Falling Rainbows

Falling Rainbows

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



This is the very nice and lovely love story between two boys which turns into life long promises Hi, this is Jai Mehta from Falling Rainbows. This story about how I become die hard lover of Macho man Raj Patil…..though we both are boys we really respect our love and feelings for each other. And then we got encountered with very hot love making time…



This is the very nice and lovely love story between two boys which turns into life long promises

Hi, this is Jai Mehta from Falling Rainbows. This story about how I become die hard lover of Macho man Raj Patil…..though we both are boys we really respect our love and feelings for each other.

And then we got encountered with very hot love making time…

Chapter1 (v.1) - Falling Rainbows

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This is the very nice and lovely love story between two boys which turns into life long promises<br /> <br /> <br /> Hi, this is Jai Mehta from Falling Rainbows. This story about how I become die hard lover of Macho man Raj Patil…..though we both are boys we really respect our love and feelings for each other.<br /> <br /> And then we got encountered with very hot love making time…<br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 28, 2012



Chapter one

“Wow! What a beautiful day. I am very happy, that I made to enrolled in this school. Everything will be new in my life with this new school. New class, new books, new teachers as well. Oh! I am very happy. Rooms of this hostel are also very nice with separate restrooms. But I wonder who my room partner is and how he will be?” I was muttering to myself and arranging all my things around the left side bed of the room.

Our school was just beside the hostel and that was cool, means no wastage of time. It was still two days to get started with school. We were called two days early to settle down with rooms and to see the school. It was boys’ school. Himalaya boys’ school and junior college. I was arranging my things to my side, at the same time one boy came into room and said, “Hi Jai how you doing?” with such a cold voice.

“I am good, but how you know about me?” I said without looking at him.

“Because, I am your roommate.” He said again with same attitude.

“Are you from second or third year of the college?” I asked when I looked at him. He was almost 6ft in height where I was just 5.3ft. He was also got nice built like any boxer. I was having medium body, like any minor kid. His voice was also that commanding no one would have believed that he was also minor.

But when I saw him, I just got some strange feeling in my heart, body and mind. That was totally unknown to me. I was blushing like apple. I ignored him and kept doing my arrangements.

“You know you look very cute.” He said coming close to me. I quickly ran away to other side.

“Seems like you will be getting trouble in this school.” He said slightly smiling at me and left the room.

As soon as he left the room another guy came inside. He was simple at his looks and with outfits, but still was looking mature that me.

“So you are Jai Mehta, right?” he said while sitting on the bed of the other guy.

“Yes, but how you know about me?” I asked with little surprise.

“Since you are Raj’s roommate everyone knows about you.” He said with really very soft and mature tone.

“So his name is Raj. He gave such a negative impression at the first meeting by calling me cute.” He said with little anger.

“But I think you are the lucky one, that Raj called you by that phrase. Being Raj’s roommate you have to be more careful. You will be going to gate much trouble.” He said in warning tone and left the room.

I was the one who remained confused between both of them and I forget to ask his name also. It was very irritating that being boy listen from the another guy that you are cute. He gave me first and last negative impression by calling me cute. After finishing arrangements of my belongings in the room went to cafeteria for the lunch. I took the plate full of lunch items, found one corner table, where no one was there and ate peacefully my lunch. As I was new at the school I was not having any friends or familiar faces. But still people know me because of that Raj Patil.

I finished the lunch and submitted the empty plate at the washer counter. I went to see the gym, but I was not interested in game of sports though just for curiosity I had look around and headed towards the exit. Suddenly one boy appeared in front of me.

“So you are the Jai Mehta. Hmm! You really look cute, your brown eyes and silky black hair must be the attraction for him. Are they real or you have colored them.” He said in teasing voice.

“Who are you? And one think I have nothing to do with Raj.” I said in little anger. Again I started walking to exit and tried to open the door. He in speed came to me pushed me inside, closed the door locked and hold my right hand so tightly that I cried loudly. “Aaha! Leave my hand, let me go.”

“How can I let go you, I never could touch that Raj, I won’t even let you touch him, he is mine.” He said with devil look.

“But I.., there is nothing like that in between us. I don’t even know him that well.” I was almost about to cry.

“Ok, then I will not leave you to do that also.” He jumped on me and pushed me down. He was just trying to lick my chick so dirtily with his flighty tongue.

And then Raj appeared like angle and had fight with that Vikram and rescued me, I was feeling like if I am any small girl or princess. It was very embarrassing for me to getting hit by one boy like this and getting rescued by other boy.

