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Story Time

Status: In Progress

Genre: Other


Status: In Progress

Genre: Other


A short story, written just for fun with some of the characters of my stories on here meeting each other along the way, enjoy!


A short story, written just for fun with some of the characters of my stories on here meeting each other along the way, enjoy!


Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Willow - Willow, Amy, Philip

Tramp - Liana, Tramp, Paul, Chris

Broken 1&2 - Matt, Lilly-Rose, Rob

Paid in Full – Demi, Michael, David, Hanna, Darryl, Max

The White Room – Marcus, Tia

The white Room 2 – Liette, Kallum, Marcus, Tia, (coming soon)

The Debt – Evan, Lacey

Another World – The Lorathoe



Willow sat back into the sofa with a mug of green tea, Philip had taken a week off from work to help her with the boys. Alfie had now started pre-school and Josh was in nursery and he had just left the house to take them there for her. Smiling to herself she relaxed back and gently stroked her stomach, she was due anytime now, finally her family was going to be blessed with a little girl. She heard the front door knock then open, “Willow,” Amy shouted as she walked in.

“I’m in the living room,” Willow shouted back.

Amy walked into the living room and sat next to her, “I’ve found some place in the city to take the children’s photograph’s if you’re still interested,” she passed Willow a magazine, “here take a look at this, it’s so cute.”

Willow took the magazine from Amy and looked at it, in it were black and white pictures of children dressed in old fashioned scruffy clothes, titled Little Tramps, “aww that’s so cute,” she cooed.

“Aren’t they just, I’m surprised you haven’t heard about her before with her being a local.”

“What’s her name?”

“Liana Parker.”

“Oh yes, I’ve heard of her, her husband is the artist known as Tramp.”

Amy’s eyes widened, “really, oh Willow, we have got to go and get the children’s photo’s done there,” she bounced on the sofa with excitement, “I’d faint if her husband was there.”

Willow laughed, “why would you faint?”

“Have you seen him?”

“Yes, and?”

“I think he’s gorgeous with all that long shaggy blond hair,” she wafted her hand over her face, pretending to swoon into the sofa.

Willow giggled and shook her head, “errm excuse me Amy, your married.”

Amy sat back up and frowned, “I know, but it doesn’t stop me having crush on Tramp,” she giggled.


Philip came back in from doing the school run, “hi Amy,” he said as he leaned over the sofa to kiss Willow.

“Have you seen this Philip?” Willow asked, passing him the magazine, “me and Amy are going to take the children there to have their pictures taken.”

Philip smiled and nodded as he read the advert for Little Tramps, “if that’s what you want, I’ll drop you off there if you want to go and check the place out, I’m going in the city in a bit because I’ve got to nip into work for a couple of hours.”


An hour later, Philip drove into the city with Willow and Amy, he dropped them off as close as he could to the studio and told them to go to the factory to him when they were ready to leave.

As they entered the studio they were greeted by the manager, Paul, they sat and discussed a Little Tramps photo session and were told that they were only taken the last Saturday of every month by Liana herself.

While they were talking Chris, the assistant was sorting out another customer. Lilly-Rose gazed at the photos, “these are beautiful, what do you think Matt?”

Matt looked at the photos, “yeh very nice.”

Lilly-Rose sighed, Daisy and Ellie looked so much like Rob. She then felt pissed off with Matt, “you could take a bit more interest.”

“They’re not my kids,” he shrugged.

Chris was surprised, he thought Matt was their father, they looked just like him.

Lilly-Rose paid for the photographs, thanked Chris then her and Matt left the studio.

Lilly grabbed Matt’s arm, “what’s wrong with you today?”

Matt sucked his bottom lip in, “you know what’s wrong with me.”

“You look so much like Rob when you do that with your bottom lip.” Lilly shook her head and walked away from him.

“Where are you going now?” Matt shouted.

“It’s got nothing to do with you!” She shouted back.

Matt ran after her and pulled her back, “you’re going to see him aren’t you?” he ran his hand through his hair, “you know what Lilly, I can’t do this with you anymore. I’ve hung around like a fool hoping that you would give me another chance, you tell me that you’re not ready for another relationship after Rob and I find out you have been seeing someone the past few months.”

Lilly shrugged her shoulders, “and?”

Matt stepped back and stared in disbelief, “you just don’t care about anything do you Lilly but I’ll tell you one thing, you had better stop dumping the girls on me and my mum because one day we won’t give them back to you.”

