Lifestyle of the Normal Life

Lifestyle of the Normal Life

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


This is a book, so it will take more then one day to read it. Take your time enjoying it. For each chapter feedback is needed, so Read n' leave a comment/review. In this story the world is normal life where some go to college, and some go through life without school in their adult lives. There is Oc x cannon, and cannon x cannon pairings. Each chapter has a different pairing. Not every pairing is a straight, and the sex scenes are between story without being back to back. The story is rated M Genre n' what cannons are said in the tags.


This is a book, so it will take more then one day to read it. Take your time enjoying it. For each chapter feedback is needed, so Read n' leave a comment/review.
In this story the world is normal life where some go to college, and some go through life without school in their adult lives. There is Oc x cannon, and cannon x cannon pairings. Each chapter has a different pairing. Not every pairing is a straight, and the sex scenes are between story without being back to back. The story is rated M Genre n' what cannons are said in the tags.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Pt. 1: My Main Target is You

Author Chapter Note

Warning Lemon/sex scene stuff will occur in this chapter.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 24, 2017



A/Ns always at bottom.

Disclaimer: The cannon characters I use.

The clock has spung, and now the beloved cannon characters have grown up. It's spring, and it's the days at college for the gang. It has only been two weeks so far since the spring semester had only just begun. At the moment right now it was the early evening as the sunset had just passed by. At this time usally a familiar grown up boy that is in his young twenties with silver long hair, aquamarine colored eyes that has light skin rides on his motorcycle around the town's streets.

The school day is ending right about now, and it was Friday. As usual The bad boys of the college are causing trouble, and Vanitas is one of them.

Vanitas is tall with light pale like slight tannish skin. His body is ripped with muscles for having a skinny frame. He has golden colored eyes, and has a good looking face with strong features. His hair is short with a whild spiked up style. Over the years his bangs have gotten way longer as the spikes keep their state of style. He has gothic punk clothes for his attire. He usally wears a lot of bands on his upper arms, and ripped styled clothes. For his pants during the summer, and spring he wears his pants cut at the knees instead of the shredded knee ripped pants. He wears a black skull on a arm sized choker, and chains on his pants the bands all look like chains, but aren't. He wears black socks all the time with his low boot like regular shoes. The choker is worn on his upper arm not neck.

The story behind this guy in his younger twenties is that he will go around the school to find a target to mess with right after school hours are over. What he does is usually between his target, and him, so no one really knows what this bisexual guy does to them. Vanitas is one of the guys on a band that does guitar, and has the role of lead singer not by choice in their hard rock songs that can be scream like metal at times depending on the song.

At the college students quickly try to exit the school as the bad boys hunt for their prey. For today as the parking lot was becoming empty one of the newer students named Ricky came out the school. He had only joined this week, and today was his first day at school. He so far has been given odd looks, and the other bad boys have picked on him for his wing even though he was obviously mostly human that was in his younger twenties for his age.

Ricky stands at 5'10 n'a half, he has spiked up black hair with a mix of bright red that ends in a short spiked up perky like ponytail. He has dark orange/red eyes. His face is thin with strong looking femine features for a good look. He has a thin muscular body with light very slight tanned skin. He has a mix of black, and light blue silver colored feather wing only on the left side of his body. He wears a sleeveless black shirt that's kind of tight fitting looking torn designed at the neck hole. He wears fitting black pants that weren't too revealing to please his mom. He wears black shoes, and wears light blue socks.

He's a bit of a loner for his personality. He does have a caring side though deep within him. From being a half harpy he shows some of the traits in there too from being a little ruthless to enimies. He likes to annoy people too. He is there for people in his own silent like way. he is protective to those he cares for, and makes sure they are happy, and doing well. The cold winds of close winter is the main part of how to describe him as a person for this gay guy.

Ricky sighed as he thought of today with a frown to match. "What a first day today was." He was going to walk home since he wanted to cool off from his day.

Vanitas was at his usual looking point as he gazed at the parking lot to see who he was going to pick on for today. He saw his targets from last week, but he wanted fresh meat. He spotted the yet to be known Ricky, and it felt like something just hit him in the face. he quickly made a dash for him.

As Ricky passed a parked car a arm went around his waist, and was pulled close to someone. "Hey there it looks like you didn't get off campus scot free." A medium slight low voice came in Ricky's ear.

Ricky had been a little annoyed by this guy grabbing him, but it kind of changed as the man's voice made him shiver without really expressing it. He leaned back a little to look at him better, and his face showed more emotion as his eyes went a bit wide from how good this guy looked. This guy was two inches n' a half taller then him.

Vanitas smirked, "Heh I like it when my prey gives me a look like yours now don't struggle too much." He made Ricky lean against the side of the car that had been just passed, and made his arms rest on Vanitas shoulders as he held him close with one arm, and the other hand went in Ricky's pants to grabb his crotch to stroke it.

