Swept Away

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Madeline O’Neill thinks she lives the perfect happy life. She works for a top Luxury Spa company, lives in a nice apartment, has a great social life, and is dating her gorgeous co-worker, Eric.
One night after drinking alone in a bar while Eric has gone away for the weekend to take care of his ill mother, Joel Harrison, the office shy boy from where Madeline and Eric work, comes to her rescue when a man harasses her outside the bar.
Over the weekend Madeline spends time with Joel and they become lovers. Guilt slowly takes over Madeline, she begins to feel torn between the two men and knows she’s going to have to choose between them. But on the day she makes her decision, a series of startling events changes everything and her world crashes down around her.

Table of Contents


Joel Harrison’s heart raced as he watched the slender figure of Madeline O’Neill walking along the corridor towards their boss’s ... Read Chapter


Madeline stared in awe at the pale blue brick three-story townhouse as Joel fumbled in his pocket for the keys. “Are you going to pho... Read Chapter


Madeline sat at her kitchen table staring into her coffee as she stirred it thinking about Joel’s warm soft lips against hers. Compar... Read Chapter


Joel’s jaw was aching from laughing so much as he and Madeline left the pub. After drinking four pints of lager and two tequila’s, ... Read Chapter


Joel’s eyes slowly opened; noticing the tv had auto turned itself off, he glanced at the clock on the fireplace. It was 6pm. Sadness ... Read Chapter


Sweating and gasping for breath, Eric rolled off Madeline. “There’s nothing better to start the day off than morning sex,” He lau... Read Chapter


Joel opened the cabinet on his bathroom wall and took out a small plastic tray. Opening the tray, he stared at the pills inside it. The... Read Chapter