Raised For Soldiers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Before you read this story, please note that everyone in this story, is willing and nothing is forced!

Soldiers have been away at sea for nearly twelve months with no physical contact with the outside world at all. A little Island set miles away from everywhere is where they go once a year to fulfill their needs and enjoy themselves. The girls of the Island egarly await for their arrival just as much as the men. read on to find out more

Raised for the Soldiers


Chapter one



Waiting at the docks as we do every year, I await for the soldiers to arrive by the shipload. This was our life and this is what we were born and raised to do. When I say ‘we’, I mean me and every other girl in our village.


From the young age of eighteen, we are sent off to a school but not a school that you are thinking of. This school we are sent off to, not only teachers us how to look after ourselves but also how we were to treat men of war and when I mean threat them, I mean in every which way, including their bed.



As much as I hate the way, our lives were all structured out for us from the moment we are born. The excitement of today is so worth it.  When I see the soldiers come, all my negative thoughts fade away. These men not only fight for our countries but for our freedom as well. This is going to be my third year, as we are not allowed to entertain the soldiers until we reach twenty-one.


 Now that I’m twenty-three makes it even more exciting, as I am not going to be with just the one officer as I did my previous years. No. this year I am to be handed over to the higher-ranking officers where they can choose if I was to be with one, two or even more. I have to admit I was really looking forward to it as I have heard so many stories from the older girls saying how mind blowing of an experience it was.



This week I’ve been scrubbed waxed and plucked ready for today and to say I was becoming anxious and excited would be an understatement.


Hearing the ships horn blast in the distance, all us girls started to scream and shout out in excitement. “Alice; oh god they’re here. What do you think it’s going to be like this year?” my best friend Sammy asks. “I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out” I reply giggling. 



For what felt like hours later but was more than likely only a few minutes the ship finally pulls into the docks. All the soldiers were on the top deck waving and cheering at the hundreds of us girls waiting. Getting into our lines designated for the different ranking officers we waited excitedly for the men to come ashore.


 Seeing all the young officers running up to the younger girls was a sight to be seen. Not only were they running but they were stripping as well. However, nothing is said, as they haven’t had any sexual contact with a girl in nearly a year. How do I know that you ask, well I know because that was when they were last here.


The only release they would’ve got is by the use of their own hand which I have to say is a kill joy. As us, girls should know because we are made starve as well. 


As the elders say, ‘if the men have to wait, then so shall our girls.  They also said’ that the more sexually frustrated we are, the more we would be able to give and take.’ and believe me last year I was kept going for three entire days. Morning, noon, night, and that was only with one soldier. However, this year there wasn’t going to be only one, as I was awarded more for my strengthened stamina.  


This school year, I was pushed to my fullest sexual limits. I was never allowed to fully climax and if I did, I would’ve been punished by having to stay with the lower ranking officers.  They had trained all the boys of our village especially to arouse us and push us to our limits and beyond. We would never be paired with someone that was blood related to us and most of the time we wouldn’t even know the person we were matched with, as they were always at least four to five years older. As they were more experienced and would be able to push us further than a man of our own age.


In training we were asked to lay naked on make shift beds, where we were then put to our test. The men they would come in looking as if they just stepped down from heaven above with their perfect body and good looks. Just seeing them walk in, in all their naked glory had me mentally screaming not to cum right there and then. Which was a major battle in it self.  


I desperately wanted to pass the test this year as I was dying to experience a double or maybe even a treble as these soldiers would give you everything that a girl could only dream of.  




Flashback to school this year:



Lying naked in the cool open air I awaited for my personal trainer to arrive. The waiting always killed me the most but I knew I had to wait it out. Before long, a six-foot perfect statue of a man came and stood over me. The way his large member hung fully erected had my juices dying to explode already.