Ricky gave a loud gasp to his body swiftly being pushed against this car, and his crotch being stroked. "Ah.. he-" He cut himself off as a groan came out his lips. He felt his cheeks blush, and his legs, and wing were locking on him. "Le... ugh.. let go." he groaned again.

Vanitas smirked to his words as he was amused by his weaken prey attempting to make demands. He gave a chuckle, "Keep that up beautiful you're only making me more turned on." He gave a squeeze to his crotch, and started to pump it a little with a roughness to it.

Ricky gave a loud moan to the squeeze feeling himself lean onto this guy. "Ooh dam.. ah, ah..." He felt his face get more red with his flush growing, and his body feeling so weak to the pumping he was receiving. He closed his eyes as his face was pressed against the guy's lower right shoulder.

Vanitas laughed in triumph to how girlly the guy became in matter of short minutes. He kissed the right of his neck hungrily as his hand went around to give his rear a hard squeeze.

"Agh mysterious bad boy!" Ricky shouted as he still didn't know this guy's name. He felt attacked as his neck was being kissed.

Vanitas gave a soft purr, "Mmm that sound from you... give me more sounds like that sweetheart." He kissed his neck more, and put his left leg in between the other's legs to slowly open them. He soon traced his entrance slowly as he teased him with his finger.

Ricky gasped, "Agh! Oh fuck no!" He said trying not to moan from the kisses on his neck. He started to squirm best he could, and push this guy off him with what strength he had left from how much the guy had turned him on beforehand.

Vanitas wasn't pushed off that easily, "Shh don't struggle too much if you don't want this next move to hurt." He pushed him onto the car more, and held his arms up with his hand. He paused to look him over.

Ricky continued to struggle as both of his arms were bound now with this guy's hand. His face was more flushed, and his legs now were locked wide apart. His wing was outstretched, and locked up. He was wanting to be let go more then ever as it was written all over his body language.

Vanitas just licked his lips, and now inserts the finger into him as his left knee moves to rub his crotch up, and down. The finger went in, and out several times as he explored him. He then adds a second finger, and opens the fingers wide to scissor him. He moves the two fingers in, and out then adds the third finger to widen him more. He then moves the three fingers in, and out rapidly as they hit his spot over, and over.

Ricky couldn't help the loud groan like moan as he gasped, "Ugh.." was his reaction to the knee rubbing his crotch. He tossed his head side to side, and threw his head back to the fingers' work inside him. "Bad boy! Oh fuck! Stop... Stop!" He panted hard, and his face grew deep red. He was trying, but the moans kept coming as he was softly screaming. He was getting pretty hard down below, and was panting for that reason as well.

Vanitas gave a soft groan to the mess that was beneath him. He was growing stiff himself, so he soon pulled the fingers out after a couple more minutes of his work. He pulled his hand out of Ricky's pants, and licked his three fingers, but kept his leg in between his legs. His hand didn't let go of his arms.

Ricky gave a relaxed sigh, and panted softer as he took the chance to rest. "Bad boy... what is your name.." He said in between breaths. His voice was medium too, but not slightly low like the other's voice was.

Vanitas looked down at him as he enjoyed the taste of the stuff on his fingers. "Vanitas, and you my beautiful prey?"

"I.. I'm Ricky SkyWorthy." Ricky still hadn't caught his breath. "I think you can let my arms go I can't really move." He said in honesty.

Vanitas shook his head, "Nah I like to see you in this position. That name is cute, and fitting." He soon picked up Ricky, and opened the car after he pulled his keys out.

Ricky was surprised as he found out the car was his. Before he knew what was going on he was in the back seat on his back as the car was closed up, and locked. He knew this was where he was going to have his first time at. He couldn't get away, and well at least he was going to have it with a attractive guy. He felt his body shiver even though it was relaxing.

Vanitas smirk with a lustful look in his eyes. "That's good your body is opening up to me now let's unstiffen our crotches together." He said in a seductive soft voice. He pulled Ricky's pants down, and did the same with the underwear as the clothes were at rest at the ankles now. He pushed up his legs as he opened them wide, and soon pulled his own pants down to reveal his stiffen crotch.

Ricky took off his, and Vanitas shirt moving his hands to feel his chest as his face blushed again. he gave a slight moan, "Your body looks so good, and feels great too." he said in a somewhat emotionless voice.

Vanitas purred, "MMm thank you sweetheart." He grabbed Ricky's arms as they were returned above his head. He pressed the tip at Ricky's entrance before he was on top of him. He started to lick, and suck on the left nipple as he pushed himself into Ricky giving a soft groan. He moved in more deep 'til he was fully in him then started to move fast, and hard against his spot as their hips rubbed against one another.

