Foot Fetish Fred

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Nightmare on Elm Street parody

Foot Fetish Fred

Nighty night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Upon feeling a tap on her shoulder, Valerie snapped to. In the bright hospital hallway, the petite blonde donned a skimpy nurse outfit: white heels, pantyhose, mini-skirt, and buttoned top. Freckles sprinkled across her nose. With a bewildered expression, she looked up to a fellow nurse.

The nurse, with curly brunette hair, showed an abnormally large smile that wrinkled her cheeks. Her unblinking gaze appeared to stare through Valerie. She extended a clipboard in her hand. “Val, we need you in room 2-3-7.”

Valerie hesitantly nodded while gathering her faculties. After taking the clipboard from the creepy nurse, Valerie brushed past, walked to the end of the hall, and checked left before turning right.

The lights flickered, dimmed. Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus in Furs’ blared from an open room, a few ways down. Thick smoke poured out into the hall.

Valerie whipped her head to the blinking light fixtures while continuing toward the room. She stopped in the doorway, smoke swallowing her ankles. The music stopped. She checked the name on the clipboard. “Mister… Fred Crewe?”

“Yes…?” A handsome man—strong jaw line, slicked dark hair, and piercing blue eyes—sat upright in a hospital bed, sporting a red and green striped hospice gown. Smoke billowed out from beneath the bed, covering the tile floor.

“What did ya—” Valerie lost her breath, her face softening at the handsome stranger. A wave of euphoria rushed over her, making her head buzz, body tingle, and pussy tickle. She swallowed hard and wagged her head in hopes of shaking the weird sensation. After clearing her throat, she squared her shoulders, put her chin in the air, and asked again, “What did you need?”

“Revenge,” Fred said in a low voice. He raised his hand and beckoned her with his spindly finger.

Valerie’s faux confidence sloughed away. Her body filled with an exhilarating pressure, lowering her inhibitions and galvanizing her sex-drive. She dropped the clipboard to the tile floor and entered the room through the haze.

Fred tossed the covers off and swung his legs around, sitting off the edge. A light, around his midsection, pulsed beneath the hospital gown.

Valerie zeroed-in on the flashing light, panting. As she walked to him, she proceeded to undress. She unbuttoned her one-piece uniform. It crumpled to the floor. While striding in her heels, pantyhose, she unfastened the bra from her humble breasts with pink cookie-sized areolas. Goosebumps prickled, making her nipples taut. She stopped and shoved down her panties. A blonde strip decorated her mound.

Fred ogled Valerie’s slightly thick yet firm figure: shoulders as wide as her hips with a smaller waist, soft midsection, and heart-shaped ass. He pulled his gown up. His large manhood stood at attention, a light emitting with each beat of his heart.

Valerie locked onto Fred’s massive member. She lost herself in the ecstatic moment. She gnawed her bottom lip, massaged her breasts, and lightly pinched her sharp nipples. The wondrous pressure built inside. The euphoric itch at her center intensified. She slipped out of the white heels, and one after another, she kicked her small foot up on the bed and rolled down her pantyhose. Her tiny perfectly proportioned toes topped with a sky-blue polish. Once completely naked, she stepped back, chest rising and falling. She rubbed her right foot up her left shin. Her face, body, warmed.

“Now you’re mine.” Fred placed a hand on her shoulder, but without adding any pressure, Valerie knelt. He ran his palm over her blonde hair and cupped the back of her head.

Valerie’s hands shook as she reached out for Fred’s large appendage. She grabbed the base with her clammy palms and slowly churned. She inched forward, backed up, eased in again, twitching with reluctance. After a big calming breath, she finally closed her eyes, leaned forward, and slipped the purple tip between her lips. She slurped on the engorged head while stroking the shaft.

Fred peered past her oscillating head, over her heart-shaped backside, to the smooth soles of her feet. His eyes followed the faint lines from her light pink heels, white arches, to the bottom of her toes. He licked his lips at the flawless sight.

