Lust Relief University (Chapter 2)

Lust Relief University (Chapter 2)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the second chapter of the Lust Relief University series. For the first chapter, please find it on my profile.


This is the second chapter of the Lust Relief University series. For the first chapter, please find it on my profile.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Lust Relief University (Chapter 2)

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This is the second chapter of the Lust Relief University series. For the first chapter, please find it on my profile.

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Submitted: September 10, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 10, 2014



Chapter 2


Taking a breath, I looked behind the last bookshelf in the history section of the university library. In the back of my mind, I already knew what going on behind the bookshelf, but I still felt nervous about it. Could it really be it? I always thought that such things only existed in the stories that circulated among students, but I never imagined that those stories had a grain of truth. 

I took a peek and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight in front of me. There was one girl on all fours, with one male student fucking her from behind while a second man was fucking her face in the front. Her was body was jammed between these two students, getting fucked from both sides. 

A few steps away from them, leaning against the bookshelf that was against the wall, a second pair was going at it. The woman’s breasts were squashed against the bookshelf, with the man grabbing her waist and slamming into her from behind. 

“Unghh! Fuck me!” the girl moaned. The woman on her hands and knees couldn’t say anything as her mouth was stuffed with cock. 

Then suddenly, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. Ripped out of my trance, I took a sharp breath and turned around. 

“I’m good to go now,” Yoko said.

“A-alright,” I said. 

“What are you looking at?” Yoko tilted her head slightly and tried to get a look behind the bookshelf. 

“N-nothing!” I said out of panic, unsure if I should stop Yoko from seeing what was behind the bookshelf. But then again, since those couples were doing it here in the library, it must mean they didn’t care about being seen. 

Ignoring me, Yoko walked past me and looked behind the bookshelf. I could see her arms freezing at her sides and her eyes fixed on the orgy that was going on. 

“You like this fat cock?” the man said as he grabbed the woman’s face and jammed his meat into her mouth. 

The sound of his cock hitting the back of her throat filled my ears. It was almost too much to take in. The woman gurgled on the man’s cock, but she did not pull away. Instead she twisted and turned her head so that the man’s cock could go even further into her. 

“Hey, give her a little push,” he said and nodded at the guy who was fucking her from behind. 

At first I didn’t understand what he meant with that, but the man soon showed me. 

Grabbing her waist, the guy pushed into her so hard that her entire body was pushed forward, forcing the cock further down her throat. 

“Hnghhh!” she moaned, but did not try to move away. Instead, she remained where she was, her eyes closed, gurgling on the cock that filled her throat. 

Her nose was nuzzling against the base of the man’s cock, her jaw completely unhinged so that she could fit his entire length inside her mouth. 

“Yoko...maybe we should go,” I said and put a hand on her shoulder. 

But she did not move. Yoko stood frozen, her eyes fixated on what was going on in front of her. One woman squashed between two men and getting fucked from both sides while another woman was pressed against the bookshelf and getting fucked from behind. 

Then suddenly, two people walked past me. A man and woman went behind the bookshelf and joined the students who were already there. 

Confused, I watched them. What were they doing here? If they also came here to have sex, did that mean that this was some kind hotspot to have sex inside the library? 

Watching them, I could not believe what I was seeing. Immediately, the newly arrived guy and girl began to take their clothes off. Since the man’s cock was still soft, the woman got down onto her knees and took his member into her mouth. 

With lot of slurping noises, she sucked on his flaccid cock and it grew harder and harder. She bobbed her head back and forth, taking his cock into her mouth while ignoring the other two pairs who were fucking next to them. 

It was so strange. All these people gather here to have sex, but then they ignored each other. Was there some kind of unspoken rule in this place? There were so many questions needed to be answered. 

But just like Yoko, I stood there, my eyes frozen on what was going on before me. 

The man took the woman’s head and began moving it back and forth. 

“Baby, I’m good now,” he said. 

“Okay,” she smiled and laid down on her back. She spread her legs and raised her arms, inviting for the man to mount her. She must have been incredibly horny already, as I could see her glistening of the juices of her wet cunt. 

Without wasting another moment, the man got down onto his knees and rubbed his swollen mushroom head against her wet cunt lips. Then with a push, he was inside her. 

“Harhh!” he groaned, evidently enjoying the heat of her dripping wet pussy. 

“Unghh! Yeah, fuck me with your cock,” the woman challenged him. 

Smiling at her provocation, the man raised his hips and pumped into her. In response, the woman wrapped her legs around his waist and put her arms around his back. 

“Mhmmm,” she whimpered as if she was in pain, but her arms and legs said otherwise. She wanted to have this cock inside her for as long as possible. 

Breathing hard, I watched the debauchery in front of me. The girl in the middle was still having her mouth and pussy stuffed at the same time, her body squashed between two well groomed men. In the back, leaning against the book shelf was another couple doing it doggy style, and in front of us, this female student had her arms and legs wrapped around her man, begging him to fuck her. The floor was covered in shoes, socks, and all sorts of other clothing. Since this area of the history section wasn’t directly under air conditioning, one wouldn’t feel cold fucking here completely naked.

