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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Personal encounter with my lover

Waiting for my moment to be embraced by your arms is painful, knowing our time is limited.
Sliding my own finger tips along the top service of my heated spot, catching my moment in bliss.
A smile crawl upon my lips, with eyelids closed.
Hearing the rhythm sounds of a tattoo gun, feeling the stingy sensation.
Glancing a peak at the man, his eyes focus at the project at hand.
Black gloves that he wears sends me to a warm converting mind set, glistening with the jelly that applies to the skin.
Not focused with the feeling of needles digging into my skin but, more on the man that is doing it.
Being gentle but, firm.
A smile plastered on his face, liking the outcome of the project.
A spray of rubbing alcohol onto the freshly irritation on the skin, sends chills through my body.
Leading to my spot with an ache, loving every moment of pain that is given.
The man doesn't notice my hand sneaks to my spot, rubbing on my clit.
Slowly moving my fingers to not let the man know what I'm doing, watching his face.
Deep breathing only to cover up the need to cry out a moan, buzzing in the background.
Feeling once again the cold mist of the alcohol with the towel rubbing against my skin, again with the jelly is put on the area.
"It's done'', he spoke, calmly.
Taking a look at the fresh ink that will be imprinted in my flesh forever, redness outline the canvass.
Smiling with the results, hugging the man.

Taking ahold of the man's hand, walking to a bedroom.
Being taken to my knees with a firm graphic animalistic behavior.
Loving every moment of this mans hands upon my body.
Fingertips tangled in my hair as I take his member into my mouth.
Stroking what I couldn't get into my mouth as I gave him pleasure.
It seemed as fast as it started, the man pulled away from my mouth.
Pushed my body flat onto the floor, pulling the clothing off my heated body.
In one quick moment pushed his whole member deep inside me, letting out a cry out of pleasure.
His moments are matching my need of him inside my body, grabbing my body, in pleasure, soft moans, our harmony of cries.
In the time past, it felt as if were the only ones focusing on the other, eyes locked.
Loving the stinging pain from the ink along with his member inside my body, sent my pleasure over the edge, losing count.
Pulling himself out of me crawling on top me, feeling the hot sweet seeds he is showering me.
The only sounds that are heard is deep breaths trying to catch themselves, embracing in each others arms.
Both beings smiling from ear to ear, loving the moment between them.


Submitted: January 04, 2015

© Copyright 2023 kimbela. All rights reserved.

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