Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Where lovers meet... Where lovers touch... Where lovers dream...


Where lovers meet... Where lovers touch... Where lovers dream...


Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017



  A lone Jasmine stood along shimmering shores with her back to me as I timelessly approached from behind. Bathing in a blushing horizon soon nearing sunset, the frothing surf tickling about her slender ankles as the tide softly rolled in, a salted breeze whipping about her blonde locks as warm sand pushed between my bare toes with every steady footfall towards her. Jasmine completely aware that she is no longer unaccompanied. That it is her who I am after. As if she can feel me progressively easing beneath sweet porcelain. As if my stunning lover can hear the calm cadence of my heartbeat whispering pleasurable promises against her enraptured ear from across the distance. Her arms closing around herself as if to still an anticipating shiver against the substantial presence seemingly reducing majestic surroundings. The vastness of the endless sea, the stretch of pristine sands, so little when compared to the immeasurable intensity of the advancing woman intending to have my passionate way with a goddess. The thin skirts of a long, crimson dress caught about her succulent calves as her head slightly turned into those few remaining feet between us. Knowing just how close I am.

The softest of shuddered gasps escaping her thick lips as I brushed faint fingertips down a tingling spine. Silently stepping further into her to nuzzle into teasing curls, releasing a tumbling breath along her neck just as my caress gently trailed up her lax arms. Her eyes leisurely closing as goosebumps flared, head plummeting back into the intoxicating sensations of my lightest touch, perched upon my shoulder as slow fingertips climbed to palm across her concaving chest. Fingers just barely closing around her bowed throat in its pressing slide to take her flushed cheek into the tender cup of my hand. Jasmine moaning beneath devouring lips and the random flicker of tongue working along the slopes of her neck for mild teeth to breathlessly nibble at her ear. Immediately taking her deeper into our heady embrace as she swiftly twirled in my arms to face me. A single erect finger stopping her from seeking this wanton mouth, sealing across her parted lips as she sightlessly moved in for a denied taste of a supple kiss. A questioning Jasmine trembling right as she opened her beautiful eyes to mine.

Listening as she swallowed her mounting desires as an index finger traded places with a thumb tickling across her plush mouth, as if she could sense the desperate need to kiss her, a need dangerously suppressed, and yet, still recklessly brewing deep within. An unwavering gaze fixed upon the lips panting beneath my feathered touch, my lover studying my every emotionless feature as if searching, pleading for that irrational snap on restraints which keeps me from claiming the delicious mouth quivering below the everlasting stroke of my thumb.

Wanting this woman. Wanting her in ways that not even she can dream. Jasmine unraveling within our heated clasp as pale eyes drifted to hers, her dense breathing becoming all the more furrowed as I allowed for her to see in a moment, in a fleeting glimpse into my eyes, just how much I want her and all the ways I’d love to bend her. Not sparing her a moment to recover from all that she had seen before my fingertips slipped into satin curls and brought her mouth to mine in a consuming kiss rewarding our sheer excruciating patience.

Her hands smoothing over my shoulders, binding around my neck as I lifted her onto tipped toes still dancing with the tide within a kiss of hot tongues thoroughly savoring the deep dip of the others. Fingers fisting to grip dark hair as Jasmine released a singular sensual moan into the unhurried exploration. Skin so set aflame with the sound, with the sinking vibrations of her long-drawn delight rumbling down my throat. Two hearts pelting against the others as our breath hitched with the sudden flutter between our thighs. Softly setting her back to solid footing as we shook within the other’s arms. Firm grips loosening as ravenous tongues retreated in favor of delicate suckles, the faintest of lingering tastes that did nothing to quiet the insistent throbbing. Soft kisses only making fevered hearts pound all the fiercer as we thoughtlessly swayed into the other, swooned into the other, Jasmine’s forehead smacking my chest where I gently tucked her beneath my cheek.

