Living the Fantasy

Living the Fantasy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


fm, mmf


Living the fantasy is 100% adult content therefore this story is for over 18 only!!! A happily maried couple of ten years and they're both in love as the day they first met, but what happens when her husband continuely asks for a threesome and with his best friend? will his wife go for it or leave him ? read on the find out more. but before you do please no that this book is very graphic


fm, mmf


Living the fantasy is 100% adult content
therefore this story is for over 18 only!!!

A happily maried couple of ten years and they're both in love as the day they first met, but what happens when her husband continuely asks for a threesome and with his best friend? will his wife go for it or leave him ?
read on the find out more.
but before you do please no that this book is very graphic

Chapter1 (v.1) - Living the Fantasy

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 27, 2014



Chapter One



Drake my husband of ten years, has been begging me to let his friend Josh join us in a threesome. As much as the fantasy turns me on, I'm scared. There are just too many buts and what if's.

 In addition, I'm scared that if I do go through with it that our relationship wouldn't be the same after we’ve done the deed. I’ve known Josh for as long as I’ve known Drake. It’s not that I don’t find Josh attractive, because believe me he is as fit like godly fit!

When we first met, I fell for Josh hard. However, that was never meant to be. As he was the biggest player, I had ever met back then. While Drake was, just everything a woman could dream of in a man. 

Lately I have been thinking, what about if I got a girl to join us or even a couple. Then  as quick as I would think of it, I quickly dismissed it.

I don't know what to do. I love my husband to bits, I really do. Nevertheless, I'm scared that if I don't agree to this threesome with Josh, that he might go and get it elsewhere.

 Oh, God, why life has to be so complicated, I thought to myself.


Sitting at the breakfast bar drinking my coffee, I couldn’t stop thinking about  the offer that Drake proposed to me last night. I loved sex like any other man or woman, but wanting someone else to join us, just didn’t sit right with me.

 Drake had proposed that he would take me out for a few drinks after work tonight, as none of us has work in the morning. Then when we get home, we would go straight to the bedroom and strip. He wants to blindfold me and tie me down to the bed. He promised this would all only be for the foreplay. Then once I was fully aroused, he would ask me one last time if I would accept Josh to join us.

 In my sexual deprived state, I had agreed to do a threesome with Josh, just to shut him up. Only now, I am truly regretting saying yes.  How the hell, was I going to tell him, no, after him giving me the best pleasurable night of my life.

Just then, Drake walked in wearing the biggest smile.  "Good morning sweetheart." he greeted, whilst giving me a quick kiss as he does every single morning. "Morning," I replied dazed, as I tried to come up with some excuse to get myself out of it. I could feel the heat of his eyes staring at me, lifting-my head up nervously, our eyes locked instantly.

Drake had dark brown hair and the most amazing chocolate hazel brown eyes you’ve ever seen. The only bad thing though, was that the minute you looked into his eyes you were a gonna, not only sexually but mentally as well. Just as I was now! I was soaked, my juices flowing for my hunk of a husband.  Wiggling against my seat, I tried to stop myself, from jumping him right there and then.

Ten years and still he only had to stare into my eyes and I would be sexually bowing at his feet.

Wet and horny for him I couldn’t control myself any longer. I stood up and walked over to him. Placing my arms around his neck, I jumped up on him wrapping my legs around his waist. "You know that if you would accept my offer for Josh to join us,  you would not be trying to jump me now. As the two of us, would fulfil all your of your sexual desires. Just imagine it baby." he whispered huskily as he began grinding his fully erected shaft up against my core.

 "Close your eyes and picture Josh behind you. Feel as if he is the one caressing and touching you. Let your self go and show him how much you like to please me." Feeling hot and wetter than ever, I done as he asked and pictured Josh’s hard solid body up against my back.

Slipping his hand up under my silk camisole, he ripped my thong off before letting his fingers rub the rim of my rear entrance. I couldn't stop the moans as they escaped my mouth.  Imaging Josh behind me with his fingers rubbing and caressing me was unbelievable. The excitement mixed with the dirty images was turning me on so much I thought I was going to explode right then. Although, I wasn't about to tell Drake that well not yet anyway because he would more than likely have Josh come over right now to join us.

The visions, of them both touching me so intermitly, had my juices over flowing. I couldn't believe how sexy and wild this fantasy was making me feel. Yes, he had asked me too fantasise in the past. However, I just couldn't seem to do it. Nevertheless, right now, I could picture it so clearly, that it actually felt as if Josh was here touching me alongside my husband. Pushing me  roughly up against the breakfast bar, Drake inserted his finger up my rear entrance, before making me sit down on it. Moaning, I pictured I was sitting on Josh’s massive hard shaft.  Drake ripped off his trousers, letting them drop to the floor, before lining himself up. With his tip pressed against my swollen rim, he looked deep into my eyes. I knew he could see how much this was turning me on. My clit throbbed uncontrollably with need.  

