The Debt

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Lacey was fifteen years old when her drug addict mother died of an overdose. With not having any family to take care of her, she ran away before child welfare took her into foster care. For nearly six years, she’s survived being homeless.
One night, she witnesses crime boss Evan Durber, about to commit a murder. When Evan confronts her, she’s not thinking straight and tells him her real name.
After he lets her go, she beats up one of his high-class call girls, who can't work until her injuries heal. Lacey is taken off the streets by Evan's men to live in his house to pay back the loss of his call girl’s earnings; ten thousand pounds. But it's not about the money; Evan is captivated by Lacey and has plans for her.
With Lacey’s fiery temper and Evans’s aggressive demanding ways, they constantly clash. As they slowly and awkwardly get to know each other, they don’t realize they are both falling in love for the first time. Will they ever admit their feelings to each other before it’s too late and someone gets hurt?

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I wrote this story several years ago, Looking back on it, there's so much more I could have done to improve the story. I'm now in the process of editing. All chapters have been removed and will be
uploaded once or twice a week. I hope you enjoy the new version. Much love Kitty :) xx
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Lacey lay on her back listening to the birds singing; daybreak was her favorite time of the day. Yawning, she rolled onto her side and ... Read Chapter


  When Lacey returned to the café, she noticed Jack wasn’t there. After telling Alison that Margret wanted to see her, she ... Read Chapter


  Lacey watched Jack enter the alley, she took a deep breath and sat on a bench; already regretting her decision to work Racha... Read Chapter


Lacey took a few deep breaths as she stroked her fingers through her long brown hair. Mike stood in front of her with a notepad and pen... Read Chapter


  Lacey’s heart painfully thudded as she stared at the athletic-built, dark-haired man, dressed in a black suit and white sh... Read Chapter


  Lacey’s legs gave way; she slumped against Evan. She couldn’t believe he’d recognized her. Her thoughts turned to Jack... Read Chapter


  Stepping into the cool early morning air, Lacey smiled when she saw Jack waiting for her. “Hey you,” she called. “... Read Chapter


  Lacey softly blinked as things around her became clearer. Realizing she was in a car; she didn’t remember getting in one a... Read Chapter


Lacey’s heart thudded in her chest as she ran through the living room. Running into the hallway she stopped, quickly glancing at each... Read Chapter


Not knowing what to do, Lacey took a brown toweling bathrobe from the brass hook on the bathroom door and slipped it on. Cautiously ope... Read Chapter


Taking the last dress from the floor, Lacey shoved it into the cardboard box. After spending time checking the clothes Evan had bought ... Read Chapter


Lacey stared in dismay at the large, bald, security man removing the alcohol from the drink’s cabinet; she’d planned on getting was... Read Chapter


  Evan stared into his glass, swirling the whiskey around, thinking about Lacey. After she’d left him on the patio the previ... Read Chapter


  Lacey stared in awe at the white-painted dining room with dark wooden framed pictures of landscapes proudly hanging on the w... Read Chapter


Lacey rolled onto her back and yawned; the sound of Evan in the shower had woken her. Memories of the previous night flashed through he... Read Chapter


Evan stepped out of his wardrobe buttoning his crisp white shirt. Glancing across his living quarters at Lacey who was lying on his bed... Read Chapter


Lacey was running barefoot across the front garden; her long dark hair blew messily around her face. Evan’s security man was chasing ... Read Chapter


  Lacey stood next to Evan in the doorway, watching the fanciest black car she’d ever seen, racing towards the house; the ro... Read Chapter


  The gentle rattle of Maud’s trolley as she left Evan's office was the only sound as Ralph relaxed back in his chair sippin... Read Chapter


Taking deep breaths as she stepped out of the car, Lacey braced herself for an argument. Charlotte made her way up the steps towards th... Read Chapter


  Standing on the patio, Lacey was in a world of her own, gazing at the moon; she was beginning to feel bored. Evan and his fr... Read Chapter


  Lacey struggled as she tried to get away from the man, who was dragging her down the corridor, but his grip on her was too s... Read Chapter


  Lacey woke early in the morning; Evan was lying next to her with his arm wrapped around her. The smell of stale alcohol on h... Read Chapter


Waking with a jolt to the sound of the door knocking, Lacey felt disorientated; she wasn’t sure how long she’d slept. The door knoc... Read Chapter


  Charlotte was still in shock when she and Lacey arrived at Evan’s club; she couldn’t believe Evan had taken Lacey off th... Read Chapter


  Lying on the back seat of the police car, Lacey watched the lights of the streetlamps whizzing past as they sped towards the... Read Chapter


  Lacey spun around and stared at the blond-haired man in front of her. He had no beard. His face was clean. He didn’t look ... Read Chapter


  Evan had just finished talking to Jim on his mobile, he now knew Lacey had money. Flopping backward on the small sofa in his... Read Chapter


EARLIER THAT DAY Lacey hurriedly walked towards the café, she glanced behind to see if Jim was following her; he wasn’t, he had ... Read Chapter


  Evan was in his office, reading the copy of Lacey’s arrest report that his solicitor had given him. There was nothing much... Read Chapter


Lacey lay on the bed listening to Jack whistling, while he was getting ready for work; he was in an upbeat mood. Anger raged inside; sh... Read Chapter


  It was early afternoon when Jim received a second phone call from one of the men that were keeping a watch on Jack. The firs... Read Chapter


  There was an eerie silence in the bedroom; Lacey noticed Evan looking behind her. Evan held her face as she tried to turn to... Read Chapter


    Everything was silent in the car; the words, ‘because I’m in love with you,’ echoed in Lacey’s head. Blinki... Read Chapter