For a moment, I will let myself have it… Have her. Our gazes falling upon the beginnings of an exquisite twilight as we stand tangled about the other upon a white shoreline. Leaving behind a warm kiss in her hair as we both sighed our content and my eyes closed into our embrace. Listening to the mating call of tropical birds leaping from branch to branch in nearby treetops, to the soothing surf swelling about our ankles, yet truly only hearing the precious sound of our heartbeats steadily slowing down in the aftermath of our impassioned caresses. Heartbeats that soon matched in their every affectionate palpitation against the others. Jasmine taking her cheek from my chest to bring her whispering gaze to mine, fragile fingertips tracing along features as my brow slightly rose at the unspoken words so luminous in blue eyes, so evident in her tender nibbling of her bottom lip. Then slipping her hand in mine to lightly kiss the tips of her skipping fingers before placing her hand over my heart in the sweeping incline to once again recapture exhilarated lips.

“I love you too,” I exhaled into the mindless kiss. My lover wholly breathing us into her chest as desperate arms clenched around my neck once more, deepening the burning exchange in a fiery slip of enthralled mouths until I abruptly tore away, stepping aside to take her unsteady hand in mine.

As we walked along the shore, bodies leaned safely against the others side, Jasmine resting her cheek at my shoulder as I concealed myself in her satin locks as we continued to watch a vibrant sunset. Simply absorbing the quiet moment, the others nearness, the others warmth as we made our way along the beach heading towards a designated location chosen by my Jasmine.

Noting the silhouette of the bed long before we reached it, sitting further up the sands in an inviting flutter of white fabrics and questionably stable birch, a single lit torch casting a low orange hue across the surrounding area which will soon be joined by soft beams of moonlight. Briefly kissing the top of Jasmine’s head as I went to move away, smiling as her hand reluctantly slipped from mine in the full outreach of our fingertips before my back was to her. Glancing over my shoulder with the faintest of persuading smirks welcoming her to follow. Turning to glide onto the very edge of the bed as sinking feet reached our destination, tilting my weight back to prop on the palms of my hands, crossing my legs as I observed every sensuous movement Jasmine made on her brief path towards me.

She’s utterly beautiful. Even the wind knows this to be the truth.

Curling about breathtaking her as if resolved to caress her every divine curve, the skirts of her cerise dress snapping in the brisk passing, a blonde curl tickling across her cheek to be gently brushed from her mesmerizing eyes by graceful fingertips tucking the wild lock away. The beat of my heart seemingly stammering within every infinite step of her slow ascension, our inducing gaze holding the others until speaking eyes told her exactly where to stop. Jasmine’s chest rising and falling in heavy bouts of hot breath as I leisurely rose to my feet directly in front of her, reaching to untuck the curl to run it between adoring fingertips before my hand dipped deeper into her hair and pulled her straight into a searing kiss which fully rocked through us both. Hips clattering into our blissful gasp, Jasmine inhaling my bottom lip right into her mouth as her fingertips slipped beneath the straps to my own dress to faintly guide the thin material from my shoulders. Whining as I let her go only long enough to permit the shear garment to drop before we hastily crashed back around the other, her wandering hands skimming up a naked spine as tongues sparred in a crucial imploring.

Following suit as my fingertips began to slowly slip the dress from her own shoulders. Her hands digging in the nape of my hair as flames sank to her neck, Jasmine trembling below moist, enveloping lips as her head rolled into the undulating marvels frolicking down her arcing spine. Gasping as feathering lips descended with the controlled slid of the dress, fingertips gliding along her arms as I kissed down a tightly panting chest, fabric slipping over the ample swell of breasts just as I took sweet her into my mouth. Jasmine’s savage grip on dark hair burying me all the deeper into the luscious meat as she whimpered into a shuddered gasp, shameless hips thrashing at nothing but air as my tongue worked across a receptive petal firming in the carnal slurp of a scolding mouth. My lover quaking from head to toe as my gaze flitted to slivers of smoky blue eyes just as her agonized peak popped from my goading lips. Fingers leaving my hair as volcanic kisses journeyed lower along a tremulous torso, arms free of the dress only to once again tunnel into hair and madly grip into the lustful descent. Her overwhelmed hips clashing against my wet mouth as she whined into the puckering kisses left at her waist, slowly manipulating the thin fabric over her hips until I simply let the dress fall about her writhing feet.

