A Love Story (Kimberly)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A story of how a shared desire, a common need, brings two people together in the most profound way. Deals with Domination and submission on a real, emotional level, touching on the fears, insecurities, passions, desires, and emotions involved for both.

She sat quietly biting her nails. She couldn't remember the last time
she'd felt so nervous...or excited. He had been so angry when he caught
her. The look on his face had changed so rapidly from the smile he was
wearing when he opened the door to the look of disappointment and anger
when he saw where her hand was and what she was doing with it. Oh why
did she ever think she could get away with such disobedience? Why hadn't
she been better able to control herself. True, she was a bit of a nymphomaniac
(or so she believed)...but they had been making such progress lately. He had
told her just the other day he was proud of her...proud enough to consider keeping
her. And, oh, how she wanted that. She had waited months to hear those
words. She loved him so...in spite of and , indeed, because of all the
whippings...all the *lessons* she needed to be taught. Now she feared he
would change his mind. If she had such little self-control after all this
time, why would he continue with her? Why bother with her at all?

She heard the door open quietly behind her, but she could not bring
herself to meet his steady gaze. Her face burned a bright red as she
awaited her instructions. He walked around her until she could she his
shoes near her feet. He held out a hand for her, which she immediately took
and rose to her feet. She would do anything, if only he would forgive her
her indiscretion. He led her into his study and she felt a shiver run down
her spine. Oh, how many times she had visited this room these past months.
She often wondered if the neighbors could hear them in here. The crack of
the various instruments used to administer her punishments. Her whimpering
response. The lovely grunting sounds he made when he would whip her with
all his energy. She wanted so desperately to stay here with him forever. To
receive his loving guidance for all the rest of her days.

She knew instinctively she should sit in the chair opposite his. He would
want to talk to her first. To explain to her why he was administering this
discipline, why she shouldn't have disobeyed. But as soon as she sat down,
he raised her back up. Oh no! she thought...he'd NEVER punished her without
*the talk* first. She was now more nervous than ever.

He was calm. She had expected him to be quite upset, but he seemed
almost pleased. His breathing was slow and regular and his muscles didn't
have the same tense look they often had at these moments. He sat in the
straight back chair and pulled her near him. She went over his lap on her own
...she knew it would be worse for her if she didn't. His hand rested gently on her
bottom for a few minutes, and she instinctively tensed when she felt it
raise. He brought it down fast and hard and despite her attempts to steel
herself, she yelped the moment it connected. He gave her eight more in
rapid succession and she tried her best not to squirm during them. She knew
from hard-learned experience that squirming could quickly double--if not
triple--the blows to her poor tush.

His next move was to raise her skirt, exposing her pantied ass. The thin
pink panties offered little protection against his powerful hands, but she
was glad she wore them nonetheless. He resumed his hand-to-ass spanking of
her firm flesh, raising the temperature of her ass...and other areas of her
body as well. Her breath was coming in jagged little gasps now and tears
were beginning to form in her eyes. She knew she would be all-out bawling
by the time he had finished with her, but she was thankful for this
ass-whipping. To her, it meant he still cared. Catching her earlier in his
bedroom with her hand between her thighs hadn't angered him so much
that he had given up on her. She could endure any punishment as long as she could
stay with him.
His breath was also coming more rapidly now. He held nothing back as he
raised his hand again and again only to bring it down even harder on her
poor, red ass.

In his minds eye he could see her there on his very own bed, her shiny,
sweat covered flesh writhing on his sheets as she pleased herself. Her soft
lips parted on a small *O* shape. Her eyes half closed; she hadn't even
noticed he was watching he a good ten minutes before he made himself known.
Her sweat-slicked breasts heaved as she neared her orgasm and her could see
the wetness between her thighs. But he wouldn't let her achieve
satisfaction. Not yet.

The more he played this mental movie, the harder he spanked. After about
50 blows, he paused once again. He could hear her softly crying in his lap
as he touched her hip. She automatically raised them so he could pull her
panties down. He had trained her well. He knew his silence must be driving
her crazy, but he couldn't bring himself to talk. He didn't trust his voice
to stay stern and steady. The heat emanating from her ass as he pulled the
thin panties around her thighs only served to excite him more. She didn't
know it yet, but she was going to receive alot more than a spanking on this
day. He felt a growing hardness between his own legs and knew it wouldn't
be much longer until she was begging for mercy. The very thought of it
turned him on.

