For My Husband's Birthday

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A wife gives her hubby a special birthday gift every year - anything he wants her to do sexually. His imagination is the only limit.


By Nikki

Chapter 1

Over a year ago on June 13th, I entered the main room of the club completely naked. No one else took any great notice; everyone else was nude, too. I held my husband’s hand as we looked for another interesting couple. Although the choice of our forthcoming sex partners was ultimately his decision, I could try to subtly influence the selection.

“How about the ones on the corner sofa? She’s really cute. I could see being with her.”

They were a couple of years younger and very attractive. The woman had long sun bleached blonde hair, a dolphin tattoo on her shoulder, and a sexy demeanor. The male was well-built and seemed at ease here. They were nonchalantly drinking sodas and conversing between themselves.

“Let’s keep them in mind. I want to see who else is in the room. Let’s hit the dance floor.”

I knew this would draw more attention to us, but it was June 13th, and I was obliged to go along.

Today was my husband’s birthday and this was a ritual we practiced every year that we’d been married. Not the orgy, but his choice of anything he wanted me to do with or for him. We’d been married ten years and each year it seemed to get more elaborate, limited only by his imagination.

As we danced, we were approached by another couple that asked us to join them at their table of drinks and “to get to know each other.” The woman was short, with a pixie cut and nicely proportioned breasts. The man was tall and black. His cock looked larger than average. Even with a semi-erection it was obvious he’d be the largest cock I’d ever taken. I’d never had an African-American man before, but that wasn’t what I was making me apprehensive. His partner seemed mousey and quiet. She barely said a word.

We talked for fifteen minutes, but once again decided to move on. It was no big deal to them; there were lots of other swingers available to hook up with. Everyone here was looking for the right match up. We took to the dance floor once more.

We’d never attended a “couples only” swing party before. I gathered the club did this every weekend. It took me some time to find a place like this, but it’s what Dave said he wanted this year.

When we first married, Dave and I were completely broke and lived a very Spartan existence. I decided to give him something special for his birthday, the 13th of June, that year.

“Baby, you know how we can’t afford anything fancy? I’m going to give you the best birthday gift you’ve ever had,” I announced with a confident sense of pride at my cleverness.

At first Dave was indifferent to the idea, until I presented him with a handmade card. It simply said, “You can have me anyway you want; nothing is out of the question. Use your imagination.”

He examined the card, and a wicked smile came across his face. “Anything?”

“That's exactly what the card says, right?”

“I want your ass.”

“You get my ass all the time. Four or five times a week.” We were all over each other back then.

“No, I want to fuck your asshole.”

I’d never let him do that to me before. I was afraid of the pain. However, I wasn’t about to go back on my word. I dragged him into the bedroom and stripped naked. He was already waiting on the bed completely undressed and hard.

“Just promise to go easy on me.”

We started kissing and licking, as was the norm for our lovemaking, but then he lubed an index figure and worked it into my anus. It didn’t hurt. In fact, I liked it. Next he added another finger and moved it back and forth within my asshole.

“I take it you're enjoying yourself,” he said as he looked at the way I was rolling my eyes back in delight and kissed me again.

“Stick that fucking cock of yours up my ass. I want it bad,” I genuinely begged.

With that, he applied lube to his penis and worked it gently into me from the backside. Whatever I feared about the discomfort proved completely unfounded. His hand found my clit and he lovingly stroked it until I came in a powerful surge of pleasure.

He continued to pump away at my anus and I floated on the sensation of my rear end being filled by his manhood. He came shortly after yet another orgasm overtook me. It felt wonderful to have his sperm gurgling in my rectum.

“Happy Birthday, baby, I liked your gift as much as you did.”

“Enough to keep doing it from time to time?”

“It’s now a regular part of our repertoire,” I promised. I actually look forward to it.

“Can I have the same gift next year?” he asked almost pleading. “It was the best gift I’ve ever gotten.”

“You can screw my ass anytime you want,” I said, teasing him. I knew what he really wanted, but wanted to hear him said it.

“I want to be able to choose you as my gift every year for my birthday. I get to say whatever ever we do.”

“Alright, I’ll do whatever you want. As long as it’s not illegal, doesn’t hurt anyone, and is possible to set up, but you have to live with it. It’s your choice, but don’t blame me if your imagination goes too far. I’m just giving you whatever you want one day a year.”