Crouching down he lined his member up with my mouth but never letting it enter. The sweet smell making my mouth water with wanting to taste him but he continued to torture me by not letting it enter. With the tips of his fingers, he would stroke over every sensitive spot known to man until I would scream and trash about in the bed. He’d then tie me down ready to push me even further. Once he had tied me down securely, he’d then begin to continue his sexual seduction on me but this time by using his tongue.


 He licked, nibbled, kissed and even bit over every inch of my body. Tears streamed down my face with the desperate need of release. He spoke sweet words to encourage me to hold it in. These training sessions went on from two to six hours depending on our observer, every single day for ten months.


Then finally I passed the test. To show my appreciation to my trainer I get to show him my skills by taking him into my mouth. Even though we weren’t allowed to get any release ourselves, we were to take them until their hot liquid would explode into our mouth. Some times this could last up to an hour or two because of their stamina. However, I had managed to make my man climax in just under an hour which has given me the right to have as many men that wanted me.  




End of flashback.




Chapter two





The higher-ranking officers started walking down the steps towards our group of girls. There were more of them than I had expected because there was only about thirty of us girls left, against at least a hundred of them. My heart began to race with adrenalin as not only was I dying to finally allow myself to reach my climax but also to see how much I could handle.


The men all stopped alongside us as our head of sex school approached them. After greeting each other they then pointed out what they wanted and how many. The teacher looked along the line of us girls as she tried to give the men what they desired. As she walked over to me, my legs began to tremble. I knew she was very impressed with me this year, as she had told me on a numerous occasions. However, right now this started to worry me.

As well as I had handled my self in training, looking at these sex starved men right in front of me I wasn’t feeling so sure of myself.


“This is Alice. She can handle the amount of men that you acquire.” She said as she handed me over to the headman himself. Without a word, he took a hold of my hand and escorted me off to our apartment where we will spend the next three days. Disappointment hit me as I noticed it was only him and me walking, no one was following behind us or even in front of us. Knowing better then to speak my disappointed thoughts, I just continued to walk along with him.


As we entered the overly large room I was gob smacked to see not one man but another four men waiting for us. I could feel my excitement pooling between my legs as they all began to strip.  “Alice this is, Mac, Zane, Cam, Terrance and I’m Zen” one by one they all come over kissing me in greeting.  As I stood there, Zen took a hold of me and ripped my clothes off leaving me in nothing but my lacy lingerie. “Well boys what you waiting for lets give this beautiful woman a time she will never forget.” And just like that they were all over me.



Zen crashed his mouth against mine kissing me hungrily while the other men started to caress and suck on my breasts and pussy. The feel of so many men pleasuring my body at once was more than I ever thought it would be. Every part of me was set alight in absolute pleasure. Moaning into Zen’s mouth, seemed to make him lose the little control he had. Gripping onto my hips, he spun me around so my back was pressed hard against his solid chest. Lowering me down in one quick motion onto his fully erected thick length made me scream out. He was so aroused and big that I could feel him stiffen at my tightness. “OH fuck boys wait till you feel inside her. Fuck she’s so tight.” He excitedly informed his friends. 


Moving back, he took a seat with his length still deeply imbedded in me. Motioning his hand to whom I think was Mac he took hold of his hardened length and guided it into my mouth. Running my tongue along the side teasingly Zen then held the back of my head and pushed down just as he pushed up inside me. Mac pumped in time with Zen taking me hard and deep as I took Mac. Terrence the youngest and I have to say the best looking of the group squatted down in between my wide open legs and began to stroke my wetness with his hot wet tongue. The way his mouth devoured my clit had my body trembling in pleasure. Moaning continuously, they continued to pleasure me taking me higher than I ever thought possible. While Terence’s mouth worked its magic on my pussy, Zen was still pounding himself in and out of me. Mac kept my mouth filled as he began picking up his pace muffling out my moans.  Cam and Zane had taken a breast each as they pinched flicked liked and sucked as if their lives depended on it.