She was trying not to cry too loudly. She did not want to incur his wrath
more than she already had. She could feel him growing hard beneath her, and
it pleased her to no end. She wanted to please him...had wanted to for so
long. But, he always refused her advances; indeed, she was often punished
for them. She didn't know if she dared to hope that this would be the day.
Before she could give it too much thought, however, he resumed the heating
of her ass. She knew her drenched pussy was nearly as hot as her ass and
she was filled with anticipation. *SMACK!* On her bare flesh, each slap
stung so much more. The light film of sweat only served to further increase
the sting. He let loose with all he had now, spanking her until she was
crying loud and hard...begging for his mercy...promising him almost
anything --ANYTHING--in exchange for a little bit of leniency. But he was
relentless, spanking her just a bit harder with every plea. Her ass was no
longer just hot...it was on fire. There was a delicious feeling of warmth
and a hungry desire emanating from her pussy. To lesson the pain, she
closed her eyes and envisioned taking him into her mouth. She wanted him so
badly, and each blow served only to increase her desire.

He was in a *zone* now. His hand flying rapidly into the air and back to
her ass. The slapping sound it mad each time it connected made him more and
more excited. He knew he would take her soon, and just the thought of it
drove him into a frenzy. Her ass had gone past that brilliant red to a deep
magenta. The heat emanating from it was incredible. He felt his cock strain
against the slacks to his suit and wondered if she could feel it. She had
tried to seduce him before, but he had been able to put her off by using it
to punish her. Today, however, was a cat of a different color. Today he was
going to have her. He was going to take that body he so loved and there
would be no turning back. She would be his, and in a very different way, he
would be hers.

His hand was beginning to ache, but it was nothing compared to the ache in
his loins. Knowing he couldn't hold out much longer, he slowed down. His
hand rested on her hot flesh, then began to rub lightly, raising goosebumps
over the abused flesh. She was crying and panting and shivering there on
his lap, squirming in an effort to be more comfortable. He felt a wet spot
on the knee of his slacks, but resisted the urge to further punish her for
it. Time enough for that later.

He helped her to stand, and then stood himself, looking at her
tear-streaked face. He gently swept his fingers over her face, wiping the
tears. He asked her if she knew why she was punished, and she nodded; not
quite trusting herself to speak just yet. He told her that he wasn't
finished with her, but if she truly wanted to, she could walk out the door
and leave forever. She shook her head furiously in response, an act which
pleased him immensely. For he loved her, his sweet little Rose, and if she
had chosen to walk out, it would kill him. She had averted her eyes to the
floor. Good; it was a sign of complete submission. He began to unbuckle his
belt and watched to see her reaction. While she kept her eyes to the floor,
he did notice a definite change in her breathing...more rapid and
ragged...as it was during her attempts to seduce him.

He unzipped his slacks and pulled out his hard 9" cock, then resumed his
place in the chair. He pulled lightly on her hand and she immediately fell
to her knees. He placed his hand on the back of her head and that was all
it took. Her mouth was on him in a flash, rubbing her lips all over the
shaft of his cock before swallowing it whole. Oh, God, that felt good! She
had never sucked another man, he knew, yet she went at him like she'd been
sucking cock all her life. It was good that he'd made her wait. Somehow, he
knew it had made all the difference in the world. She alternated between
licking and sucking his stiff flesh, driving him wild. Her hands held and
played with his balls and he knew he'd have to stop her soon if he didn't
want to spray his cum all over her face. While a perfectly lovely idea, he
had something entirely different in mind. He wound her hair around his
fingers and gently guided her up from the floor.

She was in heaven! For so long now she had wanted to show him she could
please him...now she would finally get her chance. She closed her eyes and
let go of the world, thinking of nothing but that shaft of throbbing flesh
in her mouth. She did her best to please him, and was ecstatic when she
felt it grow impossibly bigger and harder under her ministrations. But
then, as suddenly as it had began, it stopped. She felt his hand in her
hair, gently pulling upward, and rose to her feet. Her entire body trembled
in anticipation. The heat from her ass was still intense and it took all
she could do to keep from reaching back there to rub it. He led her to his
desk and gestured toward the desktop. Shivering slightly, she bent over the
desk and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt his hands on
her thighs. He was removing her panties completely. she felt a wave of need
and desire so bad, it threatened to cause  her to faint. He put his hands
on the inside of her thighs and pushed them apart. He was standing behind
her now, his slacks removed, his thighs against her own, and his cock lay
throbbing on the hot flesh of her ass. She parted her lips in a soft moan
of anticipation...she wanted him inside her so badly it hurt. But he was
going to make her wait; she just knew he would.