“Yoko,” I said and tapped her shoulder. “Maybe we should go.” 

I thought that Yoko might be uncomfortable seeing this sort of situation, but she did not move. Instead, I could see her blinking and shaking her head sightly. 


“I want...” I heard her whisper. 

Confused, I let go of her shoulder. 

Originally I wanted to simply leave after seeing this scene, maybe ask Noah if he knew anything about it, but it seemed like Yoko didn’t want to go. 

“I want it too,” Yoko turned to me. 

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Those aren’t couples,” she pointed at the people fucking right in front of us. “These people are here just to have sex. They don’t know each other.” 

“Okay…,” I said, not sure what she was trying to get at. 

“People just come here to have sex, nothing more. They don’t know each other and won’t know each other afterwards,” Yoko said. 

“Do you mean you want to?” I asked. 

“What is that saying Americans have? What happens in Vegas…,” 

“Stays in Vegas,” I finished for her. 

“Yes!” Yoko nodded. “But in this case it’s…,” 

“What happens in the library, stays in the library.” 

“Yes!” Yoko laughed. 

I slowly understood what she wanted. She said that all of these people here were simply fucking each other for the sake of fucking each other. Once they were done fucking in here, they would pretend as if nothing had ever happened. In fact, to them, it is like nothing had ever happened. To them, this corner was simply for relieving their lust. Sex was all that happened her, and nothing that happened here would affect their lives outside this section of the library. 

“But, how do you know all this?” I asked her. Noah had never mentioned this to me, it seemed a little strange that a foreigner like Yoko would know this. 

“There is a secret sex and lust forum for this university,” Yoko said. “I came across it while doing research on this university. In there it was listing all the different locations where people could have sex on this campus. Some places are meant for couples, others are designated for people who are horny and simply needed some quick sex.” 

“And you read that this place is for people who want to have quick sex?” 

“Yes! Quick sex!” 

Lowering my eyebrows, I wanted to ask her what kind of search engine she was using to find a secret sex and lust forum for this university. 

But I knew I hit the jackpot with this university. My life would be so much easier now that I knew there was a place where all students could go to if they were horny. 

Before I could think anymore, I felt Yoko put her hand on my chest. “Nothing ever happened here...but do you want it?” 

Swallowing, I knew what she meant. Since all those couples were fucking in front of us, and since this was a place specifically meant for nothing but raw sex, Yoko wanted to try it too. 

Even though we both knew each other, it should be fine. We would just use each other to relief the horniness that came from watching all these other pairs fuck. 

“Okay,” I said with a slightly nervous smile. What a strange feeling. My cock was rock hard and I was so horny that I could rip her clothes off, but at the same time, I still felt quite nervous. Maybe it was because I had been at this university for less than a day, and here I was, getting ready to fuck inside the library. 

Smiling, Yoko began to unbutton her white blouse to reveal a pink paced bra. She had angelic white skin and jet black hair. What a beautiful combination. 

Her voluminous breasts filled up the bra and her blouse fell to the ground. 

“I think...I should get you hard first?” she asked.

It took me a moment to realize what she meant. She was asking if she should give me a blowjob first. 

Honestly, I was rock hard already. But I suppose it couldn’t hurt to get a taste of her mouth. 

I nodded and she got down to her knees. I watched her slim hands undo my belt and pull down my pants. Then she grabbed the elastic waistband of my boxers and my hard cock sprang forth. 

I could see her eyes grow wide as my hard rod filled her vision. She took it into her hands and squeezed it. 

“It’s so hard,” she commented. 

“Yeah,” I said, slightly embarrassed. 

“You want me that badly?” she asked with a giggle and looked up at me. 

Before I could reply, she had stuck her tongue out and was licking the thick underside of my cock. 

Gritting my teeth, I endured her assault on my cock. I could feel the pattern of her tongue, the heat of her saliva. So closely was she pressing her tongue against my rod that I could even feel her breath tickling me. 

Then without hesitating, she reached the top of the tower and gazed upon my thick mushroom head. With a smile she gave it a long kiss before opening her mouth and swallowing it. I could feel her hot tongue swirling around my cock, massaging it from all sides. 

It felt so good, yet crazy at the same time. I only met Yoko about an hour ago. I didn’t know her last name and I hadn’t even kissed her before. Yet here she was, on her knees and filling her mouth with my meat. 

Was this the magic if this secret library corner? This corner that allowed everyone to give into their lust, and fuck and suck to their heart’s content? This place where everyone could just give up their morals and completely indulge their suppressed and insatiable hunger for raw sex? 

I could feel from how Yoko sucked on my cock that she hungered for this moment. This moment when she could suck a man hard and just have him stuff her cunt with no strings attached. Just cock into pussy and enjoy the sheer pleasure of the flesh. Just using this moment right now to fuck without thinking. No guilt, no shame, and no one outside the library would know. A place where one could be honest. 

After sucking my cock for almost a full minute, Yoko stood up, leaned against the bookshelf and pointed her fleshy buttocks at me. I could almost see the juices dripping from her pussy, her hole hot and waiting, ready for me to fuck. 

“C’mon,” she said. “I need it.” 


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