A Wintery Retreat

A Wintery Retreat

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Chilly? Mmmm... I think not.


Chilly? Mmmm... I think not.


Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017




Muscles tensed as warm bodies shivered in anticipation.

The single word no more than a quiet gasp escaping trembling lips. A tormented breath exhaled across fingertips tracing a mouth awaiting a succulent taste of mine. Those telling eyes declaring such secrets. Her eyes. Our secrets. Eyes unable to decide upon a color, eyes always looking to the sky, now searching mine for an explanation. Why wait? Why? Kiss her... Yes. Kiss her slow. Kiss her hard. Kiss her until every inch of her passion-shattered body whimpers and shudders beneath me. Until tender caresses are replaced by eager nails scoring the responsive peaks of the two naked figures tangled so closely, so tightly below nearly discarded sheets. Kiss her until all burns. As we burn. Hotter than the fading blue embers of the nights fire. A fire that had roared, fizzed and crackled at the stone hearth, and beaded in unhurried droplets between bouncing breasts.

Waking to this woman still held in my arms.

Something from a dream.

Nuzzled into her soft, tickling locks. Burrowed contently in the nook of her neck. Enclosed around her as if the delicate slopes of this stunning creature were crafted for each and every curve that is me.

Waking to her sliding fingertips teasing along the thigh propped atop her hip sometime during the night. Moving so slowly that bare skin prickled and yielded under her a timeless touch. Aching beneath her steady, provocative exploration of the leather straps still buckled around my waist, bond about my thighs, both of us entirely aware of the thick cock pressed between her thighs. A shuddered moan released against her hair before my eyes cracked open to the sunlight streaming into the room, to the lazy snowfall beyond large bay windows, to a goddess sharing the bed. Teeth nipping at her earlobe in immediate response to the slow trails of her touches felt throbbing, tingling between my legs. Listening to her subtle gasps delivered with each lingering kiss along her neck until she turned in my arms, a knee slipping between her legs as she brushed aside tides of long hair from my cheek.

Caught in her impassioned gaze. To the taste of her forever imprinted upon my lips. To the scents of her embedded upon my skin.

Lost in the woman.

"Shae," I whispered. Resisting the sudden urge to suck on her bottom lip, to drink of the lush mouth a mere breath away from mine.

My knee grazing higher between her silk thighs, her palm coursing over the swell of my ass, dipping into the hollow of my lower spine to flee the covers draped at our locked waists. Our breath snagging as wayward fingertips just barely slipped along the supple round of the other's breasts before her fingers tunneled into my hair, squeezing me all the closer. Shae watching pale eyes as they followed the gentle path of fleeting fingers savoring the sensations of her alluring softness, of her gorgeous, relaxed features snuggling deeper into my caress.

I know her face.

 My Shae...

In the way my heart stops beating whenever her hair tumbles across her eyes. How my own close against the overwhelming, delirious swoon that leaves me shaken and panting for just another daring glance of sensual she. How small, remarkably full, pillowed lips can spread into a smile so breathtaking that all defenses against her miraculously crumble away. With no regard for walls forgotten, not withstanding the slightest chance, laid bare and vulnerable to her unparalleled radiance. Smiles that come so often. That adorably crinkle at the corner of almond-shaped, feline eyes near the tiniest teardrop scar that on so many occasions my lips have longed to lightly brush across, to kiss in quiet moments like these.

Knowing when she is exhausted, craving the comforts of her lush bed, with her devoted puppy sprawled at her bare feet after harboring the weight of another long day. When she is feeling low, lonely, in need of loving arms to hold her close through the passing sorrow. And when she feels divine. A reflection of the wild beauty within. When she is so excited, so outright happy that her immense spirit is set ablaze, dancing, soaring, bursting on the inside with a joy too boundless to contain. A joy that embraces everything and everyone around her.

With just a glance into her ever-changing eyes.

This woman Shakespeare in the park, Sunday football snuggles, death-defying heels, every shade of red lipstick, a rainbow of suggestive curls, seasonal M&M's, a storybook of tattoos, crazy leggings and even crazier socks. She is roadtrips across the country, chasing the artists that pluck each differing chord of her musical soul-strings, chasing one in a thousand loving friends. Then frolics about the woods and shorelines like a possessed pixie. Briars stubbornly stuck to the shoelaces of beat up Converse while she searches for tiny treasures stashed in the bramble, hidden in the trees, buried in the sands. She is cozy nights of lying in her bed, with a breakfast tray, a spiced beer, a bowl of ice cream, an adult coloring book and a barely watched movie; then the very next night dresses to entrap the senses and dances. Dances until the sweat trickles down her spine, until shameless fingertips itch for a prolonged touch and lips beg for just a single, addictive taste of something so devilish. This woman laughter and passion and despair. Everything that is sweet and beautiful.

