Night of the Red Serpent

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A couple has an erotic and unexpected night with a man they met at a club when the wife loses control and her husband goes farther that he'd ever planned or imagined.

~Part 1  ~

A Devious Ploy

My wife, Natasha, had been trying for a long time to get me to have a bisexual experience. She actively dated other women and she was determined I explore that part of my own sexuality. “There’s a club downtown I go to sometimes, where I’m sure I can find some amazingly hot men you’d want to have sex with,” she told me one Friday evening. “It’s called the Red Serpent. You’d love the place.”

I had heard of it. The Red Serpent was a notorious gay, bi, straight, and transgender club, officially called Club Serpentine Rouge. I agreed to go, but had other ideas about how the evening could turn out. I’ve been trying to talk Natasha into a threesome with another woman or man for a long time; if it meant I might have to suck a cock to do it, then why not? It would have been first for me and it could lead to getting her and her new girlfriend in bed.

Natasha had recently taken up a lesbian affair with another woman named McKenzie. “I’d been interested in her for some time, but she was going out with someone else, until recently,” she confided to me. “She just went through a bad breakup, and I caught her at the right time.”

Her descriptions of McKenzie sounded highly intriguing and the fact that the woman was a lesbian made it a captivating challenge. Even though I never seen McKenzie, I fantasized about have the two of them at once.


Maybe it was my imagination, but when Natasha walked into Club Serpentine Rouge that night, dozens of even the gay men gazed longingly. Who could blame them? Hair dark brunette hair was long and silky. She wore a halter-top with silver shimmering fish scale material that started in a triangle pointed downward to just above her navel. Only a flimsy silver strand kept her naked breasts from being on public display. A hot pink mini scarcely covered her matching panties. The neutral-colored wide-band heels were her only other bits of clothing. No doubt about it, Natasha took the air out of the room.

We ordered drinks and found a table to set up base camp. She pulled me out onto the dance floor, and we swayed to the raspy musical synchronization. She bent at the knee and dropped to where her head came parallel with my crotch and she briefly simulated fellatio before bobbing up. The Red Serpent had few rules. Several men, both dancers and observers turned to watch her movements, a few waved. She smiled brightly as if to acknowledge her admirers.

We continued our show for another twenty minutes, before we retired to our table to cool down. Some of the crowd followed. One, a tall male with a dark mustache and a muscle shirt, walked in front of Natasha and said, “Hey, sweetie, it’s been so long. You’re never at the Half Way anymore.” The Half Way was another section of the Red Serpent, which catered mainly to the gay male and female patrons.

They hugged, and he kissed her on the cheek. “This must be Lyle. I’m Tim.” I received a hug from Tim as well. A half dozen other gay man greeted us in rapid order. Most she knew from her work at the beauty salon, others from her outings here with her lesbian girlfriend.

A few stayed long enough to buy us another round. One of member of the crowd stayed behind, as the rest departed. He reintroduced himself again, “I’m Wyatt; I'm sure you were inundated with names before,” shook both our hands. He asked to sit with us. He was well groomed and had the facial bone structure of a male model, but not the douchie demeanor.

I didn’t perceive a gay vibe, but his eyes lingered on me and then darted to Natasha’s legs. He explained he’d tagged along with some casual acquaintances for the evening, but confessed we looked more interesting. He had a charismatic charm that put us at ease. He ordered a container of orange juice, a pint of peach schnapps and a bottle of vodka. “Nothing like a few rounds fuzzy navels.”

“The fussier the better,” Natasha replied as she downed a shot and winked at me.

I whispered into her ear, “This isn’t another of your match making ploys, is it?”

She whispered back, “No; I've never met him. But he is hot. You should get his number.”

Wyatt interjected, “Would you mind if I danced with your girlfriend?”

With a roll of my hand, he led her away toward the dance floor. I soon lost sight of them. While I waited, Tim stopped by and chatted. She returned with Wyatt a short time later. “Wyatt’s an excellent dancer,” she said directly to me as she glistened in UV rays with a layer perspiration.

