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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Britney bargains for a x-rated comic book entitled: The Tickler

Comic Book

You gotta be kidding me?”

Britney’s eyes distended over the brim of her glasses. In her hands, the petite blonde held an old book entitled: The Tickler. She combed a strand of hair away from her heart-shaped face and looked up to the young man across the counter. “Where the hell did you find this, Jay?”

Leaning on the cash register in the quaint store, the lanky man showed a pearly white smile. “Well, it all started when I tried some alcohol called the Tickler at my neighbor’s house. She said it was from New Orleans—”

Britney’s face sunk with boredom. She twirled her wrist for him to hurry. “Short version, please.”

“Well, I wanted to learn more about it, so I looked it up on internet. Nothing. I actually had to go to New Orleans, search the streets, and finally stumbled across it, hidden away in the French Quarter.”

“This cannot possibly be the short version, Jay.”

“So, I walked in and an old lady—back bowed like a crescent moon—says she’s been waiting for me. She gives me everything in the store: seeds, recipes, oil, and—”

“For free?” Britney arched her brow.

Jay nodded. “Get this. She then shoves me out and sets her small store on fire. Spooky shit.”

“She died?” Britney asked.

Jay shrugged. “I don’t know. I took off.”

“Very heroic.” Britney rolled her eyes. She then gestured to the plastic covering over the book. “Can I?”

“First things first, how much?”

“Well, first, I need to see if it’s the real thing.”

Jay heightened a brow. “I’ve seen Pawn Stars. As soon as you open something like that, it devalues. I can’t believe you’d do a friend like that.”

“Friend?” Britney’s head shot back. She scrunched her brows, puckered her lips. “You ‘hit’ on me and got bullied my boyfriend. That’s not a friendship.”

“Bullied? Pssshhh! Me and Chase were cool.”

Britney scoffed.

“And as for me ‘hitting’ on you, I was being nice,” Jay said. “You just took it the wrong way.”

“Hm!” Britney scoffed. She held up the book. “A hundred. Take it or leave it.”

“Leave it!” Jay snatched the Tickler from her grasp.

“I don’t know if this is real or not, so I can’t just go all out.”

“I can prove it’s real.”

“How?” Britney asked.

“Are you familiar with this?” Jay waved the book.

“It’s my job to know about this stuff.” Britney folded her arms and put her pointy chin in the air. “So, yeah. The Tickler is an x-rated book banned in the early part of the last century.”

“Yeah, it taught ways to pleasure not only yourself but your partner as well, experience things you never thought existed.”

“And I’m assuming you want to prove this book is real by doing these things on me? Ha!” Britney busted out in laughter. She showed off the wedding band on her ring finger. “No. And even if I wasn’t, just no.”

“It’s not sex or anything—” Jay stopped himself. “Hang on. You married Chase?”

Britney responded by leveling him with a cold stare.

“Y’all dated all throughout high-school. Damn!” Jay cringed. “Have you ever been with anyone el—”


“Okay, okay, okay,” Jay backed down. “Where was I? Oh yeah! It’s not sex necessarily. It just involves your foot, that’s all.”

“Not a chance.” Britney shook her head but suddenly perked up and sharpened her glower on him. “Wait, wait. How do you know how to do these things unless you’ve already opened the book, huh?”

Jay started to reply when he just froze. After a brief minute, he fumbled an excuse, “What I, uh, meant was it devalues each time you open it.”

“Psshhh!” Britney rolled her eyes.

“Hear me out,” Jay said. “If you don’t cum, I’ll give you the book for free.”

“You serious?” Britney leaned-in, elbows on the counter. “If I don’t have an orgasm from your foot massage, I get it for free?”

“Precisely. So, do we have a deal?”

“Of course.” Britney waved for him. “Easiest money I’ve ever made.”