A woman to come home too.

So I had asked Shae to run away with me. One last time.

Let's just take a drive. Not make any plans. Have no expectations. Just get lost with me somewhere in the clouds, somewhere close to heaven, secluded high in the frosted Rocky Mountains. Just the two of us. With our old love. Where I can see this enchanting world through Shae's eyes as she gazes down to white-tipped pine scattered across countless jagged ridges. Eyes falling upon an endless frozen lake. To the sagging remnants of a once proud boathouse, its' dock leading to a zigzagging staircase climbing up the face of the mountain to join at the deck of a lone log cabin. Where the only warmth to be found is in beating an ancient, rusted generator with a hammer. Using our freezing location as an excuse to touch her whenever I wish, an excuse to pull her tight against me, so near and dear to my heart that one can't distinguish where I begin and my Shae ends.

Needing to know if she can set aside her cell phone, her responsibilities, all demands of her precious time, and love me enough to understand the pieces of me that will always remain the road-bound wanderer. Run away with me... Would she run away with me? To places where I am the only face she sees, the only voice she hears. Where the only footprints in the moonlit snow are hers and mine. And for the first time... For the first time since the moment we had met, there is nothing keeping her from telling me of her own dreams. Of dreams I continuously wonder if I fit into.

"What are you thinking about?" Shae whispered, tucking loose hair behind my ear before guiding tender fingertips along my cheek.

An eyebrow twitching as a mischievous smirk crept across my lips with her question. Tilting to stream breathy kisses along her jaw as my knee inched all the higher between her legs, our hips grinding into a softly exhaled groan when our heat mingled.

"How I have you here," I breathed at her ear. "All to myself."

She gasped as her neck arched into the feel of a hot mouth reclaiming porcelain skin still sensitive with last night’s bite marks. Instantly digging her head into a pillow as fevered hips rubbed against the other's and my thigh briefly grazed her wet, lightly spreading swollen pussy lips.

"Fuck," she whimpered.

Strong fingers at the nape of my neck jerking me towards her so rapidly that I couldn't stifle the sharp, shocked gasp against her parted mouth, the burst of air trapped between us as I immediately quivered above her.

Dark hair falling about us. Her imploring gaze never wavering from mine as she slowly moistened her lips, lifting from the pillow to nuzzle nose to nose in a silent request for my mouth against hers. Swaying into the intoxicating sensations of Shae's warm breath tumbling along my inflamed skin. Of her lusting body pinned to the bed beneath me. Swimming in the heady scents of the sex infused with our ravished skin. In the scents of fresh linen, of still burning pitch at the stone fireplace and the steamy arousal dribbling between our thighs. Drunk on frenzied heartbeats. Pounding so vigorously against our chests, deafening drums between our ears, pulsating at our throats and fingertips as dizzy lips faintly tease with such stunning softness, eyes eventually drifting closed into the supple pleasure.

Utterly suffocating within the other's desire to kiss. Lengthening the exquisite anguish. Our fleeting tastes of the other's lips trembling for intense, rapturous depth. Yes... Kiss her. Shae moaning low in her throat as I suddenly took her into my mouth, merely a quick sample of her bottom lip tugged between the thickness of mine, barely peeled apart before she arched from the bed and sealed the kiss. Stretching over her like an unfolding kitten as fingers funneled into her hair, gripping the locks tight as restraints fumbled, breaking away when flickering tongues stole an all-consuming lick that tip-toed up and down my spine. Whining into the other's lapping flames in our infinitely slow devour.

Dragging my nails along her thigh as she threw a leg around my waist, a greedy calf pushing against my ass, thrusting leather and hips harder against her until she purred into the damp heat riding her thigh. Given over to uncontrollable quakes resonating within every corner of my being as I plummeted soul first into our kiss.

Shae snatching her lips from mine with a sound that froze all motion when my thigh further spread hers. Concerned eyes blinking against the bright sunlight, against the blinding white haze of our combining passions seemingly shrinking the bedroom around us.

"Baby?" I exhaled against her tremulous lips. Gauging glazed eyes that briefly peaked open for mine before she breathlessly bit my chin. "Are you sore?" My thoughts instantly splintering, spinning into oblivion as her wondrous mouth stooped to my throat. Head growing heavy as I rocked against her. Gasping below her scandalous tongue, under her randomly grazing teeth, falling into cloud lips banishing my ability to concentrate. Struggling to maintain a clear thought beneath her tender, and yet, solely demanding caresses. Knowing we all but broke the cabin last night in our need to remain skin to skin. How can she not be sore? "Baby, tell me."