He looked at me, “Ah, come-on Lyle,” and held out a hand. It wasn’t as if there weren’t men dancing with other men, women and women, along with every other combination of couples and groups out there grooving together. Soon I was writhing under the strobe lights. Wyatt was an excellent dancer.

Twenty minutes later we returned to the table, but Natasha was gone, as was her friend, Tim. I scanned the area to no avail. She returned alone after Wyatt, and I downed two more shots. She flashed my favorite expressing and kissed me deeply, licking at my lips. I detected a hint of the smell of marijuana in her hair. It was best not mentioned. She was happy and laughed as Wyatt made jokes and offered her a vodka straight up.

Natasha’s words became more slurred over the next few minutes, and she bounced her focus between us. “So, Wyatt, I’ve got to know, could you be here tonight as gay? Or are you bisexual, like myself and Lyle?”

Wyatt laughed at her direct enquiry brought about by her tipsiness. “Honestly, I attracted to both of you. I try not to categorize myself. I prefer the quality of a person, rather than concentrate on a given gender.”

“Yeah, that’s right on brother. However, I’m like totally taken by Lyle here – man wise.” She turned to me, “You should totally let him do you. He’s so fucking hot. I’m so hot in here, too.”

Natasha snatched a cherry from one of our drinks and put in into her mouth. Instead of eating it, she teased us by holding the stem and rolling around between her lips for several minutes. Finally, she gently bit down and the juices exploded across her teeth. Once finished with that exhibition, she lifted up the pointed edge of her blouse, partially exposing her nipples. I pulled it back down. There were some rules at the Red Serpent.

“Hey, do me as a fuzzy navel,” she proceeded to lay across the table on her back, exposing her belly, and held her knees bent by holding her the spikes of heels. Her skirt rode up to expose her panties. Wyatt took the queue and doused a mixture into her alcove of her stomach and proceed to sip. He poured once more and motioned me to do the same. No one in the area paid any attention; they were all on their own worlds, as the two of us slurped on a giggling Natasha.

Tim returned once more. “I thought Natasha might like some more air, but I can see she’s busy,” he said winking at her.

“Tim, what was in the joint you smoked with her?” I asked.

“Oh, it was some killer Jamaican. Perhaps a little ginseng. There might have been a touch of Vitamin K.”


“Sure, it gets you mellow and loving,” he said as I glared at him. “It’s not like it’s her first time,” said Tim before leaving quickly.

I propped Natasha up onto the sofa. “I only had a few bitty puffs,” she said glazing as if to tell me it was her own damn business what she ingested. She insisted she was fine. “You’re worse than Mackenzie. She never lets me do anything, either.”

Wyatt insisted she drink the orange juice alone. “You’re a good man, Wyatt,” she beamed and then caught his eyes. “So are you going to fuck Lyle or not? I’d so love to see you screw my man.”

He laughed and handed her another juice.

“Tell, you what. How about since I don’t fuck other men, you fuck Lyle in the ass and I get to watch, then she fucks me in the ass and you get to watch?”

To no one’s surprise, Wyatt agreed and I was buzzed enough from “navel” warfare to go along, yet still sober enough to drive. Minutes later headed to Wyatt’s home.

In her inebriated state, most of Natasha’s normal inhibitions had vanished. During the dive, I tried in vain to convince her to back up or at least slow down. “You know, sweetie, this seems to be crossing the line you’ve always said…”

She wasn’t having it. “See, there Lyle goes again. Sure, I’m tiny bit buzzed, but I can make my own decisions. And I want to see him fucked in the ass. I’ve never seen him getting screwed before and after all the many times we two have been together. Can you believe, Wyatt?” She thrust her lower lips out and pouted like a six year old.

“I can believe it,” he replied with a large smile.

“It’s not as if, he hasn’t seen me getting fucked and eating pussy and all those other things I did when I was doing porno. He probably has a hidden collection and judges all the nasty things I used to do.”

