Don't Judge Me (completed)

Don't Judge Me (completed)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


sexy, hot, fun, mf, mmf


Tanya goes to stay with her brother and is surprised by what she saw on her arrival. Her brothers room mates were Identical twins. what happens when she falls for not only one of them but both of them. read on to find out more. Lots of MMF MF


sexy, hot, fun, mf, mmf


Tanya goes to stay with her brother and is surprised by what she saw on her arrival. Her brothers room mates were Identical twins. what happens when she falls for not only one of them but both of them. read on to find out more.

Lots of MMF MF


Submitted: July 28, 2014

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Submitted: July 28, 2014



Part one


 “Tanya listen it’s summer why don’t you come stay with me for a while, I’ve already asked the guys and they’ve all agreed for you to stay here?” my brother asked.

 My brother Tyron and I have always been close and to be honest I have been missing him like crazy since he moved across the state to sunny Florida. I haven’t even seen his apartment let alone met any of his new friends.


“I’ll have to ask mum and dad first you know how they hate me venturing out here let alone to another state.” I replied sighing knowing damn well that my parents were going to say no. “Tanya you’re twenty! Get a grip and stand up to them for once. Don’t ask them just tell them, if not then I swear to god I will.” I hated when he got like this but he was right it was time for me to stand up to them. I wasn’t a baby anymore and it was about time that they realised that.


 Tyron was only a year older than I was yet he could do what ever he wanted and here I am still been treated like a  little fricking baby in dippers.

“You know what, I’m coming. I’m going to book a flight now and I’ll be there tomorrow.” Although I sounded confident, I was anything but. However, for the first time in my life I was going to do this. “Great well get packing and text me over the details when you’ve booked your ticket. I’ll be here waiting for you Tanya. God I miss you sissy and I cant wait to see you.” There’s my loving best friend of a brother that I have been missing so much, I thought to myself.

“Ok, I’ll text you on the details. Love you Tyrone.”, “Love you too sis now get booking. Yee ha!” his laughter made me laugh. Bless him he was the most amazing person ever.




Without asking my parents for permission, I went ahead and booked my tickets. After I packed my bags, I finally got the guts to go downstairs and tell my parents. I was so excited. I just hoped that when I tell my parents that they weren’t going to ruin this for me.


“Mum, dad I’ve just booked my tickets I’m leaving in the morning to see Tyrone.” There that told them I thought to myself but what came next had me close to tears. “Well if you leave this house tomorrow then don’t bother coming back, as you are still too young to make those sorts of decisions for yourself.” That was my mum. Everything from there just went further down hill as my dad was so pissed I didn’t even think I would be able to get out of the house let alone the state.


Running up into my room, I locked my door and called Tyrone. I didn’t realise that he had put me on loudspeaker until I heard them all going mad. “Listen as soon as mum and dad have fallen asleep just jump in your car and head to the airport don’t worry about anything sis, I’ll look after you.” Just hearing him had me smiling but hearing his friends screaming and shouting about how stupid my parents were and telling me I could live with them had me full out laughing.

“Thanks guys. I’ll do it,” I told them.” That’s my girl.” I heard, but it wasn’t Tyrone, it had to be one of his friends and by god did he sound sexy. “Hey that’s my sister, she’s my girl.” That’s when I knew it was time for me to go as all I could hear was them all fighting saying I was their girl, ha ha. The funny thing was I haven’t even met his friends let alone talked to them as Tyrone and I spent more time texting then actually calling.




After hanging up I felt a little better more determined even. I knew I had to do this know matter if I could never return home. I have spent my entire life cooped up in this house. Never aloud to go out, not allowed a boyfriend hell even just having my girlfriends around was a mission. Nevertheless, that was all going to change, I wasn’t going to sit back and take it any longer. I had enough degrees behind me to get a good job and if I really wanted to, I could even go back to college. Making a mental note to myself, I promised I was going to start living my life. I was going to make sure that I was going to let my hair down and start experiencing life as a twenty year old should be and the first thing I was definitely going to do was trying to get myself a man. Damn I was so sick of satisfying myself by porn and showers.




An hour later I was sitting in the Airport, feeling a little anxious about leaving as well as living with god knows how many boys.


 Knowing I’d have my brother back in my life though made all my worries near on slip away. Tyron would look after me as he always has and even though he could be a little over protective now and then, it was nothing to the way my parents where.




Stepping off the plane onto the tarmac, I could see my brother waving through the big glass windows in the terminal. Waving back with the biggest smile ever on my face I began to speed up. I bet anyone looking at us would think we were lovers, I thought to myself laughing.


As I reached the doors, I ran and threw myself into my brothers arms, I didn’t care were my cases had landed all I cared about was my brother. “God you look great.” I said because he really did. He looked so much more grown up and he had even filled out a bit. His usually short-cropped hair had grown long showing the true darkness of his hair chestnut colouring. He was at least six ft now and with me standing a measly five ft two, he really did seem to tower over me now.

“You too sis gosh you look more like a woman now, all grown up.” another voice cut in “A very sexy woman at that.” then another. “Very sexy.” Lifting my head up I notice two boys around the same age as my brother standing there just eyeing me up. “Hey that’s my sister you fools.” My brother shouted looking as mad and as protective as ever.


“Hey you can’t blame us dude, just look at her she is stunning.” As I glanced over to the one that was speaking, I could feel my cheeks heating up. Looking at my brothers two friends I realised they were identical looking. As if one of them noticed my line of thinking, he said. “Yes we’re identical twins. I’m Dwain and this dim wit here is my brother Dwight. It’s nice to finally meet you Tanya.” The way he spoke and looked at me had something stirring deep inside me. It was a weird but strangely exciting.  When I turned, to whom I now know as Dwight; the crazy stirring feeling multiplied by what felt like millions.

“Well come on we have a surprise for you and if we don’t leave now we’ll never make It.” my brother spoke up cooling the heat down that was starting to engulf my body.



