A fantasy Come true

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A girl who's fantasized about being with her friend comes true.

I come over to your house so happy to see you. We haven’t spoken in months because we’ve been so caught up in our own personal lives and we haven’t had anytime to see each other. You greet me with a smile, hug and a kiss on the cheek. Only god knows how badly I wanted that kiss to be on my lips. I’ve had a secret crush on you for some time now. I just never told you. I hid it from you, in fear of possibly loosing you. Or causing our friendship to become awkward just over a little crush I had on you. I just cant help myself. You are a beautiful woman. Your body is so perfect. I envy you. I wish I had your body. Your looks. Your charm. I wish I could be you. But if I was, I wouldn’t be able to gawk and your fantastic body. Or enjoy the way you laugh. Feel your touch when we hug. Tonight all that’s changing though. One way or another I will have my chance to make you mine. Even if it’s just for the night.


We sit down over a glass of wine. Drinking, laughing catching up in each others lives. Your husband decided he’d head to bed and let us have the rest of the night. By now we’ve had dinner, dessert and we were already on our fourth glass for the night. It felt good to relax and just take it easy. Being with you makes me feels like that already. Now, times that by four glasses of wine and you can see what I mean. You were so out of yourself. It was funny to see you try to stand and walk. We both laughed hysterically at your clumsiness. I pull you back down on the couch next to me and play with your hair. You smell like liquor, shampoo and a light fragrance I couldn’t even try to figure out but I knew it smelt good on you. We were cuddled up on the couch watching some movie. I could barely keep my eyes open must less watch a movie although being with you right now feels amazing. I look at you, you look at me and next thing I know our lips are together. You taste just as good as you smell. I feel your hands run up and down my arms as we kiss each other. I break our kiss in shock and a bit confusion trying to weigh whether or not that really just happened. You grab my chin and give me a drunk smile and a chuckle as a conformation that what just happened was real before leaning in again and kissing me once more.


You stand up and pull me by the hand, stumbling and tripping down the hall to one of your guest rooms. I kiss you again before opening the door. Once inside the room, its pitch black. The only lighting in the room is coming from moonlight shining in from the window over the bed. You come around to the front of me and place your hands on my waist pulling me to the bed smiling and biting your lip. I swear the way you look at me turns me on to the max. My nipples are so hard I fell them straining at my bra. I watch you climb on top of the bed and take off your dress. Seeing what’s under neath is making me even more horny. You pull at the hem of my dress and I raise my hands. I let you pull the dress off of me. You scoot back on the bed and take one look at me and you’re face has a huge smile on it. You lie down on your back spread your legs and tell me to come to you. I climb on top of you, our bodies touching and rubbing against each other, driving me completely wild. We start kissing again and I feel my wetness. I pull away to catch my breath and you look absolutely beautiful in the light. I can smell your arousal now that we’re so close. I smirk at you and without hesitation I slide myself down your body and I find that im face to face with your cunt. I put my nose to your panties and smile at how badly you want me. I kiss lightly up and down your pussy. I feel your body shivering with each kiss. Your breathing is fast and steady but the more I tease your pussy the faster your breathing gets. I kiss from your knee up your thigh to your stomach. I lick your belly button nice and slow and that makes you giggle. You take your hand and run your fingers through my hair. I lean up and kiss you long and passionately. I grind my hips against yours and you start moaning. I want to moan too but, I love hearing you so much that I go mute just to hear only you. I feel your hands traveling up my back to my bra and you unclasp them letting the straps fall down my arms before throwing them over the bed.

