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Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


liana was fifteen years old when she befriended a drifter called tramp, who was four years older than her. for the next year their friendship turned to love but circumstances beyond their control was about to ruin everything for them. tramp didn't want to ruin liana's life and disappeared, he left her heartbroken. nine years have passed and liana is about to marry andy but is having second thoughts, she loves him but she is not in love with him., she is still in love with tramp. two weeks before her wedding liana and tramp meet again........


liana was fifteen years old when she befriended a drifter called tramp, who was four years older than her. for the next year their friendship turned to love but circumstances beyond their control was about to ruin everything for them. tramp didn't want to ruin liana's life and disappeared, he left her heartbroken. nine years have passed and liana is about to marry andy but is having second thoughts, she loves him but she is not in love with him., she is still in love with tramp. two weeks before her wedding liana and tramp meet again........

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“Yes mum, I will see you in two weeks, now will you please stop crying? it’s only a wedding, I’ve got to go now, bye.”

Liana put down her mobile, sighed and placed her hands over her face. Then twiddling her fingers for a while and looking around her living room, she shook her head and poured herself another drink. Her thoughts then turned to him again, not the man she was going to marry in two weeks but the man she fell in love with ten years ago when she was fifteen.

“Hey Liana,” her friend, Debbie shouted from the kitchen. “I’ve just heard you talking to your mum, don’t sound too enthusiastic about getting married.” She said sarcastically as she entered the room, laughing.

“Did it sound that bad?” Liana asked as she lit a cigarette.

Debbie sat on the sofa next to her, “Yes it did, you’ve been thinking about him again haven’t you?”

Liana sighed, “Yes, I think about him every day but the past few days, I just can’t get him out of my head.”

Debbie put her hand on Liana’s arm and stroked it, “This is ridiculous, you love Andy.”

“I know I do but.”

“But what, Liana, he was too old for you anyway.”

Liana sat biting her nails looking down at the floor. “He was only four years older than me.” She mumbled.

Debbie slowly shook her head, “But he left you, you haven’t seen him for nine years and you’re never going to see him again.”

“I know he left, his home was going to be demolished but he could have waited for me.”

“Liana, if he really wanted you he would have waited.” Debbie said as she playfully slapped her arm, “You better snap out of it.”

Liana pulled away rubbing her arm, “Ow, that hurt!” she cried.

Debbie laughed as she stood up to put her jacket on, “Good and the next one will be even harder if you don’t get your head sorted. I’m just nipping into town; do you want anything?”

Liana thought for a few seconds, “Yeh get me another bottle of wine please.”

“Ok, see you in a bit.” Debbie said as she left the apartment.

Liana stood up and walked over to the window and watched her friend walk towards the town. When she was out of sight, she went into her bedroom and took a box from the bottom of her wardrobe. It was her secret box from when she was younger and it still was, the only person that had seen what was inside the box and knew the story behind it, was her friend Debbie.

Liana sat on her mattress and smiled to herself as she opened the box. Taking out some folded paper she opened it up, it was a pencil sketch of her when she was fifteen, at the bottom of it was written TRAMP. She looked at all the other sketches, there were some of her from the age of fifteen to just before her sixteenth birthday and some of the area that she came from. They were beautifully detailed sketches of the fields, farms, the animals and one of her dog and all signed TRAMP. Also inside the box were perfectly carved animals out of wood with the word TRAMP carefully burned into the small stands. Liana picked one of the wooden carvings up and kissed it then put it back in the box, she then put the box back in her wardrobe.

Walking back into the living room, she suddenly didn’t feel too well and ran to the bathroom and was sick, she had been feeling not too well for days. The stress of her wedding to Andy, was taking its toll on her. Liana also suspected that it was taking its toll on Andy too as he had rung her the night before and told her that he was taking his daughter away for the week to spend some time with her and he would usually ask her if she would like to go with them but this time he hadn’t.


Liana came from a happy home, she had done well with her exams at school and studied art and photography at college. Her parents were proud of her; she was a good girl but they did have a few problems when she turned fifteen but shrugged it off as being a typical teen.

Liana now owned her own photography studio in the city which was quite successful, it hadn’t made her rich but she earned enough to live a comfortable life but she lived a simple life.

Her apartment had two bedrooms, one of them she used as an art studio and the other just had a mattress and a wardrobe in. The living room had one small sofa and several large bean bags, a small television and table and chairs. She had painted different style murals on the walls in each room and the windows were covered with pale different coloured voile curtains.

Her studio was a parents first choice to take pictures of their children. The backdrops for the pictures were all painted by herself and the dress up clothes for them were all hand made by her too. If she didn’t have what the child wanted she would take her time to make it for them for their photo session. Liana also took interest in up and coming artists and for a small fee she would display their work around her studio and sell the pictures for them.

