Sunday Should Never Come

Sunday Should Never Come Sunday Should Never Come

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Its story about one cute and innocent thirteen year old boy(Ravi), who get attacked by his own uncle.



Its story about one cute and innocent thirteen year old boy(Ravi), who get attacked by his own uncle.


Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012




“Mom, where are you going?” Ravi asked from the bathroom while taking the bath.

 “If it is Sunday today, you should be at home and take rest. But you are going out at morning only.” Ravi told his mother by coming out of the bathroom.

“Yes, you are right my child, but you will be getting surprise when I will come back.” Mrs. Patil said in little excitement and happiness too.

“Ok then, till you come back I will clean the house.”  Ravi picked up the broom and started swiping.

Ravi was very nice and adorable boy of thirteen years old. He was in high school. He also had very good reputation at school. He always used to be on top in studies, sports and other activities too. Apart from that he was very good at his looks. Fair skin, black and big eyes, everyone used to like him because of his friendly and helping nature.

It was 12 at afternoon, Ravi was waiting for his mother and finally doorbell rang.

“Yes, coming!” He shouted from the bedroom and ran towards the door.

As soon as he opened the door, one man came inside. He must be in his thirties. He was very good looking and having stunning personality. “Hey! Hi! Ravi, do you remembers me?” he asked in a bit cold voice.

“Welcome, but I don’t remember you.” Ravi said with little low voice but with smiling face.

“Hey! Both of you introduced yourself?” Mrs. Patil came inside after parking her car.

“Ravi, at least let your uncle come inside!” Mrs. Patil said in happy voice to Ravi.

“Mom, you never told me that I have any uncle.” Ravi asked in some disappointment.

“Sorry baby, but there is really very big story behind why I didn’t tell you that I have younger brother and you have uncle.” Mrs. Patil said with sad tone.

As Ravi was very wise in understanding his mother.”It is ok mom. Now I don’t want to know why both of you were apart from each other? Rather I am very happy with the reunion of you both.” Ravi said in consoling voice.

“Oh! I am very happy that god gave me such an understanding and nice son.” Mrs. Patil hugged him.

“Can I join you?” Ravi’s uncle knock the door and came inside.

“Oh! Uncle why not? We were just having mother-son talk.” Ravi smiled at his uncle.

“Ravi you and your uncle look very much same, especially face of your both is very much same.” Mrs. Patil said in laughing voice.

“Sister where is Ravi’s father?” Ravi’s uncle asked in surprising tone as it was Sunday he should also be at home.

“He has gone for business trip to Delhi, he will be returning back by tomorrow morning.” Ravi informed him.

Then both of they started talking 0’and gossiping with each other. Ravi was happy that he had got at least one close relative of his mother’s blood.

“Uncle! Hmm, can I ask you something personal?  If you don’t mind then only.”  Ravi asked with little hesitation.

“Of course! You can ask. I am your uncle. Don’t hesitate.” He said with cold voice.

“Why didn’t you get marry? You are handsome, wealthy and smart as well.”

“Hmm! Good question, but I never wanted to bind myself with any complicated relations. I don’t believe in relation called marriage.” He was getting closer to Ravi by his unknowingly. But Ravi was very innocent to understand this kind of things.

It was 1.30 pm at afternoon. Three of them had lunch. After lunch Mrs. Patil went to see her one of friend who was hospitalized.

Now only both of them were alone at home.

“Hey uncle I am going to take little nab, it you want you can sleep in bedroom. You must be tired. You need to take rest for while.” Ravi said with very friendly voice.

After Ravi fell asleep, his uncle started playing with his silky hair. He was moving fingers from his lips and chicks. Ravi’s felt something on his face and woke up.

“Uncle you need something?” Ravi asked with half closed eyes.

“Yes I need you Ravi. You are really very beautiful that any woman on the earth. I never had desired in making love with anyone. But not now seems like. I want to do everything with you.” He moved forward and holds Ravi forcefully and tightly in his strong arms.  Ravi was fighting back to free himself but that was of no use. He was poor little boy with no power.

“Stop! Stop!” Ravi started shouting and screaming but it was like his voice was locked inside the room of the high-class society flat.

“No. I can’t stop now, after touching your soft lips. I just want to test them with my tongue.” He was talking with very cold voice and coming more close to Ravi.

Ravi was shouting for help but that was of no use.

He placed his lips on Ravi’s and started kissing him so roughly. He was sucking Ravi’s lips and tongue almost 15 minute, he also bite him on his chick. Ravi’s whole face was swollen.

Ravi was shouting, screaming and begging for letting him go. But that devil was licking his whole body with his filthy tongue and lips. Ravi tried his best to save himself from that pervert beast, who was his mother’s brother. Ravi’s own uncle raped him. He took all his innocence and purity.

“Ravi do not be afraid of me. I will take you to with me. We will have very much fun over there.” He said in cold voice and tried to kiss the Ravi.

Ravi was totally naked and in that condition only he ran towards the kitchen. He picked up one big sharp knife which was almost one foot at the length. He went to his bedroom where his uncle was waiting for him taken his guards off.

“Yes, you are right. I must come with you. I think I have been meant for you.”  Ravi said with the dead voice. His eyes were red, like he was crying blood instead of tears from his eyes.

He slowly climbed on his uncle’s chest and ever though he didn’t wanted he kissed him, just to distract his mind. His uncle was enjoying kiss and then slash. Ravi took the advantage of that situation. Without the loss of moment Ravi slashed his throat with that knife.

His uncle was flatting with the pain; blood was flowing from his throat. Whole bed became red. Ravi was laughing like he had killed any demon or monster.

“Ha ha ha now you never be able to snatch anyone else’s soul and purity.” Ravi shouted with dead. His uncle was already dead. But due to loss of control, Ravi stabbed his whole body.

“I also don’t want to live with this ruined soul and body. I must die.” These were the last words Ravi spoke to himself.

He had already made his mind. His was afraid to face himself also after that horrible thing what his uncle done with him. He took the same knife and cut both his wrists.

He was seated in the corner of the same bedroom. There was blood all over the room.

Slowly slowly he closed his eyes and then it was all over.

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