“Sorry, I am very Sorry Jai. Everything is happening to you because of me.” He just ran away leaving me there. After some time Mayur came there and took me to the room. I was so tired that I fell asleep.

I waked up directly on second day morning. Raj was not there in the room. I had bath and got ready for the college. I was about to leave the room, then Mayur came in and asked me in very upset tone. “Have you seen Raj, he was not there for the whole night. He didn’t come to me also for dinner or for this morning’s breakfast also.

“What are you saying? He was not in the room for all night. I really don’t know anything.” I fall down on the floor. I was frozen. I was unable to guess what was going on my mind. Was it anger, care, hate or love…for him? I thrown my bag away and rushed outside to find him.

I was talking to myself. “Oh! What a stupid boy. What he was thinking to just get vanished like this? Where should I go to find him?”

I searched through all the buildings of the school, Degree College, hostels and gymkhana, concert hall everything. I didn’t see him. Think came in my mind just for second that I lost. With the helpless myself I went on the mountain which was behind the school. I started crying loudly. Then I saw something. I starred at that thing for 5 to 10 minutes. “aaha! Is that a dead body or someone is sleeping in the woods like that in such a inhuman place.” In the first thing Raj was also missing so I got frightened with the fear that is it Raj. I rushed to that thing with my shaking body. It was lying down on the earth on his face. I turned that body with very frightened heart.

“AAAhaaaa! Raj, Raj, are you ok? Are u alright? Please wake up. Open your eyes.” I hold his face in my hands. I started crying. He was having fever. But thanks to God, that he was breathing. Anyhow I managed to get him back to the room. I was in unconscious state, since he did not know anything that I have brought him to the room. I even changed his cloths. He was soaked in the rain for the whole night that was the reason he got fever. I was sitting beside him for all the night. He was shivering with cold. So I had no other choice, I sleep beside him and hugged me. I tried to warm him with my body heat. he was feeling good, so he also hugged me back and then I realize that he really loves me, the way he was touching me it was very pure and innocent feeling, like he have saved his first hug only for me.

“Oh! Raj I am sorry.” I whispered in his ear and I also fall asleep.

“Hmm! Oh, my back, my head whole body is just paining.”

“Don’t wake up Raj. Let me see how is your fever now?” I touched his forehead.

“Thanks to god that your fever is gone.” I said by giving him breakfast plate.

“So, you do care for me!” he said by giving me deep look in my eyes.

“No it’s not like that, just because you are my roommate and nothing at all.” I said with little shyness and turned my face around so that he would not be able to see that I was blushing actually. But I could not hide my feeling for him. That he understood very well.

I said to avoid the incident and topic with little anger, “I don’t care for anyone.”

“Then you must have fall in love with me.” He said in his all the time cold voice.

“Ha! What are you talking about? I am not that type of guy.” I tried to get out of the room.

He jumped from the bed and hugged me from the backside. I was feeling his heartbeats in my whole body, I was shivering so badly that he hold me tightly and said “Relax! you are in good hands.”

“Raj, I am sorry.” I cried and hugged him back the same way.

“ I love you Jai. I really do.” He said in my ears and kissed me with his warm lips. Oh what the touch? I was unable to move. I was feeling so helpless that I fall down. Tears are just flowing down from my eyes and I was unble to stop them.

“Jai, Jai look in my eyes. Don’t be afraid. No matter where this life will take us. I will always by your side.” He lift me in his strong arms and took mo on the bed. Pat me on my forehead and made me sleep. It was like dream for me. Such a strong and smart boy will be mine for lifetime. Just thinking about him was making so excited.

Now I slept for all the day and he was sitting beside me and just was looking at my face.

“Raj, pleas hold my hand.” I said in deezy tone.

He took my hand in his and kissed on it.

“Forget everything Jai. Just relax and fall asleep. I am here to protect you.” In same cold voice and kissed on my forehead.

This is how I fall for the guy who was behind me since the day we meet each other.

Out love story kept going on for rest of the whole two years of junior college. But now it is time for us to be get separated. We have to go back to our home for summer vacations.

What will happen now????

Chapter two:

In the auditorium all students were gathered for the welcome ceremony of the new students and teachers.

It was first year of the degree college of the Jai and Raj. Vikram and Mayur were already in the last year of the graduation. Everything was good till Mr. Indrajeet Chavan Joined the School as Chemistry teacher. He was full of ego and attitude, still very helpful for the students only who love chemistry. At the age of 26 he managed to become the good lecturer. He was youngest lecturer in Himalaya boys’ school.

First day the college went in welcome ceremony of the new comer students and lecturer.

“Good evening, Raj.” Vikram enters in the room of Raj. “I think you are not aware of your roommate this year.” He said in teasing voice.

