An Office Fantasy (completed)

An Office Fantasy (completed)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


sexy, hot, fun, mf


Story of love in the office. very hot and steamy.


sexy, hot, fun, mf


Story of love in the office. very hot and steamy.


Submitted: July 28, 2014

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Submitted: July 28, 2014



Chapter one



Alone in my office, I sat staring at the blank screen in front of me, thinking about the tall dark handsome stranger that I bumped into this morning at the train station. Even though I didn't get a real good look at him, I still couldn't seem to get him out of my head.




I was running late and my train was just about to leave the platform. Running in my tight pencil skirt and my stupid four-inch heels, was not the best idea in the world, but I couldn't afford to be late for work. Just as I reached the small opening to get onto the train, I went flying into something solid.

Only, then did I realise that this solid thing, wasn’t a wall or a lamppost, but a someone. Strong muscular arms wrapped themselves around my waist steadying me from falling any further.

 Looking up, I thought I was actually going to faint. There right in front of me was a sex god in it self and he still had his arms wrapped around my waist. I remember the pool of wetness soaking through the lace of my panties. "Let me help you."  Were the only words I heard him say. before he picked me up and lifted me onto the train. No words could leave my mouth, as not only was I shocked from near on falling flat on my face but also this man was making me a sexual wreck.

 His eyes were the brightest blue I had ever seen. His hair was so dark that it made his eyes look all the sexier. My heart was racing and before I could thank him or say a word, he was gone and the train was moving.


End of flashback



So now, can you see why I'm in such a state? For one, my need for realise was one I had never experienced before and two, I could not stop thinking about, all the things that I wanted this tall dark stranger to do to me. As cliché as it sounds, it was real, so real that I had to do something, that I’ve never had to do in my life and that was realise myself.  

Standing up from my office chair, I walked over to the door and locked it. Once I had closed the blinds, I was back sitting on my chair picturing him hoovering over me. Hanging my legs over either side of the armrests, I slid my fingers along and into my wetness. Just as I got into it My phone started ringing, breaking me from my near on realise. Pissed off, I tried to ignore it, but when it continued ringing, I couldn't manage to bring myself to realise. Leaving out a frustrated grunt, I answered the phone. "Mrs May speaking" I greeted a little harsher then I usually would. “There is a man downstairs wanting to see you. God girl seriously, if I was you I would be running down those stairs. He is, oh my god, I don’t even now how to describe him. Damn girl he sure is sexy as hell! I'd even join you, if you want." Said Lisa my best friend, who is also happens to be a lesbian through and through. Therefore, if she thinks he is as sexy as hell, then by god he must be heavenly.

The tall dark stranger came straight to mind. Straitening myself up at record speed, I took my shoes off and ran for the staircase. Just before I reached the bottom step, I threw my shoes back on before walking out. As soon as he came into my view, I felt myself dripping, and I mean full-blown dripping. I could feel it running down my legs, as I hadn't put my panties back on. My eyes shifted down to his hands. I could feel my face burning up, just at the thought of them stroking my wetness. Oh, dear lord, please stop me from jumping him. "Hello, I don't know if you remember me but I think I have something that belongs to you." Don't remember you! I screamed in my head. How in hell couldn't I remember YOU! You have been stuck in my head all morning and I'm dying here for realise! Argg a clearing of a throat had me cutting my mental rant short. Looking up into his eyes, his instantly locked with mine. Bad mistake, I thought to myself. As now, my entire body wanted all of him not just his touch. Noticing he was still waiting for me to reply him, I quickly took in a deep breath. “I’m so sorry; I guess I'm just having one of those days. Thank you so much for returning my purse, I hadn't even realised that I had dropped it." I said as I took in the rest of his godly body. “Hmm, why don't you bring him up to your office Sherrie and I'll bring you both some coffee up as a thank you." Lisa said as she pushed the pair of us towards the staircase. None of us had a chance to refuse Lisa, and to be honest, as embarrassed as I felt, I wanted him in my office. "Thank you; I could really use a drink." He replied Lisa and that was all I needed before I was literally running up the stairs with him following.