Skimming fingertips along the back of a scrumptiously bare thigh to lift her quivering leg, settling her foot on the edge of the bed as I nuzzled into the softness of her inner thigh in a breathy drag of transcendent lips. Made so dizzy by her arousing heat as she quaked into a single fleeting kiss planted near throbbing depths, hazy eyes opening to find hers just as the tip of my tongue spread entirely soaked pussy lips for the quickest of sips. Jasmine’s mouth gaping open in a mangled gasp as I breathed my pleasure into the flooding flavors of her, urgent hands vying to thrust my face further into her distressed little cream-keeper as I licked her honey from my saturated lips with a long, delirious moan for so much more. Standing to pull Jasmine into a crippling kiss, urgent hips grinding as my palm massaged along the thigh at my waist, her arms binding tighter and tighter around my neck until she sucked the very taste of herself from heedless lips.

Kissing along every available exposed inch of her slopes as I moved to glide around her, fingertips sliding into the silken nape of her hair to twist, driving her limp neck to the side as a devouring mouth plunged into a passionate bite until she gasped into the sharp pressure and enraptured hips banged. In one fluid motion pulling her leg out from beneath her, Jasmine whimpering her blatant shock as her knee pelted the mattress just as rapidly as her startled cheek smacked the sheets, a strong hand bending her completely over before me as she shook uncontrollably within the unexpected freefall. Listening to her every ragged exhale as I slowly kissed along a tormented spine, her nails scoring the sheets as hot lips hovered, igniting chills as I lowered over her. Hands stretching into the profound grip of her delicious ass splitting her dripping pussy open to my engulfing mouth, hysterical hips jumping, Jasmine crying out as I massacred her spine with one prolonged lick from her swollen clit to the very tip of her spread ass crack. The ecliptic scream not yet unleashed from her concaving chest as I instantly dropped to suck her sensitive pebble straight in, choking on her own cries as her chaotic hips jerked.

“Fuck, Cara,” Jasmine gasped, the strenuous sound coming forth from some cavernous place within as her gorgeous features buried into the bed with the rapid flickering of my tongue pursued by an endlessly famished moan into her silk. “Oh my god.”

Shoving her headfirst into the obliterating pace we both desire, trickling pussy brutally riding my mouth in slippery lashes as my mean grip on her ass snatched from her meager lungful’s of air with the random switch in elevation. Pushing her blinding decadence all the higher, all the further, wanting her delish drip on the verge, the precipice of orgasming all over my eager face as I lapped of her pretty pussy as if her throttling wet is the very oxygen I breath. Resisting. So fucking hard to resist. Violently trembling in the despairing need to repeatedly slam enthusiastic fingers inside of her tight, pulsating pussy smothering my mouth in her frantic lunges up and down. Taking her to the very edge, until her succulent legs quivered riotously in the beginnings of her climax and her cataclysmic cries were no more than seconds apart before I tore my mouth away from a feral ass still bobbing in the air even in my absence.

Jasmine all but collapsing into the bed as she shuddered and whined a breathless, “Please. Oh my god, please don’t st….”

Her pleading cut abruptly short by the deliberate slide of my thick cock, Jasmine gurgling on her next obstructed breath as her spine buckled and locked into a bone-breaking arch as the head split her further open, slowly slipping between sweetly marinated pussy lips to lightly tease her inflamed blossom. Not yet penetrating. Just sealing suctioning lips around the veined width to timelessly glide the entire length back and forth along her glistening wet feeling of a velvet nirvana sucking around me. My heart thudding against a fervent chest, breath hitching as I watched every inch of the hard cock veering along her, collecting her heat, stroking her clit to keep her on the distraught brink of orgasming as my gaze then shifted to her half-buried profile. Jasmine’s eyes closed into her prompt, sporadic exhales, her plush lips snagging the white sheets with every methodical thrust of hips, my kneading grasp on her ass steering her hips along the intense dick playing twisted games between her flailing thighs.

