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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Twenty-four year old hardworking plain jane Bethany is offered a temporary live-in job working for the wealthy Redfern family. After settling into her new job and with living away from under her pretty older sister’s shadow, Bethany begins to blossom. She loves her new job and employers but dislikes their spoiled grandson Jude, who the Redfern’s raised from a baby after the death of his parents. Jude is an arrogant good-looking man who has women falling at his feet and Bethany’s dislike for him peaks his interest in her. At first, he sees her as a challenge but soon falls in love with her. Can Jude change his ways to win the girl of his dreams before her placement ends and she returns home?

Table of Contents


Just a taster for a new idea I have for my next story, If this interests you please let me know and it'll continue to upload, much love to you all and thank you for reading. KH :) Read Chapter


Arriving at the train station early the next morning, Rob and Wendy, Bethany’s mom and dad helped wheel her large black suitcase onto... Read Chapter


Bethany woke early the next morning, made herself a coffee and sat outside on her small balcony. Relaxing in her chair, she closed her ... Read Chapter


After a successful first day at work, Bethany was relieved of her duties at 5 pm. From then until 8 pm her time was her own to do whate... Read Chapter


Bethany was searching through her cupboard looking for her deep heat gel to massage on her shoulder, she always had a tube available to... Read Chapter


Bethany had spent some time talking to Margret in the laundry room trying to avoid returning to Mr. Redfern’s room too soon. All sort... Read Chapter


It was 11.30 when Bethany rolled out of bed Saturday morning, it felt good having a lie in. With the weekend assistant taking over the ... Read Chapter


Bethany returned home late in the evening after having a meal in the town’s local pub with Pete. In the afternoon they’d walked aro... Read Chapter


Late Sunday afternoon, Pete packed the back of his car with the things he and Bethany needed to take to the beach while Bethany went to... Read Chapter


When Bethany returned to the Redfern’s house, the food she’d ordered from the kitchen and her perfectly ironed laundry was in the h... Read Chapter


Bethany hadn’t seen much of Pete in the past couple of days, he’d been working hard renewing all the fencing around the property th... Read Chapter


Saturday morning Bethany dressed in her black skinny jeans with rips in the knee’s and a white vest t-shirt, she applied a little mak... Read Chapter


Bethany and her mom were setting the plates out in the kitchen ready to serve dinner. Wendy glanced out of the window when she heard Ro... Read Chapter


Bethany stared at her plate moving the food around with her fork wondering if Pete was only interested in her because she looked like h... Read Chapter


It had been two days since Bethany had finished with Pete and she hadn’t seen him around the house like she normally did, she hadn’... Read Chapter


Bethany stood on her balcony gazing at the wet grass glistening in the morning sun feeling a little disappointed. It had rained in the ... Read Chapter


When Bethany and Jude arrived home after ice skating they were only in the house ten minutes when Eleanor and Harold returned home from... Read Chapter


Bethany was on her sofa with her laptop on her knee talking to her mom on skype, she’d been telling her about Eleanor’s photograph ... Read Chapter


Bethany stood shivering in her wet clothes watching Jude quickly wipe the rain off his horse with a large towel then turn the infrared ... Read Chapter


Bethany’s eyes slowly opened, she blinked a couple of times to clear her blurry vision. Outside the stable there was silence; the sto... Read Chapter


“Mom, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with me and Jude being friends.” Bethany sighed rubbing her forehead. “... Read Chapter


Bethany was feeling a little lost on the Thursday morning while sitting in her quarters looking through her paperwork about taking her ... Read Chapter


Bethany was full of excitement when she left the salon late Saturday afternoon. The house was bustling with the agency staff rushing ar... Read Chapter


Jude’s eyes slowly opened late morning as he stretched his body and yawned. Rolling onto his side, his heart sunk as he stared at the... Read Chapter


Bethany touched up her makeup and placed her laptop on the coffee table in front of her. Brushing her long brown hair, she smiled to he... Read Chapter


Bethany dressed in her new aqua blue silk dress and excitedly slipped on her shoes. “Beth, are you ready?” Jude called as he ente... Read Chapter


Bethany took a sip of her coffee and relaxed on the lounger on her balcony gazing at the garden. It was early morning and the sun was b... Read Chapter


Bethany finished brushing Eleanor’s hair and rolled it into a bun. “I’ve missed doing this for you.” She said slipping a grip i... Read Chapter


Jude carried two suitcases down the stairs and put them in the boot of his car and returned to the living room where Bethany was with E... Read Chapter


Jude reached for the bedroom curtain and raised it a little to see what the weather was like. Releasing the curtain, he gently pushed B... Read Chapter


Bethany thought it wasn’t fair on Jude having to witness any arguing, so she decided it would be best if they were out of the way for... Read Chapter


Bethany sat with her legs crossed on the sofa next to Jude excitedly opening her last birthday present. “Oh, mom thank you!” Bethan... Read Chapter


Bethany’s mom returned from the local shop and placed her magazines on the coffee table. “Are Beth and Jude out of bed yet?” She ... Read Chapter


Jude and Bethany placed their suitcases, all her birthday gifts and bags of new clothes in the boot of the car and returned to the livi... Read Chapter


Jude arrived at the scene of the accident just as the paramedics were putting an unconscious Bethany in the ambulance. He parked his ca... Read Chapter


Bethany woke late morning after having an uncomfortable night’s sleep, her whole body ached especially her head. Reaching for her buz... Read Chapter


Rob remained silent when Gemma climbed into the back of his car, he didn’t know what to say to her. Gemma watched with tear-filled ey... Read Chapter


Close to tears, Bethany wheeled herself out of her room to go and look for Eleanor, Jude had gone into the city and she desperately nee... Read Chapter


Bethany stared wide-eyed in shock at Jude trying to process what he’d just asked her, her head began to spin, she thought she was goi... Read Chapter


It was two days after the interview and Bethany was sitting in the reception in the city college waiting for Sophia to pick her up. Jud... Read Chapter


Wendy entered the dining room feeling worried. “Have you seen Gemma this morning?” She asked Rob. Rob glanced up from his newspap... Read Chapter


Bethany rolled her head back and moaned loud with relief as the physio took the cast from her leg. Feeling the cool air blowing from th... Read Chapter


Bethany swallowed the lump forming in her throat as she stood in the front doorway next to Jude watching the ambulance speed away with ... Read Chapter


Birds chirped merrily in the trees as Bethany slipped her hoodie on and lay on the lounger on Jude’s balcony gazing across the garden... Read Chapter


It was late afternoon the day after Harold had died, Bethany, Jude, Rob, and Wendy were in the living room quietly talking. Eleanor had... Read Chapter


Jude woke in the morning to the sound of heavy rain beating against the bedroom window. He turned to see if it had woken Bethany, but s... Read Chapter


Bethany dressed in her black sleeveless dress and one black shoe with a small heel, so she wouldn’t limp with her cast on, stepped on... Read Chapter


“Tell me what?” Jude said standing in the doorway looking from Wendy to Bethany. Bethany’s heart thudded in her chest, her mout... Read Chapter


After announcing the baby news to Eleanor and Bethany agreeing to move the wedding forward, the next day when Rob arrived to take Wendy... Read Chapter


Bethany stared across the room in a world of her own tapping her pen on the table. With the wedding two days away, the exam couldn’t ... Read Chapter


The house bustled with excitement as everyone with their dressing gowns on made their way to the salon where several beauticians were p... Read Chapter


Five years later Bethany sat at the desk in her office and had just finished sorting through some paperwork. Closing the folder, sh... Read Chapter