"A little." The answer not keeping her from sucking the hollow of my whoring neck, from kissing higher along tensing slopes, not keeping me from moaning as a tipsy head fell back for her ravaging mouth. Oh my god... Making me wet.  "But only a little."

Her lips finally reaching mine for every ounce of my selfish skin to swoon into the hot kiss. Our bodies oozing back into the bed. Slow palms guiding her hands little by little above her head, skimming along her velvet inner arms to slide my fingers between hers at the cracked headboard. Passive teeth nipping at the kiss. Her delish mouth languidly sucking on my bottom lip as Shae's hands naturally closed in mine. Unable to withhold the guttural moan as I further slipped between her legs. Disregarding the sheer haunting hunger to grind my wet against her warm, glistening folds. To thrust the cock so deep into her tight, sweetened pussy that she still feels me slamming between her thighs days later. Growling as Shae's legs circled my waist. The arch of a bare foot stroking along the back of my thigh until I shuddered above her and dipped an enraptured tongue down her throat. Our hands suddenly releasing with different intents in mind. Hers driving into the masses of my hair to hold us captive within the suspended kiss, as mine palmed along dangerous, luscious curves squirming below me. Fangs unexpectedly biting down as Shae jerked against my weight, whimpering into my open mouth, trembling from head to toe when my thumb nail snagged a nipple.

Fuck, baby...

Whining as I pulled away from the kiss for my tongue to lap the honeyed areola of a soft, ample breast filling my kneading hand. The agonized pink petal firming in my mouth before lightly blowing cool air across the moist peak.

"Mmm," I purred, my gaze darting to Shae's closed eyes when she thrashed from the mattress to pump incensed hips against the thick head of the cock. Fully crashing back to the bed to rake her nails across my scalp, gripping my hair, panting heavily as she met my gaze through desirous, celestial blue slivers. "I'll be gentle." I'll try...

Quietly rolling her sensitive buds between my fingers before a mindful tongue joined. My mouth closing around her breast as I expelled a long, ravenous moan that rumbled deep into the fevered meat to vibrate beneath her heated skin. Listening to her delicious gasps with each faint suck of silkened lips. Shae's head turning into the pillow, her kiss-swollen bottom lip catching the white pillowcase as she nuzzled her cheek into the cotton with a pussy-fluttering whine. Her beautiful features lost to the random fall of sexy curls. My heart a manic sledgehammer beating against an overwhelmed chest as I seemed to thoughtlessly move with the woman in my arms. Instinctively reacting to her every delectable twitch, her every pivot of bewitched hips. Kissing down her heaving stomach, jumping beneath the occasional love-bite as I lowered to orbit her pierced navel with the very tip of a sugar-coated tongue. My hands coursing down her satin thighs, mouth a sensual flow with her continuously craving hips as my thoughts swam with the tantalizing scents of her warm nectar so near that I could unravel into a fleeting, mouthwatering lick.

"Oh my god, baby," I shuddered.

Shae instantly biting her bottom lip as she recklessly arched towards my kissing mouth, the heartbreaking thickness slowly popping from between her teeth as choked gusts of air feathered across her throbbing wetness. Trembling between her spreading thighs, seductively devastating thighs, the muscles clenching below my caressing hands in an unspoken desperation for something we both so hopelessly desire.

Just a taste. Mmm... Just one potent taste of the other.

Drawn towards that single exhilarating purpose as I slid lower in the bed.

My nose softly brushing her slick folds, teasing, breathing into the euphoric heat bound between her moist thighs and an utterly famished mouth. Idly closing my eyes as my tongue split plush pussy lips. Evidence of her need a creamy cup thrusting against my tongue as Shae tore at the sheets, twisting her fingers in my hair as her hips elevated with the slow parting of her flames. Gentle... My neck useless muscles struggling to maintain the burden of my head as I moaned deep into the softest, warmest wet. Licking the length of her in a single breathless streak. The width of my tongue curling beneath the swell of her clit before the tip flicked across the delicate surface. Her hips wildly crashing back to the bed in a ragged gasp, following her down with a groan rumbling from my throat as I inhaled her clit into my love-making mouth. Losing myself to that hot, intensified kiss between her thighs.

"Oh fuck." A hand tugging on my dark hair, Shae holding her breath as her hips begin to move with the soft suck, the faintest strokes of my tongue, jerking into the stimulating rhythms before the air rushed from her tight lungs. "Oh fuck yes."