I needed him so bad to just push his rock hard shaft inside me, but he just kept circling the rim. I knew dam well he was just teasing me. “Oh Drake please don’t tease me, please.”  Placing a finger over my lips, he pulled out his mobile. Holding his index finger over the speed dial, for which I knew, was Josh. My heart accelerated, making me pant even heavier than I already was. The thought of Josh coming over here and making wild passionate love to me had me nearly climaxing.  My sexual desires was screaming, “YES- TELL HIM YES, CALL HIM!” but the realistic side of me was screaming “NO” Tilting me back a bit, Drake pushed his rock hard throbbing tip just beyond my entrance. I began to pant as I tried to keep myself from screaming out yes. I knew I wanted it, but there was something deep down in the pit of my stomach preventing me from, shouting out yes. God I wanted it right now! Even just thinking of it had my juices running down my legs. Drake bent down with the phone still in hand, and lapped it all up.




Chapter Two




Drake continued to tease me as he rubbed his tip up and down my soaking wet core, whilst his tongue continued to tease and taste me. He was making it so impossible for me to concentrate and knowing Drake as well as I do, I knew that was exactly what he was intending to do. “Drake please don’t do this to me please, Dam Drake I need you so bad right now.” I pleaded whining, while pushing myself down on him.

However, every time I moved to push down on his fully erected member, he moves with me, preventing his long hard shaft from entering me. “How much do you want it baby. Just tell me and it shall all be yours at a touch of a button.”  His deep husky voice let me know just how much he wanted me right now. Nevertheless, I couldn’t give in could I? Do I want a threesome? Right this minute, yes I do! But dam, isn’t it more than likely I want it just because I’m so  frustrated from this asshole of a husband, teasing the hell out of me, I thought to myself.

What, if I agreed to it so that he would satisfy me now. I couldn’t take much more of this torture of him teasing me. I could always refuse later couldn’t I ? As I thought it over Drake began entering another finger into my rear entrance. Sliding his fingers slowly in and out of me, I couldn’t stop my self from moaning aloud. My body bucked wildly as he continued to tease me.  I needed him in me. I needed him to take me so badly, that I was close to screaming blue murder at him.

Leaning down he took my hardened erected peek into his mouth, biting sucking and flicking it through the silk of my camisole. The silk rubbing against my sensitive mound was sending me wild with aspiration. I was so frustrated. “DRAKE JUST TAKE ME NOW.” I screamed out in pure frustration.

 I tried to be stern but the moans and screams that escape my lips, completely gave me away. Drake kissed me softly. “Last chance baby girl, what’s it to be? “He asked seductively. “I can’t Drake, as much as I want to please you! I don’t think I can do It.” as soon as the words had left my mouth, his hands, as well as his excited member disappeared. “Drake what the hell?”  I screamed cheesed off and frustrated as he backed away from me. “When you agree to our threesome, I will finish you off, but for now I need to get to work, so I’ll see you tonight. Oh and Caprice don’t forget you agreed last night so you had better be ready for a long wild pleasurable night.

I had never seen so much determination in Drakes eyes, ever. The way he said it I knew I had no way in hell of backing out. “Oh my god?” I screamed to myself.

Drake was never like this. He was usually so willing to go out of his way to please me. He always does as I ask and he very rarely asks me for anything.  Watching his back as he left the house shocked me. He never even turned back once to see me before he left. I was mad but with my body, desperately still needing release, I done what any woman would do in my sexual frustrated state. I played with myself.

 Sliding my hand down between my legs, I started rubbing and stroking my most sensitive spot. All the while Josh’s face was stuck in my head. OH, my love juices were streaming just at the mere thought of Josh pleasing me. Pushing down harder on my swollen nub, I began picking up my pace going faster. Throwing my head back, I entered my finger into my soaking wet core, and then quickly added another. I began pumping myself hard and fast all the while imaging Josh was doing it. Screaming and moaning I pushed and rubbed until I reached my climax. “OH JOSH” I moaned out in ecstasy. “WHAT THE HELL !” Oh my god, hmmm!

Shocked that I had screamed out Josh’s name, would be an understatement. I just thanked god that Drake wasn’t here to hear me. God Caprice what is happening to you girl? I asked myself.



Josh wasn’t married, although he did have a girlfriend of six months. They were inseparable, so why did he agree with Drake for him to join us. Just thinking of him doing wild crazy sexual things to me, made me as horny as hell all over again.

 I’m not ashamed to say that in bed I’m like a wild beast. I need to get what I want and every single time I will get it one way or another. That is why I think Drake wanted Josh to join us in a threesome. As Drake thinks, he can’t satisfy me as much as he used too. He was wrong, so wrong. Drake could blow my brains out when he makes love to me.

