The War Zone

The War Zone

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



If you have read my book "The Love on War" (Which it is not finished),. I decided to start a new book with the same characters just starting it a little differently, and letting them meet sooner. I think this will be an interesting love story, full of sneaky sex, military connection, and lust, and of course keeping their relationship a secret while being deployed.



If you have read my book "The Love on War" (Which it is not finished),. I decided to start a new book with the same characters just starting it a little differently, and letting them meet sooner. I think this will be an interesting love story, full of sneaky sex, military connection, and lust, and of course keeping their relationship a secret while being deployed.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1- The Day I Met Him

Author Chapter Note

Let me know what you think, these are the same characters from my other book "The Love on War" I just started the book way before the other one, and making it different. <br /> Let me know what you think?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2020



I was currently deployed in Iraq; this is my first deployment. I volunteered for it. When I got to my new duty station, my unit was in the bounds of leaving, I had the choice to stay, or go. I chose to go. I had about three weeks to get my things together. I went. I was a combat medic. I either worked in the FOB hospital treating the injured, so sometimes I would get called to get on the chopper and go pick up wounded that were out in enemy territory. I did not have a problem with it. I was single. Well newly single. I was married, but once I volunteered to go, my husband decided he did not want to be married to a solider no more. Whatever. I was honestly better off without him. So, my first three months I was here, I was dealing with divorce lawyers, and paperwork. He even tried to get deployment pay from me, since we were still married the first few months I was here. But my lawyer put a stop to that. The judge saw the evidence I had that, he wanted a divorce before I even left, so that went out the window. He got nothing. He only got a piece of paper that said he was free of me. I am sure he was pissed about that because he wanted money, he wanted my cars, he wanted our house. He wanted it all. But when you go to a judge who does not feel sorry for you because your wife is deployed and you are trying to take everything from her, that shit did not fly with him. I got to keep everything. Except the house, since we did buy it together, we had to sell it, and split the money, which was not much because we still owed on it. So, in the end we only got a few thousand dollars each. Which, I had heard from common friends that we have, (which they are not really his anymore), that he went out to the bars, hopping buying drinks for ladies, for everyone. But, everyone in the small town knew where that money went to. They all knew, what he did, what he was fighting for, and let a lone doing it, while I was in the shit hole desert. What a sorry sack of shit, but I am glad I am free of him. He has not messaged me since the money hit the account and he told me he was withdrawing half of it. We still had to keep the joint account open for that reason. I messaged him back and said ok, I did not want to engage with him. So, when he took his half, I transferred my half into my own account, and then I closed it.

That was about two months ago. I have been here about five months total, almost six. I have a 12-month tour. But I have heard through the grapevine that, if things get busy or out of control, it could be longer. So, I might be halfway through my tour. It is ok. I have made some amazing friends. My bunk mate, she works in the FOB hospital with me, her unit got her the same time mine did, I was stationed in California, she is in Texas. But we became close. We sometimes work together, sometimes not. But it is ok, she is there for me. As, I am there for her. She is married. No kids. Her husband is a solider as well, but he is behind in Texas still.

There are so many units coming and going, it is hard to keep up with everyone. I could come across someone at the chow hall, or outside smoking that I had never seen before and they tell me they have been here longer than I have. Which does not surprise me because there is just so many people running around. Also, working at the hospital, you do not get to interact with a lot of them either. You just go in, work, come out tired, go eat, shower and go to bed. The medics did have their own medic quarters, it was a small hut, with a couch, TV, fridge, it was just some where to chill, without all the loudness of others. There were times I could not sleep in my bunk because my little room was by the front door to the actually dorm building and people come and go all day and all night, and the slamming of the door, or the brightness from the sun would hit me, and you just could not sleep. So, I would get up and come into the medic hut and crash on the couch, where no one bothered me, and it was quieter.