Lilly just stared back at him with a blank look on her face, he thought at least she would react to what he had just said to her, “go and drink yourself to death then Lilly.” Matt pushed her aside and walked away from her.

Lilly watched Matt walk away with tears in her eyes, “Matt,” she whispered. Lilly knew she needed help but was too ashamed to ask for it, her life had spiralled out of control the past few months. Taking a few deep breath’s, to control her tears she turned around and walked towards her new boyfriend’s club. When she arrived, it was already open, one of the girls that she had become good friends with since she had been going there was standing by the bar.

“Hi Hanna, is Darryl here?” Lilly asked.

“Yes he’s in his office, do you want a drink?”

Lilly sat on a stool at the bar, “go on, I’ll have a double please, how are things with you and Steve now?”

Hanna poured Lilly her drink and passed it her, tears welled in her eyes, “it’s not good, he doesn’t like me working here or stripping, it’s like he wants to change me so we broke up a week ago.”

“Typical,” Lilly snorted, “he knew what you did when he met you, then moans about it, don’t let him take over your life, I’ve been through that shit before,” she then smiled as she felt arms wrap around her waist from behind.

“Hello sexy,” Darryl said as he kissed her around the back of her neck.

Lilly turned around to face him, he pulled her legs up around his waist and picked her up off the stool, “Hanna, I need to see you in a bit about something,” he grinned as he carried Lilly towards his office, “actually make it an hour, I’ve just got to sort this one out first.”

Hanna watched Darryl walk across the club with Lilly wrapped around him, giggling, she was happy for him now he had got someone new in his life. He was also doing well with the club since he bought it off his cousin Max. When Max bought it from Evan Durber, it was a thriving business, Max then let it go downhill, now Darryl had taken over, business was booming again.

Just then her mobile rung, it was her friend Demi calling, she picked her cigarettes up and went outside to take the call. Her friend Demi was full of excitement, her and her husband Michael had decided it was time to try for a baby and had just received their first appointment for IVF. Hanna told her that she was happy for her and arranged to meet her in the city for a coffee at four. Hanna had been feeling a little depressed since her and Steve had broken up and had asked Darryl for a couple of hours off because she wanted to price up a holiday, she was fed up of seeing everyone so happy around her and needed a break.  

While she was outside finishing her cigarette, two men and two women walked past her to go into the club. As they walked in, suddenly one of the women stopped and walked towards her, “have you got a light for my cigarette please?” she asked.

Hanna passed the woman her lighter. The woman lit her cigarette, “thank you, we’re just visiting the area and was just passing by and saw this club open, is it any good in here?”

“Yeah it’s ok, you do realise it’s a strip club though.”

“Oh, is it, that doesn’t bother me?” the woman laughed, “I’m Liette and you are?”

“Hanna,” she smiled, “so how long are you staying in the city for?”

Liette took a drag of her cigarette, “we’re not staying in the city, we are staying at a farm a few miles away. We will be going home in a couple of weeks.”

“Where’s home?”

“A long way away from here,” she smiled as she stubbed her cigarette out, “why don’t you come and join us for a drink, it’ll be nice to talk to someone new?”

Hanna looked at Liette, she was really nice and could do with some company to take her mind off things, “Ok, I’ll get you the first drink but don’t tell my boss,” she giggled, walking back into the club. Hanna poured herself and Liette a drink then sat at the table with her and her friends.

Liette took her drink and then introduced her friends, “Hanna this is my friend Tia, her husband Marcus and his brother Kallum.”

They all welcomed Hanna to their table and sat talking to her for the next hour. They were all so friendly and Kallum couldn’t take his eyes off her, it kept making her blush. They spoke to her like they were interested in her life, she told them about splitting up with Steve and things were a bit tough at the moment for her, she was missing her best friend too because she had settled down. She told them that she was taking some time off work, she needed a break so they invited her to join them at the farm they were staying at. Marcus and Tia told her if she did go with them, they hoped she liked children because they had got four-year-old triplet daughters.


Darryl and Lilly-Rose came back out of the office and Hanna had to go and see what Darryl wanted her for. He wanted her to cover another girls shifts for him for the week and that pissed her off. “No, I won’t cover them for you, I’m sick of working all the time, I need a break too,” she moaned.

Darryl put his arm around her, “calm down Hanna, do this for me then you can have some time off next month.”

Hanna pulled away from him, “I’ve had enough of this,” she cried, pulling away from him. She walked across to her new friends, “I’ve got a couple of hours off now so maybe I’ll see you all again sometime.”