The ride too their house was only going to be a short one thank god, because the heat here had me wanting to strip off. “Gosh how do you all cope with this heat, seriously I feel like I’m going to have to strip off any second now.” I spoke my thoughts aloud however, Tyrone didn’t seem to appreciate that as Dwight and Dwain began chanting strip- strip- strip ha ha. I laughed but when I noticed their lust filled hazel eyes my entire insides felt as if they were going to explode.





Part two




The heat that was building between my legs intensified so much that I felt as if I was literally wetting myself. It didn’t help that I was only wearing a skimpy pair of lace thongs either as I could feel my wetness dripping through the little wholes in the lace. I had to bit down on my bottom lip to stop the moan that was fighting to escape my lips. Dwight and Dwain weren’t looking too good either as I could see that they were fighting to stay quite too. Thank god my brother was driving otherwise I don’t know what the three of us would’ve ended up doing.


 Just when I thought that I couldn’t get any hotter, I started thinking of the things Dwain and Dwight could do too me. This had me near on panting. Dwain who sat to the right of me slowly shuffled himself closer until our legs touched. The slight of his leg up against mine started sending my already excited body, into bliss. I needed something but what I wasn’t sure. However, one thing I did know was I wanted Dwain to touch me but not just anywhere; I needed him to touch me right between my legs.


 I could feel the pressure building up in my lower stomach just as I get when I play with myself, only a hundred times more intense.


As if he could feel my yearning, Dwain slowly slid his hand under my thigh and kept wedging it under until he reached my most sensitive spot.

I knew I should’ve stopped him, hell, my brother was sitting right in front of me in the driver’s seat but it felt too good.

 I’ve never felt the pleasure of been touched by a man, as I always had to satisfy my own needs. Moreover, I was never allowed out long enough to find a man let alone experience one. Therefore could you blame me I wanted this, fuck I needed this.


 My mind spun out of control as he began adding pressure to my swollen soaking nub. I don’t think he realised how innocent I was because if he did he wouldn’t have been playing me so hard. Biting down harder onto my lip, I looked up only to see Dwight watching our every move. His eyes had become so dark through lust I felt as if he was going to pounce on me any second. “You’ve all gone quite what’s wrong?” my brother asked snapping all three of us from our hot sexual moment.


I tired to open my mouth to reply but I was too aroused to think let alone speak. I knew if I was to open my mouth even a little, right now a moan was sure to escape my lips. Even though he had shocked my mind back to the reality, my body was still running its high. Luckily, for me Dwight spoke up killing the tension that was starting to fill the car. “Nothing man just checking out the scenery.” He replied while sending me a wink.  Tyrone took his eyes off the road for a spilt second as he looked over at Dwight before his eyes landed on me through the rear-view mirror.


 My heart began to race as Tyrone could always tell when I was lying or covering up something. however, he just left it drop thank god. I could only imagine what he would do to Dwain, let alone Dwight and me if he had caught us.  To make matters worse, I knew my face must have been flushed from arousal as well as embarrassment.


  Once I had my body under some sort of control, I slowly tried to distance myself a little from Dwain and his big hand. However, every time I moved Dwain would begin to stroke me and the more I moved the more pressure he would apply onto my swollen nub. I wanted to tell him to stop, go faster, take me but all I could do was sit there and take all the pleasure he was giving me.


Dwight seemed to notice how aroused I was becoming because just as a moan slipped through my lips he had blasted the radio on full blast just in time to drown out my moans. “What the hell Dwight, do you want me to have a crash or something.” Tyrone shouted angrily.


 “Sorry man I didn’t realize it was set up so loud.” He quickly covered up with an apology.

 Dwain took that distraction and slipped his hand out from under me and into his mouth. He moaned as he sucked on his fingers, that were dripping with my juices. Dwight took that moment to start talking again as he tried to cover up his twins and my moans.


 The way Dwain sucked on his fingers had images rushing through my head on what else he could be sucking on. Pleasurable shivers ran right through my entire body just by the thought of it. What was happening to me? I’m a virgin for heavens sake and I’m letting my brother’s friends, touch me as if I’m some sort of whore and I don’t even know them.


Even though I wanted to be mad at myself for letting Dwain touch me like that, I knew this was only the start of what was to come. Before this summer was over I was in no way going to be innocent little old me anymore and for the first time in my life I wasn’t going to stop it. I was going to take whatever Dwain wanted to give me. Saying that I wouldn’t mind having a little fun with Dwight either, I giggled to myself.


 They were just so big and muscular, everything about them just screamed fuck me and if I get the chance by god, I will take it any which way they want me. As there was no way on earth, I would be able to resist Dwain let alone Dwight.  Jesus Tanya you sound like a right whore, I mentally scolded myself but at the same time, I really didn’t care.





As we pulled alongside what I guess was their house my breath caught in my throat. It wasn’t a house as I had imagined it to be, it was a big beach house. I knew Tyron told me he lived near the beach but he never stated it was actually on the beach. “WOW” I breathed out as I took in the scenery in front of me. “This is beautiful.” I whispered.


 “I knew you would love it sis that’s why I really wanted you to come. I’m sick of the way you are being treated back home and thought it was time for you to experience more in your life then the four walls of your bedroom.” Hearing him say that made me feel little but I knew exactly what he meant. When he mentioned experience life, I nearly died as I have already experienced more in this short drive from the airport than I have in my entire life, I thought blushing to myself.




After I had showered, changed and unpacked my bags Tyron came into my room. “Come on we have a surprise for you.” The smile on his face had me near on bouncing with excitement. “You did remember to put your bathing suit on didn’t you?” “Yes I remembered how I could forget when you have spent the last hour reminding me.” I scolded playfully. “Ok let’s go.” Tyron said as he grabbed my hand leading me down the stairs.