Moaning into her every mesmeric reaction to the mouth submerged in her slick, sucking pocket. Her hips grinding against my face in such a torturous pace, such dainty strides riding my tongue, that her every rapturous twitch below my lips slammed between my own thighs. My pussy dripping, the scolding, screaming depths pounding into the drug-inducing ecstasy. High on her taste. Her scent. The otherworldly woman.

Shae's legs suddenly squeezing about my face as my teeth lightly grazed her clit. Breathing her harder into my mouth to compensate for the lack of space, Shae whimpering as we helplessly squirmed in the bed, my own legs clenching against the arresting pleasure. So casually slow... Loving her soreness with warm strokes, with merciful licks along the twinges of pain, a soothing, tender mouth superseding each ache. Shae forgetting of our night. Pulled into the dawn. Where my hypnotic kisses are the only remedy to the bites along her shoulders and breasts, to the claw marks down her spine, to the dark bruises along her wrists and thighs, and the hottest pussy that had been fucked for hours yet still craves more.

My hands smoothing up her thighs as we drown. As I drown...

An engorged clit so stunningly responsive to the soft drags of my tongue. Her labored breath rattling around in her chest, growing denser and denser as my sucking mouth gradually begins to firm in its' mild, purring licks. Holding the same excruciating pace in heavier strokes. Shae's tensed hips jerking, smashing her pussy against my moaning tongue to grind her wet all the way down to my chin before rashly shoving her clit back into my mouth. The muscles cramping along my calves as I groaned into her zealous, slippery inferno. Toes curling as she repeated the intoxicating ride down my face. Quickly sucking her into my mouth as she smacked back against my trembling lips. Tongue flashing across her pebble before she popped from my panting mouth, the light explosions of her unfaltering lust throbbing lower and lower as her clit dragged along my chin. Wholly blinded within the spellbound trance. Quick hands releasing my hair, Shae gripping both sides of the pillow at her head as she succumbed to full body shakes, her spine completely bowing from the sheets with a wet whine at thick lips.

She's going to come.

Oh my god... Just like this.

Wanting that slow melting orgasm. To feel sensuous her cream in my mouth. Mmm... Fuck my face.

Careful not to break flesh as I raked my nails along the satin thighs clutching my head, fighting the utter hounding desire to take her hard and fast. Gasping as my tongue stole a second rapid flick across her clit, unable to keep myself from inhaling her further into my mouth right as she dropped from suckling lips. Her legs squeezing all the tighter, our coalescent pulses hammering in bestial beats between my ears. Shae crying out as her pussy pelted against my face once more. Our mangled breath hitching as my lips rounded her clit, the chaotic throbs between my thighs aching in the very tips of my toes as I feebly groaned into her wet. Shae's thighs immediately splitting, hitting the bed as she pumped high into my mouth and froze. Thoughts spiraling as all sound rushed in, crashing into my every heightened sense. Her orgasm rocking down her arched spine, hips seized in short, spasmodic thrusts beneath relentless teasing, not breathing as she ripped through the pillow at her head before clawing across my scalp to punch my face deeper into her.

My forehead landing at her waist when she collapsed into the bed. Both of us pulling hard for needed air. My lips entirely numbed as I strained to lift my head, spinning beneath the fireworks behind closed eyes as I fell back into her riveting wet. Shae whimpering as I sipped of her once again. Trembling violently as my tongue worked along her.

Trapped in a surreal stupor.

Weakened arms wobbling as I pushed from the mattress. Still tasting of her as I rose to my knees. Letting my warm, drugged lips moist with the flavors of her trail higher up her jerking stomach. Exhaling long, sizzling breathes between her heaving breast. Shae moaning as my tongue briefly skirted across a painfully taut pink peak, all the while lifting her leg as I moved to stretch over her. Shae's nails suddenly digging into the inked flesh at my back until my vision blurred. Burying her head into appealing curls, gasping, her teeth clenched as just the very head of the cock dipped between pussy lips. Kissing up her bowed throat choking on our combined heat as I slid inside her. Inch by steady inch. Both of us shuddering as Shae pulled me to her, immediately swallowing my quivering lips in a smoldering kiss that snapped my spine, driving the thick cock into her to stop deep against her firing walls. A goddess ripping her divine lips from mine to solely swoon into my awaiting slopes. Airy kisses along my gleaming skin, sucking along my neck for her tongue to curl at my earlobe, taking the lobe into her mouth to softly nibble.

Gasping against the onslaught of sensations, shredding the sheets at my hands as my hips hastily retracted to plunge the stiff width into her again and hold when hips clashed.

