What Goes on in Our Lives

What Goes on in Our Lives

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


It's the life of the city/suburbs, but the city doesn't stay the same throughout the whole story. Join in the slightly dramatic, heavy love set, slight action like story full of Oc related pairings. Each chapter has a different pairing. This story is rated M for a reason.


It's the life of the city/suburbs, but the city doesn't stay the same throughout the whole story. Join in the slightly dramatic, heavy love set, slight action like story full of Oc related pairings. Each chapter has a different pairing. This story is rated M for a reason.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Pt. 1: It All Starts with a Trip

Author Chapter Note

This is the story I spoke of in my profile. All I ask is to not drell on the writing issues with the wording, ect. I've done all I can from the first copy of this. This story is a cherished item to me. This is written by two people, and yes I have permission to post their side of the work. I think this story will fit very well here on this site. I've gone through a lot to find a good site this story will be loved on. Also you will understand the reference behind this chapter's title as you go through the story. All the characters in the love scenes are between 20 n' above.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 25, 2017



A/Ns always at bottom.

[Try to guess which characters are mine.

Disclaimer: The work from the other person Dr. Phluff. This story is an 1 on 1 long lasting roleplay.

CloudMist [Cloud-Mist] was with Vance's sister moving in with her as he unpacked the last box. He had light paleish skin, and his hair was the same to his old hair on his head. His lightish slightly dark green-blue hair was in a half done pony tail that was sort of curly, it went down his back a little as it rested on his shoulder slightly. His eye color has been forgotten, but it was a pretty color that matched with him. His body is thin, he's a bit tall, and is slight muscular.

He, and his boyfriend Vance had a fight from the other dis-trusting CM from being accused of sleeping with her, so he got kicked out to just go live with her like he was told to go do. "Finally it's all unpacked." He says in his same femine, high voice.
He fixed his black, and blue sploshy shirt with his matching black with blue stripe pants with his confortable shoes on.

Mia smiled softly, walking out of her room wearing one of his large white shirts which showed one of her shoulders and made her look as if she wasn't wearing anything under but was wearing her B cup sized bra and short shorts. She walked over to cloudmist, her shoulder length brown hair swaying slightly as she looked at him with her heterochromatic eyes, her left being a light brown while the right was a light blue. Her skin was slightly tanned and her body frame was small, short and slightly chubby with a couple freckles over her cheeks.
"Really? About time...it took you almost all morning." She chuckled softly and walked over to him, a smile plastered on her face.

CloudMist wanted to throw up looking at that smile. He was forced here, so he didn't like her like she thinks he does. He looks out the window this is his first day here, so he was still upset over what just happened.

"...Is there any way I can help you?" Mia smiled softly and squeezed his hand, not wanting him to be so miserable. She leaned slightly against him, mostly for herself and let out a soft yawn.

"Not really, I can't think of anything." Cloudmist sighed as he felt her on him, and just pushed her back a little, he was uncomfy with her leaning on him.

"...Want to see if I can get him to take you back? You don't seem as happy with me than you did with me." Mia smiles softly and leans against him again, hoping he didn't move away again.

"I don't remember even starting a relationship with you. It's just a big blur," CloudMist made a slight sound, and pushed her away again as he lays down on the bed.
"Just give me some time I'll warm up probably." He said to himself more than to her. He rests his face in the pillow closing his eyes sighing.

Mia laid down next to him, looking at the back of his head carefully with a hint of worry glowing in her eyes. "...Um...it doesn't feel right if you're forcing yourself...do you really don't remember?" She asked carefully, sitting up nervously.

"No all I remember is going to the store to get something for my hair, why don't you remind me what did happen?" CloudMist asked half looking at her.

Mia let out a soft sigh and rolled onto her back, staring at the ceiling with a sad expression. "Y-you came into my room and told me that you loved me so much...I thought you were kinda joking until you kissed me..now that I think about it it was late..." She said softly.

CloudMist heard the story, but something didn't seem right with it. He thought about it, and came up with that he went to the store while Vance was at work he thinks.
He saw Mia in the store, she said hi to him, and was saying to dump Vance to be with her instead. He said no, and went on his way 'cause he got what he wanted to get which was the bows for his hair to show off for Vance. He was running from Mia, and got home to fight to find his keys to open the door to escape from her. Mia caught him to soon kiss him, and Vance showed up to only see them kissing, but didn't see who kissed who
Then after that well... that's how he ended up where he was now, lieing in this bed with this dam girl he hated not loved, and kissing her at night? He must had been sleep walking from missing Vance.

He sighs, and reached for his journal, but didn't feel it, he put it there, he knew he did. He looks for his diary looking down to peak under the bed, but no...
"Did I leave it back at home? 'Guess I did, I wonder if I wrote what I'd remembered in it? If Vance reads my diary maybe he'll find out the truth, and take me back.' Cloudmist thought as he looked at the pillow in excitement forgetting where he was for a moment as he rolls to his left side to snuggle with his extra pillow that he held thinking of Vance.

