The West End Affair

The West End Affair

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Leah works her ass off just to make ends meet but what does she do when she starts having feelings for her boss. who is the richest man in the state, owns several businesses including the hotel she works at. But he is married, to a snobby wanna be who is just using him. But maybe he will find out who is real love is or will the affair tear up his career and businesses.


Leah works her ass off just to make ends meet but what does she do when she starts having feelings for her boss. who is the richest man in the state, owns several businesses including the hotel she works at. But he is married, to a snobby wanna be who is just using him. But maybe he will find out who is real love is or will the affair tear up his career and businesses.

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Just a short intro to see if this story takes off or if anyone will be interested in reading more. Let me know what you think so far.

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Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 05, 2017



It was Christmas eve, I was stuck at work. Even though I had requested this day off months ago! But of course, I never get the days off I requested. I work at a hotel. A high-class hotel non-the less. I worked in the bar of the hotel, I was a waitress. And they were open today, shit they were open tomorrow too. And guess who the fuck is working tomorrow, that’s right you guessed it. ME! And as a “thank you” for having us work, they gave us a hotel room for the night, so we can be prompt and on time tomorrow. There’s supposedly a big Christmas party in the banquet hall, it’s the owner’s family, and his in laws are in town as well. so, it was going to be massive, working my ass off all day and night long. For what? NOTHING! This family doesn’t tip, treats the staff like slaves. Especially his wife’s parents, siblings, and their bratty children. They aren’t the richest family, but since their daughter married the richest man in the state, who owns several businesses, especially this hotel. They think they have the power, the attitude to do whatever the fuck they want to do. And him, Mr. Hot Shot, the one with all the fucking money, the glamor, doesn’t stop them. I have watched him notice the way they treat people and he just ignores it. Pathetic. Can’t even stand up for himself, let alone can’t even stand up to his wife. Who is a snobby, bratty bitch herself? I can’t stand her! She thinks she knows everything, how to run things, tries to tell us what to do. But we know she is full of it, and just trying to make herself look good in front of her husband, but, she is making him look like shit. She is a short, blonde, with perfect teeth, always has the best curly hair, always wears tight dresses and high heels. She flaunts herself around like she owns the place, but it has always been her husband. He has owned this hotel since before they even got married. They got married in this hotel, and went off to some two-week cruise around the world for their honeymoon. And this place did great while he was gone. He used to be all involved in this hotel, but since he got married he has let her run it pretty much. And it has been going down the shitter. I know he knows it too, he must. He is smart, he is intelligent, shit he is gorgeous. I hate to say that but he is. He is drop dead gorgeous. He was tall, built, had black shaggy hair, deep green eyes, olive skin. He was perfect. I don’t even know how or why he married this crazy bitch. They don’t even get along. They are always fighting. You can hear them sometimes from his office yelling at each other. But then out in public they act like everything is ok. I think they have been married for about a year now. I know shortly after they got married she became pregnant, rumor has it she cheated on him and didn’t know who the father was. But she ended up having a miscarriage. That was just a rumor, who knows if it was true or not. A lot of rumors fly around this hotel.

I was sitting down on my lunch break, I hate taking lunch this early. I have only been here about 2 hours and I’m taking my break. Which just means going to have a long fucking night dealing with crazy self-centered greedy assholes, for 3.15 an hour and making zero tips. Can’t fucking wait! I just sighed and rolled my eyes and took the last bite of my sandwich.

As I started slurping down the rest of my soda, sucking down the straw I started hearing the end of the soda noise. Where there is nothing left but you keep sucking expecting more to come up, just a little more to quench your thirst.


I heard my name I stopped sucking on the straw and looked up to him. The boss man.

“Yes Mr. Allen”

“You know I have told you many times you don’t have to call me that, you can call me Jeffrey..or Jeff. I go by both”

“Yeah but you are my boss, and the one time I called you Jeff, your wife glared at me and stared mumbling under her breathe”

He just sighed

“Ignore her, she’s not the boss. I am!”

“You might want to remind her of that” I started laughing

He couldn’t help but to laugh as well.

“But I wanted to thank you for working tonight. I found out you requested off a while back and didn’t get it”

“Again, your wife makes the schedules. She hasn’t been giving me any day off that I have requested since you two got married”

“I will have a talk with her about that”

“Don’t!” I stood up out of my chair

“Every time we complain to you about what she is doing, and you talk to her, she makes our lives more of a living hell. So, just don’t. I figure out a day to see my family for a holiday, I will figure out when I can enroll in school so I can finish my degree, and I will figure out how to have a social life without getting fired from my job. Because I need it. I have rent to pay, put food in my fridge, pay bills I’m behind on, debt I must clear up from my fucking ex, who ruined my credit. But don’t worry about me. I will get it done.”

I grabbed my trash off the table, turned and walked away. Throwing it in the garbage can as I walked over to the computer to clock back in.

I turned and looked at him, and he was in shock that I snapped at him. That is the first time I have ever done that to him. Shit. I hope I don’t get fired for that little outburst.

He just smiled at me, shook his head.

He didn’t care.

I just smiled back at him.

I guess he gets it. Maybe he gets it I don’t know. He knows what I’m going through and how much I need this job to make it right now.

As we were smiling at each other, I saw her. His wife. I guess she had noticed us talking to each other. She came over to him, wrapped her around his neck and planted her lips on his. I saw his arms wrap around her, she put her hands on his, and lowered them down to her ass. Making him grab her ass.

I just rolled my eyes and walked off. Walked back to the kitchen where I belong. Where I need to work and get ready for tonight.

I have a job to do, a job that I need to do. At least I did take up the offer, I have a nice hotel room upstairs waiting for me. Just sucks I will be waking up Christmas morning by myself, the first time in a long time that I can remember not being home. Not being with my parents. Not being with my brothers, my cousins. No one. Just me. Just little old me.

Leah. No one else.

But I can’t seem to get him off mind. I know I can’t have him. I will never get to touch him, to kiss him. Nothing. Because he is married to the evil spawn herself.

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