I could tell they were all talking between themselves but they where going to wild on me to make out a word of what they were saying.  Although I could see that Zen wasn’t ready to hand me over to anyone yet, he swung me around so I was straddling his hips. As soon as my back was to the other men Zen throughout orders and before I could even ready myself for what was to come my mouth was filled by two harden lengths, while Zen had filled my core.  I could feel the other two men at my rear entrance as they began stretching and licking my rear entrance, readying my entrance to allow entrance to one of them to enter. Everything was happening so fast that I felt as if I was going to pass out by the amount of pleasure they were giving me.


“Don’t worry Alice you can take this, all of it. After  we all reach our climax we will do a twosome then a threesome but for now we all need you so don’t pass out on us baby as we will have to continue with you conscious or not.” Zen explained. Which he didn’t need too as that was why training was so intense because we had to be ready for this and by fuck I had worked too hard not to be able to give these men what they needed.


 As if that was the extra encouragement that I needed I took a hold of the two hardened lengths that filled my mouth and began swapping from one to the other sucking them in deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take no more. Pushing down I began pumping in time with Zen, emptying my mouth I began screaming as I through my head back in ecstasy.  Just as I reached my climax I felt a sharp burning sensation fill my rear the moans from all the men had me squirting my juices all over them. Feeling my rear adjusting Mac lifted me of Zen only to spin me so my rear entrance was positioned right on top of Zen’s large throbbing length.


 “Oh fuck Zen you’re too big please no.” I screamed as only the tip had broken through. “Fuck send her crazy take her in everyway you can now!” Zen barked. All the men took to my body as if I was an offering.



They were fucking, sucking and kissing me. You name it they were doing it. Not one part of me was left untouched even both of my entrances were filled. As I screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain Zen took that moment to push himself fully inside. I screamed and cried as the size of him began pounding my rear. “Oh fuck” Mac moaned as he pounded into my core. Zen and Mac were pounding me so deep and hard that I couldn’t even hold my body up. Terence had slipped his hand in between Mac and me and went crazy on my clit. Waves of extreme pleasure pumped throughout my entire body as they took me through high after high. They had taken me in every humanly possible. My body was limp with exhaustion but they didn’t slow their pace as they kept swapping positions until all of them had a taste of me.



We had been at it for about six hours now and I was aching all over but these men still hadn’t had there fill and wanted more but thankfully Zen could see I need a break. “Ok men let me go and take our girl to freshen up, while you all go and pour yourselves some drink.  I’ll have her back as good as new within an hour,” and with that said, Zen lifted me up into his arms and carried me to were I knew was the bathroom. Filling the extra large tub with bubbles and water, he slowly stepped into the tub with me still in his arms.


 “Alice baby is that better?” he asked sounding concerned. I nodded my head as I was too exhausted to talk. “Just lay back and relax let me take care of you.” I leaned my head back against his rock hard chest and left the water ease my aching body. Zen ran his hands over my sore muscles but not in a sexual way. He slowly began massaging my body although he didn’t mean for it to be sexual there was something about Zen that just sets my body off. “Zen” I whispered. “Yes” he replied. His deep husky voice sent tingles straight to my core.


“Can you feel it?”, “Feel what?” he questioned. “The connection, the pull, its like my body cant get enough of you even with us being this close I still want to be closer.” I told him truthfully. He stayed silent for a while making me feel in somehow devastated.


I wasn’t meant to fall or even feel for these men but I was finding it impossible not to feel something with Zen. “Alice you know we are not allowed to feel for each other.” he stated but I could tell there was a but coming, well I was hoping there was a but coming. “But” oh thank you god, I mentally thanked.


“I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the connection between us. I have been trying to fight it since the minute I took your hand in mine down at the docks. Alice; I know that your exhausted and sore but please can I make love to you before we join the others?” he asked so lovingly that no matter how sore and exhausted I felt, I couldn’t say no.  I wanted to make love to him alone as we had only experienced sex and I wanted to experience making love.



“Zen I want you to make love to me. I want to feel what our bodies are yearning for.” With that he softly placed his lips to mine and kissed me with so much passion that all of the previous kisses held nothing.