Valerie showed her inexperience by just sucking on the purple tip, her hands stroking the shaft out of rhythm. She curled her lips inward and bobbed down his length, her tongue caressing the underbelly. Her humble breasts jiggled with sharp pink nipples.

Fred’s eyes lingered on Valerie’s pretty soles, the ripple of creases up her white arches.

While sucking his cock, Valerie began to really get in the mood. She kept her left hand on his base while using her right to fondle her breasts, tug at her erect nipples. She rubbed her feet together, running the top of one foot across the bottom of the other and then switching. Her neck jerked in and out, mouth swallowing halfway down and back up.

Fred leered at Valerie’s precious soles. Each movement of her feet flashed wrinkles, which made him steely.

Valerie bobbed faster with a mechanical motion. She continued squeezing her breasts with one hand while beating the lower-half of his manhood with the other. She rotated the top of her feet against the carpet, digging the knuckles of her toes into the floor.

Fred quaked.

Valerie pinned his cock up against his lower stomach. She bent forward and ran her tongue up the bottom before slipping it back in her mouth. She jerked the base and slurped on the engorged head. “Mm,” she moaned with a mouthful.

Fred tensed, trembled. Florescent semen shot out the tip of his cock.

Valerie sucked until the seed got caught in her throat. She gargled, gagged, and pulled away. She coughed and spat some aside while swallowing a bit as well. She rested back on her heels and looked up at Fred, breathing heatedly. Never had she been so aroused, a tea kettle with built up pressure.

Fred snatched Valerie up by the arm, spun her away from him, and bent her over the hospital bed. While pinning her to the mattress, he gently entered her wet center. He pushed halfway the first time, retracted, and then pushed again, filling her to the hilt.

Valerie stretched her left arm out and clutched the far edge of the bed. On the balls of her feet, knees locked, she took his pleasure-filled thrusts. Each insertion stroked her g-spot and pumped her with more exhilarating pressure.

After shredding his striped gown, exposing his slim yet muscular physique, Fred gradually picked up steam, diving deep each time.

With her upper-half flat on the bed, breasts squished against the surface, Valerie stared vacantly to the far wall as tears of ecstasy misted her eyes. She raised her right foot off the floor, toes pointed. Her left one remained to the ground.

While pounding her from behind, flesh smacking rapidly, Fred grabbed her bony ankle and brushed his thumb across her sole, which sent her toes into a wiggling fit.

Valerie clamped her teeth together, fighting the tickle in her pussy and foot; both seemed to be connected. She curled the toes on her right foot, protecting her ticklish sole with hard wrinkles. She lifted her left one, ankle locked with little digits flexed back. She snatched Fred’s gown off the bed and wadded it in her fists. Her body tensed, face becoming beet-red. “Guh,” she groaned from nowhere.

Fred released her right ankle, gripped her hips again, and plowed the nurse’s naked body.

“Oo-oo—Mmm!” Valerie moaned but quickly pinched her lips together. As the incredible pressure built inside, she put her feet back on the floor, on the knuckles of her toes, and postured up. She continued eyeing the far wall, breasts jiggling with tight pink nipples. A ticklish sensation came over her, making her shake. She hung her head, face tensing and softening as if fighting a sneeze. Her arms trembled to hold her upper-half up. “Ahhh—” She once again caught the moan and bottled the rest.

Fred kept a constant thrust, nailing her repeatedly.

“Fah,” Valerie uttered breathlessly. Her spirit was weakening with each passing second. The ecstatic pressure reached intense levels of pleasure. Her body locked up, convulsed, but she continued to hold herself up. Her breasts bounced in rhythm with the smacks of skin. She pressed the knuckles of her toes even more into the floor, scrunching her digits and wrinkling her soles. “Oh shhhh-it,” she groaned in shock. Her face twisted goofily: forehead creased, eyes squinted, and nose crinkled. She uncontrollably strained, pushed, veins appearing in her neck and forehead. “Gghhh-uh,” she grunted with bass. The orgasm piqued. An eruption of tickles attacked her center and swept over her body in a euphoric wave. “Ahhh-ah-ah!” The pleasure was so great her arms gave out and she flopped to her stomach across the bed. Her feet shot off the ground, toes curled tightly.