I could feel his eyes burning into my skin as he eyed me up and down. I was only hoping that he didn't notice  that I hadn’t any knickers on, but then the thought of him seeing my wet pussy had me going even wetter, if that was even possible.

As we rounded, the corner that leads into my office his arm encircled around my waist. He bent his head down just by my ear," you're so wet I hope that's for me." He whispered huskily. My legs felt as if they were going to give way any second. He must have noticed the effect he was having on me, as he scooped me up into his arms and place me down on my desk. The lust in his eyes, I knew mirrored mine, as I was so turned on. But god, who would blame me, I haven't had sex in over a year.

I knew I had only met this man this morning, and under normal circumstances, I would’ve more than likely kicked him exactly where it hurts. However, there was something about him that I just could not resist; no matter how hard I tried, Not that I was trying very hard, ha ha.



Chapter two




I didn’t know one thing about him and that’s including his name, but none of that seemed to matter right now, as I was far too aroused to care! He moved my legs apart as he moved himself in between them, spreading them wider. He bent down and began lapping up my flowing juices with his hot long tongue. The moans that escaped both of our mouths blocked the noise of Lisa walking in on us. With my back arched and my eyes closed, I left him to work his magic on me. His tongue licked and sucked on me, while his teeth nibbled lightly but firmly taking my body to its limits and beyond. I heard a loud moan coming from beside me, making me look up. There completely stark naked, playing with herself was Lisa, my best friend. I wanted to ask what the hell she was doing but the dark haired god picked up speed as he slid his fingers inside, taking my body too another level. Lisa bent down beside me and whispered, "Take all of this baby girl, I will help him, help you. Just let yourself go and take everything we give you." Her words seemed to ignite something inside me making me do exactly as she asked.

Her lips crashed against mine and although if felt wrong at first, it didn't take me long to respond to her kiss. She had me stripped down within seconds as she stood beside me taking in my body. She took my breast into her hand and began caressing and flicking. My body had never felt so alive and I wanted more. "oh god Lisa kiss me, I moaned as the god between my legs began to strip. She broke the kiss and dropped to her knees as she took his huge erection into her mouth. His eyes were solely on me, as she worked her mouth, taking him in and out. "God you are so beautiful." He said huskily as he crashed his lips against mine. My entire body exploded as I reached my climax. I felt a tongue lapping my flowing juices up but it wasn’t the god himself. No, it was Lisa and I was loving it. He watched as Lisa sucked and licked me clean. Leaning back I couldn’t help but watch them both as they worked together to please me.

Slipping himself to my rim, Lisa let her fingers rub and stroke my nub as she done the same to herself with her other hand. Wanting to help her, I reached over and slid my fingers inside her just as he pushed his full length inside me. " oh god, ohhh.... Fuck .... Lisa .... Help me..." I screamed and moaned as he began taking me harder and faster. “Let him take you. Sherrie, will you lick me please I need to realise. "She asked well begged. I didn't need her to ask twice as I would’ve  done anything that they asked of me right now, because I was way beyond, being  just turned on. Nodding my head, she came up behind me and pulled my shoulders back down onto my desk. Climbing on top of me, she placed her wetness over my mouth and began grinding. His loud deep husky moans made me do things I never would do in a million years. I reached my hands up to her breasts and began caressing and squeezing them making her scream out in pleasure.

 The god himself slipped me out from beneath Lisa and bent me over the desk as he began pushing into me deeper, hitting places I never knew existed until I exploded repeatedly. Looking down in between us, I could see Lisa’s mouth sucking and licking his swollen bits. I could feel him throbbing and knew he was close, as he pushed one last time he screamed, “SHERRIE” shocked could not describe what I felt when he screamed out my name but it sounded so good as it rolled off his lips that something inside me exploded. With the three of us panting heavily, we slipped down onto the floor as we tried to get our breaths back.