"Oh my fucking god." A groaning, trembling Shae rocking aimlessly against my cruelly immobile hips. Her tight, soft channel fiercely fluttering around the filling penetration. Her hands a messy grasp on my hair as our lips found the other's in the pitch black of closed eyes. Muscles tensing as I guided an arm under her. Fully tightening my body around hers as my fingers grasped at the nape of her neck to further lift her into our tempered kiss. "You're going to kill me," she rasped at my mouth, moaning in sheer favor of the stormy kisses now journeying lower.

"Gently," I whispered, nuzzling my lips into the curve of her throat as we moved in synched time. Shae closing her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, opening herself to the entire length of the cock caressing each thumping pleasure point before our hips barely tapped. "At least, you'll die gently."

"God, yes," she breathlessly whined. Taking my cheek into the palm of her hand as she consumed my bottom lip in one fluid motion, kissing me with the same twisted desperation building between her thighs. "With you deep inside of me."

Moaning as lightly exploring tongues sparred in midair. Staggering into the flurried wisps of her hot breath across damp skin, into the implications of her titillating words exhaled down a parched throat. Every locked muscle in my tormented body burning with the desire to punch my hips against hers. To send something big, something hard, soaring into the smooth, silk sheath wrapped so, so snugly around me. Knowing that I can feel everything. Everything...

"Mmm, baby. Inside you in every way."

A hand unexpectedly grabbing my ass as we rocked against the other. My breasts popping against hers, nipples brushing with a ruffled gasp as she grasped a chunk of the softly rounded meat. Goosebumps igniting beneath the nails clawing their way to the strap at my waist to tug me further between her eager legs. Soft calves pressing into the back of my thighs, urging the cock deeper, requiring every ounce of my shaken restraints to not slam into her. Craving my first orgasm. Fuck... Needing it. To settle scantly leashed appetites, now a towering clutter of rampaging passions until I fucking have it. Never more dangerous than I am in these moments. When held at the precipice. Trembling forehead to forehead as her tight little pussy squeezed around the sliding cock, clamping around the head in a hundred mini palpitations as my hips retreated, black leather cutting into my sides as she outright contested the nearly full withdrawal. Gritting my teeth as my heart skipped a turbulent beat. A single bead of sweat compelled to trickle down my spine as I gruffly gripped her hips, beautiful Shae reaching for my assaulted lips right as the cock sailed back into her.

Her cries caught in my mouth.

Echoing throughout every deprived inch of my convulsing body.

Two women whimpering into the reciprocated impact. The muscles at my thighs, the flesh at my light patch of dark hair slightly sore, deliciously bruised from repeatedly beating against her into the night. Paying the pain little mind as I shuddered into the pressure dribbling between my moist thighs. Heaving against the resounding drums swelling beneath my skin. Begging for an outlet. Feeling serenely unstable as hips swung back. Still trembling uncontrollably when my thumbs dug into her waist, skin burning as I listened to the sound of her wet sucking at the large cock as I completely pulled out. Shae instantly weeping against my lips. Her clinging fingers tunneling into my hair as she wreathed beneath me, left empty and aching, yearning to once again be filled to the brim as she nipped and sucked at my lips. A low moan rumbling up from my chest, my vision waning as swift hips slammed back into her, grabbing the headboard as the sudden orgasm assailed my spine.

"Please!" Shae gasped at my ear, her nails ripping into my freshly scarred back as her hysterical hips pumped against mine. Swooning into the familiar nook of her neck as her cheek nuzzled into my damp hair, Shae kissing the sheen layer of sweat from my brow as her petite frame encased itself around me. My breathing as sporadic as the heavyweight tremors between my thighs. "Oh my god... Please."

"I don't want to hurt you," I heaved, reeling into the endless orgasm as drunken bodies continued to grind.

"Baby, please," she pushed. "Fuck me..."

The words hardly out of her mouth before she gasped once more. Her head viciously snapped back, pulled through the air to crash breast to breast in a squall of tickling curls as I lifted her from the bed. Tight arms caged around her startled, shuddering torso. Sitting on my ankles as I immediately dropped her down onto the cock, her ass cheeks spreading across my hot thighs as she took every thick inch. Frantically binding herself against me with strong arms around my neck, clenching her quaking thighs along mine. Whimpering as she kissed me through her hair. Sucking her bottom lip into my mouth right as I bit into the sweet meat. Her whimpers then ravenous sobs as I lifted her straight up and brought her down hard. Tender nipples petting midflight. Rubbing her raving hips deeper. Again taking the cock all the way in recoil to the thunderous knock that shook between both our thighs. Pussy juices dripping at my calves as my hands smoothed down her back, trembling into the feel of her enticing warmth for fingers to soon stretch at the edible swell of her ass cheeks. Gripping as I pressed her wetness hard against my thighs, grinding her hips along my lap, slightly lifting to rock her back atop the cock, thick and stiff caressing her g-spot before dropping her hips to pound and swirl into her throbbing depths.