Jessica rushed out of her bedroom. The lanky brunette, hair in a messy bun, pushed through the sorority girls huddled around Valerie’s room. She grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door wide open.

In the dark bedroom, Valerie sprawled sideways across her bed, her lower-half on the floor. Her naked body twitched. She breathed slowly while staring into another dimension, a strange red and green gown wadded in her fists.

Jessica turned to the nearest girl. “Call campus security. We have another one…”


Well, Valerie always had a thing for the hospital.”

While walking down the sidewalk in-between school buildings, hugging her books to her chest, Jessica glowered at the clean-cut boyfriend. “She wanted to be a nurse, not a patient, Johnny.”

“So, what do you think it is, huh? That’s the third girl from your sorority that has ended up comatose.”

“I know…” Jessica stared vacantly at the concrete while pondering. “…they all were found the same way, naked on their beds.”

“Rumor says its drugs,” Johnny said.

“Rumor is wrong,” Jessica snapped back. “You know that.”

“What else could it be?”

“Someone back for revenge.”


“Do you remember that perverted janitor Fred,” Jessica asked, “the one who set the building on fire last year?”

“Yeah, the foot fetish guy who was fired for peeping at y’all, right?”

Jessica nodded.

“But…” Johnny scrunched his brows. “…how could it be him? Didn’t he—”

“Yes, but…” Jessica shrugged. “…he was into some dark arts. He could’ve found a way tah—”

“You’re talking crazy,” Johnny chuckled.

“Am I?” Jessica stopped, voice bristling. “Stacy mentioned she had a daydream in class where she was approached by a man in a green and red striped sweater, the same one Fred always wore. And Jen was heard screaming his name the night she went unconscious. And! Valerie had a green and red hospital gown in her hands which means…” Jessica’s eyes widened.

Johnny scratched through his hair. “Which means…?”

Jessica’s face brightened, a smile forming. “You ever see Nightmare on Elm Street?”


I’m going to go to sleep. I need you to watch me. If you see me acting strange wake me up, got it?”

In a large shirt and pajama bottoms, Jessica sat upright on her bed, legs folded. She fixed her long brunette hair into a messy bun.

“Yeah, I got it,” Johnny said, perched on a stool near the bed. “But, I don’t see how this is gonna work.”

“My friends are comatose because he has their minds contained in a dream world,” Jessica said, hopeful. “If I can bring him to reality, maybe I can break his hold.”

“I’m with ya,” Johnny sighed. “I’ll be ready.”

“I’ll set the alarm clock just in case,” Jessica said, doubting her boyfriend’s seriousness. After winding the clock on her nightstand, she stretched her long legs out, rested her head on the pillow, and closed her eyes. She peered into the blackness of her mind and concentrated on her deep breaths, slowly falling asleep.

“Fuck Fred…” Johnny said from the bedside. “…I want some.”

Upon feeling her pajamas, panties, inching down, Jessica giggled. She grabbed the band of her bottoms but didn’t put up much of a fight to keep them on. “Johnny, we can’t. We have to do this for the other girls.”

“I want to do this for you,” Johnny said lowly. After pulling her pajamas and panties down to her ankles, he peppered kisses up her right thigh. While rubbing her bald mound, he snaked his tongue inside her tight pink slit.

“Oh!” Jessica flinched as his tongue made contact. An extreme itch awoke in her crotch. Her eyes darted open to Johnny’s head buried between her thighs. She ran her fingers through his dark hair. With her knees bent and heels to the mattress, she wiggled her long toes inside the ankle socks, curled them tightly, and then released them. “We-really-have-tah—Oouu, Johnny,” she moaned from the blissful tickle.

Johnny smacked on her pussy. He sucked, slurped, and flicked her clit with his tongue. He massaged her mound while devouring her center like watermelon in the summer.