He playfully slapped her ass and watched with delight as she jumped and
cried out in surprise. He knew her ass was quite sore and it pleased him
immensely. But he did have a strong need himself, and he had every intention of
tending his need. He pushed her thighs apart even further and placed the
head of his cock against the slick wetness of her pussy. It was met with
some resistance, but he expected that. She was inexperienced, and he liked
that. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto him. Her ensuing gasp
thrilled him. She was so wet and so tight, he had to stand there completely
still to keep from cumming inside her immediately. She lay completely still
beneath him, her breathing jagged with her own excitement.

She had never felt so excited. He was going to make her his own! She knew
from this moment on she would belong to him. She steadied herself as she
felt him pushing into her. It hurt slightly, but it felt so wonderful. He
made her feel so full. She wanted to keep him there inside her forever.
When he finally started to move within her, she tried to move with him, but
he put his hand on her back and told her to be still. She held tight to the
desk as he began to thrust in and out of her. She loved the feel of his
cock within her, as she loved the sound her pussy made and he moved.

He wanted her to stay still and take all he had to give. There would be a
time later for her to move, but for now, this is the way he wanted it. She
was so tight! Her pussy felt as if it were trying to squeeze the juice from
his cock...and that was fine with him. He began to fuck her in earnest now,
his thighs slapping off hers. He held tight to her hips as he worked
himself to a hard and fast pace. Looking down at her ass, which was still
very deep red and quite warm, only served to get him more excited. Her soft
little whimpers drove him into a frenzy. Soon she'd be crying out loud,
neighbors be damned. He began to spank her again, punctuating each thrust
into her with a slap on her ass; and suddenly she was crying out.
"Yes!" she screamed "Yes! Sir! Yes! Please! Harder...spank me HARDER!!!"
She was getting close now. This would be the first time she'd cum with a man's
cock buried in her. The moment she felt his hand raining it's own special brand
of kisses down on her ass, she knew she wouldn't last much longer.
"Oh God, Yes! Take me! Fuck Me! Spank my Ass!!!!!" She began to thrust onto
him, wanting to bury him as deep as she could in her tight, wet pussy. She wanted
to feel his hot cum wash through her. But he had other plans...

He was both spanking and fucking her with a hard and fast pace now. He
wouldn't be able to go on much longer and wanted to make her cum before he
did himself. He took his free hand and reached around front of her and
began to manipulate her clit with the tips of fingers. She gasped loudly,
and then her body tensed. She clutched wildly at the desk and screamed as
her pussy clenched around his cock. He fucked and spanked and played with
her until she finally started to come down, then, with one final thrust he
pulled his cock out of her and sprayed his hot cum all over her burning red
ass. The sight was a beautiful one to behold, he thought, as he slipped
back inside her once more. In that instant they both knew...she was his. He
loved her more than life, and she him.....

Submitted: August 11, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Kimbery. All rights reserved.

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Iva Stone Adair

Wow is really all I can say. It's a bummer to because my boyfriend is away and I'm not going to see him until Friday. Oh well, your story will come in handy when Friday evening comes. =]

Mon, May 17th, 2010 5:43pm


Thank you, Iva! It's always great to hear my stories are having a positive effect! ;)

Fri, June 18th, 2010 5:25pm

Bethany falmer

Smiles, a very erotically charged story, full of scintillating and expressive detail. A fantastic journey in the mind of a sub! Lol I've been offered the role on many occasions, and often get spanked as I'm too irreverent and cheeky ( lol excuse the pun). Keep up tge writing, you do an excellent job.

Tue, May 17th, 2011 6:59am


Thank you, so very much! I wrote this many years ago, when I was first embarking on a journey of self-discovery, so it means a lot to me. Again, many thanks.

Wed, May 18th, 2011 3:56am

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