However, I have noticed lately he does more fantasying then anything.  What if I am not satisfying him enough? What if I’m just not enough for him anymore?  I wonder if I agree to the threesome with Josh Drake and I, will it get it out of his system. Then again, if we do go through with it, will I be able to go back to having just one man in my bed? Because if it feels anything like I felt earlier while fantasying, then I would have no chance. My head was spinning with different thoughts but the one that stood out the most, was me wanting to feel Josh inside me.


I only had one meeting booked in for today and that wasn’t until this afternoon. So running up the stairs, I decided to have a nice hot bubble bath. Still feeling aroused, I took a couple of vibarators that I’ve had for years in with me. Which I have to say I’ve never had to use them, ever, it was just a present I got given back in college.  

Stepping into the bath, I closed my eyes as I laid back and relaxed.  Placing my vibarator on the side of the bath, I  hoped that in one-way or another I would be able to release myself. Well at least, just until Drake comes home, I thought to myself.

 Slipping the smallest vibarator inside me, I began doubting myself.  I’ve never felt so desperate that I had to lower myself to use one. What was Drake doing to me, leaving me hanging like that. He was never one to leave me hanging. Switching the smallish from my core to my rear repeatedly, I began squeezing and caressing my swollen hardened peeks.

 Picturing Josh and Drake in here with me, took my body too another level. My imagination ran wild as I pictured watching Drake, as he took pride watching Josh taking me good and hard. Feeling so close to exploding, I dropped the vibarator into the bath, and began rubbing and slapping my swollen nub, whilst imagining it was Josh’s tongue. Panting heavily I increased the speed screaming and moaning Josh’s  and Drakes name, I exploded like never before. My entire insides throbbed, through my release.


After cleaning myself up, I decided to take a cold shower. Because, to be honest I just couldn’t seem to satisfy myself enough. I had brought myself to climax twice since Drake left me and still I wanted more.


Stepping out of the cold shower feeling a little more at ease, I went into my bedroom to pick out a suit for my meeting. Taking a quick glance at my phone, I couldn’t believe that I had spent just over two hours in the bath and well shower as well attending to satisfy myself.  Damn I have never and I mean never ever done something like that. I know I should’ve felt disgusted with my self for sloping so low as to playing with myself. But dam, whom would blame me after the way Drake, had left me in such a state.




Chapter Three



The only thing I felt if anything, was excited, even sexy. Feeling so good I decided there and then that tonight I was going to accept Drakes offer and no matter how much I want to chicken out of it, I wasn’t going to. I was going to do this, but not for Drake as I have been thinking of doing, but for myself.

If, or should I say, when we do this I am going to let them go wild on me. Taking me whichever way they want. I am going to let them ravish me in between them as this is going to be a one-time thing so I might as well make the most of it. I told myself smiling.



The rest of the day went by slowly and the slower it went, the more frustrated I became. Was I really going to go through with it? Hell yes! I thought to myself giggling.

Leaving the office, I started wondering how I was going to act when I got home. As for the way Drake, had left me so frustrated this morning I should be mad. However, I didn’t want to ruin my chances for tonight either. I only hope Drake doesn’t change his mind now, because I have spent most of the bloody day fantasising about tonight. I had even gone as far as that the minute I get home I was going to give myself a complete waxing and I don’t mean just my legs and arm pits. No, I’m going to wax every single part of me so it’s as soft as the day I was born.

That’s when I started  thinking about Josh, I wonder if Josh is shaven or hairy? I couldn’t help laughing at my stupid thoughts. Dam, who would have thought that only this morning I was hating the idea of, Josh Drake and me having a wild threesome. Ha ha.


Pulling up into my driveway, I was shocked as hell to see Drakes car parked in the garage. Looking over at the clock on the dashboard, I couldn’t believe that he was home so early. One thing about Drake was, that he’s never home from work early and I mean never! In the ten years, that we’ve been married, there hasn’t been one day that he left his office early. I even had to beg him to take a week off for our honeymoon.  Damn, I thought to myself as I Started getting anxious.  Shoving my negative thoughts to the back of my head, I began chanting repeatedly in my head. “Charise it’s nothing, everything is going to be fine! He’s only home early to surprise you.” Even though  I knew everything wasn’t going to be fine. My head spun as I tried to work out if I had made him mad. My blood ran cold of the thought of him in there with another woman and Josh. “Oh my god,” I screamed mentally. I didn’t know whether to just drive off and pretend this never happened. Thinking of not knowing, whether he was cheating on me or not killed me. Feeling numb and anxious, even a little heartbroken, I done what any woman would do in my position. I was going to go in there and face this head on. I’m a strong woman, I can do this, I told myself sternly.

Stepping out of the car, I walked straight over to the front door. Just as I went to put my key into the lock, the door swung open. “Hey sweetheart, how’s your day been?” By the way, he was dressed up and the big smile on his face, I knew dam well he was up to something but what I hadn’t a clue. However, I was just so happy and relieved to see that he wasn’t with another woman.