“Uh!” Jessica moaned. She covered her mouth. Her gaze became absent. She focused purely on the euphoric itch growing in her pussy. The tickle intensified, orgasmic pressure building, which made her face twist in pleasure: upper-lip quivered, brows scrunched. “Gah,” she gasped. “It’s never felt this guh-ood.”

As her hips quaked, Johnny pressed his mouth firmly on her pussy and fluttered his lips.

“…ahhhh-Ahhhh!” Jessica’s moan started low and heightened in pitch. She strained. Veins snaked through her forehead, neck. Her legs stiffened straight in the air, trembled, with toes pointed inside the socks. Her pussy erupted into intense tickles which washed over her body. She grunted as though kicked in the stomach and released herself all over his mouth. “Ggghhhhhhh-ah!”

Johnny licked Jessica one final time, cleaning the sensitive pink plate, making her buck. He then looked up at her with a mischievous smile. “Like I said…” Johnny’s eyes turned blue, hair became darker and slicked. Like clay, his skin, bone structure, reshaped into the face of Fred Crewe. “…‘Fuck Fred.”

“Oh, sssss-snap,” Jessica stammered at the sight of Fred. Although in her best interest to move, she was immobilized by the powerful orgasm. Her gaze was lost, face flustered, and body quivered.

Standing on the floor, Fred held Jessica up and removed the baggy shirt from her tall, skinny figure. When she flopped back on the mattress, he grabbed his cock, targeted her pussy, and slipped inside. While digging deep, he leaned over her, peppering kisses over her teardrop breasts which curved up at tiny pink areolas. He groped and squeezed while suckling at her steely nipples, one after another. His hips worked in and out, in and out, gaining speed each time. “You’re in Fred’s world, bitch!”

Jessica locked her long legs around his waist, ankles latched and toes flexed back. She squeezed him in her thighs. The orgasmic pressure rose rapidly once again, pussy itching intensely. Her body stiffened besides her bouncing breasts with sharp nipples. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

While drilling her body without a hitch in his swing, Fred reached down and massaged her mound.

Despite trying to fight it, the incredible pleasure broke Jessica. Her face contorted. Tears of sheer ecstasy rolled down her rosy cheeks. Her ankle-lock broke, legs stretching in the air with toes pointed beneath the socks. A tremor started at the tip of her toes, ran down her long legs, and upon crossing her midsection, a ticklish explosion overwhelmed her pussy. “Guh!” she grunted. She wriggled on the bed as the orgasm washed over, legs kicking with feet balled.

Fred hugged her legs against his chest and continued plowing the visibly shaken sorority girl. Their skin clapped. “You bitches told on me, ruined my life.”

Jessica appeared out of it, brain short-circuiting from the multiple orgasms. Her lips moved but no words came out. She placed a hand to her head, her messy bun scrunching to the side. Her brunette hair frayed out. The orgasm never faded, only strengthening into another. “Oh fah-ah,” she moaned breathlessly.

Jessica, save us,” a voice said.

Jessica twisted her hips to hide from the unexpected guest, but with her legs trapped in Fred’s arms, she couldn’t move. She laid back and covered her flustered face while being ravaged. Through the spaces of her fingers, she looked to the far side of the room.

Three cages lined the wall. In their individual cells, trapped behind steel bars, were Stacy, Jen, and Valerie.

While pummeling Jessica’s pussy, Fred simply glanced to the girls and said, “You’re weak in my world. There is no escape.”

Still covering her face, Jessica just lay there, taking a pounding. Her breasts rocked with solid nipples. The exhilarating itch gained intensity with each insertion. The pleasure pressure built and built, tickling all over. Her legs quivered, so she turned her socked feet inward and flexed her toes back against his neck, poking the balls of her feet to the ceiling.

While pounding away, Fred brought her left foot to his lips, removed the sock, and commenced to worshipping her red pedicure toes. He stuffed them all on his mouth at once, slurped, and snaked his tongue between the slight spaces.