“What you have to do with that?” raj asked in little anger and cold voice.

“Because, I am your roommate this year.” He was talking with the expression, as if he has won something unbeatable in the world.

“Impossible, I had check before coming that this year also I and Jai suppose to be the roommates. How come you are shifted here?” Raj was little frustrated.

“Don’t worry, Sweetheart. I have not done anything with the Jai. I have already made him shifted to Mayur’s room.” Vikram said with lustful smile on his charming devil face.

“Oh, no I have to catch the jai as soon as he enters in college.” Raj runs out from the room to find the Jai.

Raj almost running reaches to the Mayur’s room.

“Mayur have you seen jai?” Raj asks in the frustration.

“Raj, what happened, I have never seen you in this behavior before.” Mayur asks with little surprise.

“Forget about me, tell me whether Jai is in or not?” Raj asks almost annoyingly.

“OK, he is in bathroom, getting fresh. Just now he arrived.” Mayur speaks in soft tone to relax Raj.

“I need to talk with him. Will you please give us little privacy?” Raj literary pushes Mayur out of his room only and locks the door from the inside.

“Hey Raj, but this is my room.” Mayur yells from the outside of the locked door, and then leaves for the walk around.

“Jai, Jai, come out I need to talk to you right now.” Raj knocked on the bathroom’s door with very much frustration.

I came out of the bathroom. “What happened Raj? How are you? It was really long time, I have not seen you.” I was rubbing my hair with towel. Raj just came to me with lighting fast speed and without wasting a second he gave me one deep kiss. I feel little bit weird, so I just pushed him back.

“What is it all of sudden, Raj? What if anyone will see?” I said in crying tone.

“Look, Jai, even if we are not sharing same room this year, don’t worry. No one can just steal you from me.” Raj was speaking with very serious tone and mature expressions on his face.

“Raj, don’t worry. I am living with Mayur. He is your brother. You should not be worried about me.” I said with little smile on my face.

But Raj himself was not aware that he was stuck with the devil this year. Raj was worried about me. I was also totally unaware of what kind of person that Vikram guy is? He was two years senior than us.

We both were standing in the arms of each other and then we listen Mayur was calling from outside of the room.

“Raj, Jai open the door. It’s my room.” Mayur was yelling at the door of the room.

“Yes yes we are coming.” We both ran to the door and opened that.

I was in only my bath towel. Meaning half nude. And when Mayur entered in the room Raj was still holding my hand.

“What are you both doing?” Mayur asked in embarrassingly looking downwards.

We both got apart from each other and I put up my denim jacket. Then Raj said that I and he will have lunch together and he left for his other business. I was totally confused that what happened all of sudden to him.

“Mayur, do you have any idea, why Raj acted like that?” I asked with confuse face.

“I am also confused as you, Raj.” Mayur said with question mark expression on his face.

“He must be feeling little unsecure that for this year; you both are not sharing same room.” Raj said with his usual mature tone and calm face.

“But you are his brother so mine too.” I said in little humorously.

“This is one thing, but there is also other big face about me that you are not aware and Raj might be in fear about that.” Mayur said that in little wicked tone.

“What you mean, I don’t know big secret of you, means you want to tell me then tell it right now.” I asked getting little close to him.

“Ok, I will tell me, but promise me first that you will not misinterpret me.” Mayur sat on his bed.

“Promise I will not.” I sat beside him.

He was little uncomfortable beside me as I felt so, he got up and went to the window.

“I am Homosexual.” Mayur was hiding his face in big palms.

“What do you mean that you are homosexual, but you have girlfriend, am I right?” I was standing still beside him.

“The person whom I love more than anything and anyone in this world was my girlfriend’s elder brother. His name is Indrajeet Chavan. Our new chemistry teacher.” Mayur was about to cry.

“Mayur, don’t be ashamed of it. If you truly love someone that is what important. You are the one who have told this to me.” I hold his hand in mine. Mayur was started crying.

“I am really sorry. I made you cry. But I believe things will really go good. Trust yourself and trust your love.” I rubbed his back and stopped him from crying.

Mayur stopped crying. First time ever I had seen, matured guy was crying like kid, whether if he was very much helpless.

It was 11.45 at night. Mayur was already felt asleep. I was preparing for next day. Then I listened, Mayur was talking, no babbling. He was saying, “Sorry, forgive me.” I was standing still looking at Mayur’s face. He was all wet in the sweat. His whole body was trembling. That behavior of him frightened me. I immediately woke him up.

“Hey Mayur what happened?” I asked while wiping his tear and sweat which were mixed with each other.