“Do you want this big cock?”

Lush lips once again dragging along the sheet as Jasmine slightly lifted her head into a delirious moan, peeling her passion-dusted eyes open in a sexy glance backwards over her shoulder to the merciless woman she knows will not give her what she wants the most without hearing an answer. “Yes,” she gasped, suddenly crying out even louder as a hand solidly smacked her bare ass in a reverberating warning to speak up. “Yes!” she screamed, her cheek crumbling back into the bed as her hips twitched, tossed, riding faster along the length of the cock until her panicked clit all but thrashed against the shroomed head. “Yes. Oh, fuck. Give it to me. I fucking want your big cock.”

“Mmm,” I softly purred. “Good girl.”

Chest heaving as I mildly licked parched lips long since craving her blistering kiss, her exasperation washing over me in thrilled currents curling in the tips of toes as I bowed her spine to dip the cock inside her. Slowly penetrating a tight pussy squeezing even tighter around the ambushing width. Jasmine gasping as she convulsed with the first rotating stroke along her immediate points fiercely throbbing about the slick dick driving no deeper than an unbearable inch or two. Ruthless nails clawing across the sheets, so close to her orgasm, her hand smacking my wrist to close in a firm grip as we held the others rapture-impaired gaze with the next unhurried plunge of the cock still diving no further than a tortuous inch. An outrageously fluttering pussy swelling around the head as I shuddered within personal restraints, sweat beading, tickling down my spine as I swooned in desperation for depth.

“More?” I gasped, the breath nearly bursting from my trembling lips as our fiery gazes remained fixed upon the others until her eyes rolled with another maddening stroke. “Do you want it all?”

Jasmine finding it almost impossible to speak as she rasped a distorted, “Yes.”

Gripping juicy cheeks all the harder as every muscle along my spine seized in its hardly repressed control, fucking her so slowly, submerging the cock into her feverishly rocketing wet until arcane hips just barely grazed to retreat and repeat. No rush in the gentle slide deeper, merely to relish in the squeezing pussy clamping around the thick head with every withdrawal of rescinding hips keeping us weightlessly bound in our burning limbo. Every inch of her soft sheath frantically beating around me as my grip denied her desperate hips their need to drive back hard onto the dipping cock sliding in, only to slip nearly all the way out. The longest rapacious moan fleeing from her numb lips as the slow-seeping orgasm broke across her divine body in a sheen layer of sweat to dribble in smooth rivulets between her knocking thighs. Maintaining the pussy slaying pace until she reached the crowning zenith of her furthermost desire. Biting down into my trembling bottom lip as I held a tattered breath with the sudden erratic pivot of her crazed hips cantering along the dynamic length until she was there, utterly weeping her delight, irrupting around the provoking cock that snatched a singular piercing scream with my very next extreme thrust deeper.

Releasing her ass to recklessly grasp her clamoring waist in a severe grip that pummeled her right back onto the cock with every thorough clouting of my harsh hips against her. Ass jiggling as Jasmine wholly shuddered with each clipped breath gushing from her parted lips, disconnected thoughts still floating in their spinning fog amidst her first orgasm as hips selfishly drilled into her in a puncturing, slapping pursuit for her second. Her pleasured sobs muffled in the mattress as she destroyed the covers, my head tilting back into a moaning roll as she lifted herself onto her hands to slam navigated hips all the faster against me in echoing whacks chasing the birds from the treetops. Rendered unequivocally blind by the snipping flames coursing across turbulent skin, blinking into the blurring passion as yearning hips cracked harder and harder and harder, until my haphazard lover gasped, shook at the building compression and cool fingertips dived between her satin thighs in a fleeting brush with her distended clit. Jasmine almost collapsing into the bed on wobbly arms, choking on an arduous breath as fingers joined the furious punching of powerful hips sending slaughtering jolts of friction along her shocked lower spine.

