Not just another Friday night

Not just another Friday night

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hailey walks into a night club and meets eighteen year old Cindy, they kiss in order to get a free drink and Hailey really gets into it. When the two of them go over to the bar things between the bar tender and Hailey get steamy as Cindy kisses him. When he gets off work and the three of them go to his house things get heated.


Hailey walks into a night club and meets eighteen year old Cindy, they kiss in order to get a free drink and Hailey really gets into it. When the two of them go over to the bar things between the bar tender and Hailey get steamy as Cindy kisses him. When he gets off work and the three of them go to his house things get heated.


Submitted: March 21, 2014

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Submitted: March 21, 2014



The sound of Techno music blasts as moonlight dances across the streets of London, a five foot three slender woman with an hour glass shape struts into a night club without showing her ID to the muscular bouncers, they just let her walk right in. 

When she's inside and the darkness of the club washes over her she smirks with her eyes surfing through the crowd, one dancer in the wave of sweaty bodies stands out to her enough to catch her eye, a four foot eleven red head with a flat chest. 

She raises an eye brow at the red head feeling her pussy grow moist as she watches the girl dance so gracefully on the dance floor to the music surrounded by odorous bodies moving this way and that,  

"I'm Cindy Watson" the redhead grins at the strawberry blonde showing off her crocked teeth, the blonde nods at her curling her fingers around the skinny wrist of the girl with red hair "I'm here celebrating my eighteenth birthday." 

"I'm Hailey Parker" the  other girl with strawberry blonde hair mutters to Cindy, the two girls stand there in the crowd looking at one another and talking over the sound of the music that buzzes through the club "congratulations on having just turned eighteen." 

"I'm pretty excited about it myself" Cindy nods her head with a grin on her thin lips, she takes a step toward Hailey and watches her tilt her head to the right side in response "if you don't mind my asking, how old are you?" 

"Twenty-one and a half in three days" confesses Hailey with a casual nod of her head, Cindy takes a step closer to her and places her hands in the pockets of her light blue jeans that are loose on her even with the leather belt she wears through the loops. 

"Oh, wow" Cindy replies with excitement blazing in her eyes, Hailey glances around in the club looking for the exit, when her eyes fall upon it she can't help but notice the bar tender staring at her ass with a hungry expression shinning in his eyes. 

Hailey winks at him before turning her eyes back to Cindy who is running both her hands through her shoulder length curly cherry red hair, without a word of warning or anything she presses her lips softly to Cindy's feeling her smooth skin on hers. 

Cindy pulls her face back with her eye brows pulled together and a confused expression on her face "what are you doing, Hailey?"  

"I'm kissing you so that we can get free drinks from the bar tender" Hailey confesses with the raise of her eye brow, Cindy gulps nervously obviously not as comfortable with it as she is "don't be nervous Cindy, after this I will reward you with ice cream." 

Cindy nods her head once pressing her lips together, Hailey kisses her cheek gently taking in the smell of her strawberry scented shampoo and her cotton candy scented body spray, Cindy places her hands on the shoulders of the strawberry blonde. 

Hailey brings her lips to Cindy's with a soft kiss 

Hailey drops one hand down to the top of Cindy's pants, she unbuckles her jeans and slides her hand down to her hairy pussy, Cindy bites Hailey's lip in response feeling herself become moist with excitement of the anticipation. 

Hailey rubs her hand against Cindy's clit while the kiss becomes one of more intensity, she thrusts her tongue down her throat hungrily devouring her lips, Cindy moans into her mouth when Hailey pinches her clit. 

Hailey stuffs two of her fingers inside of Cindy's pussy feeling the eyes of the bar tender on them, she can tell that he wants her, the both of them to be more exact and she enjoys putting on a show for him to watch. 

Hailey kisses Cindy hard and thrusts her wet pussy until she can't take any more and orgasms around her fingers, Hailey smirks against her lips and pulls her face back, her nipples are hard in her bra when she removes her hand from Cindy's pussy. 

Hailey turns to the bartender staring at him as she sticks her two fingers in her mouth and sucks the wetness from Cindy off of her, the bartender raises an eye brow in response with a horny look in his eyes, the adrenaline rushes through her veins. 

"That felt good" Cindy confesses in a hushed tone as she buckles her belt again and bites down on her lip, Hailey turns her gaze to her and smacks her ass so hard that the red head yelps in response "what'd you do that for?" 

"We are going to go over and talk to the bar tender" Hailey tells Cindy with a wink of her dark brown eye, Cindy follows her over to the bar when they sit on high bar stools, Hailey peers over the counter noticing the bar tender's boner pocking up in his black pants. 

"What can I get for you two ladies tonight?" asks the bar tender with anticipation on his face, Hailey presses her lips together pointing her index finger down at his boner, he motions for her to come behind the counter which she does. 

Hailey drops down to her knees and pulls his dick out of his pants, she pushes the length of him in her mouth as Cindy leans over the counter trying to make her chest look bigger "I'm not old enough for a drink because I'm eighteen but I will take a water if you have that." 

"You come to a night club and ask for water?" he asks with his eye brows pulled together trying to keep a straight face as Hailey slides him in and out of her mouth, Cindy nods her head once pressing her legs together. 

The bartender gets her a glass of water then tangles his fingers in Hailey's hair pushing himself further in her mouth so that he's balls deep inside of her pushing past her gag reflex, she digs her nails into his hips and rubs her tongue against him. 

Cindy takes the glass of water and drinks it down in three gulps before she places it down and leans over the counter so her face stands inches from his, when she glances down at Hailey seeing her deep throat him she feels her pussy grow wetter and bite down on her bottom lip. 

"I'm Nick and by any chance would you happen to be... a virgin?" the bar tender mutters in a hushed tone, Cindy flicks her eyes up at him in response and opens her mouth to say something but no words come out, instead she just nods. 

