The Debt

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Lacey has lived on the streets for four years and one night crosses paths with Evan Durber who runs everything in the city from the prostitutes to drugs and clubs and not thinking straight and she tells him her real name.
When she beats up one of his high-class call girls, who then can't work for a while. Lacey is taken off the streets by Evan's men to live in his house to pay back a debt she now owes him.
The debt is his losses of ten thousand pounds. But it's not all about the money, he is captivated with Lacey and has other plans for her.

Table of Contents


  Lacey rolled out her sleeping bag in the back doorway of a shop, climbed inside and shivered a little. She pulled her h... Read Chapter


  Lying awake until the birds began singing in the early morning, Lacey loved listening to them, it was always so peaceful tha... Read Chapter


  Walking back down into the café Lacey could see that Jack had left, she told Alison that Margret wanted to see her, bought ... Read Chapter


  Walking across the city towards the restaurant, Lacey began to feel nervous, her body shook all over as she sat on a bench t... Read Chapter


  Lacey’s heart felt like it had exploded in her chest, she felt faint, she took a step back to steady herself. Mike nud... Read Chapter


  Lacey stopped off at Rachael’s room before she left the restaurant, she didn’t have a coat with her so took a jumper out... Read Chapter


  Lacey lay on the back seat of the car with Jim holding her down so she couldn’t attack him. She felt like they had been dr... Read Chapter


  When Lacey had finished her bath, she didn’t know what to do or where to go. Putting on the robe that the housekeeper had ... Read Chapter


  When Lacey woke up the next morning, her head felt like a marching band was stomping through it and she had never felt so si... Read Chapter


  Moving into the living room after their evening meal, Lacey stood in the patio doorway, gazing across the garden. She had en... Read Chapter


  Over the next few days before Ralph and Charlotte’s visit, Lacey tried her hardest to behave but her temper always got the... Read Chapter


  Keeping her composure all evening, Lacey kept a smile on her face and made pleasant conversation with everyone. Whenever she... Read Chapter


  When Lacey woke up in the morning, Evan was lying next to her with his arm wrapped around her, she tried to move out of bed ... Read Chapter


  When Lacey and Charlotte arrived at the restaurant they were drunk. The climbed out of the car, linked arms and staggered in... Read Chapter


  Jack turned Lacey around to face him, she gazed up at him with teary eyes, he had no beard, his face was clean, he didn’t ... Read Chapter


  Evan had just finished talking to Jim on his mobile, he now knew that Lacey had money to survive for a while and there was a... Read Chapter


  EARLIER THAT DAY As Lacey walked closer to the café, she looked behind her a couple of times to see if Jim was followin... Read Chapter


  Evan was in his office looking through the copy of the report his solicitor had given him. There was nothing much in it apar... Read Chapter


  Early the next morning while Jack was getting himself ready for work he seemed in an upbeat mood. Lacey lay on the bed, stil... Read Chapter


  There was an eerie silence in the bedroom, Lacey noticed Evan looking over her, she tried to turn to see what he was looking... Read Chapter


  Everything was silent in the car as the words, because I love you, echoed through Lacey’s head. She blinked several times ... Read Chapter


  Evan sat in his office until nine in the morning watching the bids on his laptop, after he had put one million on Lacey no o... Read Chapter


  After having something to eat and sleeping for a short while, Lacey felt a little better. Yawning, she rolled onto her back ... Read Chapter


  The room was silent. Evan sat open mouthed in front of Lacey, there was a look of confusion on his face, Lacey kept her ey... Read Chapter


  Over the next few days everything wasn’t too bad for Lacey, in the day she spent time with Jim but at night, alone in bed ... Read Chapter


  Lacey’s heart thudded in her chest. “What!” she gasped. “what do they want me for?” “Rachel has reported you t... Read Chapter


  Lacey was full of excitement when got out of Jim’s car and walked towards the café, she couldn’t wait to see her friend... Read Chapter


  Evan and Lacey drove for the next hour in silence and Evan had still not told her where they were going. Eventually they dro... Read Chapter


  Parking alongside Jim’s car, Evan turned to Lacey and held her hand. “You live in my world now Lacey so I am going let y... Read Chapter


  When Evan and Lacey arrived at the hotel, Ralph and Charlotte were already there waiting for them. After settling in their r... Read Chapter


  Over the next ten days as it was getting closer to Jim’s funeral, Evan’s mood was dark. He spent most of his time in his... Read Chapter


    When Lacey was discharged the next day from hospital, the aching in her stomach was easing, but was still very ti... Read Chapter


  Evan stayed with Lacey and her family for the next hour, her father told her that his parents were both still alive but they... Read Chapter


  Lacey was the first to notice Evan at the top of the stairs, she nervously stepped back. “Evan I...” “Go in the be... Read Chapter


I would just like to say thank you for all of you that have followed this story. This is now the last chapter, I can't go any further with this story , I think Evan and Lacey have gone through enough drama. Thank you for all the lovely positive comments throughout , much love to you all :) Read Chapter