Release Me (not to be updated on booksie until it is complete)

Release Me (not to be updated on booksie until it is complete) Release Me (not to be updated on booksie until it is complete)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A story of love and internal conflicts are presented. A woman that cannot face her own demons by herself and a man who’s tired of the same old thing and searching for the only person that brought excitement to his life. But is the excitement waiting for him to much to handle?


A story of love and internal conflicts are presented. A woman that cannot face her own demons by herself and a man who’s tired of the same old thing and searching for the only person that brought excitement to his life. But is the excitement waiting for him to much to handle?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Release Me (not to be updated on booksie until it is complete)

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A story of love and internal conflicts are presented. A woman that cannot face her own demons by herself and a man who’s tired of the same old thing and searching for the only person that brought excitement to his life. But is the excitement waiting for him to much to handle?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 10, 2013




Dominic pumped into her hard, when he heard her, scream out her climax once again, trying to make himself come. He was getting frustrated, he needed release. Suddenly the woman whose name he couldn’t remember talked in a low seductive tone, “finally you came. I thought I wasn’t good enough.”  You aren’t, he thought. Dominic liked a woman who could react to each of his ministrations; each caress, each kiss, each lick. He wanted a woman that wasn’t afraid to do as she pleased. If she wanted to come, she would do it and not hold it in by pure masochism. He found that type of women boring, just like Candy, Cindy, Mindy, or whatever her name was. Getting of her he whispered, “I will get you a cab, get dressed.” She frowned, “no need, I have my car parked downstairs,” and left slamming the door, without another word.

Sighing Dominic took his cellphone, inserted his old SIM card and checked the numbers he had programed from his young stages in life even though he already knew all of them by heart since it was an old habit he had. Searching through the alphabetically arranged numbers, he stopped at the letter G. There was only one number labeled Girlfriend. He stared at the number trying to remember. Dominic closed his eyes as memories of happier times flooded his mind.

He was sitting in a bench at a park and saw a group of his friends in a circle, surrounding someone. Dominic stood up and got closer for a better look. Looking between his friends he saw a girl that looked older than them yet judging by her uniform she was a junior. He studied her features while showing no interest. It was obvious she had some extra meat on her, chubby. She would be considered plain if it weren’t for the self-confidence and sensuality that oozed out of her. Her long, thick and curly golden brown hair was tied up in a tight pony tail, chin held up high. Her body was poised like a model or a cat. Suddenly she looked at him and walked toward him smiling. “Hi, I’m Laura, what’s your name?” Dominic was speechless. He was captivated by the features he never thought he’d be attracted to. Her smile and bright eyes, was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Stars,” he thought.

Looking confused she responded “Excuse me, what?”  Had he said it out loud, his comparison of her eyes and stars had been heard? He had to redeem himself, but how? Poking her stomach he answered “Hey patty, I’m Dominic.”  Her eyes turned into a cold dark stare, losing their brightness, I see you’re a nice little boy that hasn’t matured yet.” She turned around and left, but not before leaving her mark on his mind and heart.

Opening his eyes, remembering the name, he renamed the number to Laura. Laura, he thought while trying to imagine her. Laura, his first girlfriend, his first love, his first woman, a very receptive woman, was the first for everything. “My Lady Carmaell...” He shivered as he whispered the nickname he used to refer to her. Typing the number into his original cell phone he called her. He heard an answering machine, she changed her number. Dominic suspected as much, almost everybody changed their number once they graduated. Letting himself be guided by his memories he searched for her intensely, determination and the need for her fueled him.

She was running late, Laura Carmaell was late. She herself couldn’t believe it; she was never late, being late made her feel anxious and self-conscious. Walking into the restaurant she looked for Marc, her patient boyfriend of two years was looking out the window near their usual table. Looking at him made her feel safe. He had never pressured her over anything except when it came to the rights of women which he only ranted on when he was mad. Sitting down she smiled, “I’m sorry, I was stuck at work.”

“I know” he answered. “You’ve been texting me, telling me you’re sorry for the past hour.”

