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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Crime is on the rise as are passions. Can a forcibly retired and tentacles detective control his primordial urges to act as an agent of Justice? Will organized crime subvert one of the few remaining free countries on the his near future Dystopian planet? Follow as Tenta-Chan makes special friends and acquaintances while combating his own demons and the criminal underground.

Table of Contents

Episode 1 - Hi, I'm Tanaka

A story that writes itself across your skin in goosebumps and shivers, penned in ink by a tentacle no less.
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Episode 2 - Chanko Nabe will make you strong

Stimulated appetites, bound beauties, and an ancient recipe to satiate a warrior's deepest desires. Always remember to thank your Sensei!
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Episode 3 - A Horny Sea Monster

  A single low hung light flickers rocking back and forth over a solitary table. As it sways it illuminates two hands cuffed to the ... Read Chapter

Episode 4 - Cherry Blossoms

Promotions, Punishments, and Secrets in the Mist of a Hot Spring
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Episode 5 - Sakura On the Sea

Blood, Sweat, Tears; How is Passion to be defined?
How much heat is too much for the New Boss? Read Chapter

Episode 6 - I think, Therefore Reboot Me

Sometimes innovation is not the proud badge of the intellectually mighty, but the slithering and crawling place of a shame that must be hidden. Read Chapter