"Oh fuck," with a sharp intake of air. Shae holding a heavy breath into the next hit and pivot. "Oh fuck! Fuck. Fuck... Don't stop."

Rolling against me to grip my steeled jaw in her hand. Hovering nose to nose, the mad bursts of Shae's fiery breath teasing my cheeks as her rug-burned knees dug into the mattress. Jerked straight into the erratic pace guided by fingertips curling harder and harder into the soft flesh of her scrumptious ass. Enthralled in the motions. The smash and swing and slam and swish. So...fast. So crude. Thighs chaffing. Oh fucking shit... Still dripping, dripping, dripping... Distressed pussy thumping as numb lips tingle for a taste, lingering painful centimeters away from Shae's gaped mouth as we repeatedly pummel against the other. Breathing of the other's riotous pants. Lifting her a little higher. Then just a little higher. Giving her further to fall between each destructive slap of our hips until she was beating against every glistening inch of the cock.

Oh god...

"Fuck, baby," I shuddered.

Letting go of an ass cheek to send my fingers tunneling into her hair, grasping the softs locks to wrench her head back and drag my tongue all the way up her throat. Both of her hands tangling themselves into my long hair, gasping as we thoroughly folded into the engaging kiss. Our mouths a slow abandon, tightening ourselves around the other, freefalling into the transcending liquid pools springing between our thighs. Bodies trembling deep, wet tongues grazing, not once slowing as the orgasms flared across our goosebumped skin to pinch at aching breasts planted so firmly against the other's. Seeing Shae in a multitude of colors. Her pretty pussy squeezing around the cock in a thousand catastrophic flutters, whining into our impelling kiss as I plunged into her, her hips greeting mine with equal force. Enamored. Fused in our crippling orgasms as we instantly chase the next.

Harder. Faster.

"Mmm, my god," I choked. "Gonna fuck you up."

Fuck her up and down and on every surface.

"Yes." Shae's forehead limply smacking my shoulder. Her beautiful face tucked between her arms as bodies relentlessly crunch. "Fuck me."

Fingers a strong massage against her scalp as I worked the damp hair from a slender neck, stammering within the flames wafting from sweetly salted alabaster as mean fangs bit hard at the tattoo right behind her ear. Nails digging when she whimpered. Suckling at her delish neck as my teeth raked down to her shoulder to suck all the harder at last night's remnants of a purple hickie. Shae hissing. Jerking hard. Swiftly lifting her hips to bring them down with such a profound intensity that we both cried out. Then suddenly stricken soundless save for the creaking bedframe, the headboard rapidly hitting the wall, crumbling drywall between the sounds of her warm, creamy sex suctioning to the leather each time hips brutally fall. Anxiously clamoring for the other as we tettered at the fringe of our climax.

One tiny, breathy stroke of the other's lips hurdling us over the edge.

Barely a sample of her soft mouth before her spine utterly bowed, her head thrown back, holding her breath against the hand that had slipped between us. Absently swaying towards her. Dizzy in the feel of her smooth pussy lips spreading for my fingertips. Nose brushing the taut tip of her nipple, listless bottom lip snagging on the supple meat of a bouncing breast. Tongue licking just once as I entirely eclipsed into the rapture. Blindly sucking her chest into my mouth as she came back down. Tongue dashing across a harrowed peak as my fingers firmly brushed along her clit and the head of the cock pierced her deepest, darkest recesses.

"Oh my fucking god!"

Shae's mouth hitting my hair as her scream burned across my tingling scalp.

Her hands grabbing the sides of my face in a death grip as her spine locked and her hips dipped once more. Her thighs squeezing. Feeling every single muscle in her gorgeous body seize in her orgasm. My own kindling between drenched thighs to slumber about a jiggling ass still banging against her, rippling beneath the dense flesh to fizz at the base of my spine as a lit fuse to a stick of dynamite. Forced to rip my lips from Shae's heaving breast before my jaw clenched tight. One by one. One by one... Oh fuck. Fuck. Moaning into the flames. I'm coming... Each vertebra cementing along my mine spine in slow, pleasurable baby steps. My mouth aching by the time the crucifying orgasm reached the nape of my neck only to find myself falling backwards on my knees with the sensation of being blown away. Bursting apart from Shae as cool air rushed around scorching skin. Landing hard in a splash of long, dark hair in the bed. A flushed cheek turned into my arm, lips parting into a blissful gasp as my spine was seemingly pulled from the mattress, arching deep into the bed to propel my hips high, fiercely smacking hers.