You sit straight up and dive your fingers in my hair. I lean my head back and gasp for air as you lick up my neck to my chin and kiss your way back down. I look down at you, loving every second i’m getting to spend with you in this very moment. You slide your hands down from my hair and grab hold onto my breast. You look at them with such desire its such a beautiful sight to see. You lean in and kiss the right one lightly. Then you do the same to the left. Before I know it your sucking on them. Making my nipples stand as hard as i’ve ever seen in my life. It feels so good that I dont want you to stop. I slide my hand down to your panties and begin rubbing your clit ever so slowly. I feel how wet you are and im in love with the way it feels. I speed up little by little and begin feeling you move your hips to the rhythm of my hand. I take my middle finger and slowly slide it into you and you cry out.

“Oh, please dont stop!” you begged me, as I continued thrusting my finger.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted this?” I whisper in your ear.

“Mmm..for as long as I did?” I couldnt help but freeze and look at you. You nod your head and peck my lips.

“I’ve wanted to sleep with you for a while. I had a small crush but I wasnt sure how to show you without other people seeing it.” All I could do was smile and kiss you back. I push you down on the bed move down your body. I’m once again face to face with that beautiful pussy of yours and loving everything about it. I move your panties to the side and trace your lips with my tongue. Your soft giggling is cute, especially with you nearly out of breath from excitement. I pull your panties off of you and begin making love to you sweetness with my mouth. I slowly lick from your opening up to you clit and down back to your opening. Catching as much of your juices I can on my tongue. Your hips start moving when I clasp my entire mouth around your clit and suck it in between my teeth. Your moaning is getting louder the harder I suck. I loosen my suction on your clit and lean up to kiss you. Your hair is damp around your face which tells me you were sweating. I comb back all the sticking hair off your face and kiss you again before moving back down to your pussy. I stick one finger in easily and start thrusting, then another and another. Three fingers deep and your back is arched.

“Ah! Yes! Fuck me with those fingers!” you moan.

I speed up my hand and you start grabbing at the pillow under your head. Your walls are so damn tight around my fingers it feels incredible. I pull my fingers from you slowly and drive them right back in a little harder each time, you bite your lip to keep from screaming which is barely working so I pull the comforters closer to your mouth and tell you to bite on them.

I spread your legs and lift your right one. I mount you, settling our clits to meet perfectly with each other. And I have to say. It feels fucking amazing! I wrap my arms around your risen leg and look at you. Your eyes are closed, your biting the comforter but I can tell your have a smile on your face. I start grinding my hips quickly. Pushing my clit down on yours and rubbing it against yours is breath taking. You lift your hips up as much as you can and buck against me. Your screaming into the comforter as I ride you with force. I slide my hand down to your nipple and pinch it hard, you scream and buck your hips again. All the moving, grinding and friction is feeling better than life itself. I pin your leg down to the bed feeling myself getting closer to my release. As I can tell by the way your body is glistening due to the sweat, your almost there too. I push down harder, moaning loudly and digging my nails into your leg. I’m almost there but I cant quite reach it. Extremely horny and frustrated I change positions. I yank the covers from off you completely and back my cunt to your face.

“I need to cum now! I’m so fucking close and your gonna get me there.” I hadn’t realized how dominating I just sounded but I was so close.

All you did was laugh and promised we’d cum together. You pulled my waist closer to you and immediately started licking my clit. I leaned down and started licking yours. We were moaning together, fingering, sucking, biting. Everything! There was no stopping us now.

We finally came and it was complete bliss. We were panting and drenched in sweat. Barely able to move I willed myself to roll over and meet you at the top of the bed and cuddle you. I’ve never felt so good in my life. I laid down next to you and kissed the back of your neck. You sighed and nestled in my arms. It hadn’t even been 5 minutes, and I was hearing you snore peacefully which confirmed you were asleep.

As I laid there completely still, I couldn’t even begin to imagine a better night than this.

Submitted: August 15, 2014

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I love reading lesbian stories. This one is ell done and one that had me very aroused by the time I finished it.
Please check out my book of lesbian stories and read oth chapters o Girlfriends First Time. A similar storyline but a little more detailed. Please leave a comment on them.
Xoxox Ron

Tue, January 3rd, 2017 12:42pm

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