 As we reached the bottom, I froze by the sight in front of me. Dwight and Dwain stood there in nothing but their swim shorts and as much as I tried not to stare, it was impossible not too. They both just looked perfect that it wouldn’t surprise me if I were drooling. Between their light olive skin and the way they wore their swim shorts low on their hips had me squeezing my legs tight. The light ruffle of hairs that showed at the rim of their shorts had me wanting to run my hands down there and run my fingers through the dark curls. Tyron pulled on my hand snapping me out of my drooling dazed state. If I was going to keep this away from my brother, I was going to have to start getting control of myself. 





Part three



As we stepped onto the beach, Dwight came and stood to the right of me as Dwain took my left. I slightly panicked as my brother was right here with us and I really wasn’t sure what these twins had planned but by how close they were to me, I knew it wasn’t going to be nothing. I could feel the sexual tension sparking between us, just like crackles from a fire, hell, I bet everyone could feel it but I just hoped that my brother couldn’t.


As I looked out at the sea, the calmness of it all seemed to help me control the raging hormones that were taking over me so much so that I wanted one if not both of them to take me right now and feed the desperate need that was throbbing heavily between my legs. Hearing girls screaming, I hadn’t even realised that I we had been walking until I seen a big beach party in full swing. Three girls came running up towards us each grabbing onto one of the boys, my heart sunk as well as the throbbing.


  I just stood there awkwardly as the six of them hugged and greeted each other. Keeping my head low I just whished I could run back to the beach house and hide. How could I have been so stupid to think I had a chance with Dwain and Dwight when they were so good looking. I mentally slapped myself as well as scolded my parents for keeping me so innocent for so long.



My brother was the first one to step down from his heavily make out session as he started to introduce me to the rest of the group. I couldn’t look at Dwain or even Dwight because just the thought of seeing them with some other girl hanging off them hurt. I know it shouldn’t of hurt but it did. Dwight must have sensed my discomfort because he separated himself away from the group and came and stood by me. I wanted to shove him away but at the same time, I wanted him to ditch everyone and stay with me.


Taking hold of my hand, he entwined our fingers, and then he leaned down to whisper into me ear. “Don’t look so sad sexy. Im just going to get rid of this slut then I will be all yours.” Shivers ran down my spine as his hot breath brushed across my ear. He began nibbling and sucking on my earlobe making, my body sink deeper into his. “I'll be right back,” he whispered before walking off.


 My sexually frustrated body hated feeling the loss of the heat that his body gave off when we were close but before I could even mope or even think of what I was doing, Dwain had replaced Dwight’s body. Only his hand didn’t hold mine like his brothers did, his hand shot straight to my ass as he started to squeeze and caress. He even went as far as running his fingers down until he felt my wetness.

“Oh fuck your already wet for me, Shit your going to kill me Tanya.” He whispered huskily into my ear, making the sun sea and sand disappear leaving nothing but him and me. He began kissing my neck then made his way down to my collarbone. The feel of his tongue down sliding along my naked flesh sent numerous tingles straight to my core, a moan escape my lips but Dwain quickly placed a finger over my lips quietening me down.” Shush sexy, I’m going to need you to be quieter until later ok, then you will be able to scream and moan as loud and as much as you want.” Blushing, I lowered my face but Dwain put a stop to that as well as he sunk a finger deep inside my core making my head snapped up at him in shock and pleasure.


“Oh fuck Tanya you’re so tight.” He said as he continued to insert his finger in and out of me. Panting heavily I didn’t know whether I should tell him that I was still a virgin or not because for one I didn’t want him to stop and even though it hurt a little, the pleasure that was exploding inside me felt too good to risk losing. His fingers were a hell of a lot larger than my skinny little ones that I had grown so used to.  


“Shit Tanya I want to drive my solid hard length in you right now, fuck I don’t think I can wait until later.” His deep husky voice just added more thrills to my already overly excited body.  I needed him but I was also scared, hell whom was I trying to kid, I was bloody petrified.  



“Hey sis come on.” my blood ran cold at hearing my brother’s voice, calling me over. “Fuck” I whispered screamed as I tried to calm my raging heated body down. “I’m coming.” I replied, although It came out so low that I wasn’t sure if he had heard me or not. “Hey Tyron you go on ahead I’ll take care of your sis.” Dwain shouted.


“Just remember you touch her and I’ll kill you.” Tyron warned Dwain before turning back towards the party.


 It was then, I realised that somehow Dwain and I had moved further away from everyone else, where we were slightly hidden by the stray weeds and long grass that were growing through the sand.


Once my brother was out of sight Dwain pulled the knot of my sarong making it drop to the sand. “Dwain” I tried to say but it came out more of a moan as he slipped his hand down in between my legs. Pulling my bikini bottoms to the side, he slipped his fingers in between my soaking flaps as he began working his magic. The sounds that escaped my lips sounded so foreign to me but the pleasure, fuck my hips were thrusting themselves back and fourth as I tried to deepen his touch.


“Oh fuck Dwain.” I moaned whilst panting heavily. I didn’t know how to cope with all these new pleasurable feelings that I was experiencing because they were shooting through my entire body like a tidal wave. Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more Dwain crashed his mouth to mine and kissed me with so much passion that I thought I was going to drop right there and then. Shocked by the way, his tongue took over my mouth I froze but before I could gather myself, he pulled back.


 Our eyes locked and by the way, he was staring at me I knew he had just realised that that was my first kiss. Feeling mortified by my innocence I shrunk back only to have him pull me back into his chest. Tightening an arm around my waist he placed his other hand under my chin and lifted my face up until our eyes met. “Tanya.” He breathed. “Yes,” I mumbled shyly. “Please tell me I’m wrong and I didn’t just steal your first kiss?” he asked sounding a little unsure and guilty. I wanted to lie to him, I did but I couldn’t as I could tell he already knew the answer to his question.






Part four




 Giving in to my major embarrassment, “Dwain I have never been alone with a man let alone been touched by one, so yes that was my first kiss.” I told him truthfully. “Fuck” I heard him mumble making a tear slip from my eyes. I knew he wouldn’t want me once he knew how innocent I was. I wanted to kick myself for being so bloody stupid! Why didn’t I just lie, why didn’t I just laugh it off and tell him I had been with loads of men.