I did have a brother who was coming to where I was deployed at. He was in the Army too, longer than I have been. He was much older than me, more like seven years older than. He joined right after high school just like I did. But he was already an officer when I came into it. I am a staff sergeant, being a medic, I did move up the ranks quickly. It is not that hard. But, is do able. I loved the Army, I wanted to make a career out of it. Unless something major happens (knock on wood) this is where I will be until I retire. My brother was the same way. I had not seen him since I graduated AIT. Our parents divorced when I was in high school, our father cheated on our mother, with a much younger woman, got her pregnant and left my mom. She was heartbroken, shit I would be too. Then tragically, our mother passed away when I was in boot camp. I was able to take a four-day leave, attend the funeral and come back. My brother got the same, well he got a week, (family emergency leave), but we were both there. We paid for the funeral out of our own pockets, our father did not show up to it, I did not expect him to. And we laid our mother to rest the best way we could.

I rarely speak to my father; my brother is the same way. We supposedly have a stepsister, and another on the way. When I tried to call him and tell him I was deploying he did not answer, I just left a voicemail. He never reached back out, and the morning I left, I texted him and he wrote back

“I’m busy right now, I’m having another baby! We are at a doctor’s appointment. Talk to you soon, and good luck”

I did not respond back to it. I just erased it and got on the bus to leave.

He does send me an email for my birthday every year, but the email is usually about him and his new family. It is like he likes to brag about it, whatever. I could careless and he does the same thing to my brother too. My brother Justin is the only family I have. I want to keep it that way. We have been there for each other through a lot and I am glad for the last five months or so that I am here, I get to see him.

I try to talk to him on Skype at least once a week but since his unit is preparing for deployment, they are super busy, but I know I will see him sooner or later.


I had just gotten off my shift, it was about 8 pm, I work 12 hours straight. Your days off your kind of do not know when they are. You just work until they say, “Ok tomorrow you can have off”. I know I work tomorrow. I’ am just hoping that I get a day off soon, tomorrow will be my 8th day in a row to work.

I went over to the chow hall, it closes at 9, so there is usually a lot of people who swarm it an hour or so before they close. And, I was right there was a line to get into the door. Oh, well.  I just waited

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, I think I was standing there about thirty minutes when I was at the front of the door.

“Excuse you” someone bumped into me trying to get into the front of the line

He turned around and looked at me, he was just a private, probably 19 years old, scared shitless out of his mind to even be here.

“Sorry Ma’am, I’m looking for my NCO. I was supposed to meet him here and was…umm just looking inside”

I just sighed. He was scared, worried, probably had not been on the FOB more than a week.

“It is ok, what do you need? Maybe I can help?” I asked

“Oh, umm thank you Ma’am, he is supposed to help me set up my card to buy somethings”

“How long have you been here?” I asked him

“Three days, I flew in to catch up with my unit, they have been here already a few months”

“I see, well, here just stand in line with me and I will help you, because if you get back at the end of the line, you will not make it inside before 9 pm”

“Thank you Ma’am I appreciate it”


He just stood in silence as he was afraid to talk to me. We got inside a few minutes before they closed, they did shut the doors at 9 pm, and if you were not in front of the yellow tape on the ground, you were not going to get inside that night.

I helped him set up his card, he bought some things he needed.

“Are you hungry?” I asked him

He just nodded his head.

“Here” I handed him a sandwich, bag of chips and a coca cola

“Come sit with me outside, and eat, I could use the company”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” he said to me as we both walked outside to the wooden picnic tables that were under the tents.


He sat down in front of me, as slowly started unwrapping his food, like he was nervous to eat in front of me.

“Eat, I know you eat faster than that” I laughed at him

He just smiled as he started hoovering the sandwich into his mouth.


“Sampson” I heard someone yelling across the walkway, as I turned around, he was coming towards us

“Is he looking for you?” I asked this kid

“Yes, Ma’am but my name is not Sampson, it’s Simpson”

“I will handle it”

I stood up and turned around facing this man, he was taller than me, I checked his rank he was the same as me, so I could talk to him, the way I’ am about to.

“His name is Simpson” I looked at him

“Oh, and you his new girlfriend, private you already hitting up the officers making them feel sorry for you?”

“No, he was waiting on your ass to show up and help him. Like a good NCO is supposed to do. But it looks like you bailed on him, so I showed him, and we are having dinner until your ass showed up and interrupted it”


By then a few of the nearby soldiers had gotten silent and turned and looked at us.