“You were a porn star?” Wyatt asked, sounding more intrigued than ever.

“Retired, thank you very much, and never a star, just a hard working actress. I quit, but my smut may be living on in hard drives throughout the lands,” Natasha stated in a drunken manner clearly intended to arouse our new companion.


Perhaps I need to explain Natasha's last few statements:


~Part 2~

The Conundrum of Discovery

A few weeks before, I watched as Natasha prepared herself for a Friday evening out with a few girlfriends. She’d told me they generally got together once a month and hit a few bars, to drink and compare notes on husbands.

We both knew it was much more than that. She’d told me about her bisexuality long before we married. I knew she was hitting some lesbian club with her newest girlfriend, McKenzie, whom I’m never been allowed to meet. It was best not to bring it up, Natasha wanted to keep this side of her sex life private. Besides, but the time she got home, she was always horny as hell and it excited me to taste another woman’s saliva on her pussy.

“I’ll be home by one. You’re sure you don’t want to go out on your own tonight?” Natasha asked, in a pair of skintight shorts and a revealing tank top that showed copious amounts of side boob. Her chestnut brown hair cascaded over her bare shoulders.

Admiring the look of her in gladiator boots with narrow straps that reached up to the knees, I replied, “I’m going to have a quiet evening at home, but I’ll be charged up when you get back.”

She kissed me and left for her Friday girl’s night out. We’d been married two years and had sex almost every night. I decided to use the night to rest and enjoy being on my own. As the evening wore on, I relaxed on the Internet in search of amateur porn. It helped to get me nice and hard for when Natasha came home. Most flicks were terrible, but at least showed an honest effort if done right. OK, they were all horrible, but still I enjoyed them.

One site I hit was called 'Private Vaults: Small-Time Producers’, which purported to have collections not widely circulated. I previewed a dozen clips and was getting bored and just about to move on, but caught a glimpse of someone who looked familiar. The preview shot lasted a second, and I replayed it repeatedly, trying to get a clearer view. It might have been Natasha; it might not.

At last, I bought a membership and downloaded the video. The video was under fifteen minutes long. I knew in the first forty-five seconds that the Natasha was the actress. After the ‘All participants are over the age of 18’ message, the scene opened on two naked women on a bed together, each with their head buried in the other’s spread legs. The camera panned to Natasha’s face as she licked away at the other woman’s labia lips. Her recognizable smile appeared when she said, “Oh, yeah, that’s so good. Fuck me with your tongue.” I spotted the tattoo on her lower back, just above her butt. My wife had definitely once done porn.

It must have been awhile back; Natasha looked between nineteen and twenty. Her hair was longer and obviously bleached blonde. The other woman, an unnaturally dyed redhead, who looked older, said, “Came here, baby, say that to my face.”

Natasha moved off her, and they began a passionate French kiss. Then came a knock on the door. “Who’s that?” asked Natasha.

“Just a few of the guys. You can’t stay a virgin your whole life.”

There were ten men, all over eighteen years old, that entering the room in shorts, which they immediately removed. A cut to shot showed a wide-eyed Natasha, eyeing their erections. “Mmmm, what a way to bust my cherry. I want this one first,” she said as she placed her hand around one of the cocks and began to suck on it. Several hands began to finger her vaginal opening as she spread her legs farther apart.

In the following scene, she and her friend lowered themselves on to the erections of a pair of males lying flat on the bed. Natasha moaned, “It’s so big and tight.”

The redhead kissed her as the two bobbed up and down. Natasha then announced, “I want one in my ass too.” With a bit of balancing, her rectum was soon filled, as she cried out once again, “It’s so big and tight.” She was clearly reading her lines.

Each actress then took a cock in the mouth until Natasha’s oral participant announced he was about to cum. “Yeah, baby, put it all over my boobs. It makes me so hot.” He pulled out of her oral cavity and spread his jizz onto her breasts, to which she moaned in pseudo- orgasmic delight.

