“Luca?” I prompted.

“Jaxson?” Luca was the only one who used my full name. The other guys typically stuck with my last name. The fact he insisted on using my full name got on my nerves. The side of his mouth twitching upwards into a smirk. I swore he got off on infuriating me.

My eyes narrowed. “Are you in Luca?”

“Sure.” He gave a noncommittal shrug. “Seems like that’s what everyone wants.” His voice was rough yet somehow smooth at the same time.

What everyone wants.  What the fuck did that even mean. I wanted to scream at him. I was about to let him have it but Andrew beat me to it.

“Alright then, I’ll make it happen.” Andrew eyes were shifting between the heated glare I had boring holes into Luca, and Luca who was staring right back at me with a calm and collected amusement taunting me to say something more.

I prided myself on being calm and level headed but something about Luca made my blood boil. I didn’t like how easily I lost control over my anger around him.  

Andrew clapped his hands together his eyes focused on the screen in front of us. “They are almost done their set. Let’s go fellas!”

My anger instantly melted away at the prospect of performing in just a few minutes. I let out a long breath, collecting myself and checking my emotions for the last time before fully giving over to the energy that filled this massive stadium. I left the room, knowing that the others would be right behind. We made our way into the dimly lit hallway which smelt faintly of fresh paint and dirt, and rounded the corner to the metal staircase that lead up to the stage.

“How bad do you want them out here?” The voice of the lead singer from the opening band boomed out of the loudspeakers. The crowd screamed back three times louder. “Sorry we all have ear plugs in. So why don’t you guys try that again?” He was greeted with an ever louder cry from the thousands of people in the stands.

I couldn’t help but let a grin form on my face. The energy from the fans always got me worked up, and tonight the intensity was fully consuming. I craved the energy that radiated from the crowds I performed for.

“Alright thats what I’m talking about! Ya’ll have to put your hands together for one of my closest friends and the reason you are all here tonight, Jax Sato and his band Tempered Sin!”

Looking over at my band my smile grew larger. I saw Brent fingering a riff on his bass. Nick was bouncing on the spot whacking his drum sticks on anything he came in contact with. And Luca was standing stone cold with his guitar strapped across his chest. Watching Luca hold his guitar made me remember why I had wanted him in this band. His skills were unmatched, and if I had to put up with his piss poor attitude in order to keep him in this band I’d do it.

“Boys you set?” Andrew had to yell over the still screaming crowd.

“Lets rock this shit!” I laughed at Nick. Brent had to reach a hand out and grab the back of his tank top in order to stop him from running onto the stage without us.

Nick was without a doubt the most hyperactive person you would ever meet. He was filled with intense energy that was infectious. His craziness was what made him so perfect for our band. We pride ourselves on being a group with different personalities and styles, it’s what gave Tempered Sin such a unique sound and style. Fans never knew what to expect from our band. Truth be told neither did I.

Andrew turned towards me. “You cool?” Andrew dedicated every last second before each show started to ensuring all of us were mentally prepared for the long two hours that were ahead of us.

“Aren’t I always?” I wasn’t cocky, I was just honest. I may have been a music celebrity, but I never liked to be treated that way. I hated how people acted like I was some sort of idol, because that was the furthest thing from reality.

It was time. I nodded at Brent to release his hold on Nick, who was jumping and running on the spot eagerly trying to get out of the grip. I let out a quiet chuckle as we watched our drummer bound up the stairs, receiving a roar of cheers from the crowd. Nick was followed by Brent and then Luca. It was the way we started every show. It gave time for Nick to settle into his space and Brent and Sheldon time to get used to the spotlights. When the crowd started to go quiet that was my cue. I took my signature red microphone from Andrews outstretched hand.

“Give em hell Jax.”

“Always do.” I raked my slender fingers through my hair, sweeping the silver strands from my forehead. I inserted the in ear monitors that I had hanging on my shoulders and patted Andrews shoulder before bounding up the stairs.

The scream from the stadium was deafening as the first of my signature mismatching converse hit the stage floor. Grinning like an idiot, I moved to the centre of the stage and placed the microphone in the stand. Luca strummed the a few chord on his guitar while Nick played a few beats on his kit, and another roar erupted. I couldn’t control the mouth splitting grin that was plastered to my face. I let my eyes close and fully embraced the moment. Every single worry in my life drifted away. This was everything that I lived for.

“I don’t know about you guys, but we are fucking ready to rock!” Screams and chants bursted my ears. I nodded back to Nick cueing him to lead us into our first song called ‘The Less you Know’.


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