It was an odd promise, but it became our tradition. As our financial situation changed, if he’d wanted an expensive sports car, it would not have been out of the question. However, every June 13th, I made up a simple card that said I’d do anything he wanted with me sexually. He always said it was the thing he wanted most. I’ll admit it opened new adventures I’d never have normally agreed to, but enjoyed as much or more than Dave. For me, it was an excuse to do something wild, without self-admonishment.

The next June 13th, my pubic hair was completely shaved, and I was violated by a series of larger and larger didoes.  When I proved myself able to withstand the largest one, he’d bought, we drove to a local adult emporium. I’d never been to a dirty boutique before, but I strolled in wearing a tiny miniskirt and sluttish high heels. All men there watched my every move, and mouths dropped when I picked out a 14 inch black rubber monster. Dave watched as I laid it the counter and told the clerk, I couldn’t wait to get it home. We both laughed ourselves silly in the car, at my audacity. For added fun, I unwrapped the phallus and committed fellatio on it as we drove home.

I made quite a show of how I was suffering as it was slowly thrust into my vagina, but I was easily able to handle it. We both had intense organisms and as a result, I’ve kept my pussy bald ever since.

The following year Dave said he wanted me to work as a stripper at a nudie bar, pick me up there and screw me like a cheap slut. I agreed, but it had to be out of town, since I didn’t want anyone, we might know wondering in and thinking I was moonlighting.

Dave gave me enough time to practice my stripping techniques, and I learned to work a pole fairly well. A week later, I drove to the next county and applied in the early afternoon at a dive called The Pink Box. It was dumpy, but had a decent stage and lighting. I started at 6 PM and served drinks in between my sets. A few customers hit on me, but were respectful enough when I said I was a married woman.

Dance sets involved three songs. For the first, I just danced in my skimpy costume. The second, my top came off and by the third pulled off the bottom and gave the spectators a good view of my cootch. I managed to put a lot of dollar bills in the garter around my leg.

It was 8 PM, when Dave showed. He walked in just as I was undoing my bikini style top to show the men surrounding the dance floor my boobs. To make it more authentic, I’d added a fake tattoo on my left tit of a little devil girl holding a pitch fork. I could see the big shit-assed grin on Dave’s face as he managed to take one of the last chairs available.

As the final song of my set began, I quickly pulled off my shorts and teetered across the stage in 5-inch platform heels. I grabbed onto the pole at center stage and hung by my legs doing two full revolutions. I glanced over to see how impressed he was.

I began to squat on the floor and spread my legs apart for appreciative patrons who tossed wadded up money onto the floor. I avoided going toward Dave. If he wanted a bird's eye view of my tender slit, he was going to have to put out some cash, like everyone else. He got wise and dropped a handful of singles, and I rewarded him by parting my legs and inserting my index finger deep into my hole.

A man next to him slapped him on the back and said something. He told me later, the guy said, “That’s one nasty slut. I’d love to fuck her.” We both took it as a compliment.

The floor manager had already warned me about doing the figure plunge once before, “Ya can’t be sticking your finger in your cunt, bitch. Ya want us to lose our liquor license?”

I sluttishly chomped on gum and replied, “We did that all the time in Philly.”

“Ya ain’t there no more.”

Now he’d seen me doing it again, and he was pissed. I didn’t really give a shit, of course. As expected, I got chewed out again as soon as I exited the stage. “Get your ass out there and do some lap dancing, ya dumb skank,” was his conclusion.

In the changing room, a few other girls got ready for their sets as I changed back into my waitress outfit. Four of us stood in front of a mirror, mostly naked. It was then I noticed, everyone else’s snatch was also completely shaved bare.

“Lanzo’s a real prick sometimes,” said Cassie, a girl with curly platinum-blonde  hair and impressive fake tits. She offered me a line of cocaine to cheer me up. I’d seen several of the other girls do a bit of blow in the dressing room. I’ve never even smoked pot, but I decided if Dave wanted me to act like a stripper, I was going to go the whole route. I bent over and sucked in the powder. It stung like hell at first, but then the rush hit me. As I headed toward a man holding a twenty for a lap dance, I decided I’d keep this as a little secret. Dave didn’t need to know all the details of my adventure.

