Primitive Instincts

Primitive Instincts Primitive Instincts

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


another short story, still a work in progress


another short story, still a work in progress


Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012



It was supposed to be just a fun weekend getaway. Little did I know it would be so much more. Brenda had called me up last week to ask me to go camping with her and her boyfriend and another couple. I really didn't want to be the 5th wheel and was not dating anyone at the moment.

Oh it will be fine. We're just gonna fish and ski, sit around the campfire and hang out. “ she assured me. Somehow I had a feeling she was hiding something. And ,oh was she!!

We all met up at the entrance to the campground. It was very secluded in the hills of Tennesee. Only about 30 miles outside nashville but in a whole other world. No running water, porta-pottys the whole nine yards. But it was rustic and peaceful and was by beautiful Lake Nokimi.

There was Brenda and her husband Jack, and their friends Todd and Marlina, who were just married a few weeks prior. Then out of the backseat stepped Todd's younger brother. I had to catch my breath. He was tall and solid, clean shaven except for the cutest little silver goatee and the biggest, most beautiful eyes I think I have ever seen on a man. We locked eyes for a passing moment and the electricity seemed to crackle in the air.

Jack stepped forward to grasp bailey's hand in a handshake, “Glad to see you could come down Bailey. It should be a awesome weekend. We got plenty of bait, plenty of food and fair weather for days.”

We got all the gear unpacked and set up, then decided there was enough daylight for some skiing. The lake was so calm and warm, no one wanted to go back to the campsite. We spent all afternoon and into the evening on the boat, drinking wine and chatting the night away. That is until Jack got a phone call. There was a big fire at the coliseum in Nashville and all departments were called in to fight it. Todd and Jack both were in Firehouse #3 and Brenda and Marlina were part of the volunteer disaster relief team so they had to go help as well. The weekend was shot. Duty calls Brenda and Jack would have to take Todd and Marlina with them because their truck was still hooked to the boat trailer. Bailey said he would load everything up and drive it into the city for them tomorrow because we all had been drinking except Todd. I know I wasn't up to driving these winding back roads in my condition so I was staying until morning too.

I'll be fine.” I told Brenda.

I am going to sleep anyway. It's been a long day.” I assured her.

She just smiled and hugged me, “ See you tomorrow girl.”


So my tent was on one side of the campfire, Left and right of me would have been Todd and Marlina, and then Brenda and Jack. Bailey's tent was directly across from mine.


He started splitting wood to stoke up the fire for the night.

His arms were so powerful, I could see the muscles straining under his shirt, rippling with every swing of the axe . I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was mesmerizing.

oh you are acting like a high school girl” I told myself,

But what high school girl can truly appreciate the natural beauty of a man at work.

He then proceeded to feed the fire until the flames licked and curled at the night sky, seeming to reach right up to the stars.

I couldnt take it anymore. I had to get out of there

I hopped up and stated “ I am crashing for the night” and headed for my tent. I could feel his eyes burning into my back as I walked to my tent.

I slipped inside, changed out of my still damp clothes and laid down for a peaceful nights sleep.


I was just getting into a deep sleep when I hear someone screaming “OUT OUT GET OUT!!”

I sat up and realized my tent was on fire!

Just as I reached the zipper to open it, Bailey ripped it open and snatched me out to safety.

I am so sorry. Are you OK? The wind changed and carried some embers over and landed on your tent. I will replace everything I swear” he asked breathlessly.


The tent was a total loss, only took a couple minutes for it to burn down to ash. I was left standing in my nightshirt and shorts, no shoes, no blankets. Hell, even my cellphone and carkeys were in the tent!


Just great. Now what the hell am I supposed to do? This weekend just cant get any worse!!” I was almost screaming.


Then it did, it got worse. Unnoticed by me, the sky had clouded up and blacked out the moon and stars. Just as I turned to go to my car, the sky opened up. Before I got to the driver's door, I was drenched. I reached out to open the door and realized it was locked.

Great, just great. “ I thought to myself. Why did I need to lock the doors way out here, I scolded myself silently.

So as I stood there in the rain, trying to figure out what to do, Bailey stuck his head out of his tent.

Hey, the least I can do is let you sleep in here. After all, it is my fault. “ he said apologetically.

I dont bite, I promise” he said deeply.

Not waiting for a second invite, I jogged across the grass to the tent opening. He was holding open the flap so I could duck in. My chest brushed his arm as I slid by, sending chills up my spine.

its just the cold rain” I told myself. But I couldnt deny that my body automatically responded to his touch, my face flushed and I broke out in goosbumps. I quickly seated myself across the tent from him.

It was then that I started to shake. Not just shivering but full on body shakes.

He grabbed a blanket and crawled across the tent towards me.

Here, wrap up or you are gonna catch cold “ he said as he wrapped it around my shoulders.

