The Sapphire Society

The Sapphire Society

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Joy, a Caucasian women joins a group of African American women dedicated to lesbian domination over white girls and gives into her long suppressed desires for interracial lust


Joy, a Caucasian women joins a group of African American women dedicated to lesbian domination over white girls and gives into her long suppressed desires for interracial lust

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Sapphire Society

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Joy, a Caucasian women joins a group of African American women dedicated to lesbian domination over white girls and gives into her long suppressed desires for interracial lust

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2015



Pursuit and Captured

My palms began to sweat as I nervously approached her. I could feel my arms beginning to shake as I walked across the gym floor.  Naomie sat majestically on the stationary bike, toweling the perspiration from her forehead. She looked so gorgeous in her skintight pink crop top and form fitting shorts. With her long black hair pulled into a bun and held in place with a colorful clip, she looked even more alluring, as the body moisture provided an outline of her firm erect nipples.

There’s no reason to be shy, I admonished myself. She wasn’t the first women you’d made a pass at in this gym and you’d always been successful. However, Naomie was different from the rest. I’d never picked up a black woman before. Just be cool, I reminded myself.

It wasn’t as if we hadn’t already met. I knew her name and she knew mine. I’d even seen her naked many times already. I had to prevent myself from staring at her in the shower. Considering the shape of her body and mocha skin, it was hard not to steal a few glances.

Here goes, I thought as I swept my long blonde hair over my shoulder and sat on a stationary cycle next to her. “Hey, Naomie, did you enjoy the yoga class today?”

She turned to me and smiled broadly. “That instructor completely kicked my ass. I hate it, but it was the best workout I’ve had all week. What’d you think, Joy?”

“Yeah, Rasha doesn’t hold anything back.” Time to make my move. “Say, my husband’s out of town again for the entire week. Would you be interested in getting some drinks after we finish up here?”

The message was subtle, but the underlying meaning would be perfectly obvious, if I’d read Naomie correctly. She never sat chatting with those muscular male gym members. Mostly she came in by herself and talked to the other women in different classes and workout sessions. She gave off a bisexual or perhaps gay vibe. I couldn’t be absolutely sure since we seemed so different, but I hoped I wasn’t misreading her.

I am bi. I have always been attracted to women sexually, for as long as I can remember. I married Landon three years ago and love him deeply. I completely enjoy sex with him, but the truth be told, I prefer sex with other women. The soft skin, tender puffy lips and feel of a firm breast in my hand is something that excites me beyond measure. I’ve never been in love with a woman, but I love being with them.

“Mmmm, that sounds intriguing,” she replied. Her eyes traveled over my body as if she was considering me as a sex partner for the first time. Perhaps she felt the same excitement of an inaugural bridging of the racial sexual gap, too.

We took our time, but eventually heading to the showers. At first, it seemed awkward to see each other naked as we cleaned up, but after a few minutes, I felt bold enough to allow her to linger on my nude figure.

Landon doesn’t know about my desire for women. It’s not that he wouldn’t have been fine with it, quite the opposite. I’m sure he’d be very supportive and gradually try to wheedle his way into the sack with both of us, that’s the part I could never handle. As unfair as it sounds, I am jealous and not willing to share my husband with anyone else.

An hour after we’d left the gym, I sat across a cocktail table from Naomie, sipping a White Russian and looking into her glowing eyes. I wore a short skirt that showed off my taught legs and pair of spike heels that made them look long and sleek. I’d pick the outfit in anticipation of Naomie perusing my best assets. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

Her legs were ever nicer than mine were. I’d always love the look of a slender black woman’s legs and more cushioned rear. Naomie could have been a professional model in my opinion. My mind drifted to thoughts of running my hands over those sexy stems.

“What do you do for a living, Joy?”

I laughed. It seemed so mundane. “I work with engineers. I’m a remote services specialist. I deal with customer issues and get the engineers to fix things. Boring, but it pays decently. Do you have an interesting job?”

She sipped her rum & coke through a thin red straw and then licked her pursed lips with the tip of her tongue. She was an executive with a financial corporation. I knew instantly, she was no longer interested in talking over career paths, when her hand landed on my knee. “I’m ready. Do you want to get out of here? We can go to my place. I live a few miles south.”

We both giggled with anticipation and stood. She boldly took my hand in hers as we departed the bar. I was sure the dozen or so male patrons very staring at the two hot women of different ethnic backgrounds leaning tightly against each other, but we lived in a tolerant state, where such things weren’t considered anyone else’s business.

Outside the bar, she asked, “Are you into a little role playing?” as we stood by my car.

“Sure, what do you want me to do?”

She suddenly she pulled me close to her. “You just follow my lead. You’ll figure things out quickly.” I felt her hand caress my ass. My loins felt as if they were on fire.

I followed her in my car and parked in front of a modern high-rise. My heart beat in anticipation when I stepped into the elevator with her. Immediately after the doors closed, she pulled me by the waist close to her and planted a decisive kiss. Her tongue darted forcefully into my mouth. If I’d been the instigator of this liaison, Naomie had taken over as director of our encounter.

She grabbed both of my arms at the wrist and pinned me to the elevator wall with a single powerful grasp of her hand. The other hand began to explore my breasts. Her long bright colored acrylic nails danced over my mounts as my nipples hardened in the excitement of the situation. She was having her way with me and I’d never been so eager to surrender myself.

“I’m glad you finally decided to try to approach me. I though you wanted me, but I needed to see you make the first move. I wanted your total commitment.”

I longed to run my hands over her tits. I felt I’d earned that privilege. I struggled to free myself from her clench, but Naomie overpowered me. Her hand worked its way down to my vagina and went under my short skirt. “You’ll get to check out my stuff when I say you can. Got that, bitch?”