The final scene showed both women straddling the side of the bed, as one of the men worked away on them doggy style. The other men masturbated their penises into the women’s faces and most shot loads of semen in streams for a dual facial.

All in all, a fairly pedestrian gangbang video. If my wife hadn’t been in it about seven years ago, according to the final copyright date, but clearly over the age of 18, I never would have given it a second thought. When the credits rolled, I learned she’d once gone by the screen name of Claudia Cummings.

She’d never mentioned having a dubious acting career. Perhaps she was ashamed. Maybe it’s none of my business what she did before we met. I decided not to mention it.

I check the rest of the videos on the site; only one other featured Claudia Cummings in another gangbang. This one had her with five men who looked in their fifties and sixties, all taking turns deflowering her yet again.

“I like older men. They know how to fuck a virgin,” ask Claudia. She spread her legs and the camera zoomed in on her shaved pussy. She played with the lips of her vulva and picked out a man to help her. His hand went between her legs and she moaned in a highly exaggerated delight.

Even by porn standards, her acting skills were terrible. She tried to seem into it, though it was obvious she was reading her lines, periodically the sound would cut out, and it looked as though the director was telling her off camera what to do. At one point, it appeared as though she was silently mouthing the words, “You really want me to do that?”

I understood why she asked a few seconds later when one of the men pulled her to kneel on the floor and began to ejaculate in her upturned mouth. He was followed by two others. After a camera cut, Claudia then spit out nearly a quart of fake semen onto her breasts and allowed the whitish mixture to run down her body over her bald muff. The video ended with her rubbing the goo into herself and saying, “I’m so fucking glad not to have to be a virgin ever again.”

I searched the site for more of Claudia Cummings. There were a dozen videos she’d appeared in as a supporting player or as the featured actress. Her biggest role was in one flick called, ‘The Horny Games: Gettin’ Soaked’, which featured mostly urine-related activities.

Despite the cringe inducing title, no attempt at parody or anything resembling plot was made. In fact, it started with Claudia Cummings walking into a bathroom and removing her clothing in a slow, clumsy striptease with a cheesy musical loop playing in the background. The camera paused on her tits as she rubbed at them, moaning how good it felt. She pulled off her panties to expose a smooth, hairless crotch and sat on the edge of a large heart-shaped tub and slowly spread her legs to reveal her vagina and she began to manipulate her clitoris.

The next scene involved three men entered the bathroom as Claudia announced, “I’ve been a very dirty girl. I need a bath.” Each man proceeded to urinate onto her face, breasts and stomach. The camera panned down to show streams of steamy golden piss running down to her pussy. One of the men, massaged her clit as the other two continued to pour their yellow torrents onto her.  As the camera moved back to her face, her mouth was opened, appearing reluctantly, and was filled with more pee. She appeared to gag as one of the men commanded, “Drink it, slut.”

The urination was obvious faked and the production quality was poor enough that it was barely disguised. Each of her abusers poured gallons of yellow liquid onto her naked writhing body. Nobody could ever hold that much pee.

Her hair dripped from fake urine as she lay down in the tub. The men began to masturbate and minutes later Claudia pleaded for them to cum, as two squirted near her eyes and nose. The third, after a disjointed screen cut added his sperm to what seemed like a gallon of whitish goo dripping down her face, and she squealed in mock ecstasy.

I sped through the rest of the video as her back was pissed on and then her ass received a thick coat of fake semen. Unable to watch more, I turned it off before the video ended. I hoped the hotel where this was filmed had used plenty bleach on that tub afterward.

More videos featured Claudia Cummings in bondage settings. One called “Sliver Bindings Playpen” featured a redheaded transsexual dominatrix who beat her ass to a swollen bruised mound -- through the magic of makeup and special effects. He/She fucked her in the rectum, as a naked woman spit on her tits and into her mouth. The bondage session ended with her being choked and a faked death scene. With each video, Natasha’s acting skills deteriorated; she was sleepwalking through this one.