 Sliding his tongue along my body lip I slowly parted my lips giving him full excess. The way his tongue took too my mouth, I couldn’t help but moan as tingles erupted throughout my mouth.


“Oh Zen” I moaned as his hand cupped my breast. Every touch was soft and meaningful sending my body into seventh heaven. Even though I have had sex with many men and even woman it felt nothing towards what he was making me feel right now. Lifting me off his lap he placed me over the powerful jets under us. Leaning my head back moaning Zen took both of my breasts into his hands, he started of slowly then became rougher as he pinched and flicked my hardened peek. He kept sucking flicking and pinching until they were so hard it hurt.



“OH Alice, fuck baby I never want to go back in that room. I don’t want the others to kiss you let alone touch you.” He whimpered as he bit down on my rock hard peek, yelping out in pain he began to lick and blow making the pain turn into an exquisite pleasure. “Me either but you know I have to but we will work something out, I promise. For now lets just enjoy this time we have alone.” I said feeling the same way as him but knowing I had know choice but to rejoin the men that were waiting in the other room for my return. Looking deep into my eyes he lined himself up to my core and ever so slowly began to enter me little by little. He continued to enter me so slowly that I wanted to scream for him to go faster.


 “Hmmm your so swollen your walls are literally closing in around me” he moaned. I tried pushing down on him but the tight grip he had on my hips prevented me from being able to take more of him. “OH Zen please I need you, oh god please” I begged as he continued to tease me by slowly entering me. “You want me Alice? How bad do you want me? Alice tells me how much?” he asked.


 “Oh Zen I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. Please, oh please make love to me.” I pleaded. Cupping my face in his hands our eyes locked and just as he crashed his lips to mine our hips began grinding as we made sweet meaningful love. The way our bodies moved it was as if we were one. He went so deep that I thought I was going to pass out but with so much love and passion running through my body I fought to stay alert. Not wanting to miss one ounce of this amazing feeling. MY hips began to wind and grind harder and faster as I could feel my climax close.



“Oh Zen, Oh fuck, Oh YES YES YES!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I exploded all around him. The tightness of my inner walls clenching on to his length had him erupting right after me. “OH Fuck Alice you’re so beautiful.” He said as he hugged me close to his chest. The two of us were panting heavily when we heard the door to the bathroom open. The men stared at us looking pissed. Zen flinched under their stare. Even though he was over them in ranking, here in this apartment they were all equal. Mac was the first to speak.” I think its time you left now and let us have our fun don’t you think?” the way he spoke to Zen made me flinch, However, Zen held his ground and stayed put.  Leaning into my ear he whispered.


 “Don’t worry my love lets enjoy the rest of the time with the men, I will sort it that from here on in it will be just the two of us but for now let me see you pleasure my men as they pleasure you.” I knew he was only trying to make me want them because he knew as well as I did there was no way on earth I could refuse them. Giving him a small smile I pecked his lips before I stood up. I began winding my hips as I was taught. Once the soldiers eyes were solely on my naked body I began teasing and urging them to come over. All the tenseness disappeared as the men joined us in the Jacuzzi. However, Zen stepped out and watched me pleasure the men as they did me. At first I hated it but seeing the way his limp length began to stand to attention, I realised that this was turning my man on like crazy. Seeing this encouraged me to take things further. bending over I pointed to Mac to take me.  Lowering my head a little I took Terrence’s excited length into my mouth. The moans and groans coming from the two men had the others playing with themselves.



 “Oh do you know what I would really like to see boys?” I asked in a sexy teasing voice. “What?” they shouted in unison. “I would love to see you fuck each other as I’m getting a double.” This was the truth as I had fantasized this many a times. Zen was the first to step forward. “Who wants to take me?” he asked as he offered his rear entrance to who ever wanted it. This sent my overly excited body into bliss. I could feel my juices flowing like never before as he waited.  Zane was the first to his rear and without any warning or even words he rammed his entire length into Zen. the moans and screams that escaped Zen’s lips had me climaxing.