 Taking a step back, he began to pace back and fourth. For every few paces he took, he would stop and look at me. My heart pounded heavily against my chest as I watched how he kept looking at me with what looked like regret. Doing the only thing my mind was screaming for me to do I ran. I ran and ran until my legs couldn’t go no more.  As I collapsed onto the damp sand, a body landed gently on top of mine whilst arms wrapped around me lifting me up onto their lap.


 I knew it was Dwain; because it's only he who could cause my body to go so wild at a mere touch. Both of us never said a word and it was starting to get uncomfortable. I couldnt hold it in any longer I knew what I wanted, fuck I knew for once in my life I had to make the first move. I had to start acting my age and experience the beauty and pleasure of Dwain.


So without another thought I crashed my lips hungrily to his and like he had done earlier, I slipped my tongue in through his shocked parted lips. I kissed him hard, our tongues were going wild as we both explored each others mouths, after a while I backed down letting him take over and by god he had my entire body spasming. Spasming with a need so bad, that I began letting my hands roam all over his body.


 I needed to feel more of him. I wanted him to take my body where no other has ever taken it before. Fuck, I wanted everything and I wanted Dwain to be the one to give me it. “Dwain oh fuck please touch me.” I begged.

“Fuck Tanya I want to rip your bikini off and fuck you so hard right now but baby me can’t.” So aroused and frustrated I pulled his body against mine. ”Dwain if you don’t take me now I’m going to go back down to that party and find Dwight.” I threatened.


I was so close to my release that I couldnt let him stop now no matter what I’d have to do. “Like fuck you are! I will take you but not here, not like this. I want your first time to be an experience you will never forget.” I was about to cut him off as I went to get up but Dwain through me onto my back and pinned me down. “Tanya” he warned, as he looked deep into my eyes, then from out of nowhere I felt his hands and lips hungrily roam over every part of my body.


 Before I knew what he was doing, I was completely naked laying in the sand with his head moving slowly down my body. Although I’ve never experienced any of this, the way his head was lowering down my body I knew exactly what he was going to do. Not been able to wait a second longer to feel his mouth down on me, I pushed his head down in between my legs. Holding his head in place, he took my swollen pulsing nub into his mouth and sucked/ flicked and licked. Screaming out in pure pleasure, I could feel my walls clench tighter against his finger.


 He pumped his finger in rhythm as his mouth continued to devour me. No longer able to control my body, I trashed and wiggled under him causing his body to press harder against me. Holding me in place, he continued to take me higher and higher. “OH fuck Dwain I can’t take no more please oh god please stop.” I screamed but he didn’t stop, as his mouth just worked harder as he hungrily sucked and licked my wetness.


 Screaming out in pleasure a mouth came down hungrily against mine kissing me wilder than before. So aroused I hadn’t realized that it wasn’t Dwain kissing me until I felt his mouth pause as my moans became muffled.


 “Oh fuck Dwight she’s fucking perfect. Fuck she is the one we have been searching for, shit you’ve got to have a taste of her she’s so fucking sweet.” Before I could even get a word in, Dwight had left my lips only to replace them on my swollen soaking pussy.


Dwain held my face in his hands as he stared deep into my eyes. “Keep your eyes open darling let me see your pleasure.” The way he stared so deeply into my eyes my entire body shivered. Dwight took over from where Dwain left off only he was gentler. He worked his tongue in long slow strides as he lapped all my juices up. My eyes fluttered closed on their own accord as I sunk my hips deeper into his mouth. “Open them eyes.” Dwain ordered sternly, making me obey immediately.


 He just stared and moaned as he watched me intensively. “Dwight if you don’t stop now I’m going to have to take her innocence.” I could tell he was struggling at holding him self-back but I didn’t want him to hold back. Fuck I was way passed that stage. Even if I wanted to stop right now, I wouldn’t have a chance in hell because I needed to feel them inside me or at least one of them. I was so close to reaching another high but Dwight stopped mid stroke. “Fuck Dwain she’s a virgin? Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that!” he almost screamed at his brother but I didn’t give a shit about that now. I just wanted Dwight’s face back down on me.


 Reaching my hands down I roughly grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face back down on me. At first he didn’t attempt anything but as I began winding my hips against his face his tongue darted out and began devouring my pussy. Screaming in pure bliss, I rode high after high through my multiple orgasms. Screaming out their names, both their mouths left me letting me ride my high alone. Watching my body shake in complete pleasure, they stroked their hands gently over my body.


Every part of me exploded in tingles. Dwain and Dwight softly placed their hands on me as they tried to help me ride through my climax. Never having experiencing more than one climax at a time let alone the amount they had taken me through it overwhelmed me to a point were tears ran down my cheeks.


“Oh Tanya you are so beautiful. I’m sorry I pushed you so far but baby I couldn’t control myself.  The more I tasted the more of you I needed. You my little gem are going to be the death of me.” Dwight said as he stroked the side of my face. Dipping his head down he pecked my lips once, then twice until Dwain stopped him by pulling him back. “Easy there bro.” Dwain said as he leaned down and scooped me up into his arms.


 “Come on baby girl lets get you dressed and cooled off.”  Dwain and Dwight worked together as they redressed me back into my bikini before carrying me down to the sea, where I welcomed the cool crisp water. Dwain kept me in his arms as Dwight worked the water in and around my clit cooling the soreness that had slowly started to build. “Are you sore baby girl?” Dwain asked concerned. “Just a little I replied while blushing. “We’re sorry but don’t worry from now on we will take care of you in every way possible.” His words had not only made me feel cared for but alive. I didn’t doubt that they were going to take care of my every need because tonight they had taken care of my needs, more than I could ever do myself.







Part 5




After coming back down from riding my high, Dwain Dwight and I made our way back to the party on the beach where the party was still in full swing. They had tried to talk me into letting them take me back to the house but I wanted to see my brother because I really didn’t want him to become suspicious of what was happening between us three. Also as much as I loved them pleasuring the life out of me, I really didn’t think that I could’ve taken anymore and if we were to go back to the house I had no reason to believe that they wouldn’t have taken up from where we had left off or even taking me completely.