Ten minutes later, Dave was paying me to grind myself across his crotch. “When can we get to the motel?” he asked. I’ve learned to recognize when my husband gets a case of blue balls. His at that moment, were bright purple.

“Sorry, sir. I might be willing to go home with you, but I’ve still got two sets to finish.”

He begged, “Isn’t there some way to finish up faster. I’ve got to have you.”

I told him, he’d need to endure one more set, but I’d make it a good one. I hit the floor after one more line of coke and danced with an abandon I never felt. I finished by lying in the center of the stage and jamming three fingers onto my box. I was promptly fired, and my stripping career came to an inglorious end.

Still, I’d made 400 bucks for the evening. When we reached the motel, another cheap dump, Dave literally tore the skimpy clothes I was wearing off of me. We fucked off and on for the next two days. It was so buzzed from the dope; I wasn’t able to sleep anyway, so the sex was a great way to use the time. Dave loved fucking his “dirty little stripper,” and had a terrific birthday.

~ ~ ~

His year, he’d selected a swinger's party as his gift. We just needed the right couple to join us. I pointed to a couple about our own age; early thirties. The guy looked like he’d be very impressive when he got fully erect, but I didn’t care that much about his cock. The wife was an utter knockout. Her hair was long and silky and she had a next prefect body. I introduced us, “Hi; I'm Nikki and this is my husband Dave.”

I wanted to watch Dave fuck her, nearly as badly I wanted to fuck her myself. I’d come out as bisexual two years ago, as the result of another of Dave’s birthday presents.

It actually, started three years ago. For the first time, Dave was going to have to be away on business on his birthday. He was bummed. I told him, we could wait until he got back home, but he said it wouldn’t be the same. He could become like a little boy about his birthday.

“What would you like this year?” I asked a month in advance.

He showed lots of self-pity when he said, “I don’t know, maybe you could pose nude for some men’s magazine or something.”

It was that “or something” that left a lot of latitude. It took some planning, but I was fortunate to work and have a friendship with a professional female photographer. I explained what I wanted to do, and she was willing to do a complete photo shoot. Gina admitted to me that she’d posed nude for a couple websites herself, as gratification for her husband. Their marriage had hit a slump, and she’d tried it as a way to light a new fire.

I wanted to do something more than just a simple spread. I bought several wigs that were different from my own light brown color. Most were blonde and flared in an 80’s style. I used heavy eye shadow and a lot of pancake makeup to get the result I was seeking, but in the end, looked that part of a 1980s classic porn star. In the mirror, I looked close to Seka, but with blue eyes and slightly smaller boobs.

Gina had a complete photo shoot setup in my bedroom, and I posed for an array of sexy cheese cake shots. We both loosen up with several glasses of white wine, while I started to show more and more skin.

“You know something, Nikki; I'm still not getting the kind of sexy you’re after,” she said as she emptied her glass.

I held out a dildo and suggested working with that.

“Hmm, I like the idea, but it needs something more.” She pondered the possibilities for a minute. “What about adding a Ginger Lynn?”

“Who would be her?” I asked as I wondered who that even was.

She pulled a few photos off the web and said she and her husband used to be big fans of the old-school pron.  She looked close enough to Ginger, that with the right makeup and wig, she could play the role.

Soon, via Gina’s handheld remote, Seka was tied up by Ginger and had her shaved pussy stuffed with a glowing red dildo. With the right filters, we looked like the originals but with a modern twist.

“What we need is more porn stars and another bottle of wine,” Gina said as she began to French kiss me as the lights flashed recording it all.

With a few wig and costume changes, our scene was joined by Marilyn Chambers, Sharon Mitchell, Nina Hartley, Christy Canyon and an adult Tracy Lords, all in their prime engaged in a lesbian orgy, via the magic of composite photography and photoshop.

We spent hours doing our shoot and changing characters while cheesy 80s oldies played in the background. It was past midnight, by the time we posted the pix to my planned website. I emailed Dave the web address. I figured he’d be one of the few to see them, but when he realized who the actresses were, he’d be able to have a happy birthday by himself.

We’d gone through at least three bottles of wine and had been shooting for hours. It was hard work, but some of the most fun I’d had with another woman in ages. It was like playing a kinky dress up game.