Blushing, she apologized again. “If you are really that sorry, prove it.” He pulled her up off the chair and walked away telling the waiter he was sorry for not trying the food but he would still pay the next time he came around. “Where are we going?” She asked trembling. Turning around he kissed her roughly,

“You’ll see…”

Following him Laura felt uneasy, she knew what Marc wanted. She was scared to death, unsure. Her body rebelled against the idea. She couldn’t do it, no matter how much she might want it. She hated her body, hated the marks puberty had left on her, hated her undying chubbiness, her hair, insecurity filled her. Laura’s head filled with images of her past lovers and the disastrous relationships she had. The memories she dreaded the most was her days as Lady Carmaell. Her body got tense. The tension was filling the car to the point one would think the windows would shatter. He put his hand on her thigh; his touch made her relax a bit but made her shiver, making her lose all confidence. He won’t hurt me, she thought trying to convince herself. “You haven’t said anything. Are you okay?” He asked breaking her train of thought.

“I’m fine Marc don’t worry about me.” Nodding he parked the car, leaned over towards her and kissed her grabbing her hand, “Laura, I need you.”

Walking into his apartment Laura almost ran out screaming. Her heart was racing, it was almost time. He heard him call her from the bedroom. Opening the door and looking inside the room she panicked. The room looked exactly the same as it did during the last day where she lost the title of Lady Carmaell and her only real relationship ended. Holding back tears she stepped into the darkened room decorated with candles, rose petals and the scents she liked the most in this world; almond, chocolate and vanilla. New images flooded her mind, the look of the man she most loved looking at her, branding her, tasting her. Shaking her head to clear it she mumbled, “Marc don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t.” he answered, walking towards her, quickly. Marc kissed her. Laura’s stomach clenched tightly making her tremble. He took her clothes up hastily, picked her up, laid her down in bed and kissed his way down her body slowly. She remained still, watching him as he kept feasting on her. As he felt his tongue slip over nipple she barely felt a tingle. Marc sucked it hard and slipped a finger inside her.

“You’re not even a bit wet,” he mused moving his finger in a slow in and out motion meant to drive any woman wild, while rubbing her clit. Laura started shaking, feeling deep pleasure. “That’s it my darling.” Laura wasn’t surprised by the pleasure she felt, she had been through this before, she had no hope. Lifting himself over her he rammed his cock in her to the hilt. Surprised she stared at him. He hadn’t even tasted, touched or even looked at her enough.  Marc turned into a completely different man from the one she knew. Thrusting deep and hard into her, making her whimper, he attempted to claim her completely. When she felt herself stiffen, feeling her abdomen contract, making her eyes fill with tears. She knew what was happening. Whenever her body was near her release, her body rejected it. The rejection her body had made her feel completely drained, nauseous and with a huge headache. “Get out! Stop!” she screamed pushing Marc off her and covered herself with the bed sheets. “What is wrong with you?” he shouted.

Laura started getting dressed as soon as his tantrum started. “Women do not choose to be bedded or not. Women aren’t allowed to work, they stay in the kitchen cooking and taking care of the kids-”

“-Shut up!” she said exasperated. She stood fully dressed in front of him. They were staring each other down when suddenly Marc’s hand slammed against her cheek.  He had slapped her with all off his strength, “You shut up, useless bitch!”

Running out of the apartment towards her home she realized she wasn’t shocked with his reaction. She knew she couldn’t give a man what he wanted, what he needed. It was her fault. No, it was his fault. The man, who turned her into Lady Carmaell, that killed her that horrid day. Her true strength died with Lady Carmaell. She was now Laura Carmaell and that wouldn’t change. Crying softly on her way home, she kept repeating the same word, “Why?”

Dominic couldn’t believe his luck. Once he started investigating he found more than one L. Carmaell, even on Facebook. He couldn’t believe that what once was a rare last name was now very common. Stopping himself from getting even more frustrated by the second he stared at the phone book and the computer. Had she changed her number more than once? Had she changed her name? Could her body and character have changed? No, Dominic refused to think that his sweet Lady Carmaell would dare to put a knife on any part of her body. In his eyes she had always been perfect; soft, sensitive, loving, caring”. He could make a long list of ways to describe her. The only solution he could think was to get help, a professional, someone that could find her for him. He picked up his phone and called his mother. No answer, he had to try again, this was important.

On the third call he heard his mother’s chirpy; sing song voice, “This better be good Dominie.” Smiling at the girlish nickname his mother refused to forget he answered, “Morning to you too mom.

You’re too busy for your own son? Are you on duty?”  “Not for you boy, what do you need?” Surprised he stared at the phone, “How did you know?”