 Catching a glimpse of Tyron I smiled, he had changed so much since he left home a year ago and to say he looked happier was an understatement. The girl he was with now was a different one to earlier but by the looks on some of the girl’s faces I guess he was quite popular here, not that he wasn’t at home. He just didn’t get the chance to spread his wings just as I hadn’t but not anymore, I thought to myself.

Having Dwain and Dwight touch me had given me a taste of what it was like to be touched sexually by a man and I was looking forward to  feel a lot more of them touching me.





By the end of the night, I was exhausted. The party had only just finished and the sun was fully up in the sky letting me know that is was at least noon if not later. However, the amount of fun I had had, it was so worth this exhaustion. “Hey shall we head out for something to eat?” Tyron asked us all. “I think your sister here needs her bed more than anything but you two go ahead I’ll bring her back home.” I wasn’t sure which twin had spoken up but I was grateful he did as I couldnt even keep my eyes opened. “Cool, thanks Dwight. We’ll catch up with you later.” I heard my brother reply.




I wasn’t sure how I got home or even how long I’d been in bed for but as I turned around, I could feel the silk sheets stroke across my naked skin. Taking a look under the sheets, I began to panic as I tried to remember how I ended up naked. A knock on the door brought me out of my inner battle. “Come in” I called. As the door opened, I began to blush as Dwight walked in. Just seeing Dwight had everything coming flooding back.

 I could feel my cheeks burning at the thought of Dwight undressing me. “Hey sexy.” He greeted as he came and lay beside me. “Hey” I managed to say as I tightened the sheets around me even more.

“Don’t do that Tanya,” he complained. “Do what?” I asked puzzled. Without a word, he took a hold of the sheets that were wrapped securely around me and pulled, leaving me naked for all to see. “Cover your self. When ever I’m alone with you I want to be able to see you, feel you, and touch you. Worship your body the way it deserves to be worshiped,” He said as he ran his hands over my tightly peeked breasts.


“Tanya.” He mumbled before taking my already ripened peeked nipple into his mouth whilst he rubbed and caressed the other. I began to feel conscious of my body as I laid there naked in front of Dwight but that only lasted a few mere seconds because the way he sucked and bit down my nipple all my insecure thoughts disappeared leaving me only wanting more of him. Hearing the front door open as well as the voices of Tyron and Dwain, Dwight leaped off the bed and ran out of my room leaving me all hot and frustrated.


 Quickly covering my body up, I had just finished covering myself when my brother came running into my room. “Hey sis” he greeted as he jumped onto my bed. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking I could’ve been naked,” I scolded my brother when really that’s all I could think of saying as I held onto the sheets for dear life. “Aww come on sis your not naked and since when have you started not wanting me in your room?” this had me shutting my mouth because Tyron was always in my room as we only had ourselves to keep each other company.


“Ok I can see you’re grown up now but you’re still my little sis.” He whined while pouting. “Just get out and let me get changed then I’ll be out ok”, “Ok but hurry up because I didn’t get to catch up with you yet.” he whined again as he walked out of my room.  Just as I stood up Dwain popped his head into my room. I was about to scream when he came barrelling into my room and covered my mouth but not with his hand as I was expecting but with his lips. He kissed me hard as he ran his hands thoroughly over my body. His hands kept groping and rubbing me until he had left no place UN touched. Breaking the kiss our breathing was coming out hard and fast.

“Until later sexy” he whispered huskily as he slapped my ass. I was just going to scream at him when he places his finger over his lips. “Shush you don’t want your brother to come in here now do you, especially when you’re all hot and naked”.  Before I could say or do anything, he was out the door and shutting it behind him.


‘Damn twins they are going to be the death of me I swear’, I mumbled to myself as I made my way to my own ensuite.



The day flew by and before I knew it, we were all heading to bed. Tyron and the boys managed to get some part time work for over the summer to earn some extra cash, which I thought I would get some time to myself, how wrong was I. Their shifts were two of them on, one off, so that meant I would always have one of them with me, which I wasn’t going to complain about.


 However, today was Dwain’s day off and with how we had left things yesterday, I could only imagine what he was going to do to me today. I didn’t know what way to feel about being alone with him today because although he excited me I knew once he started I would have no chance in hell of resisting him. Yes, I wanted him to take my innocence but at the same time, I was scared. I had heard so many different stories of a girls first time that I really didn’t know what to expect.











Part 6







Cooking breakfast Dwain came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. “Hmm something smells good and it’s not the food.” he whispered huskily into my ear as he picked me up and sat me on the counter. Spreading my legs, he pushed himself up against me. My entire body heated as he rubbed his large hardened bulge up against me. Moaning he crashed his lips to mine and began kissing me. This wasn’t like the many other kisses we’d shared, this was slower, deeper and more meaningful. I could feel something deep within the kiss but I couldnt quite tell what it was but whatever it was if felt amazing.


 Breaking the kiss, he leaned over and turned the cooker off before whipping me up into his arms and walking in the direction of my bedroom. I wanted to ask him if we could eat first but by the speed he was walking, I knew better than to ask. Soon as we entered my bedroom, he threw me down onto the bed with him landing right on top of me. He then took hold of my silk night shorts and ripped them off me followed by my vest top. Still hoovering over me, he took in my entire body before he continued to strip my underwear off. I laid there not knowing what to do but knowing I what I wanted him to do.


I went to touch his solid abs but he stopped me by pulling both of my arms above my head and pinned them down securely. He stared deep into my eyes as if to let me know not to move them. Slowly he dipped his face lower towards mine so our lips were just millimetres apart. He breathed out letting his fresh minty breath blow across my face, a moan escaped my lips as he continued to tease me. Needing to taste his mouth, I lifted my face up wanting to kiss his soft big lips but he moved backstopping me from getting what I needed. I left out a low whimper but he didn’t move bit. All he done was lay there staring into my eyes.