Claws pulverizing my waist to keep herself from lurching forward upon impact. My body twitching beneath her desperate digging as clouded eyes cracked open to the woman sitting on my cock. Whining as I bit my bottom lip, dropping my hips back down into the bed, a slingshot from the mattress to drive the full length back into her sucking wet. Shae's chin hitting her chest as she dragged hot air through clenched teeth, her lush hair tumbling about her euphoric features. Slowly lifting lustful slits to eventually meet and hold my gaze. Wiggling into the sexy vision continuing to fuck every inch of the cock. Hardly able to withstand keeping the other's impassioned gazes. Too passionate. Too potent. Too powerful. Tortured by the other's enraptured facial expressions as we gasped and thrashed in the center of the bed.

Harder and faster.

Harder... Faster...

Oh fucking shit. Can't...take it.

Hands squeezing her breasts, Shae completely shuddering atop the cock as I twisted sensitive pink nipples between my fingertips as if her hungry eyes told me so.

Heart beating louder and louder and louder between my ears.

My gaze falling over her. Cascading along each stunning detail of her radiant face, along the utterly feminine slopes of her neck, to the strength in her strained shoulders. Vision slightly lapsing at the vigorously bouncing swell of breasts. Hastily licking my lips as my gaze drifted lower to a pierced navel catching the rays of sunlight, near hands still harshly gripping my waist. Eyes briefly closing, head digging into the sheets as I moaned and trembled into the arousing sight of the dick thrusting between her satin thighs. Watching the cock. Watching every veined inch pounding into her glistening honey. So big. So thick. So stiff. Pussy lips split wide. Beating into her so incredibly hard.

Pussy so... So fucking wet.

"Oooo, my god, baby."


Pushing from the bed with my shoulders to gain leverage, the breath rushing from lips in husky, whining pants as Shae's hips suddenly locked against my thighs. Her grip cutting into the blood circulation at my waist as I momentarily snatched reign over the hectic pace. Our hips hardly tapping in millisecond pumps. Softly stroking her every humming pleasure point for as long as we both can handle the overwhelming mixture of gentle speed. The sweat shimmering in diamonds along my smooth stomach, beading at my navel to trickle low beneath soaked leather with each downward thrust. Both of gasping when my hips jerked, the palm of her hand hitting my stomach to keep herself from falling forward as the cock sailed deep and the brutal collision of hips shook through thighs. Shae bending into the burst of lights. Head tossed back in a disarray of curls, a suckable, fuckable mouth puckered in a sensual, provocative 'o'. Sprawled over me like a stretching lioness before her hips twitched, licking her plush lips before bringing herself down.

Mindless fucking... Mindless...

Berserk in our last pelts against the other. The orgasms ravaging our bodies. Closed eyelids fluttering, lifeless mouth hanging open, never more aware of the hefty thickness of my bottom lip while every muscle in my body fired. Random haywire jolts. An electrified drip seeping beneath my mangled skin to liquify any formable words, any coherent thoughts. Engorged by the heat. Swallowed. Mmm... So fucking swallowed.

Pinned in a bone-shattering arch as Shae's revving cries grew louder and louder with each punch of our hips. Breaking my ankles. The mattress bouncing off the box spring, headboard slapping the wall as I slammed the cock into her again and again. Her hips dropping into a deep grind, thighs instantly binding around mine, gasping as her forehead numbly smacked between my breasts. Hot breath prickling across my skin, her lips trembling at my heaving abdomen, ass in the air as her hips wildly squirm into the rhapsodic throbbing between her legs.

My hands in her damp hair gently manipulating her from my chest as I sat up, guiding us both to our knees to close myself around her with a tight kiss. Shae gasping into my intense mouth. Unable to peel open her eyes as her full weight swooned against me. Shuddering uncontrollably in my arms as I slowly removed myself from inside of her. Spine tensing at the heady sounds of her wet slapping my thigh. Groaning as she absently nipped at my bottom lip, feeling a tender hand at my cheek for only the briefest of moments before I clenched my teeth and hoisted her from the bed. Caught in a burst of flames as she gasped. Turning her midair until she landed on her knees a foot away, her hands frantically gripping at the very brim of the bed to keep herself from plummeting over the edge. A brow twitching, jaw locking as my gaze fixed on her ass, lowering to an absolutely drenched pussy hovering in the air between slightly spread thighs. My fingers barely wrapped around the cock before I rammed back into her.