 For some reason he made me feel nervous. My stomach was whirling and flipping anxiously while he stood their staring at me like a Greek God! Stopping mid step, I froze as I looked over this sexy man, my husband. His dark brown hair hung tossed and his eyes, oh god his eyes darkened with pure lust.

He was wearing dark wash jeans and a tight fitted white shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His tanned skin against the white had my insides going crazy. He had the top four or five buttons open giving me a longing view of his solid chest. My god I could feel myself heating up as I took in his perfect body. Drooling, I mentally began shouting at myself, as I tried desperately to pull myself together.

“Hmm like what you see darling?” he asked me seductively. My most private parts throbbed as my muscles in my core began to spasm. Pleasurable shivers ran through my body at the sound of his deep husky voice. Dam him! Clearing my throat I replied, “Hmmm I sure do!”  I licked my lips teasingly hearing him moan was magical. Feeling more confident, I stepped up my game, as I knew he was feeling as excited as I was. Watching his eyes roam my body from head to toe. I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked on it before taking it out and licking my lips once again.  “Oh Drake, do you like what you see?” I asked the same way he had asked me. “Oh baby I sure do!” he replied before throwing me over his back and started running to the kitchen.


My breath caught in my throat as we entered the kitchen. Drake had the entire kitchen lit up with candles and the table was set for a romantic meal for two. In the centre of the table was a big bouquet of roses with a card.  My eyes began watering as I stared at all he had done for me. “My lady” he said as he pulled out a seat for me. Giggling at his awful attempt at an English accent, I walked over to him. “Oh Drake this is ….. Oh baby thank you, thank you so much.” I said through my sobs of happiness. “Caprice I’m so sorry, all day, I have been kicking myself for the way I treated you this morning. I love you baby and I am sorry for pushing you so hard for a threesome. It was selfish of me to make you feel like you have to. Dam please baby will you forgive me? please.” He begged. I couldn’t believe how upset this morning had made him. I had never ever seen Drake so upset before, but right now, I could see his eyes glistening with tears I could see he was desperately trying to hold them back.

“Drake I love you more than anything in this world. You are everything to me and I do forgive you.” I stopped to take a breath as Drake kneeled down beside me.

 “Drake I need to ask you something. However, you have to answer me whole-heartedly. I don’t want you to lie to me. All I want from you is the truth. Know matter how you answer will not affect us in anyway ok. That I will promise you now.” As I waited for him to reply, I starred into his eyes. They held so many mixed emotions that I almost whished I hadn’t opened my big mouth. Nevertheless, I knew deep down now was the right time, because if I didn’t ask him now that  it might cause problems for us further down the line. “Caprice you’re scaring me baby, but yes I will answer you honestly.”  I could see how anxious he was just by the way he was biting his lip.

Taking in a deep breath, I looked him in the eye. “Drake I want to know why you want to share me with Josh. Don’t answer me yet.” I said as I held my finger over his lips. “I just want to know, because I have something I want to tell you, but first just answer me, why?”  He looked shocked by my question but as he continued to look me in the eye, I could see he was worrying. “Drake like I said no matter what your answer is it will not start anything bad between us so please just tell me the truth.” Seeing him fighting with himself made me feel somewhat guilty, but I really wanted to know.

“Caprice I will tell you the truth but please I don’t want you to hate me or get mad at me. You want the whole truth I will tell you. Just promise me you will not judge me.” I knew whatever he was about to tell me I might not like, but hell, surely knowing the true reason to this is better than never knowing, I thought to myself.





Chapter four




“Caprice, at work I heard the guys talking about threesomes. Getting turn on by what they were saying, I couldn’t help myself. I had to look up online. I found a porn site that was full of threesomes. I’ve been watching them over and over again ever since. Caprice seeing the pleasure on some of their wife’s faces, made me fantasise of seeing that same pleasured look on your face. There were all different types. Some husbands watched while others joined in. Baby I wouldn’t be able to watch another man pleasing you without being able to touch you too. That’s why I asked you to have a threesome.  I asked Josh a little while ago, as I knew I could trust him and to be honest I am a little attracted to him, as I know you are too. With you knowing him, I thought it would also be easier for us both. When we make love it’s magical, hell its better than magical. You please me so much baby and I know I please you too by the way your body reacts to my mere touch but,”

Drake stopped taking in a deep breath. Not once breaking eye contact with me, Drake poured his heart out.  To be honest my heart swelled with proudness and respect as my husband admitted everything.  “Caprice, what I’m trying to say is, I want for us to try it. I want to see your face light up as you go through multiple orgasms. I want to hear you scream my name as well as Josh’s. I want you to be blown away as you should be. I want you to take us hard. Dam I want…” I had to cut him off there.

