The White Room

The White Room

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


While on a night out with her brother, Tia is separated from him and is attacked, she is saved by a stranger called Marcus.
Marcus quickly becomes friends with Tia and her brother Robbie but soon begins to manipulate Tia and take over her life, driving a wedge between her and her brother. Who is Marcus, what does he really want from Tia and will she completely fall for his manipulative ways?


While on a night out with her brother, Tia is separated from him and is attacked, she is saved by a stranger called Marcus.
Marcus quickly becomes friends with Tia and her brother Robbie but soon begins to manipulate Tia and take over her life, driving a wedge between her and her brother. Who is Marcus, what does he really want from Tia and will she completely fall for his manipulative ways?

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Dancing around the kitchen, singing and using a large cooking spoon as a microphone, Tia didn’t notice her brother Robbie enter the kitchen. As she spun around, she jumped back in fright when she saw him standing in the doorway with his girlfriend laughing at her.

“Argh, you scared me,” she cried, doubling over and holding onto her heart.

“Happy eighteenth birthday my little rock star,” her brother said still laughing at her as he walked across the kitchen to give her a card and present.

Tia was embarrassed, she knew she should have locked the door from the inside, she didn’t mind her brother catching her like that but not his girlfriend. “Are we still going out tonight?” she excitedly asked him.

“We sure are and Maya’s coming too if that’s ok.”

Tia’s heart sunk, Maya was Robbie’s new girlfriend and Tia wasn’t too keen on her. Maya was twenty-two and didn’t seem to know much about fashion or music or anything what girls of her age should know, it was as if she had lived a very sheltered life. Maya was also very clingy with Robbie but Tia could see he was smitten with her. Tia didn’t understand the attraction though, both Robbie and she were loud and independent, Maya was quiet and seemed to rely on him for everything. Tia knew that if Maya came along, the night would not be as much fun with her there but she didn’t want to upset her brother.

“Ok,” she said a little disheartened, “you serve the meal and I’ll go and start getting ready.”

Tia walked into the living room and closed the door behind her, the living room was her bedroom, she had lived with her brother in his apartment since she was fourteen. It only had one bedroom but the living room was large, there was a single bed in the corner for her and a small wardrobe at the end of it. Robbie had fixed a rail on the ceiling and hung large curtains across the room so she could have some privacy when needed.

Tia lived with her brother because their mother had been sectioned into an asylum for trying to murder her.

Robbie and Tia had a happy childhood, their mother was loving and protective of her children, they couldn’t have wished for a better mother but when Robbie turned twenty and left home, that’s when their mother’s behaviour became erratic. Their mother became overprotective of Tia and wouldn’t let her leave the house on her own and she wasn’t allowed to go out with her friends anymore.

Many times Tia had argued with her mother over this and when she tried to leave the house, she locked her in her bedroom. When she realised that Tia was sneaking out of the house through her bedroom window she nailed it down so she couldn’t get out. When Robbie questioned her why she was doing all this to Tia, she just kept crying and saying that Tia needed to be protected but she never said who from.

Robbie once found Tia in her bedroom soaked in her own urine, she had been not able to move for days, she had been drugged by her mother. That was the final straw for him, he then took their mother to the doctor and he said it was just depression, he gave her some tablets and sent her home. Things just got worse and no one seemed to be listening to Robbie and Tia’s cries for help until it was nearly too late.

One night Robbie had made sure his mother had taken her medication before he went home. Tia then took advantage of her mother’s drowsiness and sneaked out of the house to see her friends. While she was out her mother had noticed Tia was not in her room and rung Robbie screaming frantically down the ‘phone to tell him that Tia was missing and she had been taken.

While Robbie raced around to his mother’s house Tia had returned home. When he finally got there he found his mother sitting on his sister with her hands around her throat, strangling her and screaming that the only way to save her from being taken, was that she had to die.

Tia was unconscious and also had two knife wounds to her body, she was rushed to hospital, barely alive.

Tia’s mother was charged with attempted murder, she wasn’t stable enough to be sent to prison so she was sent indefinitely to the asylum, they had not seen her since that day.

When Tia recovered, Robbie tried to find her father and found out he had died years earlier. Robbie then became Tia’s legal guardian and she then went to live with him.

He had a few problems with her for the first year with her behaviour but the doctors said that was to be expected. But with a lot of patience and love from her brother, she began to settle down and eventually went back to school then college. The only problem Tia had since that horrific day, was that every now and again she would collapse and go into a trance like state. Without any warning, she would fall onto the floor with her eyes open and not respond to anything or anyone around her. It would only last for a couple of minutes but she felt like she had been gone for hours. The hospital had done many tests on her but could not find out why she was doing this.