 “Oh fuck Zen! Zane take him baby. Ride him hard, show me how you can make him scream” My words of encouragement to Zane not only sent him pounding into Zen but also Mac and Terrence as they pounded in and out of me. Zen looked at me as he took the roughest sex I had ever seen. All the while he was screaming and moaning while keeping his eyes locked with mine as I did his. Mac rammed me with such a force I felt as if I was going to faint. Terrence crashed his lips to mine as he began to match Mac’s rhyme. Both of them pounded me so hard and fast that I was literally pulling my hair out.


 “OH FUCK, TAKE ME! TAKE ME HARDER!” I screamed out as I could feel myself ready to climax. “FUCK ME” I screamed as I exploded. Black and white dots filled my vision as I became light headed with the immensity of my release. My body shook violently as rolls of pleasure rode on and on with no come down. Zen and Terrence separated themselves and came over to me where Terrence then entered my rear as Zen took his rear Mac took my front entrance while Zane filled my mouth whilst Cam swallowed Zane’s entire length. Cam and I eyes locked as we both sucked and worked our mouths into a fast pumping motion. All five of our moans of pleasure filled the room making all of us wild as we fucked and sucked until we all reached our climax. The men all sat back while Zen picked me up into his arms and carried me to the bedroom. “Fuck Alice I think I’m falling head over heels in love with you.” He whispered as he laid me down in between the sheets. “I think I’m falling for you too Zen. Oh Zen what are we going to do?” I asked just as my heavy eyes closed taking me into a deep slumber.






What felt like only minutes later I was woken up by Cam. “Alice love come with me.” he said as he held his hand out for me to take. Looking to the side of me I could see Zen looking at me with encouragement but I could see how much it was killing him letting me go. Leaning down I placed a kiss on his cheek before whispering. “I love you” taking Cam’s hand I followed him into the other bedroom where Mac was waiting naked on the bed. “Come to papa” Mac called as he patted the bed beside him. Doing as I was told, I went and lay beside him.  Leaning over to the bedside table he picked up what I knew was lubricant. “I’m not going to touch you yet but I want you to watch me take Cam. I want to make you cum just by watching us.” the way he spoke I could tell that Mac was actually bisexual.


  Cam looked into my eyes as he began to strip his clothes off. “Alice, Mac is the love of my life and as much as I hate sharing him, I have loved every minute that I have shared him with you. Now watch how hard he takes me as he wants me to give you exactly what he is going to give me and what my lover wants, my lover shall get.” He said as he climbed up onto the bed before going on all fours.


The way Mac took Cam looked brutal but from the continuous streams of moans and grunts of pleasure coming from Cam, I knew as brutal as it looked there was more pleasure than pain. Watching these two lovers take themselves too such a high had me playing with myself. My juices were flowing uncontrollably by the glorious exciting sight in front of me. To say I was turned on would be an understatement, as the love they shared for each other pored through me. The intensity of Mac climaxing was so overwhelming I could tell they didn’t get to share many moments like this alone. As Mac laid back he kissed Cam and praised him for taking him as he did.


 “Now my love, show me how much I mean to you. I want you to take Alice as hard as you would take me, even harder. I want you to pound her until she passes out.” his words had me wanting Cam to enter me already. I wanted to be pounded until I passed out. this is what I was raised for my entire life and I was ready, ready for Cam to give me exactly what his lover Mac wanted.


“Oh fuck take me now Cam please” I begged as my core throbbed to be filled. Without having to ask twice Cam rammed his entire length inside me with such force it felt as if he had torn me. His length was much larger than I have ever taken. Not by only in length but by thickness too. I could feel him struggling to fit but he never held back or even eased up. He was doing exactly as Mac had asked, and pumped me as if we were in some sort of battle fighting to push me beyond my limits. Mac climbed behind Cam when he was close to his climax and took him from behind. The pair of them pounded and pounded in and out of me until my head began spinning. They continued in this hard and fast punishing rhythm until I eventually passed out.