“Are you going into the city?” Tia asked.

“Yeh why?”

“We’ll come with you if you don’t mind, maybe you could show us around?”

“yeh ok, I’ve got to meet a friend first though.” Hanna smiled. Leaving the club with her new friends to go and meet Demi for a coffee, she didn’t think Demi would mind them being with her. When they arrived at the café, she sat talking and laughing with them until Demi turned up. Hanna introduced them to her, Demi felt a bit uneasy about the people Hanna was with, they were a bit too nice for her liking, she didn’t like Marcus or Kallum at all, she thought they were creepy with their clear blue eyes and pure white hair.

David came running into the café, “Demi, look what Michael’s got me.”

Demi shook her head at Michael as he walked in behind David.

“What?” he laughed, “he needed a new telescope, I’ve also booked the boys in for one of them Little Tramps photo sessions.”

“Really Michael, don’t you think they are too old for that?”

“No, it’ll be fun,” he grinned.

David was wide eyed with excitement, “Look at it Demi, its way more powerful than my other one, I can look for that UFO in the sky again.”

“You’ve seen a UFO?”

“Yeh, I told you the other day.”

Demi laughed, “don’t be daft David.”

David dropped his shoulders, “no one believes me, only Michael does.”

Marcus felt sorry for the boy, “I believe you.”

“You do?” David asked, surprised.

“Yes, what colour was it?”

“I don’t know what colour it was but it had a blue glow around it then it suddenly disappeared.”

Marcus looked at Tia, they both knew then that the boy had seen them when they were preparing to land.

“Wow,” said Marcus, “you know what, I’ve read that if a UFO glows orange, it means they know you are watching them.”

David’s eyes were now as big as saucers, “Really?”

“Yes really.”

Demi stood up, “that’s enough, you’ll scare him,” she snapped at Marcus.

Demi and Michael then said their goodbyes to Hanna, little did they know that would be the last time they would ever see her again.


Two weeks later it was the last Saturday of the month, Liana always looked forward to that day, it was always her busiest. Lying in bed next to Tramp she rolled over onto her side and kissed him.

“Do you want me to come with you today?” Tramp asked.

“No you stay here but I want you to come with me tomorrow, I don’t want to go that house on my own.”

“Why are you going then?”

Liana sighed, “I guess I have to, its work isn’t it, plus they are paying double for us to go to them,” she laughed climbing out of the bed.

Tramp grabbed her and pulled her back for another kiss, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too but Lawton will keep you company today.”

Tramp rolled back on the bed and groaned, “I’d rather come with you.”

“sorry business is business,” she laughed.

Liana got herself dressed in her jeans and t-shirt and tied her hair back, as she left the house she looked back at it and sighed, it was so quiet without the children running around, her mum and dad had taken them away for the weekend.

When she arrived at her studio early that morning, Paul and Chris were already there getting everything ready for a busy day. They set the back room up with the Little Tramp dress up clothes and some drinks and sandwiches for the parents and children.

“So Paul what we got today?” Liana asked.

“The first session this morning is with a lady called Willow with her sons Alfie and Josh, her friend will be with her,” he paused to look at the appointment book, “her name is Amy and she’s got a little girl called Melody.”

While they were talking, Willow and Amy turned up with their children, Liana introduced herself and spoke to them for a while. Amy was disappointed that Tramp wasn’t there, Liana laughed when she asked her where he was, over the years he seemed to have gained quite a few female fans.


Later on in the afternoon, Demi and Michael turned up with David, Ricky and Dillon. Liana was surprised, the boys were actually a lot older than what she normally worked with. She had so much fun working with them but David the eldest refused to get dressed up.

When their session finished, Liana was just saying goodbye to Demi and Michael when the door to the studio flung open and in staggered Lilly-Rose and she was crying.

Paul recognised her from when she last came into the studio so he went to deal with her.

“What’s the problem?” Liana asked.

“I had some pictures of my girls done here and I’ve lost them, I’ve searched everywhere, I can’t find them.”

Liana could smell the alcohol on her and sat her down, “Paul, when did she have them done?”

Paul looked in the register, “two weeks ago.”

Liana sighed, “it was two weeks ago and you’ve only just noticed?”

“I don’t know; I don’t know where they are!” Lilly slurred.

Liana felt sorry for Lilly but needed to get her out of the studio, “Ok, all photographs taken here are stored for six months so if you come back Monday I will have some new ones printed for you.”

