Evil Babysitters

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Young Protagonist is sent to his bullies house to be babysat, they not wanting to be bothered by taking care of a14 year old teen decide to put their own little sisters in control of him, in turn the little girls decide he shouldnt be wearing clothes.

Table of Contents

Part 1

Part 1

My name is Aaron am 14 years old, brown hair, am thin because am on the swimming team of my school, also because of this my skin is tanned, and am, shorter than almost anyone my age, I havent got my growth spur I hope I get it soon because this is used by my tormentors at their advantage and pleasure, well the story begins this way.
I go to a new school because my step-mom and I moved from a different city, because of her work, this has been a difficult thing for her after my step-dad left. Am adopted they believed that if they had a child their problems would be fixed but it didn helped, they adopted me 7 years ago. At the new school I met this 2 girls Brenda and Jannice, they were bullies I knew this because Jannice, really tall with black hair and slim body, was just plain evil once she took the money of a kid by force and Brenda kinda fat, tanned skin, blonde, put a goth looking girl inside a trash can, and then removed her panties. Both girls were taller than me, they noticed this pretty fast, anytime I saw them they made comments like: why there was a little kid in high school, and if I was lost and needed to go back to kinder and stuff like that.
After the day was almost over they approached me and said that all of the teasing was in good fun and that if I wanted to take selfie with them to show that we were friends, I guessed at the moment that if they were playing then there was no problem. I lifted my phone and both of them hugged me in a really sexy manner, Brenda lifted her knee and touched my crotch and Brenda put her hand inside my shirt rubbing my left nipple, both grabbed my butt, this got me a little turned on, but after the photo was taken Brenda took my phone and made the pic default when so when every time I unblock the phone I'll see us together she said, while checking my phone so I could change the screen image, one of them pulled down my pants and after they left I noticed they stole my wallet.
Well that was Monday, during the rest of the week I got to know that they lived near the house and that my Mother would need to leave for a few days she talked to me about this and said that maybe she should get a nanny for me or something because she was leaving for the night and didn't wanted me to be alone. I told her several times that I didn't need a babysitter, but she didn't care.