Jay’s smile stretched across his smooth face. He rubbed his palms together before hopping over the counter. He looked into her brown eyes. “Just because Chase can’t make you cum doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Britney pointed down. As Jay crouched to a knee with a creepy smile, she lifted her left shoe off the floor. “Not a word of this to anyone, got it?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jay untied Britney’s laces and pulled her Converse off, along with her ankle sock. He marveled at her small size 6 foot. Her thin, perfectly proportioned toes painted a light-teal. With his legs crossed under him, he started his sensual massage by gripping the sides and digging his thumbs into her lower arch. He rotated his thumbs in circles all the way up the soft sole.

The bell jingled above the door.

On one foot, Britney hopped around to the new customer. “Hi-ya! How may I help you today?”

Hidden by the tall counter, Jay pressed his thumbs into the ball of her foot and then pinched and stroked each toe.

The young man approached. “I was wondering if you had a copy of Batman Rebirth 15.”

“Let me check.” Britney tapped the key on the computer and scrolled through their database. Jay’s pressure increased on her foot, awakening a fuzzy feeling in her body. Her heart fluttered. She slightly wagged her head and refocused on the screen.

While holding her foot in his left hand, Jay made a fist with his right and kneaded her sole with his knuckles. Starting at her heel, he worked his way up. With a mischievous smile, he glanced to Britney, gauging her reaction while grazing his fingertips down her ticklish arch.

Britney bucked from the tickle, hips slamming into the counter. She paused. Her eyes shifted from the computer to the patient customer, who was staring at her with a peculiar expression. She blushed, forced a smile. “I uh…” She glared down at Jay but played it off to the customer as if searching for a bug, spider. “…thought something bit me.”

“You alright?” the man asked.

“Yeah…” Britney looked back to him with a big smile. “Yeah, I think I’m good.” She typed in the name of the issue and hit enter, but as she carried-on, her body warmed from an unfamiliar itch at her center. She balled her foot, wrinkling the bottom, and then spread her toes, fighting the tickle. “Oh-kay!” She clenched her jaw upon feeling something wet on her foot. She snuck a glance down to Jay, who was in the middle of sucking her teal polished toes. She whipped her head back up to the customer, and with a tight smile, said, “We have one copy in.”

“Awesome! Where at?”

“It’s just umm….” Britney hesitated, an exhilarating pressure filled her body. She briefly battled with the heavenly sensation, but with everything in her, she managed to pull her foot from Jay’s mouth. She released a quiet sigh, trying to hide her pleasure, and walked around the counter, hobbling on one shoe.

The customer arched a brow at her as she brushed by him to the shelf. He locked onto her barefoot. “Where’s your shoe?”

“Oh, I was uh—it gets slow in here sometimes, so I was doing my nails.” Britney thumbed through several comic books before pulling the right one from the rack. She moseyed back around the counter, flashed a scowl at Jay, and then turned to the computer. She scanned the barcode on the magazine. “It’ll be twenty forty-five.”

Jay raised her ankle backward off the floor and went back to massaging. He repeated his earlier action of digging his thumbs in circular rotations from her heel to the ball of her foot.

The customer handed Britney a twenty and withdrew change from his pocket. After making the exchange, he grabbed his magazine and nodded, bidding her a good day.

Britney just smiled while watching him exit the store. It took every fiber of her being not to release a loud moan. Her brain was drenched with endorphins, body tingly. As the door jingled, signaling his exit, she huffed and bent over the counter at the waist. She eyed Jay. Her brows creased, faced tensed. She stretched her toes back as he slid his fingers between them. “I don’t—” She pinched her lips together and breathed through her nose. She flinched to pull her foot away but the sensation was too blissful to reject. Her fingers clutched the edge of the counter. Her right leg trembled, knee buckled.

“Are you cumming?” Jay asked.

“I, uh, feel like…” Britney gnawed on her bottom lip. The euphoric itch intensified at her core. The titillating tension built to levels of pleasure that she was having trouble masking. She rumbled like a rocket. Her lips moved but the words never came out.