“Nothing, I think I should go out and get some fresh air.” He went out the room.

This thing kept going on for four nights. But there in Raj’s room Vikram was trying to set a trap for the Raj, so that Raj can never go away from him even if he wants.

Whatever happened for the last four nights with Mayur, I decided to tell Raj. Because lately Mayur had become very careless and also skipping his lectures often. In particular chemistry lecture.

Mr. Indrajeet Chavan, the chemistry teacher was still not aware that Mayur also studies in the same college where he teaches.

Again same thing happened on the fifth night with Mayur. I immediately woke up him and called Raj.

Raj and I were sitting infront of the Mayur. We asked him so many question about whatever happening to him in hid nightmares, but he didn’t said a single word. After the silence of 15 minutes.

“Why he is here, after all these days.” He pushed his face in his big palms.

“I was in the misunderstanding that I have forgotten everything about him, but it’s not true. I still love him Raj. Do something. I don’t want to suffer this pain of loneliness.” He started crying like child.

“You should go and talk with him then, this will be relaxing for you and for him also.” Raj said with little cold smile on his face.

“No, I can’t face him. Because of me his life became miserable. Because of me he got that scare on his beautiful face. I know he hates me. He should hate me.” And he ran away from the school, I forced to catch him, but Raj stopped me.

“Jai, I think we should leave him alone for a while. Let him be on his own for some time that will be good for him.” Raj hugged me some disappointment.

Next day we both were sitting in the library.

“It is the time for first term exams. We should study hard as it now degree college.” I was searching for the book, Microbiology.

“You should study Chemistry my Sweetie.” Raj held me from the back side.

I pushed him away. “What are you doing? What if anyone will see? This is public place. Behave yourself.” I roared at him.

“Have you ever seen me this happy? Jai, you know, I saw Mayur’s Photo in his room.” Raj said while pressing my lips with his fingertips.

“That true, but calm down now, people are already started looking at us.” I again pushed him aside.

Then we both went in cafeteria. Mayur was also there. He was sitting alone at the corner of the cafeteria, with long face and swollen eyes.

“Raj, look Mayur is there. We should call him.” I rose to go towards Mayur.

“No, wait. You don’t need to go. The concerned person will be coming in moment.” He pulled me back to the chair.

And then after sometime Mr. Indrajeet Chavan, chemistry teacher appeared. He sat with Mayur. They both were just staring at each other for half hour. No one was talking a single word either.

Raj whispered in my ear, “actually I saw Mayur’s Picture in his room in golden frame, then and then I realized that Mr. Indrajeet Chavan still loves him. Then I spoke with him little. So he told me that he is here only for Mayur.”

So it was all Raj’s plan to make them both meet. Raj is really on of kind, he is unique and very good person as well. I am very happy that he is mine.

“Jai, let’s celebrate reunion of both of them.” Raj shoved whole pastry in my mouth.

We both left both of them alone, with each other.

But no one knew what was going on in Raj’s room. Vikram had mixed something in the coffee of the Raj. We both spend whole day in very blissful mood. Together we attended all the lectures and practices. Now it was time for us to return to our rooms for bed.

That Gulmohar tree was blooming like Japanese cherry blossom. We both were standing under it, simply staring at each other. I was waiting for him to say good night to me and he was waiting for me. My eyes lowered very slowly. I was feeling very shamed, cause no one was around us. Total silence. He raised his hand towards my lips. Gently he started rubbing my lips. I was blushing and my whole body was shaking. He held my face in both the hand, and then leaned towards me. I kept my hand on his mouth with really very frightened look because we both were standing behind the hostel building under the Gulmohar tree.

“Oh, look shooting stars!” Raj suddenly shouted looking at the sky and but natural I also looked up. And then, “muha mmma” oh it was French kiss.

“Raj you again tricked me. I hate you.” I said with little embarrassment and turned my face away from him.

“Jai, you are so straight and pure hearted that anyone can take advantage of you very easily.” He took me in his strong arms and hugged me very tightly.

“I love you so much Jai, please let me hold you like this for a while.” Raj was talking with very much seriousness.

“Raj, I love you too.” I felt like, if I could just stay like this in his arms for my entire life.

Then we headed towards our rooms. Raj was like in his full blissful mood. I was as usual shy and looking down. Raj was watching twinkling stars at sky. But my eyes were on the thing which was shining right under window of the room were Raj was staying. I stopped by and told Raj to go ahead. I got closer to that think, it was little glass bottle without any cover or name mentioned on it. As per my knowledge, all kind of medicines or chemicals was restricted inside the hostels and around the hostels. I took that bottle near to my nose, it smelled like must be something sedative and it was under Raj’s window. Raj was having the habit of taking coffee before going to bed. I was already feeling insecure because of Vikram, who already had tried to attack me. This time he must be thinking to do something with Raj, as Raj was no more teenager now.