By the next morning, I woke up in bed naked, and I wasn’t alone. Gina lay beside be every bit as naked as me. When she opened her eyes, she asked, “Last night, did we?”

I couldn’t help myself and said, “I don’t know, but we should,” and began to kiss her passionately. I reached for her pussy and she was sopping wet and wiggled with glee at my touch.

We both confessed that neither of us had ever engaged in sex with another woman before, but we’d both always been curious, “It’s sort of like we’re virgins all over again,” she joked.

It didn’t take long for us to figure out what to do with each other though. We went into a 69 position, and I managed to bring out her O face first. I was deflowered lesbian-wise a short time later and breathed in hard as I came in a double waved climax.

It was a Sunday morning, and her husband was out of town, too. We spent the rest of the day in bed, cuddling, making love and experimenting with my assortment of dildos.

We continued our affair over the course of the next two years. I was sorry when she and her husband divorced, and she moved to a different city. She’s since become exclusively lesbian and lives with another woman.

But, she’d once again be a part of my birthday gift to Dave the following year.


Chapter 2

On the Monday after our photo shop I called to see if Dave enjoyed his gift. He said that he’d spent most of the day masturbating to each picture and has only gotten up to shot number fifty.

“Fifty? That should have been everything,” I said.


“No, there’s over 300 shots. I’m working my way through, but I’m getting too excited to look at them all at once. I’ll take my time.”

Shit, we must have been so drunk, that we submitted nearly everything. I checked the website and indeed, there were 324 pictures posted. Really dirty ones of me, as Seka licking Gina’s bald pussy and me spreading my legs apart for Nina Hartley and Tracy Lords at the same time. We must have been really, really drunk.

I consoled myself, that there couldn’t have been that much traffic on the site; I was wrong. Our shoot got a “Special Highlight” award and since posting has gotten over 100,000 views. At least we weren’t too identifiable with the makeup and wigs, but for years afterward, I’ve suspected a few men at work glance at me oddly.

It was no surprise then, when after our new friends at the swinger's club, Taryn and Neil, the husband looked at me and asked if we’d ever met before. He said I looked familiar, but just couldn’t place me. I laughed and said, “I get that a lot. I must have one of those kinds of faces.” I was glad I didn’t have any identifying tattoos.

Neil was a nice-looking man. Not super handsome, but a normal-looking guy and had a relaxed way of conversing. It turned out, they were first timers, too. I was impressed by the way they didn’t appear to be nervous.

“We’ve been here for a couple of hours, just getting used to things. So far, it’s more relaxed that we’d thought,” Taryn said with a pleasant smile. She was mostly eyeing me and I was doing the same with her. She also had a colorful tramp stamp above her ass that told me she’d be wild in bed.

We briefly explained how we did some things out of the ordinary for my husband’s birthday, thus we were here at his choice. “What made the two you decide to try this?” Dave asked.

“Honestly, I’ve been trying to talk Taryn into this for a couple of years. I thought it would spice up our lives. I’m completely straight, but Taryn’s Bi curious.” She blushed at having her orientation announced to strangers.

I gave her a reassuring smile and then squeezed her hand, “I’m devoutly bisexual. I had an affair with a woman for a couple of years. I told Dave about my needs a year ago, and he’s been very supportive.”

It didn’t take much to figure out we found our partners for the evening. Both Dave and Neil began to get rock hard, and I could tell Taryn was ready for her first lesbian experience.

While we finished our drinks, I told the story of my first liaison with Gina.

After our photo-shoot adventure, Gina and I realized this was something we wanted to explore. Although I knew Dave would be understanding, if not downright thrilled, by my need for something he couldn’t provide, it was something I wanted to experience quietly at first. Gina and I got together when we could. Her marriage was crumbling and she needed someone to be her confidant and provide the physical interaction we all crave.

Gina and her husband, Glen, eventually separated, and he moved out, leaving her alone in a house near the city. We’d get together and do things girlfriends do, like go shopping, doing lunch or visiting the beach. The difference was that in the city, we began to hold hands and kiss in public. In the uptown area, it wasn’t noticed. In fact, it was as normal as any other couple going about their business.

We explored all kinds of female to female sexuality. My orgasms were different than with Dave. Not better or worse, just on a different level.

