The West End Affair

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Leah works her ass off just to make ends meet but what does she do when she starts having feelings for her boss. who is the richest man in the state, owns several businesses including the hotel she works at. But he is married, to a snobby wanna be who is just using him. But maybe he will find out who is real love is or will the affair tear up his career and businesses.

Table of Contents


Just a short intro to see if this story takes off or if anyone will be interested in reading more. Let me know what you think so far. Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Totally forgot that I started this book, let me know what you think only had one chapter up so after reading it my mind started wondering and I had to add another haha but enjoy! Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The spawns Christmas party was in full effect. She was flaunting herself around in her long silk low cut green dress. I guess she was try... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

I see a lot of people reading this book, wanting to know what you think so far, if it is eye catching or interesting, I have ideas where to go with it but not sure if it is a book that people are interesting in reading Read Chapter

Chapter 5

"Excuse me?" I snapped at her  The skank Boss has pulled me into her office that night before shift started and was trying to wr... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Christmas with my family was just what I needed to get away. It was perfect! I got some over due rest, relaxing moments and quality time ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Sorry for long delay I had to buy a new computer and had to wait until black Friday sales haha but enjoy! let me know what you think so far :) Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Haven’t updated this story in almost a year I got stuck on the story but maybe it’s time to start again let me know what you think or if haven’t caught up it’s a good story so far! Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Oh my I thought to myself, since he told me he was falling for I had not responded to his texts. He had sent me a few more after that.&nb... Read Chapter