“Raj, Raj wait.” I started shouting. Running behind the Raj I reached his room. I didn’t even knock on the door. I just pushed the door. Raj was about to touch his lips to the coffee mug. I jumped at him, threw the coffee mug away and kissed him. This all happened so suddenly that Raj was also not able to understand what happened. He was just standing still with the confused face.

I started crying resting my head on his chest.

“Hey, Jai what happened?” Raj was looking at me very confused face.

“Raj, it was poison in your coffee.” I said with crying voice.

“Have had single drop of it also? Tell me. Somebody call doctor.” I shouted and started running around like insane.

“Jai, stop. I am all right. I didn’t even touch that with my mouth.” He pushed me to the wall.

Vikram came out of the bathroom. He was washing his hands. With pale face he asked, “What happened? Is everything all right?”

I jumped to him and grabbed his neck with both of my hands.

“How can it all right, when you are around Vikram?”

“What are you talking about Jai? I don’t know anything?” Vikram tried to escape from the room.

“Wait, Vikram. Now I understood whole thing. Why you were trying to be that friendly with me? You were actually planning to trick me, weren’t you?” Raj’s eyes were burning like lava. It was first time I seen him that angry and upset.

All things happened in Raj’s room all are reached to the Principal Pratap Gokhale. Without a waste of second he expelled Vikram from the college. After everyone gone from that room, I immediately got down to stay with Raj.

We both were silently sitting in two different corners of the room. Actually there was nothing to say to each other, after whatever happened with Raj. I knew something bad was about to happen with Raj. I thought everything happened because of me.

“Jai, I want to say something.” Raj was still facing the wall.

“What is it, Raj?” I was also facing the opposite wall.

“Let’s do it here.” Raj threw himself on the bed.

I was surprised and confused for a while.

“Jai, I belong to you only you and it is the time to prove that.” Raj was very much desperate to take me as I felt so.

He pulled me into his arms and held me tightly to his chest. He pushed me down in the bed and started squeezing me. His body didn’t felt heavy on me. But I wanted to be like that for hours. With one hand he started playing with my hair and with other he opened my shirt’s buttons. In little time only we both were without our clothes lying in the arms of each other.

“Raj, give yourself to me.” I with uncontrollable desire started sucking his lips.

It was first time in life I was feeling so much of energy and pleasure. May it was my first time making love to someone that’s why I was feeling so excited too. I felt so clearly that Raj was also feeling same for me.

Raj was kissing me for more than half hour and I could barely breathe at that time, but I was feeling great. I was not getting what that feeling was, but tears came down from my eyes. Raj saw I was crying. He stopped then and then.

“Jai, you need not to push yourself. You could have told me if you were not ready yet. I never wanted to force you.” Raj got up and sat on the side of the bed.

“No, it’s not like that. In real I am very happy to have you and like this I feel like my heart is not beating at all. Everything has stopped at its place.” I jumped and hold Raj from the backside. First time I realized that feeling of belongingness is really very wonderful.

I kissed on his neck and said I am totally ready and I want you right now. I pushed him in the bed and started kissing his whole body. He grabbed my hand and pushed me down and gave one deep kiss. Our eyes were closed while entire time of love making and then suddenly.

“ah, no Raj stop it, it hurts.” I yelled and opened my eyes.

Raj was on top and I was bottom.

“Please bear it, I want to give it to you.” Raj pushed little bit inside. I was howling in the pain.

“Is it hurt that bad.” Raj lowered his face to me and shoved his tongue in my mouth to stop me from howling.

“No, I am fine. It hurts but it’s beautiful.” I was really aroused with pleasure.

We both didn’t know when we fell asleep.

“Hey Jai get up or you will be late for the class.” Raj pulled his shirt which was only thing in I was covered.

“Oh, so you are still that hard, Jai darling. You are really cute.” Raj again kissed me so sweetly that I couldn’t just resist him.

“I am sorry Jai, look at your back, I left a mark.” Raj again kissed me on my neck from the back.

“Don’t worry Raj, it’s not your fault, I was also out of control, look at your chest. You have also got the mark.” I embarrassingly hugged him.

I was very fair and he was dark that me still his mark was visible.

He hugged me back and said, “Darling this is our mark of love. So don’t be ashamed of it.”

Finally I and Jai were of each other in real.

To be continued….

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