Once we had managed to get our breaths back, Lisa was the first to break the silence. “Damn Sherrie, I wish you weren’t straight.” She said with a sigh. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry girl but I love my god of man right here.” I said blushing slightly as the words slipped out before, I had a chance to stop myself. He began to laugh a deep throaty laugh making me tingle all over again. “Well as much as I would love to go another round with you two, I have to get back to my desk. Now on the other hand Sherrie, I know you have no meetings scheduled today at all. So feel free Mr stud to go out her all you want, because by god, does she need it! She has gone an entire year with out being touched.”  “Lisa shut up and get out” I shouted cutting her off, feeling mortified that she was telling him about my non-existent sex life. Both of them laughed at my mortified face.


 Lisa was now fully dressed and was walking towards the door. “Oh before I go, what is your name?” she asked, while I silently thanked her. “Brad, it was a pleasure to meet you Lisa and thank you so much for helping me please my goddess here.” my face felt as if it was going to catch light with how hot I felt. Oh my god, he called me his goddess, I thought to myself dreamily. He got up and stepped away from me as he followed Lisa to the door. The entire time though he still had his eyes on me. As Lisa slipped out of the door, he closed and locked it right behind her. “Now Sherrie, I am going to take you and spank you like you’ve never been taking before.” Just hearing his deep husky voice had my body screaming for him to do whatever he wanted.


He wasn’t lying! Not only did he take me through multiple highs, but also he had actually made me faint when he took me over my office chair. I had never in my entire life gone down on a man, no mind taste one, but with him I couldn’t help myself. He tasted so sweet that I had swallowed all of him, the way he moaned while I did, had me climaxing. This man was a keeper but I knew he was not mine to keep. When he left, Lisa came running up to my office to hear every little detail of what we had done since he left. At first she seemed a little worried how I was going to react to the way she came and joined in but to be honest how could I be mad, when she brought me so much pleasure. After reassuring her that everything was fine, she asked me a question I never thought I would ever hear. “Sherrie I’m only asking and I will understand if you say no, but would you let me join you two again?” I could see she was nervous but the excitement in her eyes had my insides stirring. She was getting me excited with the thought of the three of us doing it again, but the only thing was, would he want me again. On that thought, I felt my heart sink. “Hey I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked, its ok, seriously Sherrie. Like they say, you won’t no until you ask.” I looked up at her, then back down to my now shaking hands. “Lisa, its not that, to be honest I would say yes but I don’t know whether this was a one off thing or if he will ever return.” I answered her truthfully. She ran over and hugged me. “He’ll be back, believe me Sherrie, he will be back! The way he looked at you and lavished your body he couldn’t stop himself if he tried.” Hearing her putting it like that put a smile back on my face.





Chapter three




 We had exchanged numbers and we had exchanged names so maybe he will come back, I thought to myself while smiling like so crazy woman.



Later that night whilst laying in the bath, my phone started to ring. quickly  reaching over the side of the bath I  answer it without looking at the caller Id. “Hello princess is it alright if I come over?” hearing his voice had my entire insides going wild with excitement. Although I knew, I should be telling him no, I just couldn’t seem to get the words out and before I knew it, I had already answered him “YES”. “Good I need to taste you so bad, from the minute I left you today I can’t stop thinking about the things that I want to do to you. Are you wet for me princess?” he asked in a teasing tone, making me wanting to get him back. “Well Brad, right now, I am complete naked lying in my bath tub thinking of you.” My voice came out so seductive that I was mentally praising myself.  Hearing him grunt down the phone made me smile as knowing that I was having the same effect on him, as he was with me. “Oh god princess you are going to kill me, quickly text me you’re address and stay in that bath as I will be joining you shortly.” His words sent excitement to my core, as I could feel myself ready for him already.