As Dave’s birthday approached, I began to drop hints about the possibility of a threesome. I knew he’d enjoy it. What man doesn’t want two women in his bed at once? When I suggested I might be able to talk Gina into it, he jumped at the chance. “The only restriction is that you’ll have to make do with just her asshole. She somehow thinks that if she gets fucked in her vagina, she’ll be committing some disloyally to Glen, in case they do manage to work things out.”

“But she's OK with taking it up the ass?”

Gina had always said that Glen, hated the idea of anal; it was something about getting shit on his prissy little dick or whatever. So, her anus was available.

Gina and I spent hours getting ready, with lots of makeup, perfume and frilly nighties. She was laying on the bed when I brought a blindfolded Dave into our bedroom. He looked stunned when he saw Gina in red lingerie, long blonde hair, with her legs seductively curled waiting in an inviting pose. I snuggled up next to her, dressed in a tiny black teddy and ran my fingers through the thick tresses of her wavy hair. We kissed, while Dave removed his clothes.

I pulled down Gina’s top and told Dave to suck on her nipples. He went back and forth between them, until I started sucking on the right breast, while he concentrated on the left. I caressed her throbbing clitty and she moaned her first organism of the evening.

She then removed my flimsy garments, and I spread my legs shamelessly in front of my husband, as her tongue explored my burning cunt. Dave rimmed her asshole until I signaled my own climax with loud squeals of joy. 

I moved Gina into Dave’s arms, and the two kissed with abandon. I wondered if I’d feel jealous, but if anything I felt closer to Gina and Dave more than ever now that we were sharing a common experience. I prepared her rectum with a scented lubricant, and Dave rolled over onto his back.

I assisted Gina in lowering herself onto his erection and helped guide it in to the hilt. His cock seemed to completely fill her rear hole, but she was able to move up and down with ease. I licked her pussy again and drank as much of her warm juices as I could. I was actually able to detect the movement of his penis inside her as I continue to perform cunnilingus on Gina.

They both came within a few seconds of each other. After he pulled out, the three of us lay together and drank wine as we rested for the next round. “I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed being sodomized,” Gina said. “I’ve done it in college, but Glen has a thing against it.”

“I certainly don’t. I loved screwing your ass. Any time, you might want.”

“Sorry, Mister, but your birthday comes once a year,” I said in a manner that told him I’d get resentful if he did something with another woman any of the other 364 days. “But if you want to try bisexuality, I could live with that.”

“Thanks, but this door swings one way.” Dave had this whole male macho thing and has no idea what he’s missing, but that’s his choice.

“There is something you should know. This isn’t my first or even tenth time with Gina. I discovered last year; I’m Bi. I hope it doesn’t bother you.” My heart beat a bit faster at the thought I’d just come out as bisexual to my husband, but I owed him the truth. Gina and I both smiled and waited for his reaction.

Dave laughed. “I figured you were, Nikki. I looked at those pictures very closely, and you aren’t a good enough actress to fake the enjoyment you had on your face. I’m fine with you and another woman. I get excited thinking about it.”

Gina pulled me close and asked, “There aren’t any other girls, are there?” before enthusiastically kissing me.

She and I continue to make love until Dave’s cock rose again. This time it was my back door that Dave entered. Gina worked my clit and the two of us took turns kissing Dave and each other. By the time he emptied into my ass, I’d climaxed at least five times. We all slept together for the rest of the night, and Gina departed before the exhausted birthday boy awoke.

~ ~ ~

As I finished my story, I could see that Neil’s jaw had dropped, but his manhood continued to rise. I’m not absolutely sure, but think Taryn may have come once without touching herself. She was excited and asked, “Do we want a private room or go to a cage?”

The club offered three venues for their guests. Some people just fucked on the padded open floor. It was completely visible to all and often others would request to join in. They also have closed rooms with lockable doors with some degrees of discretion, but the walls were thin and everyone knew what was going on.

And then there were the wire-mesh  cages. They also had locking doors, but offered a view of their occupants’ activities, and anyone could watch or root them on. We all said in unison, “Cages.”

We found one in the middle of a row of three cells. We had two other couples on either side of us, but they were too involved in their own world to care much about what we were up to. The door no sooner closed, then I pulled Taryn close and planted a French kiss on her. She returned my affection, and her hand found my vagina. In her eagerness, she was a little clumsy in handling me, but soon began to tenderly caress my hood with finesse.