With a mischievous grin, Jay squeezed her petite foot and commenced to worshiping her toes again. While massaging her arch, he stuffed her three middle toes in his mouth, slurped, and wormed his tongue between the spaces.

“Oo!” Britney lurched again, driving her pussy into the counter. With her body in a state of tickling euphoria, she looked down and happened to catch a bulge growing beneath Jay’s jeans. She lost her breath while leering at the large protrusion.

Jay feverishly sucked her toes. He brushed his fingertips from the ball of her left foot, down the arch, and to the heel. “I can feel you shaking.”

“You can feel—Mm! I feel strange.” Britney’s face twisted: eyes shut, nose crinkled, and upper-lip quivered. As his tongue snaked between her toes, the orgasm seized her body. The orgasmic pressure climaxed. Her pussy exploded into euphoric tickles. Her knees wobbled, and if not for the counter carrying her upper-half, she would’ve collapsed. She curled her toes tightly as Jay continued to suck them. “I’m-mah-mah—Mmmmmmmmmm-ah!” She strained until her face turned beet-red and then exhaled a grunt, “Gghh-uh.”

“You want to get intense?” Jay pressed her arch against the bulge in his jeans.

“Mm-hm.” Britney moaned as if she agreed but shook her head at the same time. The orgasm never faded, only strengthened again. With a vacant gaze, she looked down to the tickling on her foot. Life reappeared in her distended eyes upon seeing his large cock harden beneath his jeans. She stroked the long protrusion. Blinded by an insatiable itch, she pulled her shirt over her head and quickly unfastened the bra from her humble A’s with pink coin-sized areolas. She shimmied out of her jeans and panties as Jay helped untie her other shoe. Once naked, she crouched down on his lap and kissed him heatedly. She thrust her bald pussy against the hard bulge in his jeans. “I get the comic book for this, right?”

“It’s yours.” Jay sucked on her neck as she continued to dry-hump him.

Britney cradled his head against her bosom. She pushed off on her toes, adding vigor to her thrust. Her little ass dimpled.

“What about the door?” Jay asked.

Britney’s eyes shot open. She froze for a split second before darting to her feet. Naked, she scurried around the counter on her tiptoes toward the door.

Jay stripped out of his jeans, shoes. Blood pumped his cock fully erect. The tip turned a deep purple. Veins snaked through the shaft. He grabbed the base and chased after Britney.

Britney flipped the sign to ‘Closed’ and turned the lock just as a hand reached for the handle. She dodged away from the acrylic door and crouched on her toes.

Hey!” the voice said. “Where’d ya go?”

Just before the customer put his face to the glass, Jay jumped behind a rack. He took the long way around the shelves and crept up behind Britney, who was ducked at the side of the door.

“Sorry. We’re closed for the mo—Oh!—ment.” Britney felt a strong pressure at her center. On her hands and knees, she peered over her boney shoulder and found Jay easing inside of her pussy. She placed a finger to her lips, shushing him, before turning back to the customer.

Closed? It’s noon!”

Jay grabbed Britney’s tiny waist as his thrust gained momentum.

“Lunch break!” Britney clawed into the plush carpet. Her body rocked from the impact, small breasts jiggled with sharp pink nipples. Her tight pussy was drenched, tickling with euphoria. She pressed the top of her feet into the floor and scrunched her toes, hoping that’d somehow absorb the powerful blows. Their flesh clapped. She knew they were too loud but didn’t have the strength to stop the intense pleasure. “Come-um! Come back in a little bit.”

How long is a little bit?” the customer asked.

While pounding her from behind, Jay squeezed Britney’s ass cheeks, spread them apart, and caressed her forbidden hole.

All out shaking—breasts bouncing, ass rippling, head whipping, blonde bun coming undone— Britney blurted, “Thir—Errr!—teee minutes—Thirty minutes!” The exhilarating pressure piqued once again. She strained, pushed. Her body locked up, arms trembled, and feet lifted off the floor with toes curled. Her inner dam collapsed and orgasmic tickles flooded her center. “Oo-woo-woo-woo!”