Within fifteen minutes, he was at my door, but lucky for me, I had already told him via text were my spare key was hidden. Hearing the door click shut, I wanted to run and hide, but thinking of how he had gotten me so hot and excited earlier had me staying put. Putting on a brave face, I smiled as he leaned in and kissed me. It was only a small peck but by god, he had my juices building. “My sweet princess, god how I’ve been dying to see you again.” He said longingly as he stripped his clothes off. I couldn’t reply him, as I was too caught up on watching him strip. His little man, or should I say, his larger man was standing fully to attention and seeing the tip glistening with his pre cum had my mouth watering to taste him. Licking my lips, I leaned over the bath and gripped hold of his butt. Pulling him towards me, I began swallowing him as I pulled him closer. His low grunts had me so excited that I wanted to hear him more. I licked and nibbled teasing him to a state where he took hold of my head, and started thrusting himself in and out. The taste of him had me going all tingly as he exploded into my mouth. With my mouth  clenched around him,I made sure I caught and licked up every last bit of his juices. “Fuck Sherrie, I can’t seem to get enough of you,” he said sincerely and by the size he had already grown too, I knew he wasn’t lying. 


After he climbed in the bath behind me, we managed to find out a little about each other but not much, because we were both too distracted by being so close and naked. Bending me over he didn’t go slow and easy as I expected, he accurately pushed his entire length into me before drilling me until I was screaming out his name in ecstasy. He continued to take me hard even though I was still on a high, which only had me screaming, and moaning all the more. He was so big that he filled me to the stage where I thought I was going to bust. “OH GOD BRAD I CAN’T TAKE NO MORE” I manage to get out in between panting and moaning. “I’ve not even started on you yet princess, I’ve got so much more to give and I thought that if you wanted you could call for your friend to join us later but only if you want that is. As you my sweetness is all I want and will ever want.” His words had me melting and wanting more of him even though my body was exhausted. “Oh Brad, you are sending my body crazy for you, please take me again.” As if that was exactly what he was waiting to hear, he was straight back inside me taking me too another high.


After we finished the bath water was starting to get cold. Exhausted he lifted me out of the bath and carried me over to my bed where he had already laid a towel down. Wrapping me up in the towel, I couldn’t stop my heavy eyelids from closing. ”Sleep baby girl, I’ll wake you in a bit where we will continue to make sweet love.” He spoke so soft and smooth that he had lulled me to sleep.  


Hearing voices chatting away down the corridor I slipped out of bed and went to see who it was. Stopping outside the front room, I knew who it was just by her voice. Jealousy shot through my body at the thought of Brad and Lisa in there alone together and more than likely having sex. “Get a grip Sherrie, Lisa’s a Lesbian.” I scolded myself. However, that didn’t seem to stop me from feelingjealous as I remembered how she had taken him her mouth earlier. Oh god please don’t let him be inside her please, I begged. Because as much as she excited me today, I really didn’t want him with her because I wanted him. I was so far away with my own jealousy that I hadn’t noticed that  I had walked further into the room where  until I saw that they were both sat, staring at me. Feeling myself blush at being caught standing and listening in on their conversation, I cleared my throat. “Hi Lisa what are you doing here?” I asked as nice as I possibly could, when deep down I wanted to shout at her for being here. However, looking at them now I could almost kick myself. Lisa was on one couch whilst Brad was on the other and they were both fully clothed. “Well you did ask me if I wanted to come around tonight and have a girly night but as I can see you had forgotten, but don’t worry. I just wanted to make sure you were ok before I left, as Brad here was saying that you were tired and I was a little worried because that is so unlike you.” She said concerned. I could tell she was worried by the way she was looking at me. “I’m fine now that I’ve had a rest thank you.” I looked over at Brad to see he was holding his hands out for me. Wrapping the dampish towel tighter around my naked body, I went and sat on his lap. “Lisa you can stay if you want to, we could all watch a movie if that’s ok with you two?” I asked not wanting to upset either of them. “I’d like that but only if I’m not intruding in on anything.” I couldn’t stop the blush rising as I thought of what we had done earlier. “I don’t mind at all.” Brad said as he kissed my neck lightly.






Chapter four



We were about thirty minutes into the movie and Brad hadn’t been able to keep his hands off me. I’ve had to bite down on my lips non-stop to stop me from moaning aloud. as his hands rubbed and flicked at my clit as well as my  harden peeks. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Lisa was watching Brad as he started to part my legs little by little. Even though my brain was telling me to close my legs, it was as if my body wasn’t allowing it, as I left him spread me wide enough that Lisa could have full view of my wetness. I could hear her breathing pick up as Brad slid his fingers inside. Watching Lisa watch me was sending me crazy in a pleasurable way.