 “OH Dwain please” I begged as I tried to reach his lips. “Fuck Tanya I promised my brother I would wait for him to take you but I don’t think I’m going to be able to wait another hour let alone another second.” And with that, he crashed his lips to mine and began devouring my mouth with his tongue. Our tongues battled hard for dominance but I just couldn’t keep up with him as he had me literally wetting just by kissing me.


With my arms still pinned above my head, I wiggled to try freeing them. I needed to feel his flesh closer against mine, I wanted to lick and taste him all over. His lips left my lips and started making their way down my body-sucking licking and kissing every spot in his path. Latching onto my swollen breast, he sucked hard before nibbling down on my ripened peek. “Oh fuck.” I moaned as my hips bucked higher into him. Leaving one breast then turning to the other he began blowing on it making it so stiff it hurt.


 Tingles and heat coursed throughout my entire body sending me close to the edge. “Tanya if you climax I will never touch you again. You have to hold it in for me until I tell you other wise.” Hearing his words confused me, as I didn’t know how to hold it in, hell, I didn’t have any control over any of my body.


“I don’t know how too?” I spoke truthfully. “When you feel your close hold on to it, don’t let it happen, you can do this, I promise just try for me, will you?” he asked eagerly.

“Oh fuck Dwain I’ll try but please just touch me.” I pleaded. “Where do you want to be touched Tanya,…here?” he asked as he caressed both my breasts. I nodded my head from side to side telling him no. “Here?” he questioned again but this time he was placing little kisses all over my stomach. “Or…”, “ OH FUCK YES DWAIN, RIGHT THERE BABY, OH FUCK YES, YES!” I screamed as he took my hardened nub into his mouth and began biting down on it as his tongue then flicked over it sending tingles straight through to my core.


 With every moan I made he dug his face in deeper lapping up all my juices. Raising his head up so we were eye level, “Open your eyes baby and watch me”, doing as I was told, I opened my eyes. Seeing his face smothered in my juices was such a turn on. Poking his tongue out he began licking all my juices from around his mouth. The sight of his tongue sliding over his lips had my body trembling with need.  Flicking him over onto his back, I lowered my body so I was straddling on top of him. He tried to flip me back but I wouldn’t let him as now it was my turn to satisfy him.


 He eventually gave up fighting me and laid back letting me take over. I began with his mouth and made my way all the way down to his shorts. I knew what I wanted to do but the only thing was, I didn’t know how. I started to get a little nervous but then I thought fuck it and before I  could allow myself to back out, I ripped down his shorts and took as much as I could of him into my mouth.


 The deep moans and grunts that were coming from Dwain encouraged me to go on. Therefore, with that extra bit of confidence I began to take in more of him until I gagged. Dwain placed his hands on my head holding it in place as he began working his hips into my face.


“Oh Fuck Tanya… Shit” he kept screaming and moaning as he began fastening his pace. My mouth was becoming accustomed to his salty hardened length making me pump my head along with him. Feeling him swelling and throbbing inside my mouth I knew it wasn’t going to be much longer until he was going to explode but he kept going and going.  


I became a little anxious about swallowing his hot liquid but before I could remove my mouth, he screamed out my name as he pushed my head down one last time as he emptied himself into my mouth. The taste of him was nothing as I’d thought it would be and to be honest I wanted it all. He tasted so sweet that I sucked and licked every bit of him until there was no more left to take.







Part 7







 Dwain pulled me up against his body and kissed me as if his life depended on it. Moaning into his mouth, he then took my tongue and began sucking on it making the walls of my core clench and throb with a need so strong that I lost total control of myself.  I rubbed my body along his hoping I could guide his length inside me but every time I felt his tip at my entrance, he would make a sudden move making it slip right back out. I whimpered into his mouth, as he wasn’t allowing me what my body needed the most.


 Breaking the kiss, we were both panting heavily with him moaning and me whimpering for more. “Not yet my love, soon I will give you what you need but not now.” I was so wound up and frustrated that I wanted to grab a hold of him and shove him inside me but before I could even reach down to take a hold of his length he had slipped out from under me and was walking towards my bathroom. Leaving out a frustrated growl, I could here him laughing.


“It’s not bloody funny, I swear to god Dwain if you don’t get back here and finish me off, I am going to come in there and take what I need.” I screamed at him feeling so frustrated and turned on that, I didn’t know how to ease myself. “Tanya don’t think for one minute that I don’t want to take you, because, fuck I do! I told you before we started that I had promise Dwight I would wait for him, before I take you all the way. And as much as I hate myself right now for making such a promise, I have to stand by It.” he replied agitated through my ensuite door. 


“Well can’t you do something, hell anything, to help me? Fuck Dwain I need something anything please” I literally begged. The door swung opened and Dwain walked in and without a word, he went right down on me and worked his magical tongue until I reached my climax.




Wakening up, I sleepily took in my surroundings before my eyes landed on the empty space beside me. For some reason I hated that I had woken up alone especially after how I had fell asleep in Dwain’s arms. I wanted to call out to him but hearing other voices in the house, I held my tongue. As I instantly recognized my brothers voice.



Making my way to my ensuite, I decided to take a long hot shower as not only was I still feeling tired but also a little swollen and sore from where Dwain had eaten me out.


Welcoming the jets of water I, UN hooked the showerhead from the wall and placed it in between my legs.  The steady jets of water that I hoped would massage my swollen lips were not doing as I expected because the pressure of the water bouncing off my clit was turning me on like mad.


As much as I wanted to take the showerhead away, the pleasure was far too good to withdraw. Grinding my hips into the showerhead, I couldn’t help but picturing it was Dwain’s face down there. Switching the shower up to a higher setting, I began to moan. The force of the jets pounding against my now swollen sensitive clit had me struggling to keep myself upright.  Not wanting to stop I slid down onto the tiled base and parted my legs slightly. Placing the showerhead back against my clit, I leaned my head back and took the heavy jets at full force. Biting down on my bottom lip I held in the moan that was threatening to leave my lips.


