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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

They met in Australia. She was there to study and work but he lives there and a big time player.

Loveth is always the study girl, her head in all books, easy going, and achieving her goals and always the first in everything.

Kaiden is handsome, Rich, work, going to club, sleeping with girl and there is no definition of love in his dictionary and never will.

What happen when Loveth and Kaiden Met?

In Loveth Dictionary is all about Book, Career, and her Dreams before anything else.

Will it Change or not?

Let find out

Chapter One

BEEP BEEP.Ahh.my alarm waking me up, I lie down for some few minute before standing up to shut down the alarm. It read 7:45 am I hate waking up so early. Getting up I took my shower and brush my teeth before standing up from my bed I heard a knock on my door.my mum come in

“Morin mum”

“Morin dear, how was your night”? My mum asked

“It was short but fine and I will miss my bed”.

“It will be here waiting for you, go take your bath and come downstairs, we don’t want to be late for your flight and have you pack all your stuff? “My mum said smiling

“Yes mum, I recheck it yesterday night before going to bed so no worries” my dad has send all my things to Australia, it will be there before me some I don’t have to stress myself with carrying bags. Just few remaining.

“Okay then, let me leave you to take your shower and don’t be late” she left my room and I went to take my shower and brush my teeth. Have picked the top I want to wear yesterday night, red dress, red heel and earing, putting it on

Sorry I didn’t introduce myself my name is Loveth Adeola Williams am 18 years old from Nigeria and my friend call me Love. I think that all for now.

My door was opened by my younger brother Lamar, I swear he never learn to knock the door.

“Hello sis, mum said Breakfast is ready and you should be fast because time is not on your side not mine any way”

“Morning to you too brother” I said rolling my eye “I will be down soon”

“Okay and dad is downstairs already so be fast” he left as I put on my makeup and my hair. I picked up my Phone, purse, wrist watch and my hand bag. In step out of my room and went down stairs to stairs to meet my family. My mum is putting the food on the dining table and my dad talking with my younger brother.

“Morning princess, how was your night”? My dad said smiling and standing up to hug me.

“It was fine dad” I said smiling I love my dad so much same as my mum

“When you are through eating we should leave here for the airport” my dad said.

Am travelling to Australia, I love traveling and it has always been my dream. I got a scholarship to study at University of Queensland and am leaving for Australia today. Am really happy.

“Alright dad”

“Hope you didn’t forget anything” my dad asked

“Nope, I have everything I need with me”

“Okay let go” he said picking up his car keys. I, my mum and Lamar followed behind him on getting outside I was hugged by my best friend Aliya we have been friends since 3rd grade and our mum are best friend

“Don’t think you will leave without me escorting you to the airport. How I wish I can come with you” Aliya said with a sad face “am missing you already, God my other half is going to the end of the world”

Rolling my eyes “is not end of the world dear “I said and she look at me like are you serious

“Okay it far, just 22 hours from here and you know I love travelling so it not a big deal for me”

“Whatever, wish you all the best “she said with a smile.

“Thanks Dear” I said and we get in the car, my dad dive us to the airport.

When we get to the airport I drop my bag in the check point area and went to say goodbye to my family and best friend. My mum and Aliya are crying when I get there

“Mum we are going to see again and Aliya don’t make me feel sad about this please” even thou I was crying already. I will miss them so much.

Mum sniffed “It just that will miss you” she said still crying

“I will miss you too mum” I said hugging her and dad come over to hug me and Lamar. I know my dad don’t like me leaving but he accept it.

Don’t forget to Skype, message me and don’t you dare have any other best friend, call me as soon as you get there. Miss you baby.

“I will and Miss you already, Love you “I said hugging every one of them and my flight was called. Even thou I love my country have always want to travel around the world. I wave at them as I went inside the plane.

I sign when I see my mum and Aliya still crying and my dad hugging them. I will miss them so much.\"\"\"\"

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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