Shae crying out as she struggled to keep herself from flying off the side. Strong hands gripping her waist, watching the glistening cock as I pulled nearly all the way out in one long, steered stroke. Pretty pussy squeezing. Pulsating around the shroom head. My clenched jaw set ablaze as I sent hips driving back into her hot, moist depths with a blow that threw Shae's upper body over the edge. Holding my breath in a sharp intake as I was pulled down with her, helplessly flung over the side. Shae quickly grabbing the wooded side rails to the bedframe as I caught myself with a single hand hitting the floor. Our breathing utterly chaotic as we hung upside down, the blood instantly rushing to our heads, folded over the side of the bed with our rocking hips still in the air and the cock buried between her thick pussy lips.

"Shae," I exhaled at her ear, both of us enclosed in a dark curtain of my hair blocking out the sunlight as I blinked against the dizzying flow of blood pumping to my head. "Hold on, baby." I can't...stop. Oh fuck. I don't want to stop. "Hold on tight."

Moving to close Shae's trembling thighs high on the bed. The cock suddenly feeling all the bigger in her snug little sheath, seeming to swell larger and larger inside of her as her legs were clamped closed around the penetrating width. Shae whimpering, weeping as my available hand pressed at her hips. My face buried in the back of her hair, rasping into the softness, my nails scraping into the hardwood floor as I bit hard into my bottom lip to pelt against her. Yummy meat jiggling upon impact, her wet ass suctioning at my thighs as both her hands suddenly let go of the railing to smack the floor above her head. Knowing that she held the blunt of our combined body weight amplified by hips driving harder and harder against her strummed ass cheeks. The pounding... Pounding and pounding and pounding pressure between my ears matching the pressure building between my thighs as the bed creaked, weakly straining against deep, puncturing blows.

"Oh my god," Shae gagged, as if the cock bumped the back of her throat. Gentle teeth nibbling at her earlobe as she forced her head against my shoulder. Trapped in a hot wedge between the bed and the length of my rocking torso as I drilled faster and faster into her. "Oh my god. Oh my god." Goosebumps igniting across our sweaty, chaffing bodies. Naughty nipples firming against her back as I squeezed my eyes shut against the overpowering exertion. "Oh my god! I'm going...." Her words completely fading. Choking on her next gurgled breath as the hand at her hip slipped to a breast, grasping the ample flesh in the full stretch of my fingers until she groaned deep, deep in her chest and locked her hips. "Oh my god... I'm going to come."

Each dragged out syllable coming from such succulent lips throbbing madly between my thighs.

"Oh fuck, baby. You're so fucking delicious. Taking my big dick."

Mean hips clouting her ass until pussy juices dripped down our inner thighs. Moaning into that heedless swoon as my mouth fell against her shoulder blade, tasting of the salt layering blazing skin before biting hard into her startled back. Shae whining as her cheek turned into her arm, her lush mouth parted in rapid pants, her eyes slowly coming open in thin, smoked slivers to glance back to me. My heart skipping one manic beat at the sexy vision of her strung upside down. Our knees leaving the mattress with the cruel thrust of my hips. Driving the cock as deep as it can go until my gaping pussy shattered against hers.


Her screams.

My...screams. Yes...

"Oh, baby."

Little I could do to keep from falling.

Twitching hips on autopilot as my body sagged beneath the onslaught of wet and roaring palpitations. All gravity oozing into my elastic skull. Tugging me lifelessly towards the floor. Feeling Shae reaching for me as I went down, uncoiling from a goddess to smack to the cold hardwood with a dead thud. Fighting to feel my lips. My fingertips. Fumbling around behind closed eyes. Working at the leather straps in a desperate need to let my skin breathe. Just let my skin breathe. Shae giggling from somewhere above me as I carelessly tossed the cock across the room. My exhausted arm connecting with the floor at the same moment as the strap-on.

"Starving," I rasped, swallowing deep against my hoarse voice. "Sustenance. Need sustenance."

Smiling, nibbling the corner of a lip as Shae giggled again. Her soft fingertips caressing my forehead, lovingly wandering into my hair as we slowly caught our breath where we lie. Peeking a single eye open when I no longer felt her touch. Instantly beaming from ear to ear as both eyes lifted to the sight of the beautiful woman looking down to me. Starlight. A million sparkling stars trapped in her passionate blue eyes. Nothing else but a lock of hair and those breathtaking eyes peering down from over the edge of the bed. With an endless twinkle that I always feel as if I am seeing for the very first time. Still smiling as I close my eyes into the image of her, storing it away with a million more memories that warm my heart.

"I adore you. And that pretty ass pussy too."

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