The Therapist

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My mother has discovered I’ve been working as a high-class call girl since I was nineteen. She’s paying for me to see a top therapist to help me get better and live a normal life. Whatever she means by that, I don’t know.
My therapist, Richard Knox is twenty years older than me, but I find him attractive. I flirt and tease him by telling him explicit stories of what I did to earn money.
Will I ever break his cold exterior and get the chance to fuck him?

Table of Contents

My first visit

Sitting in one of the most comfortable chairs I’d ever sat in, I gazed around the plain white office covered with dark wooden framed ... Read Chapter

My second visit

I spoke to my mother in the week, she told me that she had seen Richard and asked how my first session went. Apparently, he told her th... Read Chapter

My third visit

Today I have a meeting with a potential new client at six in the evening. I usually meet them for a meal to get to know them a little a... Read Chapter

Meeting my new client

RICHARD I sat in silence as I watched Jessica leave my office. My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to explode. Fuck... Read Chapter


I didn’t sleep too well last night. All I could think about was Richard with that woman. Who was she? Is she his wife or girlfriend? ... Read Chapter

My fourth visit

I didn’t stay at the hotel that night after Stephen had left. It wasn’t until I was about to leave when I realized that he’d left... Read Chapter

My fifth visit

It’s been a week since my last therapy session. Richard has rung my mobile a couple of times. I don’t know what for. I didn’t ans... Read Chapter

Fantasy shower

RICHARD When Jessica left the room, I told my assistant not to put any calls through or disturb me for the next hour. I needed time... Read Chapter

A visit from my mother

I woke up at nine this morning. I was still lying naked on my bed with the curtains open. I must have fallen asleep as soon as my fanta... Read Chapter


I was a nervous wreck when I got myself ready to go out with Richard last night. I didn’t want to overdress so I just wore my figure-... Read Chapter

He's come to fix me

Richard has rung me seven times since I got home four hours ago from our last therapy session. I’ve not answered his calls. I don’t... Read Chapter

The Mountain

It was a two-hour drive to the unit. On the drive there, Richard asked me simple questions, like, what were my favorite flowers, music,... Read Chapter

Two Mountains

RICHARD Last night, Jessica tried to tell me what had happened the night her Uncle raped her. It was like she’d been waiting for ... Read Chapter

The best day ever

RICHARD It’s been two days since Jessica told me what happened with her Uncle and since then, she’s come on in leaps and bounds... Read Chapter

My First

  When Richard carried me through the house and upstairs, I didn’t know who was shaking the most, me or him. He carried ... Read Chapter

The Shower

RICHARD I watched Jessica step out of my car. She looks stunning in her white summer dress and with her long dark hair falling loos... Read Chapter

Meeting Richard's parents

For the next two days, Richard and I spent most of our time in the bedroom. Oh my god, he was like a horny teenager. He told me that I ... Read Chapter

My Mother Returns

When we left Richard’s parent’s house early the next morning, Pamela had made sure we left with a good breakfast. Both of his paren... Read Chapter

The Red Dress

The past week has been amazing. Every day while Richard has been at work, I’ve spent time with my mother. We’ve had fun shopping an... Read Chapter