The rain had dropped the temperature outside considerably, plus me being soaking wet, I continued to shake. Bailey looked at me worriedly, then crawled back over.

Here, you need to get out of those wet clothes. Your body cant warm up with cold wet clothes” he advised

I knew he was right, but I also knew that I didnt know this man from Adam and he was telling me to come sleep naked in his tent!

Ok, but you have to turn around, and no peeking!” I proclaimed.

He said nothing else, just turned his back to me. So I undressed and wrapped the blanket around my naked, moist body.

ok you can turn around now” I said, my voice shaking with every shiver that passed through me.

He turned back around and situated himself in front of me.

You are still shaking terribly, looks like you might have mild hypothermia. You're lips are even blue.” he stated matter-of-factly.

Oh so along with being an arsonist, now you are a doctor too” I said snidely

Actually I am a doctor, pediatrician to be exact” he replied.

And when the body's core temperature drops, the blood vessels dialate in the extremeties and direct it to major organ function. One of the first signs is shivering and the lips turning blue. And you ma'am look like you just gone done blowing a smurf”


I couldn't help but to laugh, here I was, sitting in this man's tent naked and shaking like leaf.


See, I knew that would do it” he said sweetly.

Do what?” I asked.

Bring out that smile” he replied as we locked eyes. There was that jolt of electricity again.

I was still shaking so hard I could barely hold on to the blanket

He looked at me intently, cleared his throat and said “ we need to get you warm. Since its raining, we dont have the option of getting you by the fire. I am worried that if we dont get you warm, you will go into shock. The only option is for both of us to get under the blanket and let my body heat warm you up. I will be a perfect gentleman, I swear.”


Well, even though he was a doctor, he was still a man, a very attractive man. But he is just doing his job, I told myself.

Unable to speak without my voice shaking, I just nodded my head.

He crawled across with the other blanket and spread it out. I laid down and he laid beside me, drawing me into his body. All that was between him and me was his boxers. I could smell his sweet mustiness, it was almost intoxicating. Or was that the wine kicking back in? Either way, I felt safe and protected. I was cuddled up in the crook of his arm, with his arms and legs wrapped around me. My breathing still would not slow and my heart was beating faster then ever. I pulled my head up and met his eyes again, this time I didnt look away. I felt myself curving closer to him, begging for more heat.

your lips are still a little blue” he whispered, ''Let me fix that for you”. He then took my mouth with his, his soft sweet lips sucking on mine, tongue reaching, exploring. My body responded before my mind was even sure what was happening. My back arched into him, pressing, pleading. With one deft move he was over me, still kissing and exploring. He moved from my mouth to my neck, trailing his tongue along my skin, leaving goosbumps in his trail. He dropped his head and captured my breast in his warm mouth. Licking and suckling the hard nipples, leaving them wet and erect in his aftermath. His fingers trailing down my stomach to my belly button, playfully circling and going back up to envelope my bosom once again. I could feel his manhood pressing against his shorts, begging to be let go. The material seeming to be to thin to hold him back anymore. He lifted his head to meet my eyes again in a fiery gaze. Again our lips met in crushing probing kiss, wanting more and more, his hand once again trailed downward, this time not stopping at my belly button. He slid his hand in between my legs and found my pleasure. As a soft moan escaped my throat he caught my mouth in another kiss, possessing me. He continued to explore my inner reaches with his fingers until he found the throbbing bud he was looking for. I was incapable of stopping him at that point. As he slid down, his mouth tasting the saltiness of my skin, biting and sucking every inch of me, I was quickly reaching a peak. Then just as I thought I couldnt take anymore, he lowered his head to my sweet center. I cried out with a primitive growl as his mouth found its target, his tongue circling and exploring every inch of my. He tugged on my pleasure point until I thought I was going to explode. He lifted his head and again locked eyes with me as he rose above me, his obvious pleasure at full attention. I reached out and guided him closer and closer until he found the entrance and pushed his way inside. We both cried out as that connection was made, the moans and groans coming as one. Moving in rhythym, pushing deeper and harder with each thrust, with eyes locked as well as our bodies. Breathing heavier and faster, almost panting as the waves of passion came over us. Riding the waves together, in perfect harmony as we were overtaken by the climax of pure pleasure. He slowly lowered himself back down to me, pulling me into his arms as his hot fast breath started to slow. We quickly fell fast asleep, still connected


The next morning was one of the most beautiful sunrises I believe I have ever seen. The storm had passed, leaving everything all fresh and clean. As I was sitting lakeside, Bailey came to join me.

I believe that is the best sleep I have ever had” he proclaimed as he walked up to me and gathered me in his arms for a kiss that was so gentle yet so full of emotion. It just felt so right, like I had found where I belong. This man that had brought out all my primitive instincts, had met all my passion with his own as we made it ours, was holding on and not letting go.


We still go back to Lake Nokimi every summer. We havent set any tents on fire since, but the love still burns anyway.

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