The tickle of his tongue in between her toes made Jessica arch her back. Her arms flopped to her sides, fingernails scratching the bed sheets. She revealed her flustered face, streaks of tears down her cheeks. She watched Fred suck her toes and wiggled them in his mouth. “Johnny,” she called out.

“No Johnny.” Fred switched to Jessica’s right foot, took off her sock. He placed her entire sole on his face: nose in toes, mouth on arch, and chin against heel. “Like your friends, you will always be here.”

“Ggh-uh!” Jessica grunted loudly and unexpectedly. There was a tiny eruption of tickles which only intensified into another. She pressed her toes into his forehead, arching her foot as he nibbled on her sole. Her left foot fell back to his right shoulder with toes curled. Stimulated beyond belief, she strained in an attempt to push the orgasm out. When she failed to release it, she expelled a big breath and whimpered from the ecstatic tickle. “Johnny…”

Fred snatched Jessica’s left ankle from his shoulder, put her feet together, and buried his face into her soles. He kissed her arches heatedly, jumping from one foot to another. His cock hammered her juicy center.

Jessica’s face tensed in ultimate ecstasy. Her body stiffened, breasts bouncing chaotically with rock solid nipples. The pleasure pressure mounted. “Gghh—” She looked down with surprise: eyes broadened, mouth fell open, and upper-lip quivered. Her dam collapsed, and tickles flooded her center. She squirted all over his cock and the bed. “Ahhhhhh,” she squealed. “Shhhhhh-eh-eh-it!”

The imprisoned sorority girls—Stacy, Jen, and Valerie—began moaning like an alarm, “Eh-eh-eh-eh!”

The Alarm!’ Despite the mind-wilting orgasms, Jessica managed enough spirit to reach up and hug Fred in her arms. In a flash, she awoke in her bed with Fred on top. She whipped her head to the right and found Johnny asleep next to her. “Johnny,” she yelled before rolling Fred off the bed. She landed on top, straddled him in the cowgirl, and pinned his arms to the floor. She leaned down in his face and rolled her hips, dimpling her ass and grinding her pussy against the bottom of his shaft. “You’re in my world now, bitch.”

Fred’s eyes widened with fear.

Johnny hopped up from the bed and stumbled into the wall. “Jessica, what the—”

With the top of her feet flat on the floor, soles facing up, Jessica pushed off and rubbed her bald mound along the underbelly of Fred’s cock. She rode the length up and all the way back down. She did it again, and again, faster, harder, until finally she rode up too high, and when coming back down Fred’s engorged tip squeezed inside of her cozy center. “Ah!”

Fred palmed Jessica’s flat ass. He stared up at her with wild eyes.

Jessica pushed off on her toes, rocking halfway down and then back up in a robotic motion. The dizzying pleasure reemerged once again. With her hands clasped around his wrists, she looked into his eyes as the wondrous pressure increased.

Fred squeezed her ass in his hands and stared back in her eyes.

“You-ouuu-ouu—Uh!” Jessica crooned. She pursed her lips from the heavenly tickle deep in her crotch, an intensity she’d never experienced. Her ride faltered, so she hooked her ankles over his thighs for better stability. From there, she postured up, cradled her bouncing breasts, and dropped with more impact, desperately hoping to scratch the itching sensation. “Mmm-ah!”

Johnny appeared perplexed by what he was witnessing. His eyes broadened, mouth hanging open.

“Ah-AH!” Jessica’s body involuntarily shot forward from the tickle and flopped against Fred, breasts to chest. She continued to rotate her hips, gyrating on his cock.

“You, bitch!” Fred growled, convulsed. As he came inside of Jessica, he exploded into ash.

Jessica fell face-first to the floor, naked and enervated, ash dancing in the air. Her body quivered, heart thrummed, and mind buzzed. She breathed heavily.

“Did it work…?” Johnny eased around the bedside, eyes on his shaken girlfriend covered in ash.

“Yeah…” Jessica remained on the floor, staring into nothingness beneath the bed. “It worked.”

Submitted: October 13, 2020

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