“You only ask if I’m on duty when you want or need to use my connections.” He laughed; it was obvious his mother wasn’t going to change anytime soon, “Well you are a detective”

“Cop,” she corrected him, “but you are close. What do you need?” Dominic rolled his eyes at how impatient she sounded and answered her gruffly, “You on a date?” He sighed and talked before his mother would scold him, “Sorry! Remember Laura? I want to find her.”

“You leave that young lady alone! You caused her enough pain” Confused he searched through his memories but couldn’t find any moment where she had expressed her pain. “What pain are you talking about?” His mother made a sound of disgust, “Nothing, forget about it and don’t worry I’ll find her.” Dominic didn’t dare to press the matter, his mother sounded quite serious. He hung up after thanking her and laid down on the sofa at his office, thinking about his blissful days with Laura.

“I’m scared Dominic,” she said as he kissed her neck softly. “I won’t hurt you Lady Carmaell.” He kiss her shoulder remembering his promise of not over doing, even if it was his first time while he wasn’t hers. He didn’t care; he had been dying for her eighteenth birthday to come. It was finally here and he could share a bed with her as she had promised him. Smiling Dominic took off his shirt, pulled her closer to him and kissed her gently. She responded to him eagerly, kissing him back with a passion neither of them have had ever felt before. He moaned sliding his tongue into her mouth to taste her. Tugging her dress off her he saw her belly that instead of producing disgust made him feel a tender love and care. He knew she was self-conscious with her body and felt she wasn’t as beautiful or sexy as he thought she was.

“You are perfect my dear,” he said as he kissed her stomach softly and rubbed her cheek. Laura shivered making him smile broadly, “Am I doing it right?” He nibbled at her neck one of the most receptive parts of her body. “Yes.” she answered in a shaky voice. Taking off her bra he gasped at the sight of her full breasts. She had told him her size but he always thought her breasts were small. Dominic slipped his hand inside her panties and felt her wetness. Toying with her clit and sucking her nipples he pressed his body against hers to keep her in place. “Dominic” she whimpered as she arched with a force. Her strength made him weaker. Her weakness made him stronger. Sheer love drew a map of her body in his mind forever.

Dominic woke up to sound of his secretary’s voice, “Sir, your mother is here.” Slowly he sat up thinking more of his dream, his memory, than of his mother. “Sir, your mother is here,” she repeated impatiently, waiting for his answer. Groaning he asked for aspirin and asked his secretary to let his mother in. “This way Mrs. Bencurt,” he heard his secretary urge her in while his mother insisted that she would call her Carly. Walking inside the room Carly Bencurt wore a pretty little number considering she was a cop. Her golden blonde hair was loose with few braids that ended half way down her back. Her thin curvy body was barely covered by a yellow sundress and her blue icy eyes rimmed with light platinum colored eye liner and same colored shoes. His mother shouldn’t be working in a police station; she should be working as a model. “Mom leave her alone, she has work to do,” Looking at her up and down he added “Hot date? If you weren’t my mother I’d date you” She smiled, walked towards him and as she kissed one of his cheeks she slapped the other hard enough to leave a mark, “Respect your mother and learn to treat women you sick bastard.”

He ignored her remark, they always joked like that “Did you find Laura?” Slapping the back of his head, looking annoyed she answered, “Of course I did you dimwit. What type of cop would I be if I didn’t? Reaching into her bag she took out a folder and tossed it to him. He stared at the huge amount of papers. “What’s this? Exasperated she sighed slapping his head again “It’s the info you wanted.” Dominic glared at his mom playfully, “That’s child abuse, mom.”

“Dominic don’t be stupid you’re not a child anymore. You are twenty-five years old.” Smiling like a little kid he saluted her while she left. He sighed relaxed after his mother’s visit and opened the folder. Looking at the pile of pages he was amazed at the amount of information his Barbie doll mother could get in just four days. Throwing the papers into different piles he searched for his target, her number. The best form of approach he could think of was a call.

Laura closed her eyes sinking into the tub slowly, recalling the conversation she had earlier with Carly Bencurt. She had been friendlier than usual and kept apologizing to her the same way she had done the day of her disastrous eighteenth birthday, and was still doing so until three days later when she left England. England, the country she was born and raised in and yet she never felt welcome. Nicholas and Dominic where the only ones that had accepted her and helped her during the most difficult years of her life, fighting off bullies and anyone who would bother her, she was the most protected and envied girl at school ever since she walked to school with Nick and Dominic. Laura had known Nicholas since kindergarten and she knew about Dominic’s existence but never met him, until she was sixteen.

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