Aroused and needing release I squirted some body wash onto my breasts and began to massage them as I replaced the showerhead back on my clit. The pleasure that shot through my body had me literally moaning non-stop and there was know amount of biting down on my lip that could have muffled out my moans. I was so close, so so close but I just couldn’t find my release. Frustrated I inserted a finger inside me, then another and another until my core felt filled. Pushing my fingers up and down, I then positioned myself to sitting Indian style. I held the showerhead in between my feet making sure it was right on target. Then with my free hand I began caressing and squeezing my breasts.


 I screamed and moaned aloud as my body began to quiver with the intensity of being so close. “Oh Dwain.”  I screamed out just as I found my release. Collapsing back against the tiled wall, I left my body enjoy riding its high. A loud banging on the door had me recovering quicker than I thought possible. “Tanya Dwain better not be bloody in there with you or I swear to god I will kill him.” I heard my brother shouting angrily.


Mentally freaking out I tried to find my voice as my brother continued to pound on the door.  “Tyron what the hell are you doing man?” I heard Dwain question. Leaving out the breath I hadn’t even realised that I was holding in, the banging stopped. Blocking out their voices, I just sat there shocked and scared at how close to my brother was to finding out. I knew it was my own fault for screaming out Dwain’s name but whilst I was exploding with pleasure, none of that mattered.



Once I was dried off and dressed, I tried to come up with a cover up story for why I was calling out Dwain’s name whilst in the shower. And as much as I wanted to believe all three of them would believe my lame excuse of, ‘I wanted him to fetch me something,’ I knew I would only be able to fool, one out of the three. Dwight and Dwain would know what really was happening in the shower because they had heard me screaming their names in pleasure.









Part 8





Just over a week had passed since the day of my major embarrassment of the shower incident. Dwain and Dwight have not touched me let alone kissed me and to be honest it was starting to pee me off because I really wanted them too. Don’t get me wrong we’ve talked and everything but it was as if they were holding themselves back. Which only frustrated me all the more. I knew that they were only doing this because of my brother, but hell didn’t they know how bad I wanted them to take my innocence.



Walking into the kitchen Dwight Dwain and Tyron were all seated at the table, eating breakfast. “Morning” they all greeted, as I walked over to the fridge. “Morning” I mumbled not in the mood for anything. Taking the seat beside my brother, I leaned my head on his shoulder. “Hey sis I’ve got to head away for a couple of days  but Dwight and Dwain will be here to look after you, ok.” My heart leaped with excitement at being left alone with the twins. I couldn’t believe that my brother was leaving meaning there wouldn’t be anyone or anything to stop me from having what I so desperately want.


“That’s fine.” I replied whilst trying my hardest to keep my excitement well and truly hidden from him. “Well I better get a move on as I don’t want to miss my lift.” Tyron stated. It was only then I realised I hadn’t even asked him where he was going. “Hey Tyron where are you going anyway?” I asked. “Hmm just some crap I have to sort out but nothing for you to worry your little head about.” He replied a little too snappy for my liking. As he walked out to the waiting taxi, something about him going away didn’t quite sit right with me. He was hiding something but what I hadn’t a clue.



Standing at the front door, I stood and waved to my brother until he was no longer in sight. “About fucking time” I heard behind me before I was whipped up into strong arms and thrown over a shoulder. Without seeing the twin’s faces I could never tell who was who, well I guess that’s unless they’re down on me, that is.


I yelped in surprise as they ran through the house towards the kitchen. I could hear loads of banging and cupboards opening and closing but I couldn’t see what was going on because who I now know is Dwain was facing me away from whatever his brother was doing.



Dwain slowly lifted me down off him and placed me steadily on my feet. Without a word, the pair of them reached for my clothes and ripped them clean off of me. Standing naked in the centre of the kitchen, they both just stood there as they took in every inch of my body.


 “OH fuck am I going to give it to you so fucking hard.” Dwain said whilst Dwight moaned as if he was agreeing with his brother. My entire body heated up as I watched shyly as they both drank my body in. Waiting eagerly for one of them to touch me I began to whimper as they both just stood there looking but not touching. I didn’t know what they were waiting for because fuck, I didn’t want to wait another second.


Taking a step, forward Dwain took a hold of my arms and held them behind my back. “Dwight you have one hour before I join you.” Hearing his words excited me to the core. ” Dwain don’t leave, you can stay and watch and hold her down for me.” just as he said that  he leaned forward and flicked my hardened peeked breast sending satisfying shivers throughout my body. I could feel my legs giving way as Dwight worked his hands all over my body. Dwain pulled me back against his chest as he tightened his hold, supporting my weakening body.


“Fuck Tanya I don’t even know where to start.” Dwight’s voice was so deep and husky that it sent my core wild with need. Not been able to find my voice through my dazed state I just moaned in response. “Fuck Dwight she’s dripping onto the floor. Take that pussy into your mouth and suck her.” I could feel Dwain’s hardened length growing as it pushed harder into my back. While Dwight dropped down to, his knees Dwain shoved one of his legs in between mine and began parting them reading me for his brother.


Dwight wasted no time as he slid his tongue in between my flaps and began licking in long slow strides. Tingles shot through me so fast that I could barely hold my own weight up. Dwain kissed and nibbled on my neck as his brother took my excitement up to another level. I screamed and moaned continuously as Dwight took my soaking wet swollen clit and bit down on it. I screamed out in pain but as he began to lick the pain away, the pleasure it left behind felt so more intense than before.



It somehow shocked me that I enjoyed the pain so much. What surprised me even more thought was that I wanted to feel him do it again. “Dwight again oh please do that again.” I worded my thoughts aloud. Placing my nub in between his teeth, I felt as he slowly but firmly bit down on me, crying out in pain he suckled on it instead of licking and by god, my entire body felt as if it was going to explode.