“Oh fuck, Jas,” I whimpered as my hot mouth tumbled along her back, a fuming tongue licking up her bowing spine as her hips rashly jerked and our pace skipped, accelerated into a barbarous beating that rattled every inch of the delicious ass being brutally maimed by possessed hips. “Fuck, baby.”

Unsure how much longer, how much further I can push us both before hellfire would have us. The sound of her manic whines beneath my swift fingertips, of her sodden wet sucking at my pulverizing hips causing teeth to grind as I reached with the only available hand to hastily grip locks of her hair and yanked until her head forcefully snapped back and the cock sailed all the deeper. Knowing that she held her impulsive breath as I felt every muscle in her curvaceous body tense as I hammered faster, harder into the tight little pussy flexing around every inch of stiff dick hounding the hot orgasm skulking along our working spines. Our mutual engrossed cries sending us both reeling into blissful oblivion. Cock splitting the pussy exploding around the insatiable width. Dark strands of hair clinging to covetous bodies soaked through with our impetuous exertion as Jasmine took me straight down with the grip on her damp curls, landing hard along her back to pound the air from both our lungs as wild hips still tracked the bouncing orgasm.

Heaving mutilated breathes as I moved to stretch my torso over her, relaxing my full weight along her back as my fingertips softly slipped between hers, folding firmly about the others in the slow extending of our hands above our heads. Leaving scolding kisses along her sheen neck as I nuzzled into her hair with a breathless expel against her ear, Jasmine squirming below my lips, below teeth tugging at her earlobe as she gasped and entirely shivered beneath me. Moaning into her steamy nooks as I gradually closed her legs between mine, the cock suddenly feeling all the bigger within her thumping depths as I mounted her ass in a deep pressing of hips pivoting into the supple meat in stimulating circles. Still sliding the hard cock in and out of her in languid strokes as we gasped cheek to cheek, holding our hitched breath to shortly release, holding to shortly release as her hips lifted from the bed to plaster against the spellbinding revolution of mine.

“Tell me your mine, Jasmine,” I breathed against her ear as she shuddered into the hot gust escaping lips, into the cascading stride of masterful hips rippling across her every responsive slope in heated intervals. This beautiful woman not the only who longs to hear two words. Two unshakably committed words that would rupture the surface of depths unseen. “Become mine and I’ll take you as far into me as you would dare to venture. Say it and you’ll have all of me. All those delectable secrets I have yet to share.”

Jasmine cracking open smoked blue eyes only to immediately let them close again with the measured, rotating grate of our merged hips and the dense breaths roaming in fiery gales along her flushed cheek. Her fingers tightening between mine as she moaned, gasped into the deep burrowing of hips, wreathing beneath the impending pressure of my body pinning her to the bed in our intoxicating grind.

Adhered in sweat slickened figures as she thumped irrepressibly around the intolerably slow cock caressing trounced pleasure points. Sharing the same suffocating breath, Jasmine’s growing all the more restricted with the unfathomable weight of my torso crushing her lungs as I held the incoherent tempo in a seated clamping of my soft thighs bound about moist hips. Guiding her into a riveting climax that would drain every ounce of strength, every ounce of tension from the tremulous body packed beneath mine as the cock softly slipped between her condensed thighs in impertinent hips digging deeper and deeper into the cushioned mattress. The increasing pressure parading amidst low places as my every voracious gasp was exhaled against her ear until Jasmine's hips abruptly jerked high, lifting us both from the bed as she whimpered, senses coming undone with the immutable orgasm trotting along her spine to sputter from scrumptiously inaudible lips.

Shifting us to our sides in the bed as Jasmine went completely slack within my embrace. Tenderly gathering her curves along mine as I snuggled contently into her dampened locks, her cheek resting atop a pillowed arm as her fingertips slipped from mine only to quietly trace the details of the back of my hand before returning to place in the satisfied wrapping of our limbs. The cock remaining between her thighs. Smiling a lazy smile as Jasmine was soundlessly asleep before she even finished tucking our twined hands below her cherishing chin.

Nuzzling the tip of my nose at her earlobe before I whispered sweet nothings against her ear, “Dream of the taste of me.”

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