 Brad leant down to my ear, “I want you to do as I say and I promise you that if you do as you’re told, I will reward you with something you’ll love later.” With him breathing into my ear as he spoke sent pleasurable tingles throughout my entire body. Nodding my head up and down, he replied, “Good girl, now spread them legs wider so Lisa can have full view of your sweetness.” Doing exactly as he asked, I parted my legs as wide as I could. “That’s it, now I want you to look up at Lisa and watch how horny you’re making her.” raising my eyes so I could see Lisa, I watched as she licked her lips as her eyes locked with my pussy. “Can you see how she wants to tongue you, would you like that baby, would you like her to taste you?” he asked huskily. Nodding my head again, he raised his head.


“Lisa would you like to taste my sweet Sherrie here?” he asked seductively. Lisa nodded her head frantically. “Good now get down on all fours and crawl over here and I will let you have a little taste.” As Lisa started crawling over to me, he leant back down to my ear. “Leave go of your towel.” I looked back over my shoulder at him not knowing if I could do this or not. “NOW” he said more sternly. Dropping my hands to my sides, he whipped off the towel away from me, leaving me completely naked. “Now you will never look at me that way again unless you want to be punished ok?” nodding my head nervously he kissed me. “Now I’m going to hold your body down while Lisa tastes you but under no circumstances are you allowed to cum until I say so, do you understand.” Nodding my head again, he motioned to Lisa to go down on me.

As soon as she met with my clit my hips jolted, Brad wrapped an arm around my torso holding me still. With his other hand, he held my head still so we could both watch Lisa as she started to work her magic. Her tongue moved fast but firmly pushing at all the right points. I could feel myself ready to explode but Brad’s words kept running through my head “You’re not allowed to cum until I say so.” “OH GOD BRAD PLEASE LET ME CUM” I begged through a moan. “Not yet sweetness, just hold it a bit longer.” he said, before he called Lisa. Lisa looked up at him with my juices dripping over her lips. “Do you want more?” he asked Lisa, almost straight away she answered “YES, OH GOD YES” she almost screamed. “Lisa if you want more then I think its only fair that Sherrie here lets you have more and gets more, what do you think?” he asked Lisa again as he kissed my soft spot. “I would love to give her more.” She said sounding all flustered. “Then what are you waiting for I want you to eat her, send her wild and if you do a good job I will have her repay you fully.” Lisa’s mouth was down on me in a flash as she sucked licked and fingered me all at once. The moans and screams escaping from my mouth were so loud, that I knew my neighbours could hear me, but I couldn’t stop myself. “Just hang on a little longer Sherrie.” He instructed, then he looked down at Lisa with an over excited look on his face. “Lisa eat her savagely and I shall have her eat you.” As if his words had edged her on even more, she took her tonguing to an entire higher level, as she thrusted her tongue inside me. Sucking hard on my neck Brad whispered “Cum for me baby” with his words I exploded as I reached my climax. There was such a build up that Lisa’s face was dripping with my juices.

Brad slid out from under me, lifted Lisa’s skirt up, and ripped her knickers off before lifting her up onto me. With her sat on my face, Brad finished lapping up my juices and I have to say, that as good as Lisa was, Brad was a million times better. Because as soon as his tongue had touched me I was climaxing again. The room filled with not only my moans but all of ours.


I worked my tongue and fingers just as Lisa had done to me. Lisa’s screams and moans somehow made me more eager to pleasure her. Brad circled my back entrance as he rubbed down on my clit; Lisa was so close as I could feel her walls starting to tighten. Lisa screamed out as I sucked down hard on her one last time  before sending her over the edge.




 Brad started to put pressure against my rear entrance making me bolt up right. “Sherrie you’re sore, are you not?” he asked as if it was obvious. “Yes” I answered weakly. “So you really wouldn’t want me pounding into there now would you?” he asked, although he spoke as if he was talking to a five year old, I could tell it was more of the case that he was straining, holding himself back. “No” I answered truthfully, as I really was sore now. “Turn over and crouch down so you’re down on all fours. I promise it will only hurt for a second but then you will love it. Do you trust me Sherrie?” he asked. Honestly, I did, although I was scared. “Yes I do” I replied nervously. “Good, now I want you to relax yourself and let me take care of you.” Trying to relax was harder than I thought.