Our men watched as I pulled her down to the cushions on the floor and began the kiss of intimacy with her dripping muff. I could taste the difference between her and Gina. I hate to admit it, but Taryn’s flavor was sweeter.

She begged for her first experience with cunnilingus, and we changed into a 69 position. Her technique lacked experience, but she made up for it with raw enthusiasm. I was in the same phase only a short time before, so I understood. I came first, but I nibbled her off into an organismic stupor quickly enough.

Taryn moved to entwine herself in my embrace, and we kissed in complete oblivion to our two men leering at us longingly. I had to force myself to realize, I was there for Dave’s birthday, and this was his gift.

Neil entered me, and I watched my husband run his cock into Taryn. The other couple grinned devilishly at each other. They confessed later, that this was the first time for either of them with a different partner of the opposite sex. Dave grabbed my hand, as each of us was grinding away toward cardinal pleasures and squeezed it to thank me once more, for a great gift.

I watched as he fucked Taryn. She was so beautify, especially with her legs wrapped around his body and her red painted toes locked together while she moaned out her excitement of being fucked in front of ten other people intently watching our exhibition.

I closed my eyes and fantasized about Dave having my current lover’s penis in his ass. I would have loved to watch his first Bi experience, but knew it wouldn’t happen. Dave was too hung up with his own social inhibitions to allow such a thing. Still, in my mind’s eye, I envisioned it, and I exploded into a noisy spasm of delight to the sounds of cheers from the peanut gallery.

After Dave and Neil satisfied themselves, we all rested and caught our breath. All of us were exhausted and left for the changing rooms. That wasn’t before Taryn had managed to slip her cell phone number into my hand. My gift to Dave, once again began giving back to me. We’ve seen each other several times in the last year, without our husbands’ knowledge – yet! I’m sure at some point soon, Taryn will come out to Neil that she’s no longer just curious about her bisexuality.

~ ~ ~

Which brings me to this year’s gift. Dave had said he wanted something “special” this time and said he’d make all the arrangements. I agreed as long as it fell within our rules, and if he could live without recriminations, I’d be willing to do it.

As the time approached, Dave dropped a few hints, so I had some idea of what I was in for, but no clue about the arrangements he was making. On the 13th of June at 7 PM I was handed a white box with a large red bow and told to wear everything it contained. Inside was an expensive single piece lingerie set. The powder blue slip must have cost a couple of hundred dollars. Considering it would most likely be torn off me in less than an hour, it was a real splurge. There was also a blindfold in the box.

I prepared myself and dressed in the black leather stiletto pumps provided and waited on the edge of the bed while wearing the covering over my eyes. I heard Dave enter the room. He took my hand to guide me into the living room. “You still contend you have a remarkable sense of taste,” he said challenging my assertions that I could tell the difference between Gina’s and Taryn’s vaginal juices.

My heart skipped a beat when I realized we weren’t alone in the room. “Nothing to worry about, sweetie. There’s just five other guys here.”

No one said a word, but I could hear most of them breathing.

Dave announced, “We’re going to play a game to test Nikki’s taste buds. In this room are another white man, two African-American men, an Asian and Latino man.”

I swallowed my saliva to clear my now dry throat. I had a notion of what was to follow.

“You, Nikki, will perform oral sex of each one while blindfolded, using only your senses of touch, smell and taste, to tell us the race of each man. If you lose, you’ll be fucked by each and every one of them.”

The odds were against me. But, then Dave had made it a game, so I’d put forth my best effort. But, then I thought of something, “What if I win. What’s my prize?”

With all of his careful planning, Dave hadn’t considered that possibility -- men, sometimes.

“Alright, if the lady wins, she can choose whatever she wants.”

Now I had a reason to really try. “OK, if I get everyone right, I want to watch the largest two cocks fuck you right up the ass. Deal?”

Dave was silent for a moment. Even as confident as he was, he hated the consequence of losing. However, the wager made the game all that much more exciting. “OK, it’s a bet,” and I heard clapping.

I was led to the first male, and my mouth was guided over his cock. I was allowed to caress his balls, but he was completely shaved, so that wasn’t much help. I sucked him for a couple of minutes and finally make my decision, “This man’s white.”

