re-occuring dream

re-occuring dream

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


moments are pleasure come so close together, especially when you less expect them


moments are pleasure come so close together, especially when you less expect them


Submitted: January 19, 2007

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Submitted: January 19, 2007



Every other night I dream that I'm there again,

There on that sleeping bag on the living room floor.

Dream that you just start kissing me,

And than everything just falls into place.

You trusted me so much that night,

You gave me something that you can never get back.

I still will never understand why you choose me,

Why you decided that I was the one who deserved it.

I still see your face as you entered,

Still feel your body tremble within as you began to move,

And yet I still remember feeling as though it was meant to happen this way.

It felt as though a slow and steady rush was creeping up on me.

I could feel myself even start to lose control,

And I knew at that moment that things before you been different I would have give you mine as well.

My hands were gripping your shoulders,

Wishing that you would take me hard and fast,

But you took your time.

Changing the rhythm of your body when you saw that I was close to the edge.

Time seems to slow,

Almost stopping.

Everything else fell away,

Until there was only us.

I can still remember the fact that your lips tasted every bit of flesh.

That your hands traced all curves.

That you smiled every time I moaned,

Or that my nails dug deeper into your back.

Absolution was sweet just as I thought it would be.

I felt your body tremble as it hit its breaking point.

I felt it lower down towards mine,

So that it may rest up on.

Your body was shaking,

The beads of sweat dripping down your face,

And mean while all I could do was feel temptation for more,

But I let you rest,

It was a day of many unplanned events.


Part 2

I remember teasing you one time,

Bring you to a near breaking point and than detaching myself.

I remember you asking me for something,

Something I feared doing because of my past.

You had asked me to allow you entrance to my mouth.

I hesitated,

My fears coming out in the open again.

And yet I ignored them.

I still remember that first gasp for air,

Still remember you wanting more.

However I wasn't so passive the following time.

Eventually, after a while, you just stopped asking.

Than after a certain amount of time past,

I had to urge to allow my tongue to tease.

Your mouth opened in shock,

And your hands looked for something to grip.

Your hips slowly started to move towards,

Almost with my tongue.

However my hands on your hips steadied them.

For a brief moment I moved my hands though,

Reaching for yours and placing them on the back of my head.

And when my mouth began to pick up a faster rhythm your gasps became louder and closer together.

The look on your face as I finished was pleasure beyond measurement,

And I basked in that glory.

And even as your lips touched mine I knew it would not be the last time I would see that look.

Part 3

The question became more frequent.

You wanted to please,

And in such a way that involved me being complete defenceless.

That was the part I disliked the most.

I eventually surrender,

Partly to your nagging,

And partly to my curiosity.

I still can hear you whisper those words in my ear,


A smile spread across your face as you kissed down the middle of my body.

You only stopped to look up for a moment before I felt your tongue begin to move.

I body felt instant pleasure.

The feeling becoming more intense.

My body starting to tremble and shake as your tongue dug deeper.

I could see nothing but blurred objects,

Could feel my body getting closer to its release.

You kissed my hip for a moment,

And I thought the pleasure was over.

But no sooner did I think that that you were tongue was back.

You gripped my hips,

Your hands pressing hard as they ran up my sides.

My body arched off the bed,

Release had arrived,

My quiet little gasps had turned into shuddering moans.

You moved towards me,

Taking me in yet another way.

And when all of it was over,

And my eyes were almost shut,

I can still remember those last words you spoke,

"You tasted sweet".

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