"I'm Cindy by the way and the girl on your you know is Hailey" she confesses with a soft sigh escaping her lips, the bar tender lens across the bar cupping her face in his right hand and he kisses her lips ever so gently without another word. 

Nick moans into Cindy's mouth as his cum slides down Hailey's throat, she keeps his dick in her mouth as she swallows every last drop of his sperm, Cindy kisses him back placing her hands on his broad shoulders. 

Nick pulls his cock back into his pants and takes a step back looking down at Hailey for a moment then up at Cindy before he smirks and mutters "I get off work in thirty minuets, wait for me ladies and I promise that I'll make it worth your while." 

Hailey stands to her feet wiping her lips on the back of her hand, she raises an eye brow at him with a grin on her thick lips, he reaches around her and smacks her ass lightly, she moans ever so softly "I love being spanked, Nick." 

Hailey walks around the corner of the counter so that she's standing in front of Cindy, the two of them return to the dance floor dancing with each other while Nick keeps his eyes on them the entire time, when he gets off work he drives both of them to his house and leads the girls to his bedroom.  

Nick locks the door behind them as Hailey presses her body up against Cindy's and kisses her lips, Cindy places her hands on the blonde's ribs feeling her heart pound in her chest, when Nick turns around and sees the two of them kissing his drops his pants to the ground at his feet. 

Nick steps out of his pants and finishes undressing himself, while he does that Hailey unbuckles Cindy's belt and pushes her pants down around her ankles, she steps out of it and presses her thighs together. 

"Don't be shy or nervous, Cindy. I know what I'm doing" Hailey tells Cindy in a hushed tone that's loud enough for Nick to hear her as well, he runs a hand over his hair standing completely naked in front of the door "I've done this before and have done it well." 

"Really?" Cindy asks with a raised eye brow, Hailey nods at her with her lips pressed together and a grin spreading across her lips, Nick leans against the door with his eyes glued on the both of them wondering where this will go from here. 

"Yup, I've done this plenty of times before with different women and sometimes men" Hailey whispers rubbing her hand against Cindy's clit and sticking out her ass "it makes me wet when I have someone with little to no experience."  

Hailey drops to her knees like a porn star and spreads her legs so she's almost doing a split, she presses her mouth up to Cindy's pussy, Nick strokes himself as he watches the two of them, Cindy throws her head back and moans out in pleasure. 

Nick walks over to Hailey who is now bending over with her fingers thrusting inside of her pussy hard, he removes her fingers from inside of her and pushes all ten inches of his thick cock inside of her newly shaved pussy. 

Hailey bites Cindy's pussy lips in response as her nails dig into the flesh of her thighs, Cindy moans in a soprano voice squeezing her hands on her chest with her eye shut, Nick places his hands on the slender hips of Hailey. 

As Nick thrusts her wet pussy Hailey eats Cindy out not stopping until she squirts in her mouth and she swallows all of it, Cindy lays down on the bed and Hailey crawls on top of her so that her pussy hangs over her face. 

Hailey lowers herself down onto her and Nick stands with his dick hanging over Cindy's pussy, while Hailey devours Cindy's tight throbbing pussy she roughly pushes her hand up and down Nick's rock hard boner hearing him moan. 

Cindy orgasms in Hailey's mouth for a second time absolutely soaking wet just as Nick's cum shoots out of his dick and onto Hailey's face and Cindy's wet pussy, Hailey licks up all the cum off of her with a smirk on her lips. 

Nick gets on the bed and lays on his back kissing the lips of Cindy, she kisses him back while moaning into his mouth because Hailey's tongue is rolling over her pussy, when all the cum is gone from her pussy Hailey wipes the cum from her face and licks it off. 

Hailey climbs on top of Nick dry humping him until she feels the length of him poke her thigh, then she stuffs him inside of her and lowers herself onto him, while she rides him and moans he gropes her breasts, kisses Cindy and thrusts his fingers in her hairy pussy. 

Cindy wonders how she got involved in this in the first place while she kisses him back and moans into his mouth when his fingers touch her G-spot, she bites his bottom lip and rolls her tongue over it feeling heat wash over her. 

Hailey climbs off of Nick and stands on the bed, Cindy lays where she is as Nick gets on his knees and sits Cindy up bending her over and thrusting inside of her anus, Hailey kneels beside her kissing his lips hungrily with a burning desire. 

Nick wraps an arm around her while thrusting softly inside of Cindy as she moans into the blanket curling her fingers around the sheets, Hailey drops a hand down to Cindy's pussy and rubs it in a circular motion to keep her soaking wet. 

Nick's lips caress Hailey's with a burning need written in them, she matches the intensity as he picks up the speed of his thrusts, Hailey slides her tongue down his throat using her fee hand to thrust her fingers deep inside herself. 

Hailey buries her fingers inside her wet pussy as Nick digs his nails into her flesh scratching her hard, she moans with delight into his mouth, he pulls his face away from hers needing air, she leans over and kisses his neck before giving it a bite so hard she leaves a hickey. 

Nick pulls out just before his cum shoots all over Cindy's back, he collapses on the bed exhausted, Hailey lays beside him and Cindy lays on the other side not caring about getting the cum on the sheets that has been scattered onto her back. 

"We've got to do this again" Hailey whispers as Nick wraps one of his arms around her and the other around Cindy who has already fallen asleep, Nick turns his gaze to Hailey and nods at her with a grin spreading across his lips. 

"Of course, you really know how to fuck" Nick answers in a hushed tone careful not to wake Cindy up, Hailey leans over and plants a kiss on his lips staying there for a lingering kiss, he moans into her mouth and spanks her ass with the hand that's wrapped around her waist.

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