Jay’s slowed his hips before pulling out completely. His cock glinted for her juices.

“My…” While staring off into space, Britney slowly keeled over to her side, holding her breasts in her arms. Her naked body convulsed as she lay on the carpet. “…Gah—”

At that moment, a phone rang with a mushy love song.

Britney darted up in a seated position. “Chase!”

“Just let it go to voicemail.”

“Oh shit! He was supposed to pick me up for lunch.” Britney covered her naked body and hurried to her weak legs. She wobbled the first few steps until finding her footing. She darted past the acrylic door on the balls of her feet.

Jay followed while stroking his stiff cock, not wanting to lose his erection.

Upon making it around the counter, Britney crouched on her toes and dug through her jeans for the iPhone. After pulling it out, she accepted the call and placed it to her ear. “Hey, honey.” As her husband rambled, she turned to Jay with a look of lustful longing and locked lips with him. She reached down with her free hand and stroked his massive cock. “Oh, okay…” she said into the phone. “…so you won’t be able to stop by for lunch?”

Jay guided Britney to her back across the thin carpet and climbed between her warm thighs. The engorged tip grazed across her bald mound. He worked his hips back and forth, teasing Britney with his entrance. He finally squeezed inside her pretty pink entrance.

“It’s actually a good thing-ing.” Britney closed her eyes. With feet flat against the floor, she pushed off and thrust up from the bottom, meeting his impact head-on. “Mr. Thomas has me busy going through new purchases.”

It didn’t take Jay long to pick up where he left off. His cock pounded her pussy.

“Yeah.” Britney covered the phone to relieve herself of a moan. “Ah!” She then put it back to her ear. “So—Oh! What time—Huh?” Her eyes rolled, perky A’s jiggled with tight nipples. “I sound outta breath? Maybe-it’s-becuz—Ah!” Her expression tightened into a cry-face. “Honey, I have a customer. Lemme call you back.”

Jay squared his shoulders. He sat back on his heels while drilling Britney’s swollen center. He grabbed her ankles, lifted them straight in the air, and proceeded to suck the sweet digits on her right foot.

“Okay. Lah-uv you too,” Britney stammered to her husband. She blew him kisses through the phone and then hung it up. “Uh!” She tossed the iPhone aside. She wiggled her toes against his mouth as the orgasmic tension rose in her body. “Uh! Uh! Gggghhh-ahhh!”

Britney’s moans excited Jay’s motion. While his cock worked her pussy, he buried his face into the bottom of her foot. He sniffed, breathed, and nibbled her arch.

“Fah-kah,” Britney whimpered while cradling her bouncing breasts. Tears filled her eyes from the wondrous sensation. She curled her toes into his forehead as he sucked on her arch. Her legs quaked. Black dots appeared in her sight. “I’m going to ex-exploh-oh-oh!”

Jay moved to her left foot. He slurped all over her teal pedicure toes. Her scent, taste, galvanized his thrust even more. His muscles flexed.

Britney’s face contorted into a goofy expression. A tremor ran down her right leg as he worshipped her toes, and upon crossing her midsection, an eruption of intense tickles went off in her pussy. So pleasurable that tears escaped her eyes and trickled down her rosy cheeks. “Oh! My! Fuck!”

Jay growled. He pulled out, grabbed her feet, and shot semen all over her teal painted toes. He quaked and collapsed into the shelf with his shoulder. He slid down the side, to a seated position. His cock went limp in his hand.

Visibly shaken—blonde hair disheveled and eyes blank— Britney sat up and used Kleenex to clean the semen off her feet. She wiped between her toes and down the top and bottom. “Thanks for the comic…”

“What do you want for issue 2?”

Submitted: January 22, 2020

© Copyright 2022 KingFish. All rights reserved.

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