One Night

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Spoilt rich bitch Bella Saunders' mother works for Howard Hartman, who is one of the most powerful men in the country. Bella thinks she’s in love with the powerful older man and lets him take her virginity on her eighteenth birthday.
Bella believes Howard loves her and her obsession with him takes over her life.
One day her car breaks down and she seeks help from a mechanic and his sister in a backstreet garage. Bella becomes friends with Blakey and Sadie, and they show her a way of life she didn’t know existed. Along the way Blakey falls in love with Bella.
Will Bella ever wake up to the fact Howard has been using her and realize that Blakey is the one that truly loves her?

Table of Contents


Bella sat on her bedroom windowsill, watching the staff from the large house across the street leave for the night. Leaning back agains... Read Chapter


Howard sat in his office at home thinking about Bella, it had been a week since the night he had taken her virginity and he hadn’t se... Read Chapter


Bella sat at the kitchen table checking her online bank account on her mobile. Her mother breezed through the kitchen, humming to herse... Read Chapter


For the next week, Bella didn’t see Howard and it was driving her crazy. He was too busy planning the election campaign so there were... Read Chapter


Bella groaned as she reached for her bedside cabinet to turn the alarm off. It was 8am. She’d only had three hours of sleep.  Wh... Read Chapter


In the early hours of the morning, Bella woke to the sound of Howard's mobile ringing. Howard sat up and took it from the bedside cabin... Read Chapter


“Hello,” Bella called as she stood by the open garage doors; she couldn’t see anyone. A young slim blond-haired girl about Bell... Read Chapter


On the drive home to Regis, Bella couldn’t have been happier when she thought about Blakey and Sadie and how much fun she’d had wit... Read Chapter


When Bella returned to the hall, she spent the rest of the night with the other girls that were going to be bridesmaids. Howard stayed ... Read Chapter


It had been a week since Amanda’s wedding and all Bella had done since she’d returned home was stay in her room; either sleeping or... Read Chapter


Bella’s eyes slowly opened as she stretched her arms and legs. Sitting up in the bed yawning, she gazed out of the hotel room window ... Read Chapter


Bella leaned against the cabinet in the office waiting for the kettle to boil, she smiled as her thoughts turned to the past week. Afte... Read Chapter


Lying in bed with the heat of Blakey spooning her was the greatest feeling Bella had ever had. Slowly turning to face him, she was surp... Read Chapter


Bella’s stomach churned as she paced the living room waiting for Blakey to return with the pregnancy test. Tear’s streamed down her... Read Chapter


Bella felt like she was on cloud nine as she began the two-hour journey to Regis. She had tried to phone her mother to let her know she... Read Chapter


Bella stood in the small bedroom doorway staring in disbelief at the pile of suitcases, boxes, and large bags. It felt like her mother ... Read Chapter


Blakey lay on his back in bed staring at the ceiling. He was still in shock from the night before. He’d tossed and turned all night a... Read Chapter


The radio quietly played as Bella sat at the small desk in the garage office; she’d finished sorting out the last of the paperwork fr... Read Chapter


I do apologize for changing the chapter, I've got two endings to this story and I'd uploaded the wrong one. Thank you for reading. Much love to you all KH xx Read Chapter


Standing in the garage doorway sipping on her coffee, Bella gazed up at the dark clouds in the sky wishing she’d put her jeans on tha... Read Chapter