To New Beginnings

To New Beginnings To New Beginnings

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Julia was a new woman, she was on her way to a new life, she had just gotten her heart broken by her childhood boyfriend, so she decided to go into America, escape from Mexico and start her life over. But what happens when she finds a man that she is not used to, a man that is an American worker, he is rich, has money, pampers her, loves her, he is older, but it is something she is not used to, and doesnt know what to do?


Julia was a new woman, she was on her way to a new life, she had just gotten her heart broken by her childhood boyfriend, so she decided to go into America, escape from Mexico and start her life over. But what happens when she finds a man that she is not used to, a man that is an American worker, he is rich, has money, pampers her, loves her, he is older, but it is something she is not used to, and doesnt know what to do?

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I hope you like the new book, it is more romance than erotic but there is going to be alot of romance and love chapters.<br /> <br /> Thank you for reading. And of course let me know what you think!

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2017



The road was bumpy, I could not get my body to relax, I knew sleep would be out of the question. But I was sitting in the back of a truck, we were going down this bumpy, harsh road. I was trying not to fly across the truck. I just sat on my butt, with my knees to my chest, holding on. There were two other girls in the truck with me, they were younger than me I could tell. They had a scared shitless look on their face, I’m sure I had the same look on mine. But I knew I had to focus, I had to make it. I was going to America. I was going to make my way from Mexico. I was getting transported by my friend Jose. He knew the underground road system, he had done this many time without being caught. He even took two of my girlfriends, and my childhood boyfriend across already. Well he is not my boyfriend any more apparently. He left almost two years ago, we stayed in contact, he wrote me letters, he even called me. My parents were one of the few families in the town that had a phone line to their house. There were people coming over all the time just to use the phone. Or they would receive phone calls, and myself and my brothers would have to run around town looking for the people who got the phone calls. It was mostly husbands calling their wives or their parents if they were not married. A lot of the husbands and young men here have traveled to America to find work, and they would send money back to their families that were here. So, if they called, we would go find their spouse, and run back to our house with them, I loved seeing the expression on their faces. That glow. That brightness, the smile. They were happy to hear from them. I loved seeing it. I know that I got the same way when my boyfriend Marco would call. Again, I got to spot referring to him as my boyfriend. He was supposed to send for me, when he got settled, but it never happened. Instead I got a letter in the mail, he told me he found someone. He found an American girl, that he was happy to date her, that he was marrying her. I know why he is marrying her, so he can stay in the United States as long as he wants now. But still, he broke my heart. I locked myself in my room, or in the bathroom for over two weeks. I didn’t go outside, I didn’t go into town with my mama to go shopping, I didn’t help around the house. My parents just let me, especially my mother, she understood my pain, she wanted me to heal. She told me once that the love of her life, was actually man she went to school with, she lost the love of her life, he was in a car accident and was killed. That her parents fixed her up with my father, she married him just to find some happiness again, but I could tell she wasn’t 100% truly happy again.

About a month later, I told them that I wanted to leave. That I wanted to go to America. I wanted a better life for myself. I wanted to go to college, I knew being home in Mexico I wouldn’t be able to do that. I heard so many wonderful stories about being in America and I knew that this was going to be the life for me, with or without Marco. I will find love again. I just know it. I will let another man into my life, into my heart.

I snapped back into reality as the truck hit a large bump or pot hole. It made me jerk a little, losing my balance. I just shook my head, gathered myself and sat back up.

I was told that the trip to America would take a few days, and I know that I have been in this truck for two days, maybe more like three.  I lost count honestly. There are some holes in the side of the truck, the floor was made up of old wood, the sides were tin but had some wooden holes, but the sun light would seep into, so I would know when a new day started. But with the lack of food and water, it seems like I had been in here for weeks.

I did bring with me a couple backpacks with my belongings in them. I had packed me a little lunchbox full of a few things, because my friend Jose told me that we were not going to stop until we reached America. Given I have no idea which part of America we were going into, it made me nervous and excited at the same time. I had no dug into my lunchbox yet, I didn’t even notice the other two girls eating either. It made me think that they didn’t have anything to eat. I had some bread with peanut butter on them. A couple of apples, and a flask full of water. I did share my water with them. We would take turns taking sips here and there. I wanted to make it last and since I was sharing, we had to share it even more.

