Another World

Another World

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


The year is 2116 …… Twenty-one-year-old Kitty lives on the outskirts of the city called the huts. The city is run by a cruel minister who has day patrol and night guards patrolling the city to keep it safe and the huts area to keep those living there in their place. One night while Kitty is out after the curfew hour she has a run in with Jake Hall, the most feared night guard, she survives and doesn’t understand why.
Weeks later unaware the world is under threat of an alien invasion, Kitty goes to visit her friend in the city for a week and runs into Jake Hall again, there is a strange connection between them and they fall in love very quickly. Both are scared and confused but when Jake realises the shocking truth of who they really are, he has to help Kitty remember who she is, but he can’t tell her, she has to find out her own way. Kitty has to remember because when she does there is another world waiting for their return.


The year is 2116 …… Twenty-one-year-old Kitty lives on the outskirts of the city called the huts. The city is run by a cruel minister who has day patrol and night guards patrolling the city to keep it safe and the huts area to keep those living there in their place. One night while Kitty is out after the curfew hour she has a run in with Jake Hall, the most feared night guard, she survives and doesn’t understand why.
Weeks later unaware the world is under threat of an alien invasion, Kitty goes to visit her friend in the city for a week and runs into Jake Hall again, there is a strange connection between them and they fall in love very quickly. Both are scared and confused but when Jake realises the shocking truth of who they really are, he has to help Kitty remember who she is, but he can’t tell her, she has to find out her own way. Kitty has to remember because when she does there is another world waiting for their return.

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Gliding through the air without a care in the world and with the warm wind blowing her long dark hair wildly around her face, this was the only time Kitty really felt free. In the blue sky above her the sun is shining brightly and the warmth of it burns her face. She would float above big houses that had neatly kept gardens with beautiful flowers bordering them, which was a sight she didn't see in the part of town where she lived. Parents are playing outside with their children and people walking their dogs across the fields, smiling and laughing with each other, everyone looked happy. These are the times Kitty felt her happiest, she wanted it to last forever. She wanted to be part of that world, she longed to join them but deep down inside she knew it was never to be. She knew that this was all a dream, the same dream she had time and time again.

After a while Kitty would always feel sad and tired and would need to rest. This dream was going to come to the end just like it always did, she knew this dream so well. She would sit on an old red brick wall across from the fields and that is when the atmosphere would change and everything around her would become dark. A large aeroplane would fly above her and behind the wall she was sitting on there was a large pool of water.

Then everything around her would feel like it was moving in slow motion. Looking down at the water behind her then back up again at the aeroplane she'd feel confused not knowing what this all meant, wanting to get away from it all but was too scared to move and her heart would pound so hard it felt like it was going to burst through her chest. There is a flash of light and the aeroplane explodes and crashes to the ground burning fiercely. The explosion blows Kitty off the wall with such force it throws her into the water behind her. The fall is only a short drop but feels like it's taking forever. The further she falls, the sounds of chaos around her and the fumes of the burning aeroplane fade away, she is drowning but she is not scared, the water is warm and makes her feel safe.


She knows it’s now time to wake up.


Kitty woke up with a jolt, her heart was beating fast, once again she had fallen asleep on the edge of the cliff and was lying on the damp grass. Her eyes opened slowly, looking up at the dark sky, through blurry vision she could see a few stars through the clouds and a full moon glowing. The only sounds she could hear, were the ocean waves crashing against the cliff walls below her and the rustling of the long grass around her. Struggling to stretch her cold body and trying to sit up was difficult, her legs dangling over the edge of the cliff were cold and numb. Putting her arms behind her head and falling backwards into the grass, she always wondered why she had never fallen off the cliff in her sleep. Sometimes she had fallen asleep in strong winds and still she hadn't she been blown off it. Even more confusing was, what the hell did those weird dreams mean that she kept on having? She had been having the same dream for as far back as she could remember and was now having them frequently. 

Yawning and looking back up at the sky, things felt different tonight, she had a strange feeling that something was wrong. Most of the time her senses were right, she wasn't sure what it was but felt tonight she was going to have to keep her wits about her.

Rolling over onto her stomach to light a cigarette she noticed there were two orange lights in the sky. Kitty had spent many years sitting on the cliffs looking up at the night sky so knew they weren't stars and one looked slightly larger than the other. Kitty had never noticed anything like them up there before. She had only seen an occasional aeroplane or police helicopters but nothing that far away in the sky like them.

Kitty had been going to the cliff edge for years, it was her place to go when she could sneak away from the city which was only a short walk away. Where she lived there was no grass to see, just wooden huts on the outskirts of the city. It was so depressing living there but there was no way to get out and actually live there unless you were rich or you were on a level of intelligence that could be of use to it.