“Fuck Dwight I don’t think I’ll be able to last an hour of watching you two.” Dwain moaned sounding more than frustrated. “Then lets do this.” My body trembled and shook with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Now that they were finally going to take me, I felt scared, well more nervous than scared because I could just about cope with one of them licking and touching me. How in hell was I going to managed both of them, I mentally freaked out. Nevertheless, all that panic left as soon as Dwain lifted me up onto the kitchen table.


It was only then, that I had noticed what all that noise was, from earlier, as the entire kitchen table was empty except from a couple of tubes of some sort of creams and a can of whipped cream. Dwight crashed his lips to mine as he lavishly took my mouth.


My mouth exploded by the taste of my juices as well as his minty breath. My eyes sprung open as I felt something cold being rubbed on and around my clit, causing a tingling burning sensation to shoot straight through to my core.  Dwain began adding a little extra  pressure  to my swollen nub as he started inserting his finger inside me. Panting heavily I tried to relax to allow him to get me ready. Dwight kept kissing me and caressing my breasts as Dwain worked on stretching me for his fully erected length.






Part 9





Before long, Dwain swapped positions with Dwight. The way Dwight licked and sucked on me had me literally shaking. “Oh fuck please just take me!” I screamed panting, as I really couldn’t wait a second longer. “Fuck Dwight is she ready?” Dwain asked.  His voice alone screamed how frustrated he was. Without replying, Dwight inserted one, then two, and finally three fingers and began pumping his hand back and fourth. I could feel my walls clench around his fingers, I was so close that just as I was about to climax, he stopped and pulled his fingers out.


“Fuck she’s ready Dwain.”  Dwain crashed his lips to mine and began kissing me roughly. I could hear the faint sounds of Dwight’s clothes hitting the floor before Dwain broke from the kiss handing me over to Dwight, where he thrusted his tongue straight into my mouth.  Hearing Dwain stripping excitement filled my body making my hips rise up and down off the table.


This was it there was no turning back now. Dwight was going to make love to me and then maybe Dwain would get his turn too.


  “Dwight how do you want to do this” Dwain asked his brother. “Fuck Dwain I just need to be inside her. What do you want?” Dwight asked sounding more frustrated by all this talking.

“Well I know what I want and I want to be fuck so would one of you please just take me already,” I shouted shutting both of them up. 


Without further interruptions, Dwight slid himself into position while Dwain came and stood beside me. “This is going to hurt baby girl.” And with that, Dwight pushed his entire hardened length inside me. The intense burning pain brought tears to my eyes but I still wanted him to push on. “Dwight just tare through the barrier. the quicker you break it the quicker she’ll get through the pain.” On hearing, that Dwight rammed his entire length inside me breaking me free from my innocence. Hearing my screams, Dwain pushed his length into my mouth to muffle out my screams.


Dwight held still inside me for a minute as my core became accustomed to his overly large length. Dwain thrusted in and out of my mouth as he spoke soothing words to me.  With in mere seconds I began to rock my hips into Dwight, which he responded almost immediately. At first, Dwight made long slow strokes but that was only teasing me even more. Therefore, I jerked my hips up and down trying to get him to go faster which he did.


Screaming out at the top of my lungs, Dwain and Dwight went wild as they began pumping so fast I could no longer move. Pinned down to the table Dwain took a hold of my head and began thrusting himself so fast and deep that I could feel the rapid pulsing of his hardness. Dwight was showing me no mercy either as he pounded me hard and rough giving me everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. The pleasure running through my body had me feeling like I couldn’t take any more but I kept going as I wanted the twins to give me everything they could give.


 “Fuck Dwight do you think we could prepare her and give her a double?” Dwain shouted as he slipped himself out of my mouth. “Oh fuck bro I don’t know and I really don’t care if she’s ready or not. She wanted us to give her everything, so we shall.” Dwain left my side and was now down alongside his brother. Dwight leaned down and kissed me as Dwain started rubbing some cream into my rear entrance.The coldness against my heated parts sent what felt like electrical currents throughout my body.


Dwain and Dwight kissed sucked and caressed my body with such intense that I didn’t think I could take anymore. “DWIGHT DWAIN PLEASE NO MORE, I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE.” I screamed out as I tried to catch my breath as well as get them to slow down. “READY?” I was about to scream out ‘NO’ when I felt both Dwight and Dwain at my entrances. Taking in a deep breath I tried to ready myself for the pain that I knew was to come. However, with the two of them so turned on I didn’t have a second before the two of them rammed themselves right up me, filling me to the point where I thought they were literally going to rip me in half.


 “OH FUCK TANYA!” they both shouted as they pushed until they could go no deeper. I cried and cried by the excoriating pain. They were too much for me to handle. I couldn’t stop the tears as they flowed down my cheeks.


Slowly the pain eased, leaving me in pure and utter bliss “Shit Dwain I can’t hold back. I’m sorry Tanya but this is going to hurt you baby but I promise not for long.” And on his last word, Dwight began thrusting into me at a speed that was sending me dizzy. “Fuck Dwight I can’t hold back either.” The strain in Dwain’s voice I could tell he was really struggling at holding himself back. “Then fuck her like you want too. Show me how good you can fuck our woman.” Not a second later Dwain had left all his self-control go and pounded me harder and faster than his brother.


 All you could hear were my screams and their heavy panting as well as the sounds of our flesh slapping off each other. With them riding me faster and harder and their hands squeezing and pinching wherever they could, I felt as if I was going to pass out with the amount of pleasure that was rocketing through my body.


 Not one inch of me was left untouched. They ravished my body with such love and adoration that I couldn’t stop screaming even with how out of breath I was.  “OH FUCK YES,” moaned Dwain “FUCK YES!” moaned Dwight “OH DWAIN, HMMM DWIGHT” I screamed as I reached my climax. My body shook so violently through the intense waves of pleasure that Dwain and Dwight had to hold onto my body to help ease me through. “That’s it baby girl let the pleasure ride you through.” Came Dwight’s soothing words. It was as if he held some sort of control over my body, because just by his soothing compassionate words, my body began to relax as it rode joyfully through its pleasure. &ldqu

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