 Yes, I was a little shocked hearing he was attracted to Josh but frankly, it turned me on big time.  I was also a little mad that he had been watching porn on his computer but hearing his reasons. I realised that all of this, him wanting a threesome, was just so he could please me. Because everything he had just said was for me to be pleasured like never before. God I was getting wet just by listening to him.

After thinking over everything he had just said, I kissed him. It was just a small peck but it meant a lot.

 “Drake thank you for being totally honest with me. I really respect you for that. Now it’s my turn to be completely honest with you. This morning when you left me in that sexually deprived state. I had to spend two hours pleasing myself, for me to be someway, stable myself enough to attend my meeting. I spent the entire time playing with myself, picturing you and Josh naked with me.  Pleasuring me sexually, until I was ready to explode. However, it was never enough Drake, because I couldn’t seem to get enough of you both. I couldn’t satisfy myself.  Drake I needed the reel thing. I guess what I’m trying to say Drake, is that I agree. You can call Josh and ask if he is still up for joining us in a threesome. If he is, we will continue our night as you proposed to me last night. However, if he doesn’t agree then we will never bring this up again. What do you think?” I asked nervously.

If I thought he looked shocked earlier then god I was wrong. Because right now he was just staring at me with his mouth hanging, open. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Hmm Drake you might want to go call Josh.” I said teasingly. “Oh my god Caprice, Dam are you sure, I don’t want you doing anything you don’t want to do.”

“Drake I just told you I want it, now the rest is up to you.” I told him straight out. Drake jumped up and grabbed his phone “I love you, you know that.” He said as he gave me a quick kiss before he got up to call Josh.


My stomach flipped as if it was doing somersaults. I was feeling so excited but nervous at the same time.” Caprice this is it girly. There’s no turning back now.” I told myself smiling like some crazy person.


Hearing Drake talking to Josh my heartbeat accelerated to a state where I thought it was going to leap right out of my chest, at any second.

“Hey man. Hmm listen; you remember what we were talking about the other night?” Drake asked, God I wish I could hear Josh right now. Then I had a brain wave. Ha. Running over to Drake I snatched his phone out of his hands, before quickly putting it on loudspeaker. While telling Drake not to say I was here.

“You mean about Caprice?”  He asked nervously. “Yeah man, would you still be up for joining us in a threesome?” playing with my fingers anxiously, I waited for Josh to reply. Drake looked as nervous as hell.  “Dam man, what does Caprice think about this?” Josh and Drake were sounding as nervous as I was feeling. I nodded for Drake to tell him I agreed. “We’ve been talking and we wondered that if your still up for it, would you like to come around tonight.” I could hear Josh taking in deep staggered breath.

 I wonder what he was thinking right now. God I hope he doesn’t think I’ve turned into some hoe now, I thought to myself. Drake and I stared at each other nervously for what felt like hours, which I know was more than likely only a few minutes, for Josh’s reply. Starting to bite my nails Josh started to speak.

 “Listen if you’re both one hundred per cent that this is what you want, and then yes I’m still up for it. However, Drake before we go any further I want to make sure with you and Caprice that whatever happens tonight will not change our friendship. Because I would rather refuse, then to loose the two of you as my friends and I mean that.”

 Hearing Josh talking like that melted my heart. Forgetting I wasn’t meant to be in this conversation, I replied him. “Josh nothing would ever ruin the friendship we’ve got. Tonight will be our secret just between the three of us.” Looking over at Drake I couldn’t help but giggle, as he stood there shocked, once again. Ha ha.

“Uh Caprice have I been on loud speaker this entire conversation?” he asked nervously.

I couldn’t help but laugh. God I was being brave here. God knows were all this courage was suddenly coming from, but I liked it. “Yes Josh but don’t blame Drake it was me who put you on loud speaker. Josh are you going to come over?” I pushed while kissing Drake passionately. Drake moaned out as I stroked his fully erected shaft, which resulted in Josh screaming down the phone. “WHAT TIME?”  Drake moaned as I rubbed my hand up and down. “How about in a couple of hours?” I asked, as I knew Drake was in no fit state to reply him. “See you then.” He shouted before he hung up. I was about to laugh again but Drake slipped his hands up my skirt taking a firm hold of my butt. “Oh Caprice,” he moaned out, as I knew he was thinking the same thing as me. Josh was coming and we were going to do this!




Chapter Five


After we ate our dinner, I went into our bedroom so I could wash, wax and get myself looking sexy for when Josh comes. I have spent the last entire hour telling myself that I was going to allow and take ever thing Josh and Drake wanted to give me. As I wasn’t sure, whether this was going to be a one time thing or not. A few times, I wondered if I was going to like it, but then I thought what girl wouldn’t love to be mauled and taken senseless by two fit gods like Josh and Drake!


