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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

liana was fifteen years old when she befriended a drifter called tramp, who was four years older than her. for the next year their friendship turned to love but circumstances beyond their control was about to ruin everything for them. tramp didn't want to ruin liana's life and disappeared, he left her heartbroken. nine years have passed and liana is about to marry andy but is having second thoughts, she loves him but she is not in love with him., she is still in love with tramp. two weeks before her wedding liana and tramp meet again........

Table of Contents


  “Yes mom, I will see you in two weeks.” Liana rubbed her forehead with frustration. Once again, her mother had rung her ... Read Chapter


  Ten years earlier Liana sat alone in her bedroom reading one of her favorite books, she could hear the noise of children p... Read Chapter


  The next day, Liana’s mom drove them into the town to do some shopping, while they were in the store her mom asked her wha... Read Chapter


  When Liana and her family returned home from their holiday, Liana’s mood changed to a happier one, she threw all her belon... Read Chapter


  Two days after Christmas Liana’s ankle was feeling better. When her parents had gone out to visit relatives for the day, s... Read Chapter


  Returning to school in the new year was so much easier for Liana knowing Tramp was working at the farm and earning money to ... Read Chapter


  Tramp couldn’t settle that night; he had written his letter to Liana and left her the small birthday gift that he had alre... Read Chapter


  Present time Liana’s heart was racing, she always knew she would see Tramp again one day and there he was, in the flesh ... Read Chapter


  Liana woke in the early hours of the morning and gazed up at Tramp who was already awake, he’d been watching her sleep. Bu... Read Chapter


  The next day, after they had returned to Liana’s apartment for breakfast, she took him to her studio in the city to show h... Read Chapter


  Liana and Tramp walked through the market with their arms around each other early in the morning. They were laughing at the ... Read Chapter


  Liana stood by the balcony window, deep in thought watching the world go by, Andy had just rung her and told her that he wou... Read Chapter


  Liana told Tramp about Andy confessing to sleeping with his ex-wife, also that she had told Andy about him being back on the... Read Chapter


  As Liana and Tramp drove to her parent’s house the next day, her mobile rang several times, every time it rang Tramp check... Read Chapter


  Walking into the village the next day, Liana and Tramp found a store and asked the assistant if they knew who owned the old ... Read Chapter


  Tramp woke up in bed the next day alone, he rolled off the mattress and slipped his t-shirt on wondering where Liana was. He... Read Chapter


  When Sunday came, Tramp and Liana were preparing themselves to meet James Lawton. Liana had dressed in her blue Maxi dress a... Read Chapter


  Monday morning Liana and Tramp went to the studio to safely pack Tramp's paintings and wait for someone to pick them up for ... Read Chapter


  Liana and Tramp had so much fun the first week they stayed at their new home. Sleeping in the caravan was cozy at night and ... Read Chapter


  Tramp ran his fingers through his hair and rolled onto his side. “I don’t know where to start?” Liana could see the ... Read Chapter


    Liana didn’t feel well the next day while she was setting up a website out for Tramp, she had been busy all mor... Read Chapter


  For the next two weeks, Liana and Tramp lived in the caravan on the grounds. Tramp worked hard every day with Liana’s fath... Read Chapter


  It was the day before Liana and Tramp's wedding and everyone was now getting excited. Jean had been a great help to Liana, t... Read Chapter


  For the next two hours, everyone sat in the side room waiting on news of Liana’s progress. Tramp was in shock, he just sat... Read Chapter


  For the next month, Liana’s father and the extra men he had hired, worked none stop on the house. Liana’s mother wanted ... Read Chapter


  The day after Liana and Tramp arrived home they went to the registry office in the morning and booked a new date for their w... Read Chapter


  It was the morning of the wedding, Liana and Tramp had barely slept the night before with excitement, they had stayed up mos... Read Chapter


  For the next two weeks after the wedding, little Neil had settled with Liana and Tramp, he had asked a couple of times when ... Read Chapter


  Christmas day soon came, Liana was now ten weeks pregnant and they still hadn’t told anyone but now Liana was bursting wit... Read Chapter


  Tramp’s emotions were running high on that cold January morning as he stood next to his sister’s grave, he had kept hims... Read Chapter


  As the weeks passed by, Liana had settled herself into a new routine preparing for the birth of her baby, she was enjoying ... Read Chapter


  Liana lay on the sofa, tears were streaming down her face, she was scared and in pain. Tramp was kneeling on the floor next ... Read Chapter


  Thirteen years later. A heavily pregnant Liana rolled around the bed and picked up her mobile from the side cabinet to che... Read Chapter