“You are correct, Nikki. You move on to the next round.”

Again, I was directed to the next participant and took him into my mouth. He was an easy one. His cock was gigantic and very smooth. “This man’s black. Sorry, African-American.”

He said, “That's OK, baby, call me anything you like, just keep on sucking my cock.” A minute later, he blew his load into my mouth; I to swallow as much as I could.

“I hope this is one of those that’s going to be butt fucking you in a few minutes,” I teased to sound of applause.

Two down, three to go. The next cock was hard, not just from stiffness, but to discern for taste. It had to be either the Asian or a Latino. It wasn’t as if I’d experienced the cock of either nationality. I worked it as much as I could.

“Sorry, Nikki, you’ll have to make a choice. Getting the jizz would be cheating.”

“Alright, he has to be Latino.” It was a pure guess.

Everyone in the room made the sound of “Errrr”.

“Oh, Nikki, I’m sorry. You’ve lost.”

Dave removed my blindfold, and was shocked. It was the other Black male. His penis was the same size as the white men’s, and my preconceived racist notions had cost me the match.

The background music was turned up, and being a good sport, I performed a slow striptease for the group. Still, I managed to whisper into Dave’s ear, “You know, hon, I have my own birthday coming up,” as he smiled with a half grimace.

I started out the rest of the evening by being taken by the black man I’d miscategorized. He put me on the floor and proceeded to enter my box. I wrapped my legs around him and said, “You’re the first black dude, I’ve ever had.”

The other black male said over my shoulder, “As soon as I get this back up, he’s not gonna be the last one, baby.”

As the group yelled their approval, I came without caring that they all knew. Dave was cheering the loudest and I could tell he was enjoying this year’s present.

~The End~

Submitted: September 03, 2014

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Secret Solace

The amount of Nikki's dedication to fulfill Dave's B-day wish is very impressive. She's a devoted wife and willing to do almost anything for her hubby. I'm jealous! Great story :)

Sat, April 11th, 2015 6:45am


Thank you. This was one of my first erotic stories. It is always encouraging to get positive response.

Sat, April 11th, 2015 8:15am

Britt Nicole

That's awesome ! I personally couldn't watch my boyfriend fuck someone else cuz I'd fuck him and her up hahahaha but it is a turn on how devoted she is no matter what !! Nicely done !

Sat, April 11th, 2015 2:57pm


Thank you for you kind response. It helps to know that people have a reaction to the material.BTW, I like how your approach your subject matters. Both Dane and Intoxicating have a very real feel to them.

Sat, April 11th, 2015 8:08am

Alyson Williams

This is so intense and hot I had to read it in pieces! You could have almost made each encounter a separate chapter or short story. Whew! Great writing! Can't wait to read more.

Sat, April 11th, 2015 6:14pm


Thank you so much. I was trying to pack a lot into a small space,

Sat, April 11th, 2015 4:07pm


Like Aly said, you could of easily made this into a series. As you may know, I love group sex stories. Though, that last birthday seemed like it was more for her then him, but I'm not complaining. ;) Great job!

Sun, April 12th, 2015 1:06am


Thanks. This was one of the most fun and easiest to write stories I've done. It seemed to come along very quickly.

Sat, April 11th, 2015 6:11pm

Laura Lewis

I really enjoyed this - what a marriage ;) I don't think I could be so thoughtful with my boyfriend lol

Tue, April 14th, 2015 5:41am


Thank you so much for your kind remark. It means a lot to get response from readers. ~Krystal

Fri, May 1st, 2015 8:39pm


OMG Krystal if this your first attempt then you are sure bound for glory. This was really intense. Oh I either want to really kill Dave now or be in his place. Great writing.

Fri, April 17th, 2015 3:53pm


Thank so much. I love getting feedback.

Fri, April 17th, 2015 10:10am


This is I really fun story. Keep up the good work.

Mon, April 27th, 2015 7:56pm


Thank you so much for your kind remark. It means a lot to get response from readers. ~Krystal

Fri, May 1st, 2015 8:34pm


Fun story. I like that it's narrated in 1st person, too, as that to me seems to develop the character.

Tue, May 19th, 2015 3:51am


Just one word-WOW

Sun, May 31st, 2015 5:18pm

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