After making sure, I was totally hair free and clean I walked over to my dresser to pick out some underwear. “Caprice” I heard Drake call from the doorway. Looking over at him to see what he wanted I saw him holding out a small gift bag. Seeing the big smile on his face, I ran over to him and snatched the bag out of his hands. “I just popped out when you were in the shower; I thought you would like to wear this tonight.” Opening the little package, I gasped, as I took out the new sexy lingerie. It was a black lace thong with a matching bra. The thing I loved the most though was the red lacy camisole he had bought me to go on top.

It had that real sexy porn star look to it. I couldn’t help but smile. “Oh god Drake it’s gorgeous, thank you so much.” I squealed, as I ran and jumped on him. “It’s not as gorgeous as you though.” He said as he tipped my head back and kissed me. It started of slowly but before long he through me back onto the bed.

“Oh Caprice you’re killing me you know that.”  I’m killing him. What the hell does he think his doing to me! I asked myself.

“Drake you need to leave now so I can get ready. With you in here, right now, we are going to end up exhausting our selves before tonight.” As if he had been struck by lightening he jumped off me and ran to the door. “No way, tonight I am going to see my gorgeous sexy wife, pleasured to the max and there will be no stopping Josh and I when we give you multiple orgasms.” His face shone with excitement. It was as if he couldn’t wait a second longer and with the large bulge in his pants, I knew he was struggling to hold himself back. “Well if you want me to have the energy to cope with you tonight then I suggest that you take your sexy butt downstairs now.” Ha, ha  “I’m going, I’m gone,” he shouted laughing as he shut the door. I could hear him running down the stairs shaking my head I laughed to myself. “God he is acting just like a kid on a sugar rush.” Laughing to myself, I went over to my docking station and put on my lovers mix. All the songs were slow and romantic. Perfect for getting me ready for tonight, or should I say in an hour.

“Oh my god, one hour.” I mentally screamed panicking. Sitting at my dressing table I just realised I have never seen a threesome, what was I meant to do. I knew that Josh and Drake more than likely knew what to do but what will I have to do. I was making myself so anxious that I actually felt as if I was going to throw up and within seconds I had my head over the toilet basin throwing up my lovely dinner Drake had just cooked me. “Oh god Caprice what have you got yourself into.” I asked myself aloud.

After brushing my teeth and calming myself down, I decided that I should probably take a quick look online for some threesomes. Remembering Drake telling me that he had been watching some, I started to go through the history. Straight away, I spotted the site that Drake must have been watching.  Opening up the page my stomach started to flutter. WOW OH MY GOD HMMM. I moaned, as I watched two men pleasuring one of their wives. Know wonder Drake wants this, this is hot as hell! I thought as I felt myself moisten.

I kept watching, even though it was teasing the hell out of me. Because, I needed to see what this woman was going to do, to please her men. However, it was getting too much for me cope with. Watching the two men licking, sucking and kissing her entire body as she was strapped to the bed was a major turn on. I wasn’t into women at all, but by god her moans of pure pleasure, where making me tingle. “Charise what the hell, pull yourself together girl.” I scolded myself.

Skipping forward a bit, I stopped shocked as I  took in the scene before me. “I won’t be able for that, will I? OH!

On the screen was one man under her while the other one was on top. Both of them had entered her with there massive hard shafts. They both pumped her hard, making her scream out continuously and right now, I didn’t no, if she was screaming out with pleasure or pain because damn it looked painful. Hell, I could feel the pain myself. Tightening my thighs together, my muscles clenched tightly as my nub started to throb. Hearing a knock at the door, I quickly pressed pause and slammed the laptop lid down. “Come in” I shouted, well tried as I was feeling so hot and ready that it came out more of a moan. Damn, I hope he didn’t  notice.

As the door opened Drake popped his head in. “Caprice Josh is down stairs, come down when ever your ready. “Oh and Caprice.” I nodded my head panicking, while trying  my best to stop it from showing on my face.” When you come down don’t be scared by what you see, as I have gotten a few little surprises for you.” I didn’t know whether to scream shout or collapse! seriously I was totally starting to freak out. Hearing the door close and Drake going back down stairs I left out a big breath which I honestly didn’t realise I was holding in, in the first place.




Chapter six


After god knows how long I finally get the courage up to go downstairs. Taking one final look at myself in the full-length mirror I smiled, the lingerie that Drake had gotten me looked really sexy and for once, my hair looked stunning. The big curls hung sexily below my shoulders, slipping on a pair of black high heels, I took one more look before telling myself this was it. Walking down the stairs every step I took the more anxious and needy, I became. Reaching the last step my heart speed up as my nerves started getting the best of me. However, before I had a chance to run back to my bedroom Josh came and stood in front of me. Standing there, I felt naked as he eyed my body up and down. His eyes roamed every part of me, surprised how much he was turning me on by his eyes made me even more anxious and needy all at once. Looking up into his eyes I watched as he licked his lips, my body shivered with excitement as I watch his tongue slid over his lips. I began fantasying what he will be doing with that tongue later and my entire body wanted it and more. Looking back up into his eyes I watched as he slowly turned to look behind him. Drake was stood there watching everything giving Josh a nod he stretched his hand out taking mine and led me towards Drake. Keeping my eyes on our entwined hands, he stops in front of Drake. Lifting my chin up he stared straight into my eyes. “Caprice please don’t be embarrassed love. Don’t hold back I want you to do everything you desire and take everything we give you. Please not for me but for you. I want you to let loose go wild have the time of your life.” Knowing what he wants as well as me I nod my head yes.