“How much will it cost?” Lilly sniffled

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll do them for free but only this time, ok.” Liana rang a taxi for Lilly and paid the driver to take her home.

When she walked back into the studio, Paul looked at Liana and shook his head with disapproval, “you’re too soft you are, I remember when she picked them photo’s up, she smelt of drink then, she most probably lost them when she was drunk.”

“I know but look at her she’s heartbroken,” Liana said as she looked at the bookings, “right, we just need to sort out everything I need for tomorrow and the address.”

Chris came out of the back room with all the dress up clothes, props and backdrops that were needed for the next day’s private session that Liana had to go to and put them in the back of her car for her.


The next morning, Liana and Tramp travelled over to the other side of the city, the drive then was another fifteen minutes out of it.

“Are you nervous?” Tramp asked.

“I am a little but we only know what Paul and Chris told us about them, we shouldn’t judge them from their past, anyway they have children now so how bad can they be.”

They found the house they were looking for and had to stop at the gates, Liana got out of the car and spoke to someone on the intercom. As they drove up the long driveway, both Liana and Tramp stared in awe at the sight ahead of them, “Oh my god, look at that house, I mean mansion,” Liana laughed.

“Jesus, they must have some money,” Tramp mumbled.

When they parked their car in front of the house, a tall dark haired man came to the front steps to greet them, “hi, are you Liana and Neil?”

“Yes we are,” Tramp answered.

“I’m Evan, would you like a drink before you get started, I’ll get someone to get your things out of the car for you.”

Liana and Tramp followed Evan into his home, he spoke to someone on his mobile and asked them to get their things out of the car.

“Here, follow me,” he gestured them towards the living room, “Lacey the photographers here.”

A young dark haired woman stood up holding a baby, “hiya, I hope you’ve got some patience, Jimmy’s a bit grizzly today,” she laughed, walking towards Liana and Tramp to show them her baby.

“Oh, he’s so sweet,” gasped Liana, she then noticed two little girls playing in the corner of the room, “are they your other two?”

“Yes, that’s Emily and Eva, they are both twenty months now.”

Evan walked across the room and picked the girls up, “come on let’s get you pair dressed up now.” Both girls squealed and giggled with delight as they hung onto their daddy.

Liana and Tramp set the equipment up they needed to use and spend the rest of the morning taking numerous amounts of photographs of the children. Evan and Lacey were the perfect hosts and they got on really well with them, Evan even told them that he had bought some of Tramps paintings.


When Liana and Tramp finally arrived home, later that evening they were relaxing in the back garden, making the most of their time alone before the children returned from her parents. Liana gazed up at the sky, her eyes widened, “Tramp look up there,” she gasped, “can you see that?”

Tramp looked up at the strange object glowing blue then orange, it then suddenly disappeared, “that’s weird, what do you think that was?”

“A UFO?” Liana giggled.

Tramp took a swig of his beer, “hmmm, ok, if you believe in them sort of things.”

“I believe we’re not the only species in this universe?”

Tramp nodded his head, “I don’t know if we are but I guess we’ll never know,” he laughed and wrapped his arm around her.


Tia was holding to Marcus, crying, “I hate take offs and landings!” she cried.

Marcus laughed and held on to her, “you’re such a drama queen, look at Hanna, she seems ok with it.”

Tia looked across the vessel, Hanna was snuggled up to Kallum, laughing, she was happy, she had chosen to leave with them and Kallum had found his perfect match.

Marcus then changed the engine thrust.

“What are you doing!” Tia cried as vessel began to bounce.

Marcus grinned, “remember that boy in the café the when we first met Hanna?”


“I know he will be watching the skies for us, I’m doing this so our glow changes from blue to orange.”


David sat in his bedroom window, he had been watching the sky every night since he had his new telescope, his heart began to beat fast as he noticed a blue light in the sky. He looked through his telescope, “come on,” he whispered, “I’m watching you.”

Suddenly the blue glow turned orange for a few seconds then went back to blue. Goosebumps crawled all over David’s body, he ran across his bedroom and dived under his quilt. After a few minutes he went back to his window, the light had gone.

David went back to his bed and took a book from his bedside cabinet and began to read stories about Aliens that lived on earth, the best story he liked in his book was about the Lorathoe, there were supposed to be hundreds of them living on earth and the government knew about it. He dreamed one day that he would have the chance to meet one of them. Little did he realise that two weeks ago when he was in the café with Demi and Hanna, he had met three aliens, Marcus, Liette and Kallum.

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