Kitty was intelligent though and could get herself a good job there but she always failed her intelligence tests on purpose but kept herself at a level so she wouldn't be thrown out of the hut she lived in. If the Minsters knew how intelligent she really was, then she would have been forced to live and work in the city and that is something she did not want to do. That would have meant leaving her Uncle and there was no way she was going to do that so now she worked in a restaurant. Kitty had worked there for years and was happy there, it didn't pay much but her Uncle who she lived with also worked so they had enough money to live on between them and he always managed to somehow get extra for them, she never went without. Kitty never asked questions how he got any of it. He had always done his best for her, she trusted him and it was his business so in her mind it had nothing to do with her. 

Kitty also knew she wasn't allowed out late at night, especially by the cliffs, her Uncle would not be happy if he knew she was there again. Even at the age of twenty-one, he would still try and ground her for life, the thought of that made her laugh a little. But just sometimes in the night it would be so peaceful and quiet, with waves gently lapping up the sides of the cliffs and gazing up at the moon. It was a place where she could clear her thoughts.

Kitty and her Uncle were better off than some of the other people who lived further out on the other side of the city in makeshift tents or in the woods. They were looked down on by everyone. They had nothing, the only way for them to survive was to scavenge and steal and life expectancy was short for the people who lived there. The day patrol soldiers would pay regular visits to the camps to force the people who lived there to clean up and burn any dead bodies on large bonfires, otherwise the stench from the camps was unbearable. If any woman got pregnant in the camps they were taken to special units and monitored until they gave birth, then the babies would be taken away and sold to rich childless couples.

Many times when Kitty had sat on the cliffs she had seen people that had escaped from the camps jump off, she had tried to stop them from jumping, but it was no use. They were so thin and dirty and she saw so much desperation in their eyes she just let them be. This always made her feel sad and just wished there was a way she could help them all.


Suddenly in the distance she heard loud sirens starting to blare and dogs barking.

"Shit," mumbled Kitty, under her breath.

Flicking her cigarette into the ocean, her heart started to pound and with adrenaline kicking in she found the strength she needed to move with. Quickly she rolled through the long grass along the edge of the cliff, she knew there was a small drop nearby where she could fall onto and hide in the deep curve in the chalky cliff wall that she had carved out over the years. There, no one could see her in times like this. Shivering with fear and cold she curled up as tight as she could and tucked her head into her jumper at least her warm breath would help keep her body a little warmer until she could get off the cliff. She did not know how long she would be there.

The sound of the barking dogs was getting louder but she couldn't quite figure out how close they were. There were men shouting nearby, there was screams coming from someone being beaten begging them to stop, she could hear the men laughing as they were taunting him.

Kitty knew it was definitely after the 9pm curfew. The night Guards were on patrol now. The man screaming was most probably on his way to commit suicide, she had never seen anyone else out there for any other reason. But the night guards would rather beat him to his death for fun then throw him over the cliff themselves, she also knew that if they saw her then she would be beaten or possibly killed too.

The night guards and the day patrol were as bad as each other. The day patrol soldiers wore grey and the night guards wore black. Each had their own set of rules and no matter what they were, it didn't matter as long as the inner city was kept safe. The Minister didn't care what happened outside the gates and from stories she had heard from people, she knew the night guard were the most feared by everyone.

Kitty had never had any dealings with any of them before, she was frightened of all of them so just kept her head down and got on with her life the best way she could. The only thing she ever did wrong was go out at night to the cliffs and that is where the night guard were right now and she knew she was in danger.

Suddenly a dog’s head peered over the cliff, growling. Kitty was terrified, she tried to reach up to grab the dog’s collar so she could pull it down to her and then twist it tight around its neck to choke it. The dog snapped at her fingers and bit them she wanted to scream with the pain but knew she had to stay quiet.

With the dog still snarling and barking, she knew it wouldn't be long before it attracted the night guard’s attention. So with all the strength she could summon up, with her other hand she grabbed the dog’s collar and pulled him onto the ledge where she was and before the dog could bite her again she kicked him off the edge into the ocean. Kitty sighed with relief at least that was one problem out of the way.

The screaming in the distance suddenly stopped, she knew the man that was being beaten was dead.

Once again Kitty crying and shaking with fear curled her slender frame tighter into the cliff wall, she had never been as scared as this before. All she needed was the night guard to go now, so she could give herself a bit of clearance time then get back home before her Uncle noticed that she was not in her bunk.

Sitting in silence waiting patiently for the night guard to leave, Kitty sensed someone approaching the edge of the cliff.

Then she heard a deep angry voice close by shout, "where’s that fucking dog gone?" 

Kitty jumped and tried not to scream in fright, squashing her hands tight over her mouth and trying to control her breathing, she couldn't stop herself from shaking. She thought she was either going to suffocate herself or faint. This time she was sure they were going to find her.

"Oi Jake!" shouted another voice a bit further away in the distance, "leave it mate, it's most probably gone back to the unit, you know it's done that before."

"No", said the angry voice, “something's not right, you go ahead, I'll stay here a while.”

Eyes wide with fear and still holding onto her mouth trying not to cry too loud, she knew if that was Jake Hall’s voice she could hear then she was in serious trouble. 