Coming to, I was shocked to feel that Cam was still pumping me and what shocked me more was that Mac had somehow slipped underneath me and had entered my front entrance. Both my entrances were filled and seeing that I was now awake, they both let rip as they took me as if it was their last time ever having sexual intercourse. I screamed and moaned out in ecstasy, as they rode me through high after high. I kept losing consciousness as they continued to take me round after round with no breaks. My body laid limp on top of Mac as I physically couldn’t take any more and feeling the weight of Cam on my back I knew he had had enough too. “WOW” Cam and Mac said in unison.


My heart was pounding as the sweat dripped off our bodies. That was the best but most exhausting time of my life. I never thought in a million years that bisexual stamina’s would be so high as they had totally taken me higher than I thought was possible. “Sleep Angel you did great.” Mac praised me as my eyes fluttered shut as I welcomed the darkness of sleep.



When I finally woke up I was no longer in bed with Cam and Mac but with Zen. My heart melted with warmth that he only gave me. Guilt began to wrack through me as I thought of what I had done with Cam and Mac.


 “Hey baby girl stop that now.” I raised my eyebrows at him in questioning. “We both know how this works and you know that under no circumstances can refuse any of these men. However, please note that there is only a few hours left and then I will make sure they will be your last. as I want you to myself for the rest of my life.” My heart near on stopped at hearing his words. I knew he didn’t want the other men to touch me but this was the way it was. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it because I loved every minute of it but since meeting Zen everything has changed. If Zen was with the men while they pleasured me I loved it to a point where I couldn’t get enough, but when Zen wasn’t with me I enjoyed it but not as much.



The next few hours where spent with all of us lying naked. there was no love making but every man was satisfied as I stroked, sucked and licked them until they realised. Zen however I left until last, as I let him watch me please the others. I could tell he was getting turned on by it which made me go wilder on the other men. It was now Zen’s turn as the other men were getting ready to leave. Taking hold of Zen’s hand I led him back into the empty bedroom.


We were both already naked. Without wasting a second, Zen picked me up and threw me onto the bed while landing on top of me. He caressed and kissed my entire body as I did him. The pair of us where hanging on by a fine thread to climaxing. I didn’t want it to end yet and by the way he was slowing down I could tell he was trying to prolong it as well. “Fuck Zen, I can’t hold it no longer.”


 “You’re not to cum until I tell you too. Do you hear me? Hold it in baby. You can do this. I want to be able to remember this until we meet again this time next year.” Hearing him saying that struck my heart. I knew we were going to be apart but just holding him my arms, I knew I would wait for him. I never ever wanted another man to touch me, hold me again because Zen was the only man I wanted.


 “I love you Zen” as soon as the words left my mouth Zen made love to me. The love was literally rolling of us in waves as we connected our bodies as if telling each other you are mine. As we reached our climax Zen looked deep into my eyes. “Alice I know we haven’t known each other long but I can’t help the way I feel. Alice I love you so much and as much as it pleasured me watching you with my men I can’t share you no more. Alice will you marry me?” I couldn’t help but smile as happy tears ran down my cheeks. “Yes” I squealed. I had never felt so loved and happy in my life and by the look on Zen’s face I could tell he felt the same. I will have a ring for you the next time I come back,” and with that he crashed his lips against mine and gave me a kiss that I will never ever forget as long as I live.



Seeing him off was the hardest thing ever but knowing that when he comes back we were going to get married kept me strong. There was going to be no more school for me now. Now I had to set up a home and prepare a wedding. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for him to come back and he hadn’t even left the shore yet. With one last wave I left the tears of his departure flow freely down my face as I didn’t want him to see how much his departure was killing me. He needed to leave without having to worry about me, as I needed him to be able to focus and not get himself killed. So he can come back to me real soon.


The End

Submitted: July 28, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Khassal. All rights reserved.

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