“Good now let Josh take care of you while I watch and pleasure myself. Please promise me Caprice you will just let yourself go please,” he almost begged. Clearing my throat, I looked him straight in the eye. “ Drake I promise I will not hold back.” as if that was all he needed to hear he moved aside leaving Drake lead me into the living room. I gasped as I took in the room. Our normal looking living room had been turned into a luxurious romantic looking bedroom but without the bed. The sofas were moved back, the fire was lit  as well as loads of candles. On the floor was what looked like self-made bed of silk sheets. To the side the hard wood coffee table was filled with gels and lubricants. My heart sped up with nerves as I took everything in but before I had a chance to be scare off Josh covered my mouth with his as he began to kiss me. Hearing him moan followed by Drake heated my entire body. Josh’s hand  slid up and down my sides as if he was taking in my body. Not been able to stop myself I opened my mouth and began kissing him hungrily. All the nervousness I was feeling had long gone, only be replaced with pleasure, as well as need. Breaking the kiss for air, I looked up only to see Drake staring at me. His eyes were not only filled with longing and lust he looked  proud of me, for what I had no clue but didn’t care.

“Drake now” Josh said. Moving my eyes from Drake to Josh I watched as he slipped off my camisole slowly. His eyes and hands roamed my body as if I was a delicacy. Needing more I lowered my hand and began to rub his hardened member. I gasped as I felt how hard and big he was. However, I didn’t let it scare me as I pressed my hand firmer against him. Leaning his head down he nibbled on my hardened peekwhile caressing my other breast. I could hear Drake talking in the background but I was to into Josh to know what he was saying. Moaning out as he caressed sucked and nibbled on me I felt Drakes hands slide my thongs down, lifting my feet he slowly stroked my backside as he watched Josh suck on my hardened peek. Watching Drake, watching Josh sent me into bliss. Screaming out in pleasure, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed.

Everything was happening so slowly yet so fast that I really couldn’t control myself. Josh alone had given me multiple orgasms and now Drake had taken over he was sending me over the edge. Just watching Josh Stripped naked while Drake touches me was unbearable.  I needed them and now but I could see they were no way near close to finishing with me. The look in their eyes as they touch and look at me I could tell I was in for a very long night, not that I minded. I just hope I will be able to cope with them.


Lying me down on the floor Drake took off my bra leaving me laying there completely naked. I felt dirty, but sexy as hell. They both watched as my hips thrusted on their own accord, hearing those moaning sent pleasurable currents through my entire body. Drake bent down beside my head while Josh lowered his face to my sensitive spot. Moaning Drake turned my face to him offering himself to me. Opening my mouth, I gladly accept him as I suck lick and nibble on him. The licking between my legs speed up I go to move my head but Drake fills my fully as I swallow him. Feeling my core being inserted by Josh’s fingers I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more I was ready to explode and I knew Drake was to. As he pulled himself back, a bit I heard him shout at Josh. “JOSH you need to finish her now I can’t hold on no longer.” Hearing him, sound so desperate almost finished me off but then Josh began speeding up as he began to eat me. Within seconds, I was thrown over the edge as my muscles spasms. My mouth is filled with Drake’s hot liquid as I ride through my climax. He pumps slowly as Josh laps up the last of my wetness.

With no time to recover, they had swapped places and started all over again, I had reached my climax just in time as Josh filled my mouth. Drake had left my  most sensitive spot as he watched me swallow Josh’s hot juices. Drake’s moans filled the room making me want to please him more. Knowing it was turning him on watching me with Josh I swallowed him as much as I could as I rubbed myself. Drake was rubbing himself as he moaned continuously. I struggled to keep my eyes opened but seeing my husband so excited made me want to please him even more. “Drake take me baby.” I whispered but I knew he heard me as he was inside me within seconds. Josh watched as my husband took me hard and fast. Flipping me over so I was on top Drake instructed for Josh to get me ready. Visions of the site I looked up come into my mind making all my muscles below tightened up. I could hear Drake curse as he tried to make me relax.