Ricky gasped to the mouth on his nipple, He screamed loudly, and squirmed without his control as the ride started. "Vanitas!" he panted, and groaned loudly.

Vanitas laughed, and continued to move as he bit his nipple then used his tongue to move his nipple left, right, and back. His free hand ran along his body, and soon grab the other nipple to give it a twist then press it backwards with his thumb under it.

"Ugh.. Ugh! Oh dam Vanitas ah, ah, ah.. I.. I feel cl.." Ricky groaned.

Vanitas moved harder, "Don't you dare. Not yet try to hold it." He said with a growl.

Ricky nodded, "I'll try." He tried to hold it making his noises be a bit louder.

Vanitas smiled then leaned down to kiss him as he shoved his tongue into Ricky's mouth to explore, and tangle his own with the other's tongue. His hips continued to move down below making him moan quietly in the kiss.

Ricky kissed back as he panted through his nose, "MPH..." Came a sound of pleasure from the kiss. He let his eyes close tight as he focused on how their hips were moving. His sounds, and screams were still coming out as they were muffled. he can already feel himself start to bleed a little down below.

Vanitas picked up the speed, and slammed into his spot over, and over with quick jabs now. he was getting close. He loved this target most from how wild he got Vanitas to be. He kissed him deeper as he tilted his head to the right.

Ricky screamed at the top of his lungs, but it was muffled as the kiss was deepened. He tried to hold it, but he could feel himself leaking on to the floor of the car. He can tell the other was growing close as well from how puffed up he felt inside him which made the sounds grew a bit louder.

Vanitas soon was furiously thrusting into him at his top speed he pulled from the kiss to hear him cry out his name as he soon shoved himself whole into him as he released. A loud groan coming from his lips.

Ricky panted, and when he sped up Ricky couldn't help, but buck to him then screamed, "Vanitas!" As he felt Vanitas shove deeply into him with a blast coming afterwards. The shove was what made him release as well as the white substance was directed onto the floor of the car, and off the seat. He lied there helpless with a very bright red flush on his face that was fading as time passed.

Vanitas smirked down at him, and let go of his arms as he rested there for a few minutes before he pulled out of him. "Heh.. good work holding it sweetheart." He pulled up both of their pants, and put his own shirt on after giving Ricky his shirt.

"Heh.." Was all Ricky could muster. "Vanitas my legs are stuck a little help?"

Vanitas laughed, and helped put his legs down before he got in the driver's seat, and started the car. "I'll drop you off at home can't have you collapsing in the street right?"

Ricky nodded, "Yeah thanks Vanitas." He said after he put his shirt on tirely. He sat up in the seat, and buckled up. He leaned back in the seat, and closed his eyes after saying his address. It didn't take long 'til he was asleep listening to the rock music slightly blasting.

Vanitas nodded to the address as he acknowledged him. He thought it was cute that he was sound asleep iin the midst of loud rock music. He put his belt on as well, and soon drove off. He usually wouldn't had drove his targets home, but he thought of making it a treat for doing so well for a first timer, and how good of a ride he made himself be. At a red light he leaned in the back seats to kiss his forehead before getting back in his seat. he boredly waited for the green light, and continued to drive to Ricky's house.

When Vanitas got to Ricky's home he noticed that the house was almost in the middle of nowhere with some other houses a block away from it. He thought that this was weird, and gently shook his shoulder.

Ricky woke slowly, "Hmpth?" He rubbed his eyes, and looked around to see he was home. "This is it."

"You sure it is?" Vanitas asked

"Yeah this is it I know it looks too small to be on it's own, but it's the place." Ricky said in return. He wasn't saying it, but the house had been abandoned by the renters that pretty much sold it to him once he saved enough. His mom helped with it too. "Thanks for driving me here Vanitas."

"Don't thank me it's your treat for being so good for me I'll see you again soon." Vanitas said before giving him a kiss on the cheek to memorize his taste.

Ricky put a hand to his cheek in surprise as he stared at him, but gave a slight line of a smile. "Later Vanitas." He got out the car carefully even though he was super sore.

Vanitas laughed a little to his face, and smirked at the smile he got in return of the kiss. "Oh Ricky make sure no one gets wind of what we did in this car it stays between us."

Ricky nodded, "Agreed..." He said, and made a hand motion of zipping his mouth shut before closing the car door at last, and walked to his front door while rubbing his butt.

Vanitas watched him go chuckling quietly before he finally drove off.

When Ricky got inside he sighed, and leaned on the door. He kind of thought even though he had been half raped he thought that his bad day had gotten a whole lot better when he met Vanitas.

To be continued...

The A/N:

{ What's going on there with those two? have they been smitten of the love bug?

Hope you enjoyed the story so far. See you all in the next chapter.]

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