The Game

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Grace is looking forward to spending time with her brother when he invites her to stay with him for the summer, but when she arrives she finds out he’s invited her for a reason.
His lover, wealthy Caroline Howardson makes Grace an offer she can’t refuse. One million to tempt her husband into having an affair with her and keep everything well documented so she can divorce him for adultery and take him for most of his fortune.
Grace realizes Caroline’s husband is the billionaire Vincent Howardson, even though she thinks it’s a crazy idea, she accepts the offer. Grace is then thrown into a world she knows nothing about and on the first week, Caroline and her brother disappear. Alone, she carries living and working at the Howardson mansion and Vincent takes the bait. When Vincent’s friend becomes involved too, she begins to wonder who is playing the biggest game, her, Vincent or Caroline?

Table of Contents


Grace dragged her suitcase up the steps to the large apartment block where her brother lived. It looked like he was doing well for himsel... Read Chapter


The morning sun warmed Grace’s face as she stood on her bedroom balcony and gazed across the Howardson’s garden thinking how specta... Read Chapter


Grace had just returned from shopping for her new bikini, she opened the door to her room and stepped back in fright. “Richie, what a... Read Chapter


Vincent rolled off Grace and lay on his side. Gripping her waist, he pulled her around to face him and nuzzled his face into her breast... Read Chapter


Vincent and Chris were going through some paperwork and discussing business while Grace relaxed replying to text messages she’d recei... Read Chapter


Grace’s heart thudded in her chest as she sat opposite Chris and the marketing team in the conference room. Everyone sat in silence s... Read Chapter


Dressed in a black sleeveless mini dress, Grace climbed into Vincent’s car and crossed her legs as she relaxed back against the plush... Read Chapter


Grace woke up the next morning in Vincent’s bed and he was nowhere to be seen. She didn’t know what to do, return to her room, or s... Read Chapter


Grace, Vincent, and Chris relaxed in the hot tub drinking wine. “You’ve only ever had one boyfriend?” Chris curiously asked gazin... Read Chapter


The birds singing outside woke Grace up in the early hours of the morning. Grace smiled; in front of her was Vincent lying stomach down... Read Chapter


Grace lay on the sofa in Vincent’s office transferring the numbers from her old mobile to the new one she’d just bought. Vincent an... Read Chapter


Grace gazed out of the car window deep in thought. After having a brilliant night out with everyone, especially Sam, her heart ached; s... Read Chapter


Grace was sitting on Chris’s bed watching him getting dressed. “Will you just go through that with me again please?” “Come ... Read Chapter


“Grace!” Chris called as he entered the living room. “Karen will be here to interview you within the hour. Has your mother emaile... Read Chapter


The sound of Grace’s footsteps running along the gravel path towards the lake was the only sound to be heard outside early the next m... Read Chapter


Chris’s heart thudded in his chest as he stared at Vincent for what seemed like forever. He turned to look at Grace, who was holding ... Read Chapter


Chris kneeled over Grace holding himself up with one arm watching her flushed face turn from side to side panting and moaning with plea... Read Chapter


Grace felt like she was on cloud nine when she returned to the house. She planned on sneaking into the city the next day to buy a small... Read Chapter


Sam kept his arm around Grace acting like they were a couple as reporters took photos and asked questions. Grace was happy to let Sam a... Read Chapter


When Grace arrived at Caroline’s apartment, she made herself a coffee and relaxed on the plush sofa in the living room, thinking mayb... Read Chapter


Grace dragged her suitcase across the bedroom floor and placed it by the door. She’d only packed what she had taken there with her an... Read Chapter


Chris lay in his bed staring at the ceiling; he hadn’t slept all night. Swinging his legs off the bed, he sat on the edge and yawned.... Read Chapter


After settling down at the bed and breakfast, Grace had slept for most of the day. Still feeling tired when she woke, she took a cool s... Read Chapter


As Chris drove towards the city, he was praying that Grace was still at the fitness center. He glanced at the digital clock on his dash... Read Chapter


Chris sat on the arm of the sofa in Vincent’s office watching Grace drinking a rehydration drink the doctor had given her. After chec... Read Chapter


TEN YEARS LATER Chris’s dick stirred as he watched Grace walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. “Remember I ne... Read Chapter