“It is not like he is a baby; he could have figured this shit out on his own” he snapped at me

“Yes, but YOU were assigned to him, YOU were supposed to help him, YOU did not do your fucking job, and now someone else had to do it, be a good example damn!”


All he could do was smirk and kind of smile at me.

“What the fuck do you find so funny?” I demanded from me

“You look cute when you get angry”

“Oh please, stop being a typical man”


A few people around us started laughing too.

“Simpson did you get everything worked out?” he asked the kid who was still sitting behind us, I do not think he knew what to do or even say

“Yes sir”

“Are you done eating?” he asked him

“Fuck no he is not done eating” I snapped at him

“You give him more than fucking five minutes to eat”


This time he bites his lower lip and smiled some more.

“Stop smiling you look like an idiot”


“I have never seen you around here before” he said

“I have been here quite a while for your information; I could be saying the same thing to you”

“Same, I have been here about five months”

“Same” I nodded

“Where have you been hiding then?” he asked me

“I work at the hospital FOB, unless you come in injured or almost dying, I usually do not see you”

“Oh” he lowered his head.


There had been a lot of injured and dying lately. Everyone on the FOB knew it, guys go out on missions or patrols and get hit. It was an 80% chance if you are leaving the FOB you will get attacked.

“Can I buy you a cup of coffee?” he asked me

“No thanks, it is almost my bed time, coffee would keep me awake, and I have another shift tomorrow.”

“I see, how about a soda?”

“I already have one” I shook the half empty bottle I bought earlier at him

“Ice cream?”

“Nah I’m good”

“A piece of fucking gum?” he laughed

“Why do you want to buy me something so badly?”

“I… I just want to.”

“Are you hitting on me?” I leaned in and whispered by him

“Would you be mad if I was?”


I just smiled and shook my head back and forth.

“Do you get off tomorrow at the same time?”

“If it does not get busy, or I have a lot of patients, then yes I’ am supposed to be done by 8 pm, but does not always happen”

“I see”

“So…” he continued


I looked down at my watch.

It was getting late.

“If you have something to say, say it, I need to go to bed.” I smirked at him

“Can you meet me here tomorrow?”

“Hmmm. How about you wait here tomorrow and see if I show up” I smirked at him

I turned around grabbed my trash from the table and turned back around.

“Simpson, I think your NCO finally got his foot out of his ass, and is ready to be your mentor”

“Yes Ma’am” he stood up and walked up by us.

I walked over to the trash can and threw my trash away, started to walk off.


“Hey wait up!” I heard his same voice again

“Yes, can I help you?” I turned and looked at him

“So, you going to show up? Tomorrow? I did not even catch your name” he said to me

I pointed at the front of my uniform to my last name.

“I know, I can read. Miller. But what is your first name”

I just smiled and rolled my eyes a little bit.

“Kayleigh, and if you ever address me as that in front of people, I will smack the shit out of you”

“I like it, I’ am Nick by the way”

“I can read Campbell.” I pointed at his last name

“But you can call me Nick, or whatever pet name your heart desires”


“I will call you Campbell” I smiled at him

“At least you will still talk to me, if you address me as my last name”

“I have to go; I need to get some sleep”


We were actually standing in front of my dorm building

“Where is your dorm?” he asked, “I can walk you to it?”


I pointed up at the building.

“We are already here”

“I see”

“Have a goodnight Mr. Campbell”

“Goodnight Kayleigh. I will see you tomorrow yeah?”

“We will see” I smiled at him

“I will be at the chow hall at 8 with dinner for you” he said to me as I opened the door to the dorm building.


“Goodnight” I said to him again

“Goodnight beautiful” he said leaning in to whisper it to me so no one else heard it.

I just smirked it. I was blushing I could feel the heat on my face.

I turned and closed the door and walked into my little room.

I changed into some shorts and tank top and laid up in my bed. I set the alarm on my little prepaid phone that I got from the PX when I got here and laid down.


I have a feeling this man, is going to be persistent.

But I think if I did get off work in time, I would go have dinner with him. He just might be good company.

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