“Baby we will stop if it hurts but please you’ve come so far and I can see how much you are enjoying it. Relax baby just feel me,” blocking the visions out of my mind I relax and enjoy the feeling of Drake filling me. Slowly I felt Josh creaming me up. He rubbed and began stretching me slowly. It hurt but not as much as it pleasured me. “That’s the girl open up for me baby let me excite you let me take you the way you’re meant to be taken.” His words were the exact encouragement I need as I felt my self loosen even more. Drake’s fingers found my swollen nub and started to rub fast and hard as he thrusted back and fourth.

“Damn Josh swap with me I can’t hold it in any longer” feeling him exiting me I whimpered I need to be filled but before I could protest any further Josh was under me. Looking into his eyes he thrusted, himself inside my core making me scream out. He felt  bigger than Drake but my screams didn’t slow him down his just took me as if his life depended on it.  Every thrusted had me wanting another his fingers had found my nub as he attacked it making me explode but not once. He kept going as I exploded over and over again. I could feel myself on the edge of exploding again when I felt him still himself. Looking up at him watched as he nodded for Drake to go ahead. Drake pushed in gently, I screamed out as tears filled my eyes, it hurt so much. Josh covered my mouth with his and started kissing me senseless as his started to rub against my nub again. Feeling his head nod Drake thrusted the rest of himself inside me. I screamed and moaned into Josh’s mouth within seconds they both picked up their pace making me explode like never before. The pleasure as they both take me through my high had me climaxing again and again until they both released.


We had gone at it all night and through to the next day. I was so sore and exhausted that I seriously couldn’t take anymore. However, seeing their lust filled eyes I knew I was going to get a lot more. Being lifted up by Drake he brought me upstairs and laid me into a big bubble bath he had prepared for me. “Thank you” I said as I laid myself back down into the warming water. “God Caprice you are so amazing and I’m not only saying that because of last night and today I love you so much sweetheart. Seeing you so pleasured and pleased last night made my heart swell with not only pride but with my love for you. I love you more than anything in this world.” He kiss me gently on the lips. “Baby did you enjoy it as much as you looked?” he asked. Staring into his eyes I answered him whole heartedly.” Watching you watching me was something I will never forget as long as I live and if I was to say I didn’t enjoy it I would be lying as it was the best night and day of my life.” I replied him honestly and if I was to be honest, I would do it again but I wasn’t ready to tell him that yet as I wanted him to be the one who asks first.


“I know we agreed on the one time but if Josh asked to do it again would you? He asked and I could tell he wanted to and I knew what I wanted so with out any hesitation I replied. ”Honestly, I would love to do it again but only if it was with Josh and he agreed then yes I would have no problem what so ever.” The smile on his face told me he had enjoyed it as much as I did if not more, if that’s even possible. “Good because Josh wants to make this a weekend thing what do you think? I know I want it, god I would have the three of us at it every day just to see that look in your eyes but I know that wouldn’t be fair on you. However, it is up to you, as I will love you no matter what. You satisfy me fully but seeing that wild and sexy side to you was, damn, it took me to an all other level. You don’t have to answer me now but when you’re ready just tell me.”  The sincerity in his eyes I knew he wasn’t only asking for himself he knew exactly how much it excited me and to be honest I didn’t need to think. Just as he stood up to leave, I pulled him against me.


“Every Friday and Saturday will be great but I’d need Sunday off so I could get some rest for work on Monday.” He studied me hard  for a few seconds, I knew he was making sure I wanted this and I wasn’t just doing it for him and believe me I wasn’t, Damn I wanted it so much that it scared me. If I wasn’t so sore, I think I would go again.


Kissing me hard he slipped into the bath on top of me before we could go any further Josh came waltzing in the bathroom still completely naked. I smiled up at him as I watched his excited rise from below. Standing to attention, I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to grasp him. Josh gasped as I took him in my hand I rubbed him up and down as I kissed Drake. Before I knew it, we were at it again only this time on the bathroom floor. We spent the next few hours doing every position in the bathroom, bedroom and every room until we ended up in the living room.  They finished with Josh in my rear and Drake filling my core. I had never heard Drake moan so much as he pounded in and out of me. Josh backed up and lifted me up into his arms I stop the whimpers leaving me as I felt so empty. Walking into the kitchen, I watch and smile as Drake clears of the kitchen table. Josh climbed up onto the table, Drake  lifted me up and placed me right on top of his tip sliding down so I took in his full length we stayed still as Drake line himself up, the thrill of excitement running through my body had me pushing against Drake.


“HMMM” they moaned in chorus as they took me harder and faster. Every time felt different yet better. It was as if I couldn’t get enough of them. I loved my husband but I now loved sharing him but I didn’t love Josh I just loved his body. I couldn’t believe I had gone without this for so long. I was never going to give this up I wanted this as much as they did and every weekend from now on was going to be spent pleasuring and being pleasured. I thought to myself as I climaxed. Screaming out both of their names had them screaming mine before we all collapsed exhaustion taking over the three of us.



The end.


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