But I know that if I’m starving they are as well.

I dug into my backpack, pulling out the little lunch box. I pulled out a sandwich, ripped it in half, gave one half to each girl. Their eyes and face lite up as they were getting fed. I got the other sandwich out, ripped it in half, putting the spare half away back into the lunch box. I watched as we all enjoyed the few bites from the peanut butter sandwich we had.

I started to get more tired as I finished my sandwich, I leaned back up against the back of the truck, holding my knees up to my chest. As I felt tears rolling down my face.

I could not wait to get out of this truck. My legs were starting to go numb, I didn’t even know if I would be able to walk getting out when we got there, that is if we ever get there.



I guess I had finally fallen asleep, I didn’t know how long I was out, but I think it was for a few hours. I woke up to the sound of the truck hitting its breaks hard, and I was slung across the back of the truck.

I looked up at the two other girls.

“What is going on?” I asked

“I think we are finally here” one of them said.

I didn’t know their names, we rarely spoke to each other the whole trip. We just sat in silence, looking at each other. Wondering when we were going to arrive.

I heard the truck turn off, footsteps walking around to the back, the back door was opened as the sun blared through, it was blinding.

“Come on let’s go get out” it was Jose.

I gathered my backpacks, and moved down towards the back of the truck to escape from it. It was like a darken cage I had been in and I was finally released, I was free.

It was like I was a zoo animal, I was trapped in a steel cage, chained inside. But now I’m free.

My legs were wobbly I could barely stand, it was like that been asleep for the whole ride in the truck and I was teaching myself to walk again. But I had to do it. I had to get the hang of it.

“Alright girls, this is where I drop you off. You are on your own from here. There is a house up the street that will shelter you, but you cannot stay long, because remember you are illegals here now, so the police if they find you, they will put you in jail and you will never be welcome back to America again. You will be deported back to Mexico”

I just sighed. I knew that if I ever got caught I would be sent back. But I was not going to get caught. It wasn’t going to happen. I’m not going to let it happen.

“Right up the road girls, the lady in there is named Helen, she will feed you, let you shower, sleep, but remember don’t stay longer than a week.”

I looked up at the road, there was a little house on the top of the hill. I could see the porch light on from where I was. It was a good little hike up the hill. I just rucked it and started going. I heard the two other girls following me.


Jose was right, the lady in the house was super nice and sweet. She was an older lady, she was a white lady. She was probably in her 60’s. She reminded me a lot of my grandmother. She had a big pot of soup on the stove, she was expecting us. She had told us that Jose had been communicating with her that we would arrive some time tonight. She told us that she had been doing this for many years, she feels that it is her calling to help people get to where they are going. She said the same thing as Jose said, that we couldn’t stay more than a week, because new people would be arriving within that time. That she does have some contacts she can call, and we could have to just travel to find out right spot. That it does take time to get on your feet, to make it out here, but in the end, it will be worth it.

I did speak English, so it was good being able to talk to her. I could tell that the other two girls didn’t speak that much, they knew some, understood some but not a whole lot. I knew that learning English would help me a lot being in America.


I took a long hot shower, it was so nice, it was perfect. I could feel the dirt, the smell of that truck just washing off me.

I put on some clean clothes that I had brought with me. Helen had an extra room that had three twin size beds in it and a couch. The couch pulled out into a bed. I had never seen that before but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I knew that I would be seeing a lot of new things in America, so my mind was racing a million miles a minute.

I got into my clothes, walked over to the bed I was sleeping in. I pulled back the blanket, and slide in. I knew that I was going to have a rough time here at first, but I was going to make it happen.

And best believe I’m going to eventually find Marco and I’m going to let that son of a bitch have it for breaking my heart. For leaving me, for breaking promises to me. I know that once I get that off my chest I will be able to move on with my life 100%. Don’t get me wrong, I know the right man is out there for me. Even if he is an American. I know that I have a future here. I see it. I know it will happen.

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