Liana met Andy two years ago when he went to her studio one day to enquire about a photo shoot for his five-year-old daughter as a birthday gift. She spoke to him for a while and showed him around and gave him a price list and questionnaire to fill in with his daughter so she would know what she would like on the day, if he decided to bring her. A few times between meeting him and taking his daughter for the photo shoot, he went in the studio to ask her more questions about the day, she thought it was strange, people normally phoned her if they needed to know anything else.

Andy eventually made an appointment for the photo shoot and took his daughter, on the day he sat and watched Liana work with her, he thought she was amazing. She showed him the pictures on her computer screen that she had taken and he made his order. A week later when he went to pick the photo’s up, that was when he had finally built up the courage to ask her out for a drink. Liana declined but he didn’t give up and eventually she gave in and accepted, Liana at the time was twenty-three and he was ten years older than her.

Over the next year she saw Andy regularly, he was really good to her and she couldn’t fault him as a boyfriend. He was exceptionally patient with her, Liana had always made it clear that she wouldn’t sleep with anyone unless she was married.

On their year anniversary of dating, Andy asked her to marry him, she told him that she would think about it. Her family and friends couldn’t understand why she hadn’t said yes, they all thought that he was good for her.

Liana then told her friend Debbie the reason why she had to think about it, it was because she had been in love with someone else since she was fifteen and always believed that she would see him again one day.

Debbie was shocked, they had known each other for years and she had never spoken about him before, she told Liana that she was crazy and should get on with her life. Debbie also said she was just making up excuses with saying, she didn’t want to have sex before marriage because she was still waiting for a stupid teenage crush that left her. Eventually from all the pressure from everyone, Liana accepted Andy’s proposal.

Now six months later the wedding was two weeks away, she had taken some time from work to prepare for it but the closer it got, she didn’t think that she could do it. She loved Andy but wasn’t in love with him.


For nearly two hours Liana sat on the sofa flicking through the television channels trying to find something to watch when Debbie returned.

Debbie was unusually quiet while she put the shopping away, she made them both a coffee then sat next to Liana on the sofa.

“What’s wrong with you?” Liana asked her.

Debbie frowned a little as she looked at her, “nothing, why?”

“You’ve been quiet since you got back.”

Debbie scratched her head and took a sip of her coffee, “Oh god,” she sighed, “I don’t think I should be telling you this.”

Liana sat up, “Telling me what?” she asked.

Debbie stood up and went over to her coat and took something out of her pocket but kept her hands around it so Liana couldn’t see it. She looked at Liana and took a deep breath, “now I don’t want you to freak out on me, it might be nothing.”

“What might be nothing?”

Debbie bit her lip and shook her head a little at Liana, she looked stressed. “Do you know where the alley is by the side of the market?”

“Yes, I do why?” Liana asked, she was curious now.

“Well there was a man sitting on the bench by it, with a small fold up table and he was selling these.” She said as she opened up her hands to reveal a small wooden carved animal. “They reminded me of the ones you have in your box, so I bought one for you.”

“And?” said Liana.

Debbie passed the carving to her, “Take a look on the bottom of it.”

Liana took the carving from Debbie, she turned it over and on the bottom of the small stand, burned into it was the word, TRAMP.

Liana gasped and her heart began to race, she looked up and stared at Debbie in shock. “I’ve got to go,” Liana said as she ran out of the door and slammed it behind her.

Liana ran through the town towards the market, her heart was pounding through her chest, she hoped that he would still be there sitting on the bench. When she got to the market she was out of breath, she walked as quick as she could through the stalls, bumping into people that were in her way.

When Liana got to the edge of the market, she froze. There, not too far away from her by the alley, sitting on the bench was a man with a beard. His jeans looked worn and dirty and was wearing a baggy t-shirt, he had beside him a fold up table and was selling small carved animals. By the side of the bench was a large rucksack with a sleeping bag and a small plastic box.

Liana’s head was spinning as she slowly walked towards him, as she got closer she noticed that the plastic box was full of sketches. The man saw her walking across towards him then turned away to pick a carving up to show her.

“Would you like to buy one Miss?” he asked as he looked back up at her, holding one of his carvings up.

As he looked at her, she recognised his dark blue eyes and just stood and stared at him. Liana tried to speak but no words came out. She stood in front of him for what seemed like forever.

He cocked his head to one side and curiously looked at her.

Liana’s heart was pounding as tears began roll down her cheeks, her body was shaking all over, “Tramp” she whispered.

His eyes widened as he slowly stood up, he had recognised her, “girl?”

Liana’s time with Tramp began to flash through her mind as if it happened only yesterday.

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