I began to shudder as she rubbed my dripping snatch through the satin panties that I was beginning to soak with my juices. I’d never had a women dominate me in this way. It felt intoxicating. All of this was so new to me and I reveled in its investigation.

“Yes, I’m yours for the evening. I’ll do anything to please you.”

The bell rang and the doors opened. We’d reached the tenth floor. She released my hands.

“Strip. Come on, get your clothes off.” Her eyes met mine. She wasn’t joking.

I pulled off my top and let my boobs free. I dropped the garment to the floor.

“Do the rest but leave the heels on. I like the looks of your ass in those.”

A quick tug of my zipper and my skirt dropped to the floor. She nodded as I slipped my panties down my legs and over my shoes. I managed to scoop up my clothes as she led me down the hallway and pushed me against the door to her condo, while she fumbled for her keys in her purse. My heart drummed as the seconds ticked by.

“What if a neighbor comes by?”

She ran her hand over my bare boobs and squeezed on of the nipples hard. I winced, starting to understand what I was in for. “Oh, you think it would be weird to have a naked white woman bumped against my front door?” She kissed me again and rubbed my exposed pussy. I nearly came right there.

“Do you have any children waiting at home?”

There was no one depending upon my being home tonight. Landon and I planned to start a family in a year or two, once his crazy travel schedule settled down. In the meanwhile, I’d been using the time and opportunity to engage my lesbian desires.  “No. I’m yours all night.”

“Good, you’ll be sleeping over. Well, not really sleeping. And address me as ma’am.” She laughed as the door opened.

As commanded, I drop my things by the door.

“You like my feet?” Her feet were exquisitely shaped and perfectly pedicured.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Get your skinny white ass down and start worshiping them.”

I bent down onto the floor and proceeded to kiss and lick her toes. Her platform strappy heels provided a stunning view of her darkly colored toenails. I gently visited each with my lips and then ran my tongue over them. I must have nibbled her feet for twenty minutes as she told me repeatedly to keep going.

“Yeah, you must like doing this.  Your pussy just keeps getting wetter and wetter like you’re a fucking nympho.” She caressed by back with her fingers and I quivered at her touch. “You concentrate on not cuming til I say so. You’ll get the best blast of your live when I’m ready to release you.”

I gather my courage and began to work my way up her ankles. I needed to have a taste of her cooch. Naomie remained completely clothed and I prayed I wouldn’t have to beg for it.

“No, no. I see what you’re after.  You’ll get your change when I’m ready, but I need to check my mail first.”

She told me to kneel in front of her sofa and she put her feet across my back as she opened several envelopes and scanned their contents. “Keep still, bitch. I’m trying to see if my electric bill went down this month.” She firmly slapped me across the ass with the palm of her hand.

I did as told and could feel my pussy imploring to be stimulated to orgasm. At last, her legs moved from my back and I watched as she dropped her panties. She spread her legs and without a word uttered, I began to lick her tasty honey pot. Her womanly scent was unlike anything I’d previously enjoyed – sweet and fresh. The pink hood of her clitoris protruding from her dark brown slit was refreshingly delicious. Its juices began to flow into my mouth and I worked away at it with all the dexterity my tongue was could manage.

“Oh, shit, you fucking bitch. Keep it going. Bring me on home.” Her voice had turned husky and visceral. “Damn, bitch. Do me.”

Naomie screeched a series of loud tones and I could tell I’d scored a new conquest. However, this was unlike any female connection I’d ever encountered. I was clearly the vanquished. We weren’t equal sex partners. I was there at her discretion. My sole purpose – to please her.

“Stand up and spread your legs.”

I stood and moved my knees widely apart. Her index finger touched my clit and I began to climax. It hit me hard. My knees began to buckle and I dropped to the carpet. Her hand continued to arouse my love button. My cardinal frenzy seemed to last longer than any I’d ever undergone. I fought the dual urge to beg her to stop and to implore her to continue. I screamed out my pleasures as the wave of the orgasm rolled over me while I struggled for air.

I finally collapsed onto my back. I caught my breath and heard my new lover say, “Get your act together. I’m multi-orgasmic and you have a lot of work ahead of your tonight.”

By three-thirty in the morning Naomie announced her desires had been completely sated. My tongue and lips ached. For the last hour, I’d been allowed to use my hands to bring her off. While her first orgasm had been a tidal wave, those that came after were no less intense. I managed two more of my own, each with decreasing power, but still worthy of some of the best I’d had in my life.

I wanted to fall asleep in her arms, but she said, “No, you don’t get to sleep in my bed. Get on the floor.” She tossed me a pillow and I drifted off minutes later, too exhausted and satisfied to care.

When I opened my eyes sometime in the late morning, Naomie was looking at me. She’d already washed and smelled pleasingly perfumed. “I was waiting for you to rise and shine, girl. I’m hungry. Fix me scrambled eggs and bring it to me in bed.”

As my mind began to focus, I asked, “Are we still doing the role playing game?”

Indignantly she said, “Who said anything about this being a game?”

Minutes later, I found myself in her kitchen preparing breakfast. I was still naked. She came into the kitchen and said, “I’m taking you as my date to the Sapphire Society tonight. After you finish here, go home and get ready. Be back here by seven. Dress in something real sexy. I want to impress them with my new white bitch.”

I ask what the Sapphire Society was, but was told I’d see when I got there. Next, I asked, “Am I your first white girlfriend?”

Naomie laughed sarcastically. “Not hardly. You’d better rest up this afternoon, you have a very busy evening ahead of you.”

~~~End of Chapter 1 of 3~ ~~

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