Mia pouted as she didn't get a response and leaned over to quickly kiss his cheek, getting up. "Fine be like that mister grumpy pants. I'll be in the kitchen making breakfast if you need me." She said before leaving with a small pout on her face.

CloudMist looked at the door in fright as it cloased, and got up. He just made this look as his heart, and mind thought of Vance again. He got up, got dressed, looked in the mirror, and snuck out of the house to go walking.

He walked around the town with this face, and some people here, and there were looking at him weirdly, he just glared at them to make them look away.
He looks back down, and sat in the grass of the park after a bit of walking. He sighed, and looked at the ground with a hand under his chin, and his elbow on his bended knee. He sniffled a little, "My tough guy I fucking miss you..." He said quietly with a tear falling to the grass below.

"Hm? Is that so? I couldn't tell because you've been too busy sucking face with mia" a familiar voice rang out. Behind cloudmist Vance stood, arms crossed.
He was around 6'1 with dark grey eyes and short messy kept brown hair. He was well built with a detailed figure and had a darker tone to his skin than his siblings.
Vance glared at Cloudmist for a few seconds before scoffing and walking away, "why should I bother..." He muttered to himself.

"'Cause you're getting your anger out, and that's what Mia wanted you to do. I'm telling you she kissed me! You can even look in the diary I forgot back at home. Please you have to believe me..." CloudMist had shouted as loud as he could, and just sat there crying a little bit of silent tears covering his face with one hand.

Vance sighed, looking over at cloudmist with a crossed expression and walked over to him. "Listen here...cloudy. My sis has never lied to me before and I don't think she'd waste her first lie on something as petty as this. So you better be telling the truth or else." He said in a threatening tone, momentarily looking as if he was actually about to hit him.

"I..I am, but I bet I'll just end up looking like the liar everyone says I am. I saw her in the store. She told me to dump you, and be with her. She followed me home. If I wanted to do anything I wouldn't had came home at all, and if I wanted to kiss her, I wouldn't had ran, or be so frantic getting the door unlocked to get inside." CloudMist kept his hand over his face, but it was clear by his voice, that he was crying a little more. There was no point in even saying that part from whatever lie Mia might come up with next, but he still said something out of honesty.

Vance sighed softly and rubbed his eyes, "L-listen. Stop crying. Just prove to me that she was fucking lying and I'll believe you. But until then you're just the guy that's living up to the rumors." He said coldly, looking at him with a nonchalant expression plastered on to hide the rage boiling under his skin.

CloudMist crys a few more tears, and wipes his eyes blinking, "Ok, but last night, I think I was sleep walking. She told me I kissed her, but I think I was thinking she was you. I am sorry about that. The night of the disaster is what I have to prove."
He stood up rubbing his eyes, and looked up at Vance from how he was a bit taller than him. He looked down to hold himself from kissing Vance.
He just put his hands in his pockets, "I better get going I think... hey the house has had a security camera right? For the night before last night." He looked hopefully at Vance from the idea that had struck him like a big pillow being thrown at him.

Vance looked at him and smiles softly, starting to chuckle as he had forgotten how spontaneous Cloudmist could be and gently helped wipe away his tears.
He nodded his head, "Yeah there were and always would be cameras. Or atleast till I can afford it." He chuckles nervously and shook his head forgetting that he was supposed to be mad at him.

CloudMist smiled back at him, he wanted to hug him, but didn't. "I actually was getto, there's a video camra left hidden on top of the roof over the front door. I forgot to tell you about it for awhile now. Sorry Vany." He only did the nickname from Vance calling him Cloudy. He moved his pony tail out of the way, and let the end rest on his shoulder.
He thought of the bows, and pulled a glittery black one from his pocket putting it in his hair. "I went to the store to get bows to show off for you." He looked back at Vance smiling, hoping he liked his hair from how it was suppost to look like.

Vance smiled softly and nodded his head politely, "it looks great on you but I like it better how it was. Still looks great though" he says calmly. "Why would you put up a new camera when there were already so many?"

"I forgot to take it down later on." CloudMist says after pouting from what he said about his new hairstyle. Getting those bows was how he got in this dam mess in the first place.
He soon sighed, "I should get back before Mia finds out I snuck out the window in my room."

"Hey...I swear I want to believe you, but the shit that I've been through makes it hard." Vance gave a small smile, gently he grabbed his hand, and pulled him into a careful kiss.

CloudMist gasped when Vance pulled him into the kiss, and put his arms around his neck kissing back.

Vance kept it there for a few seconds and pulled away with a soft smile. "Well if things turn out to be in your favor lets set up a date. As an apology" he smiled softly..

"Yeah, I have an outfit that will make you drool over." CloudMist laughed.

To be continued...

[The A/N: is in pt. 2.. If you have guessed CloudMist you're correct. Zetir in pt 2 is also mine.]

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