Chapter five


I could hear him talking to Lisa and before I even had a chance to make out what he was, saying Lisa was sliding her head along the floor, in between the sofa and my core. Taking my swollen breasts in each hand she raised her head and started tonguing me down below as Brad worked on stretching my entrance.


I could feel myself so close but I needed him to finish, inside me. Forgetting where he was going to enter me, I screamed out for him to take me and as the words left my mouth, he slowly pushed himself inside of me. Tears rolled down my cheeks as he stretched my rear entrance. The burning along with the pain soon disappeared as they both kissed sucked and licked me all over taking my mind of the pain and replacing it with pleasure. Feeling my self-stretch to his size, I started to raise my backside into him, so I could take more of him inside me.

Lisa stopped what she was doing and sat up beside me, as she watched my face as Brad took me harder and faster, than ever before. The grunts and moans escaping his swollen lips had me wanting to have a go. Raising myself up I sat down on him taking in his full length and started taking him as deep and as hard as I could. his grunts turned into moans, which turned into full out screams making me go faster.  Lisa Watched while she attended to her own needs. Seeing me watching her, she outstretched one of her hands and slid her fingers over my most sensitive spot. “Fuck Sherrie ride him baby, ride him hard” she almost ordered, as she stopped playing with herself and placed her lips and hands on me sending my hips bucking at a speed I never thought possible.

Brad swivelled me around without taking himself out. With our eyes locked, I became lost as my body took on a pace of its own, responding to everything he asked. He took me in every way possible, as did Lisa as they pleasured me until I could take no more. “PLEASE STOP, PLEASE I CANT TAKE NO MORE.” I screamed as I felt myself on the verge of passing out. However, as I screamed to two of them pounded and licked me harder and faster until Brad finally spoke up ”CUM FOR ME SHERRIE” the way he told me to cum had my entire body shaking as I left myself cum. I’d held it in for so long it felt as if I was literally wetting myself, but I knew I wasn’t as I could feel the build up for what felt like hours beforehand.  


After we all calmed down enough Lisa was redressing her self, as I knew she needed to go home but to my excitement, Brad wasn’t moving. Brad kept his eyes off Lisa as she dressed and kept them locked with mine. This pleased me to the core, because as much as I loved Lisa touching and feeling me, I really didn’t want her taking his attention from me. I knew it sounded like I was being greedy not wanting to share him, but just the thought of him having eyes for somebody else had me wanting to break down and cry. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Brad asked sounding worried as well as concerned. “The thought of you looking, no mind touching another woman hurts.” I blurted out. I mentally slapped myself for sounding so whipped but when I was around him it was as if my mouth couldn’t stop it self and just blabbed out all my thoughts. I could hear him leave out a heavy sigh making me regret what I had said knowing he would more than likely be running out of this any second now.

However, he surprised me, “Sherrie, I don’t need another woman, or even to look at another woman, when I have you. You my love are the only woman I want! Lisa is nothing to me and I don’t even want her touching me, as she has no appeal on me that way at all. However, you my sweetness, you are sending my hormones crazy with desire; it’s as if I can’t get enough of you. Seeing the pleasure on your face while Lisa tastes and touches you, has my body spasming with need. While I make you wait you to cum, you’re all so making me wait.  The only difference is-is that you are waiting on my command, where as I’m having to wait for Lisa to finish with you first. Which I have to say, I think I have it worse than you.” His words not only eased my jealously but also made me realise that he wanted me, and not a part of me he wanted whole-heartedly. I could think of know words to describe how he had just made me feel. So doing the only thing I could think of, I slid down his amazing body, took him in my mouth, and worked him with every emotion I was feeling.  By the sounds of his moans, I knew I had succeeded and before long he was exploding into my mouth, letting me take what was mine, his hot sweetness.



The End


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