So Friday came at the end of the fay my mother picked me up, and talked me once more about being out for the night and that I wasn’t going to be alone and all that. I tried once more to tell her that I didn’t needed a babysitter but she didn’t listened. In afew minutes we got to our block passed our house and kept going a couple more house, until we stopped at a different house, I knew this is where Brenda lived, my mom got off the car and entered the house and I followed her. As soon as I entered the house I see my mom talking to Brenda´s mom, Brenda and Jannice she is apparently giving some last instructions to them and referring to me, like if I was a little kid! Anyway to continue, my mother ended her conversation with them. Then she told me that she trusted me, but didn't want me to be all alone. She hugged me and told me she loved me, and if we had any problem we could call her, then she left.
Not even 3 minutes had passed and 5 girls knocked on the door Brenda opened the door and the little girls got inside the house, then Brenda presented each and every girl to me, Gina for a 10 year old girl she was very fat, blonde like Brenda and tanned skin, Frances was tanned to but she was thin was taller, Charlene short brown hair she had a bugger under her nose, Bea chubby but I guess normal for a girl her age she looked like Frances but in shirt and fat and Lisa she didn't looked remarkable only had black long hair, Gina and Bea wore dresses the other shorts and shirts all wore sandals, each girl was around 10 years old except Bea she was shorter and I believe younger than them all. Gina and the rest of the girls surrounded me she seemed to be the leader of the group, she poked me.
Is he the boy?- Gina said
Well yeah- answered Brenda.
Shouldnt he be taller?- gina asked pointing at me, I was still taller tahn them but the way she was expressing about me was humiliating, while she askeda stuff about me she ignored me, she even opened myschool jacket when pointing at me, this wasnt the only annoying thing, the other girls were pinching me or lightly pushing me to se if they could get a reaction I asked Brenda why were this girls here?
she explained
- Well Jannice and I had a thing later today and this girls my little sisters and cousins, sometimes help me with the care of other kids we babysat so today they will take care of you.- She said this with a smile, the little girls approved this. I objected to this, and said.
- Am not a baby I dont need babysitters I can take care of myself - I said this in anger. She interrupted me and said
- Look at you, already throwing a tantrum like a baby, see girls what do we told you a little kid, sure you can take care of him also his mom said that we had complete control over him and we can use anything necessary to keep him in line and now that we're not going to be here and you are, you have control over him,- Brenda said ignoring me and smiling to them- don’t worry they have done this before is not their first time- she said to me.
Then she said we all should go to a room where we could talk about some rules. When we got to the other room I noticed it was a nursery, It had a really big baby play pen, baby toys and a changing station. It was a room for babies. I standed near the door ready to leave and I kept telling her that I could be alone until tomorrow, but she said that I should sit on the floor with the rest of the girls, I tried to keep saying my speech but was promptly shouted to sit on the ground between the girls she was really authoritarian, I didn't wanted to stir more problems and I kind of got scared so I did this without thinking it twice. Then, she asked the girls what were the rules or things that their mothers told them to do when taking care of a younger kid. -
The first thing - Gina said- was that her mother always said that naked boys behave better- this made Brenda and Jannice have a confused look then they laughed.
What's next - she asked,- well taking away his toys if he misbehaves and give them back if he helps with stuff in the house, said Frances. I didn't like what they were saying. I was about to say something but Bea ordered me to shut up.
What else?- said Jannice.
spankings and time out were useful - said Bea next Lisa said that little kids always had to be helped with their baths and had to go to sleep early.
Brenda then smiled again and said - ok girls you seem to know the basics so I want to ask you to help us you help us take care of Little Aaron here,- all the girls laughed at this, Bea even said - why? Cant he do it himself?- I was about to answer but Gina interrupted saying - maybe He isn’t as old as we believe, maybe that's why he look just a little bit taller than us- and now all the girls looked at me differently and laughed again. Then Lisa said- yeah he must be a little kid maybe he is 9? They even laughed loudly, Brenda stopped them and said - well girls it seems to me and Jannice that you understand very well the rules, so lets go and eat something
Ok let's eat- said Brenda.
I stayed back on the nursery I felt profoundly humiliated by this and didn’t wanted to be around them anymore, but then I began to feel hungry I didn’t knew what to do so I just sat there on the floor, until I heard Brenda's voice shouting at me ordering me to go and eat, walked over there hunched, they told me to sit on the baby chair the put for me, I told them I wasn't going to fit there but Brenda smacked my face till I obeyed all teary eyed. I barely fit on it, but as soon as I sat, they locked the chair table leaving me in an awkward position. I couldn’t move or unlock the thing, seeing that sitting right was impossible, my arms got stuck on the sides but didnt noticed, I mumbled for something to eat, and as a joke they gave me a bottle of baby food and milk, they all laughed at this.
I want food not this baby shit!!!- I shouted
When you finish that!!!- seeing that wouldn't get anything else if I didn’t eat the thing I tried to take the jar but as I said my arms were stuck on the sides of the babychair, Bea saw this and said
The baby needs help with it?- They all laughed at me because I couldnt move,
Well maybe if the baby wasnt wearing his jacket and shirt on the table- said Francess
Well if that add his little pants- said Gina
And his shoes and socks too- said Charlene
Leaving him in his undies?- asked Bea
Or not even that - Charlene said looking at me with a disgusting smile
open the damn thing. Next they added more to the humiliation by feeding me the food, I asked to stop, but they said they must do it, the food was horrible was a blend of vegtables, and to make the situation worst I couldn use my hands to stop them, part of the food fell on my school clothes when they where done I was forced the milk bottle I began to suckle on the thing but I couldn't get anything from it I didnt knew it had a trick so when I separated the thing from my mouth the milk spilled going to my face and shirt, after this humiliation, I was denied normal food because they said that I was going to get my clothes more dirty. After all this Jannice told the girls to leave, they did so, I didn’t understood why but they kept looking at me even took a photo, and laughed They unlocked the baby chair and let me free, we walked to the living room where the girls were and then said
- Well Aaron you can watch tv with the girls or go to the backyard and play with the toys outside, what do you want?- Said Brenda
- To be in my house, thank you- I said
- well you are not going, you are going to stay here with them, so be nice because we take babysitting very serious and we are very strict- Said Brenda after she stopped talking she smiled, and the girls agreed.
- whatever- I said and rolled my eyes.
- good, now Jannice and I have to prepare for our party. You kids be nice and watch a show or something, girls remember to be firm and don't get intimidated by him, just think of him as a little kid like a 7 year old, and remember the rules.
- all of them?- said Charlenne
- ehm yeah, whatever- Brenda said not even looking at them she was on her phone now.
Then Brenda and Jannice disappeared, I lifted my middle finger at them while they weren't looking, but Bea did see me. She opened her mouth in surprise and then got near all the other girls and they grouped together, I ignored them and began to watch TV annoyed by everything that just happened. My shirt was sticky because of the baby food. I don't know how much time had passed but I heard.

- you been misbehaving- said Francess staring at me angrily.
- no I havent, please just let me watch TV and stop annoying me- I sad
- you are very rude too -said Bea, I just looked at her annoyed
- fuck off - I said, they all looked surprised, and one whispered remember the first rule.
- But first what's the first rule? - Gina said,All the girls were thinking some looked
confused until Frances said- that little kids behave better when stripped naked?
- Yes?- said Charlene, all the girls then looked at Gina
- Yes we are babysitting him and his clothes are all dirty.- Said Gina
- And he doesnt has toys here,- said Francess
- so what?- I exclaimed, then all the little girls jumped on me they didn't give me any
chance. They grabbed my arms and legs and began to unbutton my shirt and pants, the one pulling my legs shooted my shoes off my feet and next pulled my socks off, my open shirt was pulled above my head and so did my undershirt, they finished pulling my pants off. I used this opportunity to free myself from them and run outside the house, I was only in boxers but that was enough I left my stuff near the entrance with my house keys and, so the first thing I did after getting out of the room was run there to get out of the house, but when I got to the kitchen, my stuff wasn’t there. I didnt knew what tyo do now so I run back to the living room to hide but the girls where there already, they didnt saw me, so my only option was getting inside the nursery room again. I tried to lock the door but I guess they saw me entering they were fast and pushed it before I could do it, trying to keep some modesty was useless. When the girls entered the room I begged them to stop, that I will behave. But Gina said rules are rules, and then pulled my boxers off I could feel her fingers around my waits inside the fabric I moved my hands to stop them but I wasn’t fast enough, her little hands pulled them down to my ankles I only got to cover my crotch. Then Gina pulled the underwear so forcefully that made me loose balance and I felt to the ground unable to cover my crotch. I was on the floor naked, exposed, and feeling completely defenseless.
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The End

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