Jake Hall was one of the youngest, highest ranking officers of the night guard. Everyone knew who he was, he was one who hated the world and all that lived in it.

There were so many stories about him and they were all terrifying, she had seen him a few times before but only from a distance. He had jet black hair and was a strong built man, she knew she wouldn't stand a chance of survival against someone like him.

Kitty heard shuffling above her and then a click of a lighter, then could smell the smoke from his cigarette. 

Gazing across the ocean with tear filled eyes, she blinked her eyes hard to clear the tears away. She could now see the full moon clearly and with the cool night breeze on her face and gently blowing her hair, this could have almost been a perfect night for her to be out.

Minutes later a lit end of a cigarette fell on the ledge in front of her. Kitty closed her eyes tight still trying to control her breathing which was so hard to do when her heart was racing and all she wanted to do was scream. A little while later another cigarette end fell in front of her. He was still standing above her and she knew, that he knew, she was there.

Time dragged on, she couldn't hear him moving about but she could still sense him there standing above her. Her senses had never been this heightened before, even to the point she could smell him above her and he smelt really good.

After a while there was a sound above her which sounded like a metal rattling, then a chain with a ball and four large hooks on the end of it dropped down and dangled in front of her and started to menacingly swing from side to side. She knew for definite now, that was Jake Hall standing above her and that was his weapon. She remembered all the stories she had heard of how he enjoyed to chase people and swing it at them so it would rip into their skin then drag them around with it, then make them run and again and again until their bodies couldn't take no more.

He definitely knew she was there, and he wanted the chase.

More time passed by and eventually there was another click of a lighter and a full cigarette dropped in front of her then the lighter clicked again, he had lit another one for himself. Kitty shook her head, in disbelief, they both knew what was going to happen and he was toying with her now.

Thinking back of all the times she was told not to go out late at night after curfew, she thought of her Uncle and how her death would crush him and he would definitely plot revenge, she smiled a little at that thought. Her Uncle was overprotective of her, she was his blue eyed girl and he always kept her safe and now she had let him down. Kitty's heart sunk.

Looking back down onto the ledge, she really wanted that cigarette in front of her but she wasn't stupid enough to move to pick it up.

Then the reality of her situation hit her again and panic set in. This was it now, the end for her and she began to sob loud. She didn't care if Jake Hall could hear her now, he knew she was there, so, so what. She made up her mind at that moment she was going to jump off the cliff, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of torturing her. The sea was calm and the wind was mild, there was a clear sky and a full moon. This was going to be a beautiful jump.  

Then a calm feeling burned all over her body.

She stopped shaking.

She felt warm.

Kitty's cheeks began to burn up and her body started to sweat.

She closed her eyes and thought to herself, this must be what it feels like when you know you are going to die.

Another cigarette end landed in front of her, the chain moved away and she could hear Jake moving around above her.  

Did he guess she was going to jump?

Is he getting ready to swing for her as she moved?

Once again in the distance the sirens bellowed, this frightened her again. Kitty screamed and sobbed loudly, her cheeks were burning like fire, "this is it now,” she said to herself, "jump.”

Just as she was about to make her move her tormentor leaned over the cliff edge and growled to her, "I'll give you this one, next time you'd better fucking run.”

A confused Kitty didn't know whether to move or not, maybe this was just a part of Jake Hall’s game. Not many people survive an encounter with him and lived to tell the tale.

Sitting for what felt like forever, she calmed down. Her cheeks had stopped burning and she had stopped sweating. All seemed peaceful apart from she could still hear sirens, men screaming and dogs barking far away in the distance.

Kitty crawled slowly onto the cliff edge, her body was aching from being curled up for so long, her legs still felt numb and not knowing what she was going to see when she got to the top, made it all the worse for her. Was she going to come face to face with Jake Hall?

She couldn't sense him nearby, had he really gone?

Slowly standing on the edge of the cliff, still feeling the urge to jump Kitty looked wearily across the fields. No one was there but the sky was just light enough now for her to see in the far distance the night guard doing what they do best and that's torture and murder.

How she had survived the night with Jake Hall?

Kitty hadn't got a clue; no one would believe her if she told them so decided to keep this to herself. Anyway how would Jake Hall know who she was if they ever came across each other again, he had not seen her face. Also if she told people what had happened tonight and this got out and he heard about it then he would be able to identify her.

The night guard have eyes and ears everywhere.

The screaming in the distance stopped, that was her cue to run. The night guard had finished their fun and she didn't want to be theirs again tonight.

There is one thing that she hadn't noticed though, is that while she was occupied watching the night guard, she didn't notice that not too far away on the other side of the field, Jake Hall was standing in the shadows, watching her.

Unaware of his presence, Kitty took one more look across the ocean and at the sky above her, the two orange lights were still there. She hadn't got a clue what they were, all she knew was that she was alive and was staying that way.  

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