After Natasha returned home, I had an intense sex session with her, while the vision of a younger version of her being fucked by a dozen different men played in my mind. I felt as if I was playing the part of a delayed cuckold. I fantasized about having her fuckers all join us at the end and watching as they hammered away at her. After I’d deposited a second load of sperm inside her, I turned away to sleep. I didn’t want to look at her face. I was conflicted between lust and jealousy. I knew I was being a complete asshole.

I lost sleep for days thinking about her hidden past. After having watched some or all her videos, I decided I needed to confront her or risk having resentment eat away at our marriage. When Natasha came home from work on a Friday, I asked, “Who is Claudia Cummings?”

A first she stared at me in silence, as if weighing her options. Finally, she looked directly into my eyes and said, “Claudia Cummings. Claudia Fucking Cummings. I wondered if she’d ever pop up in my life again.”

“So, you were in a bunch of porn flicks?”

Natasha sat on the sofa beside and took my hand, kissing it gently. “Yes. I did porno just after I turned eighteen for a few months. I could tell you I was forced into it or I was just a confused kid with money problems and it was a mistake I’ve regretted ever since. Is that what you’d like to hear?”

From the look in her eyes, I could tell it wasn’t entirely true. “Yes. I can live with that explanation.” There are things in a marriage you need to sweep under the carpet. I could read her enough to realize this was a chapter in her life she’d rather not share with me, not now, at any rate. It happened long before we met and I realized there were things I wasn’t entitled to judge.

She smiled uncomfortably at me and I returned the same uncomfortable expression. We kissed and acted as if it hadn’t happened, nor did we talk about it again.


Every now and then, I still think about the fact I’m fucking a former porn actress and it excites me. It’s not as if there are hundreds of thousands of other women out there that have done some form of porn in their lives.


~Part 3~

Architect and Instigator

On our way to Wyatt’s house, I tried once more to handle a situation that was rapidly spinning out of control. I interjected, “Babe, you don’t need to bring up the past. We let that go. How about we stop for coffee.”

“Oh, no you don’t. This guy is hot and I’m gonna see him fuck the hell out of you. You need to see what getting fucked is all about. You’re gonna be a slut, just like me.”

I’d never seen this side of Natasha. So far, I didn’t care for it and hoped it’d never return.

We reached Wyatt’s house and she pulled me by the hand through the front door. I made another plea to back out, while Wyatt stripped naked. He stood proudly before us, with six pack ABS, toned muscular legs and a massive circumcised erection.

Natasha’s deep brown eyes became wide as her dilated pupils locked onto his manhood. “Oh my god. He’s a fucking Adonis. You’re so going to bang him. You need to learn to take it like a little bitch.”

Before I knew it, I was on my knees with his erect member in my mouth. I moved its length between my lips and kissed at the balls. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and he had a slight taste of ginger. I heard him intonate his enjoyment and Natasha continued to egg me on.

“Lyle sucks cock better than I do, huh?”

Wyatt laughed and attempted to use the opportunity, “I haven’t seen you suck cock yet.”

That was all it took. My penis was soon engaged in Natasha’s mouth, who by that point had already removed her top and skirt. The rhythm of our strokes began to match as I became more engrossed in the situation.

Wyatt pulled my head up as he said, “I think your both great.” He picked up a condom wrapper from the coffee table and Natasha tore it open and then unrolled it over his dripping erection. She giggled girlishly after she kissed the its head and said, “Go get him.”

I went into a doggy position and Wyatt moved inside me and then began a frenzy of deep penetrating strokes. My own penis pounced between my thighs and flicked precum onto my legs and stomach.

Natasha sat on the floor in front of us, transfixed by the activity. I could see her excitement leak through the satin fabric of her panties, which she began to rub vigorously. As Wyatt’s penis travelled the pathway of my rectum, I watched as Natasha’s fingers found their way inside her panties, and her masturbation efforts intensified.

“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to watch you being fucked. Now you know what it feels like being subservient and getting in the ass. It’s the best, isn’t it?”

I didn’t reply, I was too busy enjoying the experience.