One day Tia told Robbie what it felt like when this happened to her, it was as if she was all alone in a white room and the only sound she could hear was her heartbeat.


Robbie shouted to Tia to hurry up because their meal had been served, but she didn’t answer. He knocked on the door and went onto the living room to see what was taking her so long. he found her on the floor staring at the ceiling.

Sitting on the floor next to her waiting for her to come round, he stroked the hair off her face, it never worried him much when she was like this, he was used to it now. This time though, he was worried because this was the second episode that she had had that week, they had become more frequent as she got older.

After a couple of minutes Tia blinked and smiled at him. He hugged his sister and helped her off the floor, “maybe we should leave going out tonight,” he suggested.

“No way,” cried Tia, “it’s my birthday and I’m not staying in, I feel alright, honestly,” she said straightening her dress and then walked into the kitchen.

Robbie sat watching her eat her meal, she did seem fine and he knew there was never any side effects when she had one of her episodes. Maybe she was just over excited because of going out for her birthday. He reluctantly agreed to go out but if she had another one they would go straight home.

Looking forward to her first legal night out drinking with her brother. Tia was going to make sure she had a good time, she couldn’t see boring Maya dancing the night away with her so she phoned some of her friends to meet her at the nightclub they were going to.


Impatiently rushing through the city, Tia was moaning at her brother to hurry up because he was walking slowly. Maya was holding him back as usual so she ran on ahead without him. Meeting her friends outside the nightclub and full of excitement they didn’t bother to wait for Robbie and Maya to join them, they all went inside to start the night off.

After her first couple of drinks, Tia looked around the club to see if she could see her brother but couldn’t see him. Not worrying too much about it she thought he was most probably stuck in a corner somewhere with Maya.

Drinking more alcohol and dancing with her friends she soon forgot all about her brother and his whereabouts. What she didn’t realise is she was in the wrong club and her brother was frantically looking for her in another one. He tried to ring her but with the noise of the music in the club, she couldn’t hear her mobile ringing.

With the music pounding and dancing into the night with her friends, Tia had started to feel a little drunk, she told them she was going to go look for her brother and get some fresh air.

Tia looked all around the club for her brother but couldn’t find him. Walking into the entrance hall of the club, she took her mobile out of her bag to call him and she could see that he had tried to ring her numerous times. Tia tried to ring her brother back but there was poor reception, so she went outside.

Standing in the night cold night air and shivering in the doorway she tried again to ring him. He answered his phone but the music from the club was still pounding loud behind her and she couldn’t hear what he was saying to her.

Stepping out onto the street to see if she could hear him any better, she didn’t notice there were two men standing nearby. As she walked further away from the club, one of the men walked up behind her and grabbed her.

“Look at what we got here,” he said to his friend with a big grin on his face.

Tia dropped her phone in fright and tried to push the man away, “get off me,” she cried.

The man held onto her and pulled her into a side street, “Oh got a little fighter here, that’ll make it more fun,” he sniggered as he tried to kiss her.

The man’s friend was laughing at him, “make sure you save some for me.”

Tia slapped the man around his face and screamed, she was terrified. He was strong and his grip was hurting her, she felt like she was going to pass out.

The man grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back. “Just do as your told blondie and it won’t hurt too much,” he snarled at her and tried to kiss her again.

Tia was still trying to fight him off and screaming when she heard someone behind her shout at the men to leave her alone. She managed to turn her head around to see if it was her brother but it wasn’t, it was a stranger running to her rescue. “Help me,” she screamed.

The stranger grabbed the man and they scuffled, as Tia fell onto the floor he punched the man hard in the face. The man that had grabbed her then ran off with his friend.

The stranger then helped Tia up off the floor, she was shaking as she sobbed onto his chest.

“What are you doing out here on your own?” he asked her.

“I was trying to ring my brother, I lost him,” she sobbed as she looked towards the end of the street she could see her phone was broken.

Keeping one arm around her and rubbing her arm to keep her warm he passed her his mobile, “if you know your brothers number, you can use my phone and I’ll stay with you till he comes for you.”

“Thank you,” Tia sniffled as she rang her brother.

Within minutes Robbie and Maya were with her, she threw herself into her brother’s arms shaking and crying. She was so happy to see him, she always felt safe with her brother.

Robbie couldn’t thank the stranger enough for helping his sister. When they introduced themselves, the stranger told them his name was Marcus. He was new in town and had actually lost his friends and he was looking for them when he saw Tia in trouble.

Thanking Marcus again, Robbie then decided it was time to take Tia home and he invited Marcus to join them for a drink to thank him which he accepted.

Walking back home, wrapped in the safe arms of her brother, Tia could see Maya was upset that he was showing her no attention, this made Tia dislike her all the more. 

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