She soon pulled them off entirely, spread her legs wide apart and played with her inflamed clitoris. I knew that look on her face well, when she bit down on her lower lip – she was about to cum. She moaned and then slipped spread eagle on the carpet in front of us. Wyatt came at the same time, and I could feel his spasms as his spunk gushed past my sphincter.

As Wyatt pulled out of me, Natasha positioned herself on her knees to present her juicy anus. She lubricated it well with her own vaginal juices. “Lyle’s the best ass fucker, maybe ever.”

I rammed my throbbing penis into her and she squirmed as it invaded her recesses. Ordinarily, Natasha didn’t curse much during sex until orgasm, but with her self-consciousness on hold and an attractive stranger encouraging us, she yelled out, “Yeah, fuck, yeah. Screw my ass. Ram that fucking cock into me.”

After watching for a short time, Wyatt stood in front of Natasha and began to rub and then suck on her breasts. She didn’t express a word of disapproval, instead her moaning increased. Soon, Wyatt managed to slide his legs between us and worked his still hard penis into her waiting coochie. I could feel the movements of his cock as the two of us pumped away inside Natasha. He nuzzled her boobs periodically. She reached forward, and I watched as she jammed her tongue into his mouth. I couldn’t hold out any longer and spewed a full evening's worth of pent-up excitement into Natasha’s ass, and he continue to pump away at Natasha.

I pulled out and rolled on my back and the two changed positions with Natasha on top with Wyatt on his back and her impaling herself onto his pole. “Lyle, kiss me,” she said in her commanding tone. My lips met her and were joined with Wyatt’s. Our three tongues intertwined until Natasha climaxed again with a series of loud verbal vulgarities. Wyatt pushed a few more times and quivered in delight.

Natasha and I dressed soon after and thanked Wyatt for a fabulous evening. He gave a passionate kiss to say goodnight to Natasha. I had no interest in a kiss, instead we fist bumped.

As I drove Natasha home, she said almost nothing, at times looking out to the road and finally pretending to sleep. Once in bed, she rolled over to one side and acted as if she had fallen asleep immediately.

For some strange reason, that I may never be able to completely comprehend, Natasha blamed me for our evening of going too far, when it was perfectly obvious she was the architect and instigator, but like other things that need to be glossed over to keep a marriage going, this was added to the pile and we moved on.

I never managed to get her into the threesome with McKinsey, but she’s told me many wild stories of their times together, apparently the woman was a freak in the sack. Still, I have managed to talk Natasha into getting other women to join us, some that didn’t even know they were bisexual until she started French kissing them, as I looked on and drove my cock into Natasha’s tight little asshole.

~The End~


Submitted: April 24, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Krystal Clear. All rights reserved.

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I like this story. It has lots of weird and unexpected twists. It's not like things I normally read.

Sat, April 25th, 2015 3:10am


Rita, thank you, even though we've never met in person, you are a good friend

Fri, May 1st, 2015 8:37pm


Very creative piece and it was put together nicely. I do like all the twists as those above have commented about. It takes an amazing writer to throw such twists in a story and it still make sense to the reader. Excellent work. Continuing to read the rest of your work.

Sun, May 3rd, 2015 7:02pm


That you. I also enjoyed your story "Closet Archway".

Sun, May 3rd, 2015 1:51pm


Well done Krystal. Great story! I like the complexity of it. One slight error as Lyle was fucking his wife but ejaculated in Wyatt's ass. ;o)

Thu, May 7th, 2015 10:07pm


Opps - thanks for pointing that out. I'll correct that. ~Krystal .....[A fire has been lit....stay tuned]

Thu, May 7th, 2015 3:22pm


Great unique story! I haven't heard from you in awhile, I would love for you to come by and check out my new stuff. I've even updated, 'The Forbidden Fruit' love to know what you think, and I've got some catching up to do on your stories, I always enjoy your stories!

Sun, October 11th, 2015 2:00pm


This was very intense!

Mon, January 4th, 2016 8:14pm

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